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xxx story – The Babysitter

I was not actually in the celebration mood however I stayed and delighted in the BBQ up until about 11:00 pm and took my leave. That’s when Chris asked me to drop in at his and tell the caretaker he would be out for the night as he had currently warned her she might be in for a stop over, but he simply desired me to let her understand which he would see her in the morning and to check to see if all was ok. I stated I would drop in and examine on her as he took the front door secret from his keyring and handed it to me with a smile. It had actually been over five years since Mary had passed away so I guess it was about time he got out and about a bit which Shelly appeared to be working on him wiggling her ass and grinning at him like a bitch on heat. I did try with her but I thi...Read More

humiliation story – Slave

“Joshua, tomorrow I want you to take a crew to the bottom fields and have them clear the stones from Marlow field. I need it prepared for tilling as quickly as possible.” Joshua nodded and stepped to the side as Master Forbs got in the shack. “Now where is my little Lynette?” Joshua seen a look of worry cross Lynette’s young face as Master Forbs ruffled her hair. You are growing strong child; a couple of more years and we will see about breading you.” Joshua gritted his teeth as Master Forbs patted his hand on the table. “Now where is my Annie?” “She is ill Sir, she took severely last night and is running a high fever.” Annie appeared in the doorway; she was covered in sweat and looked as if she was hanging on for dear life ...Read More

xxx story – Love You Daniel

Ummm, she groaned as this felt so great, she could feel his heavy breathing and the soft kisses too her neck however it was his tough humping and his tough cock deep inside her that was filing her with love. She pulled her legs up and covered them around him to pull him much deeper feeling the power of his thrusts as he ground his cock into her and she whispered to him how she loved him while he was carefully kissing his ear. Getting his head tight she browsed for his mouth and planted a deep kiss to his lips entangling her tongue with his. This was love, she idea, this is Daniel, I love him and I desire him forever to be my one and just love. He broke the kiss as he started to grind his cock faster into her smiling down, that wonderful sunlight smile of his, just filling her with lo...Read More

erotic stories – First Time At Birthday

I think my stomach is empty however still I was retching and heaving my guts up. One Samboka too many, but it was Jane’s 18th Birthday and her sister Mandy had actually invited me too it saying it would be fun and Josh would be there. Josh was her brother in the next year above us and he was charming and he was a. singer in the school band. However it was her even older brother Martin that. got us the drinks from the local off-licence it was more than I had on me. but he chuckled and said I could pay him back later on. Another retch made me force my head down the toilet once again attempting to. empty exactly what was not there, oh god I feel terrible. I can hear the banging and. yelling at the toilet door but with my head spinning like this I attempt not. even attempt to move ...Read More

xxx story – In the ambulance

  xxx story – In the ambulance Everything happened in a mad panic, I remember being at the front of the crowd as the lights showed up and the band got in the stage, everybody hurried forward crushing me up against the barrier. Right away I was gasping for breath and fighting with my elbows to press Dave my boyfriend behind me back so I might capture my breath. He was stating something but I might not hear him over the holler of the crowd, though I did see him grab the barrier and lock his arms out, this helped some however I was still feeling crushed. I looked up at the stage to see Tommo the diva above me and enjoyed as he raised his arms in the air and the crowd went wild, that’s. when Dave’s arms just provided out as everybody crushed forward once again. The...Read More

Rape Story – The Gift

“If he moves slash his throat.” The cold sharp steal risen against the side of my face, I aimed to move but the ropes held me tight to the chair while savagely a hard grip on my hair took my head back. I felt so useless as I viewed among the people pull his belt free and move his trousers down. Jill attempted to move only to have another person press her back to the floor, where the first guy wrapped his black hand around her neck. ” Suck my fucking cock bitch” He rough her head around and smashed the flat of his hand across her face. A long trail of blood splatters arced across the wall as Jill wailed in tears. He stepped over her and dragged her small frame kicking towards the bed by the hair almost breaking her neck as she crashed into the base of the bed w...Read More

Rape story – Raping Charlotte

“Charlotte!”, Stephen James shouted up the stairs to his stepdaughter, ” Get up, will you? You’ll be late for school!” When no reply returned, Stephen trudged wearily upstairs to the young woman’s bed room. Pushing the door open, he looked in to see that the 11 years of age was still sleeping comfortably. He could simply see the dark curly hair on the extremely leading of Charlotte’s head glancing out from the top of the duvet, which engulfed the rest of her body. She stretched languidly, as she started to stir and one leg emerged from under the covers. Stephen swallowed as he understood that her Barbie nightie was rucked up over her hips and that she was using nothing below it. If he looked hard enough he might just construct her … Ste...Read More

adult stories – More than pictures

My heart thudded practically painfully in my chest as I unlocked to my car to get out. The cool spring air chilled my calves as I stood between the door and the cars and truck. I got whatever I was going to need for the next few hours: keys, handbag, and of course the unique home entertainment bag. That bag, one of those elaborately decorated present bags, contained a little surprise for my activities here today. Thinking I had gotten whatever, I locked the car up, slammed the door shut, and continue at a fast, giddy speed through the parking lot to the corner glass door of a non-descrypt, maybe 4 or 5 story structure. Beside the door existed the average apartment style paging system. I Pressed number 11 on keypad and the intercom system crackled to life. ” Digital Offer Photog...Read More

