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chain and abuse

BDSM Stories: Chains and Abuse

BDSM Stories: Chains and Abuse BDSM Stories: Chains and Abuse .. He left the clamp on my foreskin and took my rock tough cock back into his mouth, drawing on my cock and having fun with my balls. I met this male from and he stated he was into chains and abuse so I stated that I had actually refrained from doing this before and would he satisfy and reveal me as I like to try brand-new things to see if I like it or not, sure he stated begun over as I have all the important things here that we will require. So a few days later on I reviewed and he took me to a upstairs room and told me to remove off, I did this and standing there naked in front of him with a semi difficult on, so your eagerly anticipating this are you as a lot of are as limp as can be when they initially get ...Read More

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