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Latest Erotica Stories

Erotic Stories: Bathroom Sex For A Contract

I got up slowly and before going looked into his eyes. Impassively in the power of his masculine figure looked at me while I aroused a prey to the power of his game. I froze. I sat at the table and licking my lips I asked: “Are you sure not to have to go too?”. This time, his laughter was coarse “You can be a real slut, Clare. Are you going to get into the men’s room? “I laughed in my turn,” I will answer your question as soon as you put a signature here. “I took off the contract from the bag and handed it to him with a pen. Signed in silence, he gave back the pen and the contract, then got up without looking at me and disappeared behind me. I felt the heart beating. I put down the contract and motioned to the waiter, “Bring me the gray...Read More

Erotic Stories: He`s Too Big, Too Thick, Perfect

Erotic Stories: He`s Too Big, Too Thick, Perfect Once I had fantasized about fucking my bedpost. My bedposts are slender polished rods, made of wood and have a smooth sphere shaping ball at the head and three ball shapes under them. I had bought the XXL magnum condom to try and sit on it but I knew my hole wasn`t ready for such deep stretching. Stretching my pussy has always been a fantasy of mine. Just thinking about the feel of being stretched by a fourteen inches long and thick black rubber dildo with real life-like veins raised and ripping down the side makes my pussy cream. What I didn`t know was a real life big cock rammed in deep into my pussy until my hole was suffocating would make me squirt. And squirt so fucking hard. As the warm squirt leaked out my pussy and spilled spla...Read More

Erotic Stories: I Want To Fuck

Erotic Stories: I Want To Fuck… It started off with a question about sausage and it leads to me looking down again to see if that cock was real. How many inches was it? That was definitely more than a nine or a ten inch. I know a ten-inch cock when I see it and this one was no ten inches. Thirteen or twelve at the least. I reeled it out entirely and pushed my pink fist down to the root of his thick sturdy semi-erection. The length that hung out his zipper was at least another eight inches, the hanging length outside my fist bobbed up and fell back down with the veins standing up harder. It got me excited to see the life in it. My hole gaped then squeezed shut against the cotton seat of my tiny panties. Erotic Stories: I Want To Fuck His cock had a slight bend in the belly and m...Read More

Erotic Stories: His Step-Mom

Erotic Stories: His Step-Mom:  I`ve never tried the jumbo sausage with the cheese in the middle before.  Mom innocently said . Well, she wasn`t my actual mom-mom, as in mom, because she wasn`t blood, but I called her that since my boyfriend, Michael, introduced his step-mother as his mom, and no other name, just mom. So I just went with the flow and called her Mom too. It was not until a few days after I discovered her real name was Grace. And it wasn`t Michael who had introduced me to her name either. I caught a hold of it when her husband, Idan, had spanked her on her tight firm pouting little ass with his big burly hands and said, Hun, you’re amazing in the kitchen. I like to eat whatever you prepare. Erotic Stories: His Step-Mom Then he lifted the white empty plate to his f...Read More

Sexy Stories: Big Toys

Sexy Stories: Big Toys Grace`s angelically soft face was staring at the jumbo sausages and replied. Yeah, I think I would like them big, but I`ve never tried it before.  Her voice was soft but still had that natural sexy rasp to it. If I ever was to fuck Michelle’s mom now was a good opportunity for me to slip in some naughty at her. I`ve never been naughty with her before nor have she ever talked sexually around me. I guess with the age difference she didn`t found it comfortable to even use the word cock or fuck me. Maybe she still viewed me as a teenager, or as her daughter, or too young, or maybe because I dressed too conservative and my actions were always so reserved and quiet, maybe it was my nerdy glasses, unfashionable taste. I don`t know where her mind was on all this....Read More

Erotic Stories – Touching In The Supermarket

Erotic Stories – Touching In The Supermarket   Erotic Stories – Touching In The Supermarket …. Grace`s face looked confused. She stuttered, Olivia . . . Idanhhh . . .  Looking over to me as if suggesting there was a kid close by. Idan ignored her concerned expression, brushing it away by saying, So . . . Can you take all of this without making a grunt? He sounded very excited by the thought of stretching her pussy with the large cucumber he was showing her in his hand. I was mentally calculating that cucumber up in my own hole. That very same cucumber. Unpeeled and rough and still cool just out the refrigerator, with the cold trickle of sweats on the skin. I`ve always heard of using cucumber as a toy but this was my very first time thinking about it so hard tha...Read More

