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English Professor

English Professor I was in high school, one of my professors there was a very serious and severe, hated by all, was called Piero, English teacher. Tall and bald, with bright eyes, goateehad maybe 40 years. I thought I hated, but i really hated him, too, we were wondering, maybe he does not fuck his wife. Then one night happened what I never could imagine. … I go to a gay Club in the capital, had planned a strip held out for a certain time, curious, look up at 01.00 when between smoke and a play of light, on a small stage comes the star of the Strip! I get closer for a better look, but a few meters I remain shocked! the guy on stage who was stripping was Piero, my English teacher! Dick!...Read More

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Husband Best Friend

My husband writes often on this site, I take this opportunity to take his place and write erotic stories. After 15 years of marriage I never would have suspected that Charles, my husband was gay, maybe bsx but took up the ass and make the bitch worse than me...

Hot Lady

Hi I'm Alex and I have 27 years and work in a bar in the suburbs and today in the late morning I occurs in a woman around 47 years. Approximately one metre high and 70, blonde, blue eyes and a teenage body and asks me a cappuccino not containing cocoa ... all of a sudden, but I can't remember what started the speech and began to tell me of her life, who divorced

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