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humiliation story – Slave

“Joshua, tomorrow I want you to take a crew to the bottom fields and have them clear the stones from Marlow field. I need it prepared for tilling as quickly as possible.” Joshua nodded and stepped to the side as Master Forbs got in the shack. “Now where is my little Lynette?” Joshua seen a look of worry cross Lynette’s young face as Master Forbs ruffled her hair. You are growing strong child; a couple of more years and we will see about breading you.” Joshua gritted his teeth as Master Forbs patted his hand on the table. “Now where is my Annie?” “She is ill Sir, she took severely last night and is running a high fever.” Annie appeared in the doorway; she was covered in sweat and looked as if she was hanging on for dear life ...Read More

Rape story – Raping Charlotte

“Charlotte!”, Stephen James shouted up the stairs to his stepdaughter, ” Get up, will you? You’ll be late for school!” When no reply returned, Stephen trudged wearily upstairs to the young woman’s bed room. Pushing the door open, he looked in to see that the 11 years of age was still sleeping comfortably. He could simply see the dark curly hair on the extremely leading of Charlotte’s head glancing out from the top of the duvet, which engulfed the rest of her body. She stretched languidly, as she started to stir and one leg emerged from under the covers. Stephen swallowed as he understood that her Barbie nightie was rucked up over her hips and that she was using nothing below it. If he looked hard enough he might just construct her … Ste...Read More

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