Erotic Story : Sandy Sleeps In

Erotic Story : Sandy Sleeps In
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Erotic Story : Sandy Sleeps In .. The other night, quite by accident, there was an incident that awakened something in me that I didn’t realize I had. A friend of mine, Larry, came to speak last Thursday night, drink a beer, and watch TV. He operates in the same location I do, and we’ve been in no hurry to end the night since we had a three day week-end. My wife, Sandy, had to work the next day, and she went to bed about 10:30 because she wasn’t a night person. She’s also one of the sleepers that I understand the most. Actually, I’ve shaken her fairly good before attempting to wake her up, and she’d still sleep.

Larry and I sat up after Sandy had gone to bed and watched an old porn flick of his that he had brought over, as Sandy wasn’t in much of that scene.

Larry exclaimed after the first pair of cum shots, “Man, it would certainly be great to have a real piece of ass! It’s been too long since I’ve had any!” I was a little amazed at his remark. Larry wasn’t a bad-looking man, being about six foot-two and weighing in at about 175lbs, I’d think he’d have lots of lady-friends.

“There’s no one you date now, Larry?” I asked.

“No, I’ve been pretty shy about asking someone out since Brenda broke it off with me two years ago,” he answered.

We talked about Brenda a little more, and how she ran on him while he was at work before lastly dumping him. Larry got up to use the bathroom a couple of beers and a couple of cum shots later.

I was sitting there watching the film for a while before I realized that Larry had long been gone. I got up to see if he was all correct and I saw it was open as I approached the bathroom door. I walked in and saw Larry standing by the entrance next to our bedroom. He jumped when he saw me. He stammered, “Oh, man. I’m sorry.” “When I went in, the door was open. I just saw her lying there like that when I was about to leave!” I walked around Larry and looked into the bedroom. Sandy was lying away from us on her side, her legs slightly tucked under her. She had gone to sleep wearing a nightgown, but she had ridden over her hips, displaying her ass that was soft, bare, pantiless. Her shoulders were turned a little more our way allowing us to look through the semi-sheer nightgown on the side of her beautifully formed breast and nipple.

In the reflected light from the bathroom, she looked very sexy lying there, her lips pouting slightly and her lengthy dark hair thrown across the pillow. It was like posing for a centerfold almost.

“God, she’s pretty,” said Larry breathlessly.
“To have a lady like her, Chris, I would offer anything.” I was a little pissed off at Larry at first.
But at the same moment, Larry’s thinking of seeing my wife like that without her knowing it turned me on.

“Chris, I’m sorry. I think I’m better off going home,” said Larry, turning away.

“No, wait a minute, Larry,” I heard myself saying. “Come on here for a minute. Just walk really quietly, okay.” “W-wha… would you like me to come in there?” “I don’t think it would hurt you to just look at anything, but we can’t wake her up, okay?” I couldn’t think what I said. I was about to take another guy to my bedroom to look at my wife nearly naked. I wasn’t quite sure what I’d do yet, or how far I’d go.

As we got into the bedroom, I moved Larry to go over to the bedside. He looked a little unsure of himself, his eyes turned to Sandy from me. But the nearer he got, the longer Sandy’s gaze was locked. She was lying on the side of the bed closest to us and both of her strong breasts came into complete perspective as we approached her. Her nipples could only be seen through her gown’s thin fabric, but we could not see her pussy with her legs bent. However, her dress was about her belly-button point, and her belly’s smooth curve could be seen until it disappeared between her legs.

I was just standing there smiling from ear to ear, from Larry to Sandy looking back and forth. He was just standing there, in utter amazement and disbelief, looking at her.

“Oh, Chris. She’s so sexy! I can’t believe you’re letting me see her like this!” I carefully reached down and eased off her left shoulder the strap of her gown, exposing more of her breast and stopping just as the fabric hit her nipple.

“Would you like to see more?” I whispered.

He whispered back, “Y-Yeah!”

I eased the strap further down ever so gently, but her nipple prevented the tissue from going any further.
I slipped my finger carefully under the fabric, lifting it gently up and over her breast. Larry was quietly gasping.

