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From Facebook To Bed

From Facebook To Bed Hi All, I’m from Ohio age 24 working in MNC, forgive if it’s little long or boring. I’m no superman to have 12inch dick or fuck continuously for 3hrs. It’s real story, pretty new to this writing but always been a active reader from many years. I still remember those days all night reading stories and telling in home that I’m collecting notes for studies. Coming to the story this happened between me and my gorgeous lady. I am sorry I don’t wish to disclose her name because she said she is not into revealing her name. We can call her as Dream, in her 30’s even the creator won’t accept she is in her 30’s now. Her hubby owns a business, fair skin tone, soft as cotton candy, ...Read More

Card Game Of A Bitch

Card Game Of A Bitch It was a long time I was waiting to get Mauro invitation, my colleague. That day I put the mini skirt in the office and, being right in front of him, waiting for the right time to show him my stockings. Finally he falls the pen … It’s time to cross legs, I thought. Bingo, here his head is turned towards me and pick up the pen and did make a long search. I do not know why (in dreams everything is a mystery), but I find myself in the hands of an invitation to his house for a party. That evening, my intention was to make an impression. After a while ‘we begin to play cards; around the table we are in 5: Mauro, two other men and her friend a little ‘b...Read More

A Boring Afternoon

A Boring Afternoon A boring afternoon, nothing to do, one of those afternoons where nothing happens. Finally I decided, I’m going to the movies, but all alone does not suit me. So I start to do a round of phone calls to my friends … But heck … No one is free, seems to be the only one to have nothing to do. But we do not give up … I begin to dress, a short skirt (love the mini), fishnets, a blouse with a neckline pretty good, and go out. Cinema is two blocks from my house they give a pretty good movie, maybe a little ‘forced, but I do not have it problem, ‘an R-rated movie, and the posters are very explicit on the subject. Anyway I walk a little and I sit d...Read More


The night enveloped the man inside his dark coat and impenetrable, forcing him to walk on all fours, feeling the ground with their hands to figure out where he was going. In-hand, as the only symbol of hope, clutching a pointed stone, that would defend in case of danger and would allow him to make a fire, or at least I hoped. He kept walking as well, stumbling in the dark, until his hand is not felt dry and rough surface of the wood, maybe a dead branch fell from a tree. Taken from the frenzy, the unbridled desire to create a light in the darkness so deep, he began to rub and bump the stone against the piece of wood, until suddenly there appeared a spark and the branch gave off a big flame. ...Read More

Big Gift For My Wife

Big Gift For My Wife After 15 years of marriage the relationship with Anna, my wife, is ‘more and more’ beautiful, exciting and intense. I knew she had particular tastes and I have always tried to make her happy as when she wanted to be fucked by a huge cock! From my part I can not complain and she also of my 21 cm, but Anna wanted a well-hung, for this last year on the occasion of her birthday i ordered a nice Mandingo ultra equipped! After a long search ….. not ‘easy to find, even if it seems easy, especially with men who are also reliable and serious, in short, without seeking complications, and more! Contact a 40 year old man in Naples, had placed his photo on a d...Read More

Job To Santa

It was not yet 23 o'clock when I was going to walk home last Christmas Eve. After a dinner with friends, I decided not to wait for midnight

Pamela`s ‘friend’

I heard the doorbell ring and I awoke from deep sleep while Pamela, puffing heavily and sat on the bed naked. The smooth and blacks hair hung over her shoulders up to the ass, stretched, and rising slowly said: “Check.” “Can I take a shower – I asked, leaning his elbows on getting up mattress – so then I have breakfast and I go.” “Ok – she said wearing panties. I felt good, the night before I met Pamela we hadd a drink and after a while ‘we were finished to his house. A whirlwind of passion I had taken, I took Pamela had started to undress her, kissing her; after an initial resistance, she had succumbed. I had dropped my pants and I put m...Read More

Public Shower

Public Shower Yesterday morning a man comes into my bar about 45 years old, tall and sturdy, a nice guy, after breakfast asks me if there is a public shower nearby. Mine is a small town, maybe in the summer, maybe there’s a public shower ….! I say then that for me there are no showers at this time. The guy looks annoyed, tells me that he was recovering from a long and tiring trip and wanted to get a nice refreshing shower even because it was for work and had to stand by a customer. Looking good, was a hottie, not bad … I thought to myself, maybe I’ll try! Since I have to go to my house, I live nearby, if you want you can come to me. .. William’s face became smil...Read More

English Professor

English Professor I was in high school, one of my professors there was a very serious and severe, hated by all, was called Piero, English teacher. Tall and bald, with bright eyes, goateehad maybe 40 years. I thought I hated, but i really hated him, too, we were wondering, maybe he does not fuck his wife. Then one night happened what I never could imagine. … I go to a gay Club in the capital, had planned a strip held out for a certain time, curious, look up at 01.00 when between smoke and a play of light, on a small stage comes the star of the Strip! I get closer for a better look, but a few meters I remain shocked! the guy on stage who was stripping was Piero, my English teacher! Dick!...Read More

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Husband Best Friend

My husband writes often on this site, I take this opportunity to take his place and write erotic stories. After 15 years of marriage I never would have suspected that Charles, my husband was gay, maybe bsx but took up the ass and make the bitch worse than me...

Hot Lady

Hi I'm Alex and I have 27 years and work in a bar in the suburbs and today in the late morning I occurs in a woman around 47 years. Approximately one metre high and 70, blonde, blue eyes and a teenage body and asks me a cappuccino not containing cocoa ... all of a sudden, but I can't remember what started the speech and began to tell me of her life, who divorced

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