Erotic Stories – Hot Text

Erotic Stories – Hot Text     ˜What`s the biggest size you ever took?` I didn`t know what lie to text back, I texted back the first thing that came into my mind`s creative portions, ˜My pussy has swallowed up a ten inch cock before.` ˜Mine maybe bigger.` ˜Bigger than ten?!` Now I began to worry about what I was getting myself into. ˜Did it make your gaping pussyhole clasp?` ˜Mmhm.` I texted back. ˜Ever had your cunt fisted?` Now I actually felt my pussy clasped. This actually took me by surprised. Is he actually reading my mind? I have fantasized about it so many times. Even about doing myself. ˜No, but I`ve fantasized about it before. And monster dildos.` ˜Want you to watch me wriggle my fingers into my blue latex gloves and spread you apart.` I couldn`t believe Etha...Read More

Erotic Stories – Motel challenge

He looked on how soaked the ceiling of the caravan was, the seats and the floor. He smiled and said, I`m gonna have to teach you a real lesson for this. I was too drained to reply. He smiled looking into my eyes as they still were turning over in my head. He nodded to Stephany, she smiled and drove us to a motel nearby, the supermarket. It had a white boarded sign marked ˜Casa De Blanca`.

Harder Or No Erotic Stories

Harder Or No Erotic Stories   I grunted and breathed hard, a loud sexual breath of satisfaction, a delicious pain. I felt his hugeness filling me up, filling me up in places I had no idea a man could reach with a cock. It felt insanely good as he fucked in and out, shoved in and out. My pussy opened up as he withdrew his length then rammed it back down deep and hard into my pussy. I felt the bulby spongy head banging deep against a sweet spot so deep inside me close to my cervix Oh my God a cock so deep should not feel this good. This was what it felt like to have a cock buried so deep. Oh my fucking God. He withdrew it entirely until it was outside and my pussy felt empty then slammed it back inside my vacant hole, slamming against the same sweet spot again. Made another long w...Read More

Penetrate Me erotic stories, sexy stories, adult stories

Penetrate Me erotic stories, sexy stories, adult stories   My slender fingers held his cock firm, squeezed it, aimed it to the center of my slit one more time, determined to keep it steady and get it in. I cringed my face to feel his entry, released it and left it standing stiff in the air behind me for him to delve in between my pink overly aroused flesh. He inched his hips forward toward my ass and slowly force my lips apart with the tip of his cock, parting me wider and wider to fit the head in and bore into me bareback. He closed his eyes and moaned thickly as he entered me slow, oh ever so slow and widening, stretching the lips of my entrance. The swollen head slipped. Pierced its way too fast down into my pink swollen and sensitive canal. I involuntarily uttered a silent, ...Read More

Violent Orgasm: erotic stories, sexy stories, adult stories

There was a whole bottle of whiskey on the table beside Adele and she helped herself to it. The rest of the guys were turned on like crazy. But the rules of the night were, no more than three guys, they had no other choice but to watch and embrace it.

Dirty Fantasy: erotic stories, sexy stories, adult stories

In the shower, Isabella slid out her panties in nervous thought, she couldn`t stop thinking about how she was supposed to survive in the party. Honestly, it had been a minute before she

Best Friend Boyfriend

Pauline didn`t waste any more time, she stripped down and Brad did the same right before they started kissing and touching all over each other greedily. Though it was the first time for Katrina to check this out, she knew that she was going to love it since her body temperature started rising

The Kitchen

The Kitchen   We had just finished the move and there was an urgent need to replace the kitchen, then an acquaintance puts us in touch with Romanian workers who told us willing to do on the weekend, so we asked them if it was possible to fit everything we had around disassembled, they told us that it was done with other workers, we talked and agreed about the price and gave us an appointment on Saturday morning. Saturday at 7:30 and 8 were there all workers, among them three big boys of color, they went a good pace and everyone started to work, during all the day I noticed my wife threw some pretty significant glances and she perhaps it was noticed before I saw that with an apology had worn a dress very light and short. Around 11,30 those who rode the kitchen asked me the gas pi...Read More

From Facebook To Bed

From Facebook To Bed Hi All, I’m from Ohio age 24 working in MNC, forgive if it’s little long or boring. I’m no superman to have 12inch dick or fuck continuously for 3hrs. It’s real story, pretty new to this writing but always been a active reader from many years. I still remember those days all night reading stories and telling in home that I’m collecting notes for studies. Coming to the story this happened between me and my gorgeous lady. I am sorry I don’t wish to disclose her name because she said she is not into revealing her name. We can call her as Dream, in her 30’s even the creator won’t accept she is in her 30’s now. Her hubby owns a business, fair skin tone, soft as cotton candy, chubby bubbly gal, with lip gel she makes everyone go crazy.. Everyone in her locality will be...Read More

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