Now she was fully exposed to her left breast. Her smooth pink nipples stood upright from the moving fabric’s stimulus ulation. Then I reached over and eased the correct strap over her shoulder, pulling it gently over her correct nipple.
For the moment, I left the straps on her arms, as I wouldn’t risk waking her up. Larry was still there, gawking at the firm body of Sandy, occasionally touching the bulge in his trousers while attempting not to let me see. My own dick was also about to burst my jeans ‘ seams, not just because I saw my wife, but because of what I did.

“Well, what do you believe?” I was whispering.

“Oh, god! I can’t think it! She’s so gorous, I just want…..” he answered, rubbing his cock again before he caught himself.

I was thinking for a time when she woke up….
But anyway, I was going to try it. I moved Larry to get closer, pointing at her tits.

“Go forward, touch them. But be really gentle. I don’t want to take any chances.” Larry’s eyes were wide open as he eased closer, bending slightly over her breasts and reaching out to cup. His hand shook slightly, and between his legs he had his other hand as if to support himself, but what he was doing was apparent. His hand kept edging closer, closer, until finally-the top of her left breast just below the aureole was touched by his fingers. Before slipping gently up to the nipple, his thumb carefully rested on the underside of her breast. She wasn’t moving. Just as his thumb reached her aureole, he brought down his forefinger to close so softly around the nipple.

I knew Sandy before high school, and we all went together steadily during high school before we got married, and as far as I knew, no other man ever saw that much of her, much less touched her before.

Larry then began to caress her breasts, going very lightly from the first, then from the other. Sandy was still quite asleep, though her breath-in seemed to be somewhat quicker. Larry started to get bolder, use a little more pressure and squeeze each breast softly.

He wasn’t attempting to conceal his own crotch rubbing now, and he seemed to be attempting to cum off in his trousers. But right now, I was having too much fun to let that end go, so I moved him back as I eased her robe straps off her arms the remainder of the manner. I pulled the gown down as far as it would go without pulling it between her and her bed, leaving her entire top exposed on her left side around the bottom of her rib cage. Then I went down to her hips. I thoroughly removed the sheet from her ass’s bottom and untangled it from her feet around her. This left her ass and portion of her pussy exposed.

From his point of view, Larry could not see this yet. I heard him do something behind me, so I turned around and saw him pulling his jeans just below his thumbs to jack him off. I turned back and gently straightened the left arm of Sandy. This almost exposed her upper pubic hair to her pussy’s slit, and when Larry saw me doing this, he leaned over to me to get a nice look while slowly jacking off. Gently, I pulled her left leg closer to me and lightened her to lie completely on her back, revealing her whole front.

“Ohhh my god,” breathed Larry as he started to jack himself more quickly.

“Don’t take yourself too far ahead now,” I warned him. “Before you cum, don’t you want to touch her pussy?” he stopped jacking off and stared at me on Christmas morning like a kid.

Oh, yeah! he whispered. You’ll let me…
Oh, yeah, yeah!”He substituted his correct hand with his left on his cock, but still not jacking off. Then he reached out with the same hand with which he had rubbed his dick, and slowly reached out to touch the top of her pubic mound. Gently he began rubbing his fingers through her dark brown pubic hair, not going as far as her slit yet. Sandy was still sleeping quickly, but her breath-in became faster.”Larry sighed while pulling his finger back slightly inside her slit. Just as he reached her clit, she jumped a little, then let out a slight, almost inaudible moan. Larry quickly pulled his hand back. I saw that Sandy was still sound asleep, but I wasn’t sure if this kind of activity would wake her up or not. But don’t you hear her fucking?”Larry nodded and moved rapidly between her legs. He started touching her pussy with his left hand and jacking off with his correct hand. His dick was about level with her pussy, and about six inches away as he pumped his cock back and forth. He was now using his thumb to rub her slit so that he could get his dick even closer, until lastly his dick was less than one inch away from her slit. I can’t start telling you how much I enjoy what you did!”I smiled at him, moving him up now that he was through. Now it was my turn. I walked between her legs, pulling down my pants, and started to stroke my dick.” Larry, walk through the gate for a time. I’m going to attempt and ease her down closer to the edge of the bed so I can fuck her, “I whispered loudly. Larry obeyed, and walked past the gate in case she woke up. I softly pushed her down until her left ass cheek hung off the bed. She never even woke up, but she was still breathing strongly, and her juices now flowed out of her cunt and mixed with Larry’s.”Only this time he didn’t whisper. It didn’t matter, because Sandy didn’t wake up all the time. As I withdrew, Larry eased her ass and leg back on the bed, then bent over and kissed her left nipple, sucking it as he pulled away to stand up. I was too tired to tell him a lot as I brought him to the gate. He kept thanking me as he walked out, and I waved and closed the door.”I dreamed that these hands were all over me, rubbing me. Did we do anything last night, by the manner?”I remembered that before I fell asleep, I couldn’t clean the cum from her pussy or bed.” Uhhh… Yeah, we certainly did. You don’t remember that?

