Monique the lustful

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Group Sex Monique the lustful … It would have been a particular evening that evening. My husband allowed me to go out with my colleagues at the office alone. He had the football tournament final and even though he reluctantly gave me permission to go to the dinner.
I don’t know why, but I felt strange, in the grip of a strange excitement, unusual for the occasion because there were so many office dinners and nothing special had ever happened, but something had changed since Novara’s new colleague arrived.
It wasn’t a gymnasium beef, you could see he was a former sportsman, but now he was left in the closet by the physicist…. He had a strange look in his eyes, grizzled, about fifty, polite, caught right, normal face and height. Yeah, a disillusioned look of a bitch.
I heard my colleagues ‘ comments in the office that were spinning it, but he seemed impervious to them all, a little laugh, a joke, but he kept you away.
I had heard that there would be a lottery among the sluts that evening for those who succeeded in making him capitulate. I smiled and chopped them. If I knew the guy, nobody would have taken home the trophy.
The situation had led me to elegantly but slightly unprejudicedly dress myself. The little black dress I wore was particularly close-fitting and it was clear that I had no undergarments underneath, my breasts were highlighted by the neckline and the dress’s particular shape allowed me to wear it without a bra. Due to the season, the stockings were not needed and I was able to show what little tan I had been able to get in the garden.
I put on a pair of underpants in my bag for when I was going home and a light little jacket over my dress covering my shoulders.
The meeting was in the restaurant directly. All the newcomer had been organized by him. We were all in the parking lot, challengingly the sluts looked at me and nearly frothy at the mouth of my male colleagues.
Marco, the new colleague, is coming out of the restaurant and inviting us to come in.
My passage before his eyes leaves no interest whatsoever.
We enter and I see that Marco chats friendly with the restaurant’s owner, a Brazilian named Javier showing up with a statuesque body and tight-fitting pants framing what should be a fucking first-class. Multiplying giggles and sweet eyes. The two men laugh and both see me as if they wanted to take an X-ray and exchange a joke.
Marco at the table is two places away from me and the head of the place I know who insists on bringing me food and drink is also serving us directly.
Placing the dishes on my plate, I feel his body’s warmth and my shoulder is touched more than once by the package.
I must admit that the thing started exciting me and my chip started losing moods.
Dinner continued and on this or that of the office the jokes followed each other. I got up at dessert and walked to the bathroom.
Behind me I close the door, do what I need to do, touch my big lips and make sure I’m a lake. I hear somebody going into the bathroom. I’m hurried to go out in front of Marco.
“Hello, beautiful lady! You’re the most beautiful of them all tonight! Xavier and I can’t take our eyes off you!” I feel like a fifteen-year-old, but I find the strength to argue. “Come on, if you’re all our colleagues ‘ target!”But I’m not interested in them! It was you who struck me tonight! With this dress you’re extremely exciting! ”
And approaching me he puts his hand between his thighs and goes back up to the soggy gap!
He passes his hand through it and then takes it away, taking it to his nose and then to
his mouth, licking it and testing it.
“MMM better than any sweet…”
So he goes out and leaves me speechless!
Dinner continues with sweet coffee and kills coffee but now my eyes are only for Marco who
looks at me and licks his lips.
Dinner ends and colleagues leave in a few steps. Only Marco and I remain.
He comes up to me and puts a hand on my leg and begins to talk about this and that, while
his fingers begin to rise up on my inner thigh.
Slowly he arrives at my now soggy chip and without effort inserts two fingers inside it
while with his thumb I am chewing on the clit.
Only us in the room and in two minutes I let myself go to a silent and deep orgasm that
leads me to close my eyes.
When I open them again, I find Xavier too.
We’re just the three of us. The Brazilian, without saying anything, undoes his trousers
and brings out a cock 22 cm long and hands it to me in front of his mouth.
I am in a trance, I handle the bird, the escapade and I begin to lick the swollen chapel,
then I put it in my mouth with difficulty.
Xavier takes the nape of my neck and starts to fuck my mouth, it’s so big that it spills
from the sides of his mouth.
Two hands take me by the hips, it is Marco who lifts me from the chair and makes me lean on the table on his stomach.
He raises my dress and without much sweetness he shoves his cock into my soggy pussy.
I’m enjoying but I can’t make a sound because my mouth is completely blocked.
Marco is smashing me and my orgasm is not long in coming.
They take me and take me to Xavier’s office.
The Brazilian sits on the sofa and makes me sit on it astride. The huge quarrel fills my
pussy and I start riding it. The sensations and the pleasure I feel make me dripping moods from the potato.
Marco is playing with my moods with my back hole.
As soon as he feels that he is well lubricated he leans the chapel on my little rose and
without too many preambles he breaks my ass with a decisive blow.
I remain breathless but the pain soon turns into pleasure for double penetration.
My orgasms no longer count. I am completely subjugated by the two stallions. Marco
accelerates the rhythm and I feel his seed explode in my bowels.
He pulls out his tool and leaves me deflowered with the cum that runs from the dilated
Xavier lifts me up. he turns me around and sticks his rod in my ass. It fills me up
completely and starts to get riding. After my sphincter has adapted to that size, I begin
to enjoy it while cleaning Marco’s cock from the remaining seed.
The Brazilian lifts me up and puts me to the sheep and pushes me through to bursting all
his seed into my gut.
I’m destroyed. I crawl up on the couch on all fours, I hear a noise coming from behind the
A beautiful specimen of akita dog approaches with a sleepy air.
He begins to smell my deflowered joints and starts to lick both the cum that is pouring
from my ass and my moods that come out abundantly from the potato. Another orgasm catches
me completely unprepared.
As arrived, after having completely cleaned me up, the dog goes away.