Adult Stories – Doggy Style

“OK, which exit is it?” Trish was driving with Penelope in the traveler seat up front. Meredith beinged in the back behind Trish’s seat with Angela behind Penelope. The quarter were sis in a sorority participating in a yearly Alpha Phi occasion together. Every year various chapters across Southern California sent between three and 5 members each to Las Vegas for the weekend. After a hard day reading sorority company in workshops (with a. little lunch break gambling establishment break), the ladies were on the prowl for some enjoyable. They were driving on the 15 in the borders of town searching for a small. out of the way club called “The Web” that Penelope had actually found out about. ” I believe it’s the next one. Decrease.” Penelope...Read More

xxx story – Kissing Cousins

Devin, my cousin, was 11 when we began fucking, and I was a much older 13, filled with knowledge and experience, or two I wanted to believe. Prior to that summer, we neither people understood each other well. I lived in California, he in Illinois, and we were in Colorado, so we had no other pals around, which turned out to be an excellent thing. At my grandparents home for the summertime, both people away from our moms and dads and immediate guidance, we spent long aimless days together on the lake or in the large lawn around your home, playing random games and circumstances. Devin liked war and adventure video games, which I didn’t mind, but I grew worn out of them quickly. It started after we had just finished lunch and were strolling by the lake. The video game Devin had act...Read More

xxx story – In Soft Arms

I waited on Kat at the station for fifteen minutes longer than typical, which wouldn ‘ t have been an issue except for the tremendous heat of Tokyo in the summertime. With the hoards of people around it appeared even hotter than the 40 degrees Celsius that appeared on the wall screen. Literally 10s of countless people swarmed by in the station, and I was probably the tallest one there, even without my heels giving me another 2 inches. Standing six foot 2, with dark blonde hair and a shapely figure, I was a striking picture of an immigrant, but I was studiously neglected by the commuting ranks. There were other foreigners aplenty, but mainly we ignored each other, too. Kat ultimately emerged from the masses, sweating and looking badly hot and worn out. I turned over a cold bottl...Read More

xxx story – Connection

I went out to lunch with Chiemi, my trainee. She was thin with long hair, an oval face and a sweet smile. Her English was quite good, and through our lessons together we had actually become friends, or a minimum of I preferred to believe so. She was 22 at the time, and worked part-time at a Pachinko parlor to save up cash so she could travel. She dealt with her family in the area and wished to be a translator. I was 24. I had actually finished college and found myself without any concept of what I wished to do. I had actually concerned Japan following my then boyfriend, Tim, and I got this job teaching English at a private conversation school. I need to state I put on ‘ t believe I was excellent at mentor, and the majority of my classes I fumbled through as much with my broken ...Read More

Interracial – Crucial Evening

She moved into the brand-new apartment in the early morning and waited on her roommate to get here. They had actually never fulfilled, and spoken just twice on the phone. Still, Tammy had wish for the very best. This was a huge action for her. After three years in the city, she was taking a plunge and relocating with a. total complete stranger. There was something strange about it; it was a genuine experience, and. one she had constantly fantasized about. Her good friends had actually cautioned about the. prospective risks. Hell, she had actually seen a lots movies that highlighted the. risks and downsides. But in some way she felt it was something she had to. attempt, even if just for a while. How might she be a genuine city woman without. something like this under her belt? So she ...Read More

xxx story – Party time

At the time, although it was an unsafe thing to do, I did it because I was actually lonely, and due to the fact that it was fun. Afterwards I typically felt more lonely than before, or ended up hating myself, however I would get over it in a few days and discover myself thinking about it, and then doing it once again. I initially did it at my kid sister’s birthday celebration. A. good friend of hers existed, a lady I had actually never ever fulfilled, one. of her classmates. My sister was sixteen, so this lady. wasn’t much older, but she was actually completed in. the chest, so that the buttons on her shirt were. extended. Her hair was jet black and waved around her. shoulders the method it does in hair shampoo commercials. She. had a pretty smile and an unwinded air abou...Read More

FF Stories – New Girlfriend

Heather is my new girlfriend, although I’ve known her since college. When I understood her then, she had this hyper-curly dark hair and these hot blue eyes. Now, almost 10 years later on, her hair is still curly, but colored a. elegant light brown. Her eyes are still extreme, and her body has actually filled. out into a complete, mature figure, with a tendency to be sweetly plump if she. stops working out for a while. I hadn’t been planning to satisfy her. I ran into her quite by opportunity at. the theater as we were getting out of a program. We saw each other at. the very same time and I understood instantly who she was. I stated hi, and we ended. up going to a coffeeshop and talking about the motion picture and capturing up on. things. She smoked these long, thin cigar...Read More

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