“Well… I don’t understand. It almost seems like a dream. I must have been half asleep, but it was really nice. Tell me, are you up to do it again, now that I’m awake?” My thoughts dropped back to the night before…
“What do you believe, hmmmmmm?” I smiled.

All I could believe of at job next week was that Larry’s night had almost killed my spouse. He and I never talked about it, but sometimes we’d ex-change smiles, showing his thankful smile.

I had to acknowledge that I was obsessed with seeing another man fuck Sandy, but that nagging feeling of uncertainty still existed. It really didn’t bother me to see Larry molest Sandy as he did that night, but would I be able to manage seeing another man actually fuck her?

I could see the look of anticipation growing in Larry’s face as the weekend drew nearer. I realized he thought,’ I wonder if he’ll ask me again?Will I have another opportunity at his beautiful brunette wife?’.

Finally came Friday, and I invited Larry again not until just before leaving time.
He was a pleasure next to himself!

“Oohhhh, yeah… GREAT!!!! I’ll take the beer, and a fresh fuck flick I received in the mail this week!”, he said excitedly.

“Approximately 9-ish be over,” I answered.

I knew Sandy’s going to get sleepy about that time, and Larry’s presence would probably start her going to bed because she didn’t really appreciate his company. I was laughing at that thought to myself. If she really realized for what Larry was there, she likely would stay up all night, at least until he left.

Then I did something that even myself amazed me.

“Hey, Joe! What are you doing later this evening?” I heard asking myself.

Joe was a pretty big black guy. He stood four inches for about six feet and weighed about 200 lbs. He was certainly not a fat guy, and he had a big, muscular frame.

“Ohhh, there’s nothing much. What’s in mind?” he questioned.

“Well, Larry and I will get together at my house about 9 o’clock tonight to have a couple of beers… and whatever. I think he said something about a fucking fucking flick. What’d he say?” “All right man… but maybe I’ll be a little later than nine. I’ve got to make a Pop order, but it shouldn’t take too long,” he answered.

