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Bdsm story Cohabitation … Marco had come back sooner that night. After our highways met by chance at the workplace, we had been living for just over a month. He was an IT consultant, I was a receptionist for the company for which he had become a consultant.
In the gravel driveway, I heard the vehicle, then the house door. Coming in quick steps, without stating a word, rushing into the kitchen. Slowly, from behind, he approached me.
I felt like I didn’t notice it. Suddenly, as I finished rinsing the salad, I felt my ass firmly. I was winning.
I wasn’t accustomed to this fresh ritual yet: he squeezed my ass every night, as if to emphasize his possession.
He considered it to be the most beautiful part of my body and I appreciated it, even though it wasn’t always the most delicate of his manners: I always believed it was his way to welcome me, a bit rude. But each time he caught me by surprise.
His fingers, like claws, sank strongly into my buttocks. I could hear his neck breath. He’s been excited already.
Marco’s connection was born one evening after we came out for supper and ended up finding an unexpected affinity in bed: he liked leading the game and dominating, I liked being commanded and driven by enjoyment.
Slowly this practice became our way of loving each other, taking more and more ground, but ending with cuddles and sweetness almost always.
Then he untied the knot in his apron with one side. I was shaking. I realized what to expect from me.
I blushed under my arms as his fingers crept.
“I want you…”-I hissed, my breast stroking.
Then he suddenly squeezed both of my “Now!” tits, he added.
I was sighing.
One thing I liked to do was to withstand, make me want, be a surly individual, do me in a very determined manner, and that I knew how to excite him.
“Now I can’t… I’ve got to prepare supper”-I shyly answered.
“You didn’t know: at the time I said I wanted you…”-he said, “Do you want me to waste more time arguing?”-he then added, placing a hand between my thighs.
I was swallowing.
“Try to comprehend, I’ve got the stove to keep an eye on…” I sighed, attempting not to get excited, but to look reluctant.
His hand rose from his thighs to his groin slowly. I was shivering at what was going to happen.
“You keep cooking”-I whisper, my internal thigh caressing.
“The remainder I’m going to take care of,” he added with a grin.
My heart sprang into my neck. “No, wait, go on,” I whispered, attempting under her skirt to get his hands away. “What about this?”-he replied, ‘I don’t seem to have asked for your permission…’ -he exclaimed decisively. It was true. As our connection took hold, he never cared about my desire to fulfill my pleasures first… he was always the one to appreciate, perhaps more times… and then to offer me as an orgasm ‘reward,’ but I enjoyed and excited myself in an incredible way.I turned off the tap. And my eyes. I heard the sound of the zipper of his jeans. “Please, no”-I exclaimed, with a mixed voice between the frightened and the excited. I could not rebel, dissolved in his hands. I touched my groin, teasing myself through my briefs. Avvampai. He knew I couldn’t resist him. I didn’t want to give up. I clung to the edges of the s.”He murmured, mistaken for a rebellious gesture. I held my breath.” You understand you could harm yourself by playing with these stuff, right?”She scolded me as if I were a spiteful child,” he said, “Don’t squeeze like this, it hurts…”-I pleaded. And now let’s see if you’ve learned the lesson.
I realized I had no option but I wanted to create it hard for his life and I was struggling to recompose myself. I reduced my skirt instinctively.
“You really want me to lose patience, huh?” he said.
“N-no, nooo..”-I screamed in tears, almost.
“Woe to you if you move, slut”-I grumbled and wrapped my palm buckle. He was angry. Like the previous night.
“Pardon me, kindly… I’m going to do whatever you want, but I’m going to lash like yesterday night, no,” I pleaded, frightened.
“I’m going to save you if you demonstrate me you know who’s in control,”-he said throwing down his belt. He was still holding the knife with the other hand. I placed it close to the skirt, sliding the blade down the gap on the correct hand.
I was angry. He became increasingly sadistic and perverse, and I was more and more enthusiastic about it.
He cut a piece of cloth close to my thigh with a sharp gesture.
I was gnawing. A “STRAAP!” noise ripped off her skirt.
Like a horny beast, he grumbled, ripping my dress and throwing it with the knife on the ground.
Tramavo, not just because of the cold.
“Look, look… you’re already wet,” I whisper, my briefs brushing.
“And these?”-I questioned with a curious atmosphere. “So you do it intentionally?!” I was shocked by a shiver.
“How many times have I informed you that you only have to wear submissive white underwear?” “It’s true, I’m sorry…”-I was amazed.
“I was in a hurry this morning…”-I almost quietly added.
I knew he wasn’t going to believe me. And that I ran the risk of infuriating him even more with those excuses. But on the one hand, I couldn’t bear that he imposed on me what to put on the other, to be honest, I was caught unprepared by his early arrival at home and his sudden desires.
He wasn’t saying a word. He just stared at me, and that look combined with insults and threats was even more thrilling.
I was still standing first, then turning my back to him. I haven’t had the courage to turn back.
He went without a word. “Take off your shirt.”
He took the knife and slid it between the bra clasp and my skin. I only felt the knife’s coldness on my skin before a sharp blow ripped the bra’s closure.
“Take it off, I don’t want to see you finish it anymore,” I felt his hands on his hips suddenly.
His fingers were creeping between the briefs ‘ elastic and the sweaty skin. I shut my eyes. There was no way out by now and I couldn’t really wait to go on.
With a jerk, I reduced her panties and made me jump. “Next time you’re not going to forget to put the stuff I want and I’m going to inform you…”-hiss.
He realized how to be excited about me. And he’s always been successful.

No, I implore you… Last night it’s still hurting…-I “murmured.” Worse for you, bitch…-he “whispered down his boxers. Have compassion-I “pleaded with a false voice of trembling.” I’m not going to argue… I had no intention of contradicting him but not even letting me break my ass like the previous evening where, because he rebelled too much, he retaliated by whipping and sodomizing me until I bled. But obviously it wasn’t enough. I could already feel the tip of the penis in the cove between the buttocks.”I had no option. I dropped my head and spread my legs. He seemed happy with my surrender, but not to the point of giving up enjoyment. Please-I “pleaded, scratching my teeth.” Open your butt and close your mouth-he “answered, taking it in his hand. He was so humiliating, too, because he knew that I enjoyed it… I widened my buttocks to make space for him. Then I shut my eyes.” And now appreciate-he “screamed,” slapping him inside with violence. Your nature is coming out now… Keep your ass tight, okay!”He grumbled, grabbed me with his hips, and pulled me to him. I felt it all the way. I missed the air.” Oooh, what a beautiful… all inside!”I could feel that pile of flesh rattling in my ass without ceasing. I felt totally broken. I took a deep breath, exhausted by all that brute force. He stirred like a madman, savoring every pelvic thrust. I couldn’t tell how difficult it was, but it never seemed to end. My eyes were still bright when I felt a hot and long st. Every day more-I “was happy to whisper, the evening has just started… and remember that I love you…” I said to myself unbelievably…

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