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It happened over forty years ago, I was working in a construction site in the mountains doing avalanche barriers, since I wanted to scrape together a little lira to buy the car, so I decide to give up the two weeks of vacation and stay to be a guard at the construction site. At that time there were no cell phones, to communicate, the CB was used. In the middle of the week one afternoon I get a call that there is a person in the village waiting for me, I pick up the jep and go down. Surprise I see my mother sitting in the only bar in the village, after a chat and a coffee we get on the jep and we go to the construction site because I didn’t go home for the holidays she came to see me saying she stopped a couple of days later a half-hour we had arrived at the lodge a prefabricated building that served as kitchen and bedroom, after looking around, she went to the stove to make dinner, I made her a cot for the night. Since the eye wants her I could not help but look at her body when she came out of the bathroom in a white petticoat that showed her breasts with turgid and dark nipples surrounded by halos and black lace underpants. In the morning when I got up she slept, I left to ll the tank with water. On my return she was having breakfast and ipping through a recovered porn newspaper in the drawer of the table, looking at me she said you are all dirty, because you don’t do those things, I said, looking at them, the nipples that seemed to burst under the light sweater didn’t answer me and threw the newspaper in the drawer . He knew I had discovered her in the camporella several times with a work colleague. The afternoon lying on a blanket took a tan in his underwear, despite the fty and four children still had a nice rm body. In the evening it was red as a lobster from sunburn, after the shower lying on the bed in my nightgown he asked if I had something soothing to put on his body, I took a jar of ointment in the drug box, to his surprise he had pulled his shirt over his head and remained naked. I rubbed the ointment from my shoulders to my ankles, I could not notice the brown hair that came out of my thighs, and the dark, wrinkled skin of my anus, daring I passed a nger through the groove of my buttocks, shuddered and turned abruptly, covering her tits with her hands the rest was in the light of my eyes, how much hair in the groin reached up to below the navel. I continued to pass the ointment on her stomach and thighs, while my cock burst into my underwear just looking at her, the small purple lips came out in abundance, and from the opening of her pussy dripped a liquid thread on the fur. I lowered my panties and lay down on top of it and the glans slid into my pussy halfway, a not doing grumble from the hidden face, but with surprise it eased me spreading my legs, I felt her open as I pushed him to the bottom, starting a comings and goings I felt a heat that made me explode in the bottom of her pussy, while she had some shivers lifting her ass and some spasm came too. I took off her shirt, her face was red and she was panting as I continued to move inside her, going deeper and deeper as she helped me by lifting my ass, we reached the pleasure simultaneously. Looking at me he told me that I had lled it like an egg, this was the rst fuck with whoever had raised me. What happened in that week I will write later perhaps.

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