That’s okay, see you later on, then, “I said, thinking it might be better if he DID came in after Sandy went to bed, bringing her up in a rather con-servative southern home. I turned to see the shock on Larry’s face, but it was a pleasant shock look. I smiled and winked as I walked past him to leave,” Look later, Larry!”At dinner that night, I was worried about what was in store. I bought a bottle of wine for dinner, hoping Sandy would be well on her way to a sound, good night’s sleep soon. As I expected, it wasn’t long before Sandy giggled at the wine’s consequences. An unexpected benefit, but the wine had a stimulating impact on her.”When I got up to answer her, she protested.” I wonder who could that be?”I said, acting as if I didn’t really know it was Larry. As I opened the door, Larry came in with a paper bag under his arm and stood next to the door as I shut it, looking at Sandy and sending out the usual little talk greetings. As I turned to go back to the couch, I wasn’t ticking that Sandy hadn’t yet moved from her former position as she sat facing us and playing with her hair’s strand. Here… Let me take this one and put it in the fridge, “I said, taking the bag and walking into the kitchen. As I put the beer away, I listened to Larry telling Sandy that he hoped he would not interrupt anything.” No… That’s okay, “I heard her say, well-knowing that she was lying to be polite through her teeth.” We just sat here watching some television…
I understand she was trying to tell Larry that it wasn’t a nice time for him to be here now. Little did she know that there was more in store than she ever dreamed of. “What are you up to tonight, Larry,” I said as I walked back to the room, handing him a beer. “Oh… Not much. Not much. Just believed I would go to see if you two were interested in a couple of gin hands.” “It sounds nice to me, what about you, hon?”I said looking at Sandy. Looking at her face told me she’d signed up to the fact that Larry’s going to be here for a while.” Well, if you guys don’t mind… I think I’m going to call it an evening, “she said, standing up from the couch.’ Perfect!’ I thought, everything was falling into place.” Okay, hon. I’m going to be there in a little bit, “I said, smiling at Larry. He quietly mouthed the words’ I’m going to be too!’ after she had passed him, heading to the bedroom.”I asked, hoping he’d be prepared to leak quickly.” Sure…., thank you!”Larry followed me into the kitchen and quickly cornered me,” he replied. “How will you do this?”Well, I believed when he had to take a leak, we would let Joe go back first. Then you and I will slip back and wait in the doorway of the bedroom to see what he is doing. “Larry grinned and hurried back into the living room. We watched the movie for a while longer as we noticed some of the scenes going on. It wasn’t long before Joe had to go,” Hey, man, where is your bathroom?”The second door on your right,” I said, trying to keep my voice from showing off. Joe walked down the hall, and as soon as I heard the door of the bathroom shut, Larry and I went off to the bedroom. Larry’s gaze was fixed on Sandy in the bedroom. Joe had neglected to shut down the door leading to the bedroom, probably because he didn’t know anyone would be there.”In a whisper, I heard him cry out.

As I let out a snicker, I could hardly contain my laughter. Joe heard this and, staring directly at us, poked his head around the door frame. I helped my finger up to my lips rapidly, shook silently, and moved him in.

“Is that your wife?” he silently whispered.

I nodded and took him by the arm to the side of the bed. Larry followed me and stood on my left just inches away as we stared at Sandy.

“What’s it?” I whispered to Joe, smiling.

He looked at Sandy for a couple of seconds and then turned to me, looking at me as he assessed my motives.

He whispered back, half smiling. “She looks lovely, man.”

Gently, I got down and grasped the covers ‘ edge. I started to pull them down slowly, exposing more of Sandy’s firm, flat belly covered only by her nightmare. I pulled the sheet down to a point between her navel and the start of her pubic mound, exposing her night’s ribbon hem. Then I took the hem and smoothed it very closely with her creamy white torso and white breasts over her pert. Her pink, shiny nipples started to harden with a wisp of air produced by my hands moving over them. I scooted a little to my left to let Joe stand more directly in front of the firm young breasts of Sandy, to which Larry slipped to Joe’s right, standing at Sandy’s head. He wasn’t wasting any time unpacking his pants and rubbing his dick as I moved Joe to feel the tits of Sandy softly.

The contrast between his enormous black hands and the firm white skin of Sandy’s tits was highly thrilling as he softly fondled them! When he cupped them, his giant hands almost completely covered her medium-sized tits. He softly took a nipple and squeezed it slightly between his thumb and forefinger, evoking a quiet whimper from Sandy.

Meanwhile, Larry got rid of his pants and stroke himself continuously over Sandy’s face, just inches from her pouting lips. He stared at me as he squeezed out some precum, dropping it out of his dick’s head and slowly dripping down, coming to rest on her lips straight. At first, as the precum lay glowing on her lower lip, she did not move, but the feeling of it against her lip caused her to rub it off with her tongue.

Joe stood up and unpacked his pants when he saw this. As he pulled down his pants and underwear, one of the biggest blackest dicks I’ve ever seen sprang from his moorings on a man. It must have been at least twelve inches long, at the thickest point right, about three to three and a half inches in diameter. His uncircumcised dick’s tip peeled out of the foreskin, and the shaft curved slightly upward from its dark, hairy base.

I was thrilled by the idea of this huge black instrument plunging into Sandy’s sopping wet pussy, but at the same moment I was afraid. I knew that if he ever had it inside her, if it didn’t tear her in half, it would stretch her to her limit. And there was no doubt in my mind, no matter how sound asleep she was now, the thing inside her would wake her up.

