Erotic Story: Back Room Wife Bang

Erotic Story: Back Room Wife Bang
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Erotic Story: Back Room Wife Bang .. There is a lot of timing and luck engaged in having the opportunity to suddenly turn it on for another person to watch your usually hesitant spouse. But Brad, a 42-year-old professor, had that opportunity to see his 27-year-old wife perform at an upscale Miami hotel convention last summer.

Dawn wore that evening an exceptionally revealing black dress. It was shorter than anything in public that Brad had ever seen her carrying. Since it was a formal dinner and dance with prospective professional contacts, he was hesitant at first to have her wear it. But in the tight, low-cut dress, Dawn, who had a shapely but very small 102-pound body, appeared to be very comfortable and confident.

Indeed, seeing his spouse in the dress stirred some recurring fantasies in Brad as they shared in their room a bottle of sparkling wine before going to the banquet. Brad had toiled with the concept of directly requesting Dawn to seduce another guy throughout their five-year marriage. But instead, he only produced what he believed was vague references to his fantasies. But Dawn, being a pretty smart cookie, saw a pattern in the comments of Brad and knew that one day she might fulfill the deepest wishes of her husband, given the right mood and opportunity.

Brad realized that the nipples of his wife were erect and visible through the shear material as Dawn and Brad sat at a table with two other couples. She had tiny but firm breasts and would go without a bra sometimes. He thought she would warn a strapless bra with the type of dress she was wearing but later found out she wasn’t wearing anything below. Not even panties; only a garter and black stockings.

Dawn got a bit of a tipsy as this somewhat stuffy occasion wore on. This dull event quickly became a stage for Dawn’s playfulness, all under Brad’s watchful eye who wasn’t sure where his wife took them. Dawn danced with several colleagues from Brad who definitely had more than they had expected.

After a especially hot dance she appeared slightly breathless when she returned to her table. “You are friends with fingers roaming,” she informed Brad as she brushed back with her side on her lengthy blonde hair. “Hope you don’t mind,” he asked as his heart pounded. “Do they think they could tell you there’s nothing underneath?”

“Yeah, maybe,” she said with a smile of seduction.

Around an hour later, Dawn signaled Brad back at the table from across the room after a slow dance with one of the single males who appeared to be in his early 30s. She pointed to a back exit and strolled with a tall, dark, beautiful man from the room that Brad didn’t know but caught the attention of Dawn all night long. Brad looked around and then stood up and walked through the crowd and out the gate. In a brief dark corridor, there was a small storage space where he heard voices. He saw his wife with the guy as he went in. At first no one said anything, then Dawn shut down the gate. “I believe you want this; perhaps not where you wanted it,” she said with a nervous laugh to Brad.

“No, no, that’s all right. Spontaneous,” he said, his voice cracking like a teenager with enthusiasm.

The stranger lifted Dawn onto a table with Brad’s permission and started kissing her. He was standing between her muscular legs, hanging from the table’s edge. His hands swept over her body’s sides and over her thighs. Then he slipped her dress hem just slightly above the top of her stockings, put her right hand under the fabric and immediately felt her wrapping her internal thighs around her hand now positioned on her cleanly-shaven pussy.

Dawn moaned with enjoyment as her pussy was massaged with his hand by the stranger, then fell to his knees. Now Brad could see right between the legs of his wife as the guy started eating the wet pussy of Dawn. She put her hands behind her, leaning back, apparently lost in the act, not even noticing her husband sitting 10 feet away.

What Brad didn’t know was that the stranger’s friend who had to bring his spouse back to their room for the first time was about to join the party.

The stranger was now standing in front of the wall when the friend came as Dawn was on the ground offering him a blowjob. “Let’s go in, man,” said the stranger. “This chick is hot.” As if it wasn’t enough for Brad to turn on, it put him over the brink. The fresh customer had an open bottle of wine that he shared with Dawn, who at that stage had already gone quite far. She drank directly from the bottle as her dress was removed by the two males and placed on her hands and knees.

Brad realized she’d be fucked up. Her tight little ass was perched high in the air, waiting for the tall stranger to enter her as she arched her back. To maintain them lubricated, she kept leaking her lips.

As he watched his wife waiting to be mounted, wearing only stockings and a garter, it seemed like an eternity to Brad. Her pussy was swollen and humid as she pulled the stranger on her own cock. “Hey man,” he said to Brad. “She’s taking it in her butt?”Before Brad could get out the word no, Dawn yelled” yes, please.” “Okay, maybe we’re going to be baby, “said the other man kneeling in front of her. Brad watched the stranger spread his wife’s cheeks and plunge into her pussy, which just swallowed the giant cock on the first thrust.”Asked one of the people at the table.’ This is the last song of the night.’ Dawn and Brad smiled.’ You just had to get some fresh air,’ Brad said.’ You know, a little too much indulgence.’ A few seconds later, Dawn leaned to Brad and whispered in his ear:’ The indulgence is flowing out of me now. Better go to the ladies ‘ room. “One of the men sitting next to Brad said when she left the table:” I hope you don’t mind telling me that your wife is a sexy lady.” “You don’t understand how sexy, “Brad replied.


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Erotic Story: Back Room Wife Bang

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