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hot sauna

Hot Sauna

I lay down naked in the corner seat in the empty sauna at my athletic club.  I let my towel fall to the sides as I relaxed into the hot, steamy air.  It was so dim and steamy that I couldn’t see much around me.  As I breathed in the moist air, the stress of the day left my body with each exhale, so that I felt one with the air around me. I put a cool wet washcloth over my eyes – sweet bliss of the contrast of hot and cool. I felt the urge to touch my breasts, my stomach, caressing my body in a loving massage. I surrendered to total relaxation and felt myself drifting off to sleep. Not sure if I was awake or asleep, I felt more caresses taking over where I had stopped.  Was I dreaming? My body was wet with moisture, steam and my sweat beading up on my hot skin. The hands that slowly s...Read More

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