Before bending down, he stared at me, bracing himself with his hand on Sandy’s other side, sucking into his mouth her correct nipple. Then he hunched his hips forward and started rubbing his huge black dick’s head across her left breast. As he stroked himself, precum started to ooze the milky white breast and pink nipple of Sandy out of her black head coating as she poked, prodded, and rubbed her tit.

Motioning Larry to get down where I was, I gently pulled down the covers further down, stopping momentarily just below the top of Sandy’s pure black lace panties before pulling the covers together totally free of her. Under the thin, lacy fabric, her thin dark pubic patch was clearly visible. Larry reached down and started stroking her soft white legs, working her way up to her crotch as she stroked herself all the time.

This attracted Joe’s attention as he stood up to watch but continued to rub his black dick on her strong white tits and pre-spunk.

Finally, Larry’s caresses reached the top of Sandy’s thigh, and he softly rubbed his fingers across her pussy covered with lace. As he started moving his fingers up and down along her slit, her hips barely started moving back and forth, the first move she had made since we started to leak her lips.

I wished more already! I rolled Sandy slightly over gently so I could pull her panties down on her left side first, then on her correct side. I rapidly slipped them off her after getting them down to about mid-thigh.

Before these two horny males, Sandy was now totally naked. Before Larry and Joe, the sight of this sleeping beauty lying naked and open as they were caressing, prodding and exploring her body had me near the brink.

Larry had substituted Sandy’s left arm and slipped eagerly between her thighs to start exploring her tight, slender hairy brunette cunt with her fingers. At first, cautiously, he started running his thumb lightly up her slit, just inches away from his face. Then he took her nipple between the finger of his thumb and index and pushed it between them slightly. This prompted Sandy to moan, pulling up her legs until they encountered the shoulders of Larry.

Joe rubbed the entire length of his dick over the two firm tits of Sandy, fondling them with his hand, and staring at Larry working between her legs.

He boldly re-placed his fingers with his tongue when I looked back at Larry! Gently, at the entrance to her hole, he placed one of his fingers, pausing briefly to let her juices drain on his fingers before slowly plunging his finger into her cunt. Sandy gasped, closing her legs tightly around the head of Larry.
Undeterred, Larry continued his attack on the sweet pussy of my wife with his tongue and fingers. No person other than me had ever performed this to her before.

I quickly removed my own cock from my pants and started to stroke myself as they worked on Sandy, standing between Joe and Larry.

Suddenly, Joe walked around, pulling Larry by his correct shoulder softly back. For the moment, Larry looked up at him, then down at his enormous black dick, pointing straight to the pussy of Sandy. Larry retreated as Joe stepped between her legs and started rubbing her tight slit up and down the head of that monstrous bloated dick. I could see the precum shining on the dark pubic hair covering the light lining her moist slit.

I’ve frozen, I don’t know what to do. I knew Joe was planning to fuck Sandy with his humon-gous dick, which didn’t really bother me. Actually, deep down, that’s what I wanted and planned. But I knew that once that thing was inside her, Sandy would definitely wake up.

Moreover, I had just noticed that the diaphragm of Sandy was lying on the stand at night. Normally, when she knew we’d do something, she would bring her diaphragm in, even when she came to sleep before I did. But I think she’s been too tipsy to remember tonight. However, the idea of this black stud shooting his cum deep into the unprotected pussy of my wife triggered something within me. I WANTED to see him in her cunt dumping his load! I couldn’t trolle my urges to see that occur anymore. Either way, I had already lost control of that scenario.

Joe put it right at the entrance of Sandy’s tight little cunt after covering his black dick’s head with her juices. And he’s pressed.

Slowly, between her pussy lips, the enormous black head started to disappear, her tightness resisting her snoring. Sandy’s mouth was opening in slight pain as she shrieked. If it hurts with the head sticking inside her now, I believed, what will she do when she tries to stick it all in her?

But Joe was quite soft in her tight, warm cunt’s original viola-tion. In his excited state, as soft as he might be. In short quick strokes, he shifted back and forth, stretching her twat little by little and plunging with each thrust slightly deeper.

