Voyer Story: ALL ABOARD

Voyer Story: ALL ABOARD
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Voyer Story: ALL ABOARD .. Barely aware. 3 AM, or that’s what my blind eyes saw in my watch’s bright big hand and small hand. For the last couple of hours I would have been sleeping as the train spun through the southern reaches of the Midwest bringing several hundred of us from Chicago to the south. In my case, after a conference, back to New York. Talking hours and then making the Lakeshore Limited rush.

I love riding trains and if, when I scheduled this journey, I had my wits about myself, I would have booked a sleeping room instead of ending up scrunched in a regular seat. There was at least no one next to me. The individuals at the front left in Indiana somewhere, and the child behind me who had been jumping around since we left had worn himself and his mom out entirely.
Just me and the young couple in front of me.
Not really a crowded train.

To check out the young couple, I shifted my head around.
In the dim light that I could see they hadn’t worn them— self into slumber, now that everyone else was asleep, they were obviously making out. He is moderately well muscled in jeans and T-shirt, 18 or 19, longish blond hair and a few ear rings. She, wearing one of those lengthy but somewhat diaphanous Indian skirts, a T-shirt, some leather necklaces, a Bjoran ear in her lengthy dark hair ringing mostly out of sight. In fact, a few Dead Heads return to somewhere in western New York after watching “the show” in some Chicago suburb. I would have spoken to them as we boarded the train and came to the conclusion that she (Emily-predetermined student at Cornell) was this couple’s brains while cute Rob (don’t know what he’s doing) kind of tags along.

What Rob does is lick, kiss, and nibble Emily’s neck, at least right now, while her dress is out of sight. Most of the dress is scrunched up her smooth, mildly furry legs, one of which is airborne with a foot in front of them wedged against the seat.
She gently moans as her arm moves, indicating that she is getting the slow finger-fucking. Her hips are moving slowly against her side, and although I can only see part of it, I’m fairly sure she’s whispering instructions into her ear about using her thumb to rub her clitoris while her middle finger is sampling her moist vagina. Rob moved her free hand to her chest, pushing her T-shirt over her breasts, moving her mouth to her breasts, licking and sucking each nipple in turn.
Emily produced whimpering noises, squirting even more against him and under him. A hand grabbing and rubbing his back, another sliding through his hair, kneading and squeezing to the back of his neck.

Rob’s hand now moves more insistently, and he appears to have found the g-spot of Emily as her level of pleasure appears to have clicked a notch. The sounds she makes and the amount of things she murmurs, moans, grunts and whimpers indicate that she would be fairly loud under more private circumstances. Even so, I can hear her whisper to Rob, “My child, that’s it… just like that… just right there, don’t move… just like that sweet baby… you’ll make me cry if I keep doing that…. just like that… just like… oh, now, bite it now! Rob’s teeth squeeze on her left nipple, Emily’s back arches, her legs shiver and convulse, and very heated, very hopeless and very irresistible noises catch in h.
Would you like to suck in my mouth?”With that she brought him back into her mouth and gave him five seconds of particularly nasty sucking, a very clear motion of her lips and tongue-” Or do you want to cum on my tits?”She took his cock and slipped it over her naked chest, over her breasts, and between them.” I’m not sure. I’m not… so good… I’m coming soon, “Rob drooled.” Aw, c’mon, when you suck on my breasts, we always like it. You want to sprinkle on my tits, wouldn’t you?”With that she took the hand that had been busy rubbing herself, took a moist finger and slipped it into Rob’s butt, while with her other side she gave him powerful base-to-tip strokes, holding his twitching rod against her breasts. It was too much for young Rob, who moaned loudly, arched his back and came.


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Voyer Story: ALL ABOARD might be  a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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