Marco approaches and tells me that it’s late and it’s better that I go home.
Xavier as I go out tells me that if I want I can come to the restaurant with my husband
and that we will be welcome guests of a very special evening. After that they accompany me
to the exit because I am a little insecure on my legs.
I arrive at home which is now late at night.
Andrea is waiting for me on the sofa and asks me how it went.
I sit next to him and tell him everything that happened while I take my cock out of my
boxers with my hand, which turns hard when I hear the story.
Andrea takes me, turns me in doggy style and starts to fuck the potato still wet from
“My good wont is good !!! He gets fucked by his friend and colleague… Now in your pussy take this sperm!!! “And when I come in, I’m flooded with the warm seed! I’m sitting on the couch and picking up what’s coming out with my fingers and putting it in my mouth. I would also like to meet your friends and see how the evening is going to end… “We get up and go to sleep after a good shower. I meet Marco in the office on the following Monday and tell him about Andrea. He looks at me stiffly and tells me he’s gone later because now he’s having a meeting with the boss. He’s gazing at my office around eleven and telling me to get ready for Friday night. Xavier is planning a party at the club and he wants us to be there too. We’re going upstairs. “You can smell a very good smell of oils and candles as soon as you arrive in the house, obviously the thing was very well prepared.” Monique is going to be very special for you tonight. With Andrea, we’ve prepared a nice surprise for you. “Without letting myself say a word, I hear Andrea approaching me and putting a blindfold on my eyes, whispering in my ear.” Trust me, it’s going to be a night you’ll never forget about
I remain still on the spot. Completely without the gift of sight. the thing sharpens my
other senses in fact I feel the door open and the sound of other steps. At least three
other people came into the house.
Two hands take me and slowly take off my shirt and bra. From the delicacy they seem to me
those of Rebecca.
Then I slowly take off my skirt and remain standing with only the heeled shoes.
I am accompanied on the sheepskin sofa on the back.
They tie my hands behind my back.
I feel the warmth of a mouth close to my potato and a delicate touch of tongue begins to
tread my flounder dripping moods. I don’t have time to open my mouth to express my
enjoyment that a swollen chapel fills my mouth and I start sucking greedily starting to
enjoy the treatment in my low parts.
I feel hands that touch me, I can no longer understand how many, I feel touched
everywhere. I hear more noises in the room and the tongue on my sex has now changed
consistency. It is rougher and harder and less delicate. Salt on my splits and gets to
lubricate my little hole.
I hear Andrea saying something to Rebecca. If he’s having it sucked.
They take my bird from my mouth and make me sit on a big cock. It’s definitely Xavier’s.
He spreads my pussy, slowly penetrating me. My abundant moods make a strange noise as they
come out to lubricate the rod in its entirety.
The tongue on my little hole has finished its work and I feel a chapel pointing directly
into my sphincter.
It’s a new fuck for me, but as I try to say something I hear Marco’s voice telling me to
shut up and suck his cock.
I find it within my reach and I start to suck it. while my hands are free and I find
myself sawing two notable cocks.
My orgasms follow one another. Deep, violent. The two birds are cracking my pussy and ass
with ever stronger thrusts. My pussy is pleased.
The cock I have in my ass cum erupting a large amount of hot liquid that fills my insides
and runs down the sides of my little hole.
He pulls out the tool and I feel that one of the two I’m sawing is positioned behind and
starts to kick my ass.
Marco, meanwhile, comes out of my mouth and leaves in place to the one who has just
released his seed in my belly.
I clean it up for good, the taste of the cum excites me even more than I already am.
Xavier continues to drill my undaunted cunt.
The second comes to my gut copiously while I am kidnapped by another violent and fantastic
I do not understand anything anymore. I only feel the smell of cum. My nostrils are now
From the voices I hear that in the meantime Andrea is delighting Rebecca, who in the
meantime tries to make the first one who filled me up again.
Xavier takes my cock from my pussy and makes me sit with his back to him, penetrating my
ass. Given the size it starts slowly even if my little hole is well lubricated by the
newly received cumshots.
In front of me I smell a scent that I recognize.It’s Marco.
He shoves his rod into the potato and begins to fuck me in unison with Xavier.
My orgasms follow one another, I am undone but I don’t want to stop.
Xavier comes and floods my ass. Marco comes out of my pussy, puts me to sheep and begins to make me the little hole too…
But because nobody fills my pussy. I scream it and I hear only the most arrogant giggles.
Rebecca meanwhile I feel that she is taking her dose of cock, and her orgasms are not.
But I can’t understand where Andrea is. I hear two never take off my blindfold.
My eyes must get used to the light again.
I see Rebecca with a big cock in the sheep potato that is cleaning up Xavier’s bird.
Marco continues to break my ass and is still filling my hole.
My buchetto now no longer exists. There is only one abyss dripping with cum.
Andrea approaches me with the cock in swollen shot like never before.
I can also see the other two men. They were the waiter and the cook.
Two Brazilian very well supplied.
Andrea makes me sit on top of him and kissing me in the mouth he shoves the bird into my
wet pussy but eager for male seed.
He pounds me for at least five minutes incessantly. My orgasms don’t count anymore I am
completely destroyed.
I feel Andrea’s cock stiffen even more and the chapel swells. It’s coming.
“You fill your slut’s pussy with cum!”I cry to him and he lets himself go into a copious orgasm that fills my pussy and then continues to fuck me making the liquid run down the sides. Rebecca approaches and begins to lick my little hole, Andrea’s balls and my big lips while Andrea continues to fuck me until his cock gets soft. I’m destroyed. I like it a lot if you want the company and you can do it again. But the only one who can fill you with potatoes is always me… “I’m kissing him and feeling the taste of Rebecca’s pussy. We’re going back home happy and happy.

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