Gang Rape Story: A WALK IN THE PARK

Gang Rape Story: A WALK IN THE PARK
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Kathy stands 5’9″ inches tall and weighs 120 pounds. Her hair
is long, silky and naturally light blond. She wears it parted
down the middle. It’s a simple look, but with her perfect angel
face any styling is unnecessary. Her eyes are sparkling deep blue
and her skin is baby smooth without a blemish to be found. She
sports a beautiful tan and keeps herself in shape with aerobics,
jogging in the park. Or at least she used to…….

About a month ago Kathy was jogging through the park, after work
as she usually did. As Kathy turned down the lake trail, she
noticed that she was being followed by six large black men and
that they were making remarks to each other about how they’d
love to shove their big, black cocks up her round, white ass.

She started running faster, and the men begin chasing her. They
caught her and pulled her to the ground. Kathy tried to resist
but it was futile against the six strong men. They toar her
Tank-top and shorts off and ripped the panties from her. All six
men dropped their pants and started stroking their enormous black
cocks. One of the men began rubbing her golden haired cunt while
the others were holding her arms and legs. One man near her head
rubbed his swollen dick across her mouth. The one rubbing her cunt
yelled to the others that ‘She was getting hot’ and stuck two
large fingers deep into her twat. Kathy felt the juices of her
pussy beginning to flow as the man worked his fingers in and out
of her, not from sexual arousal, but because her body just naturally
responded to the manipulation. She was breathing at a fearious rate
because of the fear, and effort of trying to resist the men.

Kathy screamed and begged them not to rape her but one of the
men just said that after he got his ‘big black cock up her hot
juicy cunt that she’d be screaming for more.’

Another man said that her ‘pussy was going to get fucked by all of
them so she might as well start enjoying it.’ Kathy struggled
harder than ever — when two of the men turned her over on to her
stomach. They pulled her legs apart and she could feel one of them
position himself between her thighs. She started screaming and
crying for help as one of the men stuck his huge black cock full in
her mouth and shoved hard, he said that ought to “shut the bitch up.”

The man between Kathy’s legs was pulling on the hair of her
pussy to spread the lips of her cunt. She felt his giant cock
entered her but all she could do was make garbled noises around
the cock in her mouth, tears streaming down her face all the while.
As the huge black cock continued to thrust deep into her
pussy she felt the hands of the others on her tits and ass rubbing
her smooth skin with rough hands. Then largest of the men told the
who one fucking Kathy to ‘pull her white ass up so he could drill
his black dick up her asshole.’

Kathy frantically tried to scream but the cock in her mouth
wouldn’t allow it. She felt the head of the huge man’s cock at
the entrance to her ass as he told the man raping her to let him
have “some of that bitches’ pussy juice” running out of her cunt.
He reached down and wiped some of her sexual fluids off the shaft
sliding in and out of her and smeared it over the opening of her

Seconds later Kathy could feel the incredible black pole entering
her. She had never had anal sex with any of her boyfriends, and was
so fearful, that she started to retch, as the mans huge erection
plunged deeper into her behind. Then it happened — she instantly
started to have mind blowing orgasms — a new rush with each inch
of cock inserted up her ass. Kathy started to unconsciously
chew on the dick in her mouth as she was pounded by the oversized
cocks from all three of her openings. The man screwing her pussy
began shooting load of hot cum into her and the one in her mouth
began pumping what seemed like quarts of hot sperm down her throat,
almost simultaneously, making her gag. The dick in her ass was
reaming her with powerful thrusts when it finally pulled out of
her to shoot hot cum all over her back and ass. The cocks in
Kathy’s pussy and mouth pulled out of her at the same time, and
she collapse on the ground with streams of the men’s cum running
out of her mouth, cunt and ass.

Just as she was thinking it was all over, the three men who hadn’t
fucked her yet, took the places of those who had just finished.
After all six men had raped her at least once each they stood up,
zipped up their pants, and told her that they hoped she had I
enjoyed my “run” in the park.



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Gang Rape Story: A WALK IN THE PARK might be  a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Just a note: Please keep in mind that when a woman says no, she invariably means it.   Rape, date rape or 
forced sex with a non consenting woman can bring dire consequences. The average prison term 
for rape in the U.S. is 25 years.   This story was fantasy and should be considered as unusual entertainment only.   
Treat all women with respect, they are the fairer sex!

Gang Rape Story: A WALK IN THE PARK

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