Dinner At The Mistress’s House

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Dinner At The Mistress’s House . It’s been a rainy fall night, as it’s been going on for days. The rain sound pounding on the windows and on the window of the balcony. There was no other noise inside the room, where the Mistress sat in the center of the table in an elegant black dress, ready for her alone. He watched the window drop and the continuous rain. He touched his neck with smooth, tapered fingers, then along the chest of the crossed arm. On that soft and smooth skin, a pink color, his hand slipped, now the summer tan was only a remote memory. He was waiting impatiently, sipping his still white wine glass. An Alsatian wine, giant, and his red lipstick left on the glass a slight halo.
The Mistress showed fascination and intrigue, nothing troubled her peace and quiet, she had complete control over the setting she knew well.
He has almost a grimace on his face after the last sip, almost annoyed. He takes the bell on the well-laid tablecloth lying on his right. Nothing else is served as a trill. From the kitchen emerges a guy in a blue suit, a white shirt and a tie. Fully clothed. He enters in a silent way to prevent the noise of his black leather shoes with leather sole from disturbing the Mistress and overwhelming the rain noise. The Mistress stares at him with a disgusted air and turns instantly without stating a word after a slight look and a hint of grimace on her face. The butler scrutinizes meticulously what was missing, notes the glass now empty. He’s about to fill the Mistress’s glass with a sad atmosphere and a lower face, very thoroughly to prevent a few drops from dirtying the well-folded red tablecloth on the table. With a slight bow, once he has completed his obligation, he leaves the space in a low voice to apologize to the Mistress so as not to further bother her.
The butler with an intimidating atmosphere and a low look holds a steaming tray with his correct arm and his left behind his back when the gate is opened from the kitchen. With a slight curvature, she brings the tray in front of her on the correct side of the Mistress and, wishing her a nice appetite, makes a slight reverse when the Mistress interrupts her: “Where are you going?” Useless “An authoritative voice, firm. Now the sound of the rain could not be heard anymore, all the cold outside seemed to have penetrated the space. I don’t want you to relocate here! Are you cleaning up? “The prince was now intimidated, the Mistress had never spoken a word before the evening. He had no concept of a voice stamp, his order could not be opposed, much less contradicted.” Yes Mistress “The butler’s voice became more and more flickering and as quickly as he could go to the room, and I discovered the collar that the Mistress had already prepared on display, as if he already knew the space.”The Mistress begins to eat the dish, a Catalan salad, with a calm and elegant assent to each bite, closing his eyes as if he wanted to shut himself up, and savoring every bite of that delicious dish that the butler took care of making. During a taste, he sees his slave staring at her shoes.”The slave already understood that the attentions didn’t go unnoticed, he took his foot elegantly with two hands when you suddenly felt your neck pulling hard.” I didn’t tell that I was touched! “The gaze of Padrona became a living fire, a slave intimidated by the tone of his voice and by the violence of the gesture which immediately took hold of his hands and placed them behind his back, immediately lowered his gaze:’ Excuse me Mistress,’ at that point the Mistress freed herself from the leash rolled on her hand and pulled a violent whip on the slave’s buttock with the leather end. CHANGED! “The Mistress ‘ tone has become increasingly authoritarian and decisive.
The slave rapidly took off all the clothes he was wearing to prevent further irritating the Mistress.
He stayed so naked, kneeling before the Mistress at all times. He observed with excellent enjoyment, as asked by the Mistress, the chastity cage in polished steel he had.
“At least you’ve done a slave thing! Where’s the key?” The slave now succumbed and embarrassed, “I placed it back in his jewelry room according to his instructions!”To sheep, the Mistress seemed to have lost some of her envy now!”The slave obeyed without the slightest hesitation. The Mistress casts her other lashes on the buttock of the slave causing an intense redness.” Thank you Mistress “I laid her foot and started to wash her shoes, being cautious not to leave any trace of saliva on the polish. By now he had grasped that without hesitation he had to indulge in his desires, and all this caused him some excitement that he had to do so.”No Mistress” At that moment the Mistress revealed the surprise she had given to the slave. A large rosy member rose from the bottom of her dress. The slave looked at him, that strapon had raised hesitation in him, but at the same time excitement. He looked at it for a few moments and wondered how it hadn’t been noticed before.”I drag him onto the brown leather sofa right next to the window. The slave now seemed not to need the Mistress’s hint. He already realized what to do. He placed himself on all the fours on the sofa, spread his feet apart. The Mistress hurriedly took off her clothes and without warning the Mistress with an impetuous but controlled gesture joined the slave with the member who had been well lubricated.”And the Mistress struck the end again. Another moan came out of the slave’s mouth. In response, the Mistress took the slave’s neck with her left hand, raised her head and pulled her hair with her right hand.” Worse for you!”The correct hand released its grip from its hair and turned to the mouth to prevent the screams. Hit the slave constantly with violence. 1,2,3,4,… cadence every second the Mistress hurts blows decided hard in the anus of the slave. The slave was now totally surrendered, dominated by the Mistress. He felt a deep excitement that from his trapped member came out of the liquid that settled on the so-called Mistress. She didn’t want the Mistress to get angry, she went back to the sofa and washed the valuable sofa with her tongue, then went down to the ground. The Mistress went back when the job was completed.
“Open your mouth” The slave realized that he wanted to check that the work had been done, he didn’t have time to swallow that the Mistress was spitting in the slave’s mouth The look became sadistic again “Next time I won’t have to inform you anymore” By now the slave is decreased to the extreme “She’s a prostitute” The Mistress returns to her seat almost satisfied with that fierce moment.
The slave takes his place on the Mistress ‘ side when she squeezes her forehead “Now go away. I don’t need you anymore.” The Mistress frees her from the collar, dresses hurriedly when the bell’s noise clogs the space. “Go to open” The guard comes to the gate, a tall dark kid with a strong physique is known.”He notices the kid smiling from the peephole in the gate.” Tell Katia that Lucas has come “And another deeper smile The butler turns to the Mistress as if to ask for explanations. Immediately open it “The butler opens the gate, sees Lucas entering and suffering from embarrassment to see another kid entering that space, approaching the Mistress and passionately kissing.
The butler stays at the gate at all times, astonished at the arrival and the loving outpourings.
With complicity, Lucas and his mistress look at each other, laughing at the butler.
“Go ahead, now you’re no longer serving” The pain-enthusiastic butler turns to the Mistress “I’m taking something I left in the room right away” “Everything that enters this house is mine” His tone has again become authoritarian and his sadistic look.
With an irreverent and amused atmosphere, Lucas looks at him.
It wasn’t just a call task, the butler understood. It had become his possession by now.

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