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Erotic Stories: I Want To Fuck

Erotic Stories: I Want To Fuck… It started off with a question about sausage and it leads to me looking down again to see if that cock was real. How many inches was it? That was definitely more than a nine or a ten inch. I know a ten-inch cock when I see it and this one was no ten inches. Thirteen or twelve at the least. I reeled it out entirely and pushed my pink fist down to the root of his thick sturdy semi-erection. The length that hung out his zipper was at least another eight inches, the hanging length outside my fist bobbed up and fell back down with the veins standing up harder. It got me excited to see the life in it. My hole gaped then squeezed shut against the cotton seat of my tiny panties. Erotic Stories: I Want To Fuck His cock had a slight bend in the belly and m...Read More

Violent Orgasm: erotic stories, sexy stories, adult stories

There was a whole bottle of whiskey on the table beside Adele and she helped herself to it. The rest of the guys were turned on like crazy. But the rules of the night were, no more than three guys, they had no other choice but to watch and embrace it.

Dirty Fantasy: erotic stories, sexy stories, adult stories

In the shower, Isabella slid out her panties in nervous thought, she couldn`t stop thinking about how she was supposed to survive in the party. Honestly, it had been a minute before she

From Facebook To Bed

From Facebook To Bed Hi All, I’m from Ohio age 24 working in MNC, forgive if it’s little long or boring. I’m no superman to have 12inch dick or fuck continuously for 3hrs. It’s real story, pretty new to this writing but always been a active reader from many years. I still remember those days all night reading stories and telling in home that I’m collecting notes for studies. Coming to the story this happened between me and my gorgeous lady. I am sorry I don’t wish to disclose her name because she said she is not into revealing her name. We can call her as Dream, in her 30’s even the creator won’t accept she is in her 30’s now. Her hubby owns a business, fair skin tone, soft as cotton candy, chubby bubbly gal, with lip gel she makes everyone go crazy.. Everyone in her locality will be...Read More

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