Larry had shifted back to the head of Sandy, playing with one side with her tits and jacking off over her face with the other. He bent over and kissed her softly on her open mouth all at once, slipping his tongue inside, while at the same moment continuing to manipulate her tits and dick. Sandy pursued her lips slightly instinctively as her lips touched her wrapping her tongue. Larry quickly stood up and put his dick’s head against her lips, sampling it just inside the pursed lips of Sandy. Sandy started sucking on just the head of Larry’s dick, seemingly playing out some erotic dream. I heard him moan between his dick and the lips of my wife.

I gave my gaze back to the ministries of Joe on the tight cunt of Sandy. Within her pussy, he now had about three decent inches, the thickest portion of her dick now al-most within her.

Suddenly, as if a barrier had been broken, his dick’s thick bulge slipped past her hot hole’s narrow entrance and he started pumping away earnestly into her. He had only about two-thirds of his dick inside her when suddenly… SHE WOKE OVER!

At first, her eyes opened and then she gasped, releasing the dick of Larry from her lips as her pussy was filled to the limit. Everyone froze as their initial disorientation diminished and was substituted by their full awareness of what was happening. Her gaze moved from the dick of Larry floating just above her lips to Joe whose dick inside her tight pussy was still deep.

Joe was over and over now, no matter what my wife or I might believe, and he began hanging her up as if his life depended on it, holding her to the bed and banging at her. Suddenly, to my surprise, Sandy wrapped her legs around Joe, digging her heels into her ass and pulling him closer into her as she hunched at him, grunting deeper and deeper at once as his dick thrust. He now had at least 10 inches of her earlier unadulterated flesh on her side, and he took more of her with every thrust.

I started to stroke myself even harder as I saw Joe shovel his dick entirely inside Sandy, her pussy lips totally disappearing as his giant dick took them along. Every moment he squeezed his dick, her juices gleamed strongly on his shaft as her pussy seemed to be pulled inward, clinging slightly to the sides of his dick as the fingers of a glove pulled off inverted.

Sandy started to cum quite suddenly-HARD! Her whole body tensed as each subsequent wave of her orgasm washed over her, whenever she yelled louder than the first as her climax grew stronger.

This resulted in the orgasm of Joe, as her pussy tightly clamped around his enormous dick. A small creeping animal was heard deep within him as he violently pushed forward and started to cum deep within the untouched pussy of Sandy. Their grunts and screams were mixed up with each other as their climax then subsided.

Huge cum gobs dropped down Sandy’s ass crack as Joe started pulling his giant dick out of her now sloppy pussy. With Sandy still lying on her back, Larry instantly jumped between her legs, rubbed her dick up and down her sloppy moist pussy lips, and then slipped into her overstretched twat readily. He withdrew after just a few strokes and put his dickhead at her virgin ass’s door. I couldn’t even fuck her in the ass yet, and I wondered if Larry would be stopped.

However, as Larry’s dick vanished between the smooth folds of flesh surrounding her asshole, she provided no resistance. She grimaced as her dick sank into the first stroke almost halfway, but then as her muscle of the sphincter relaxed, she started to hunch against Larry, lifting her legs high so that he could get a better rhythm going, bringing him all the way into her ass.

The grunts of Larry started to get louder as I straddled Sandy’s chest, squeezing her strong tits around my throbbing dick as I started fucking them. Every time it got close enough, Sandy started licking my dick’s head.

I was about to dump my own load across Sandy’s face when I heard Larry’s grunts turn into loud moans as he emptied himself deep into the virgin ass of my wife. That was all it took for me as I started shooting cum’s first warm dense streams between her tightly squeezed tits. I pushed myself forward, plunging my dick into the waiting mouth of Sandy, where she started swallowing the rest of my pent-up seed.

As I crashed against the headboard, Sandy continued to suck on my softening dick. I turned my head around to see Larry pull his dick out of her ass with a wet “thhhupp!” Larry spoke the first words, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sandy smiled at me as she lay there with a nice impish grin, cum dripping out of her three holes.

“You’re just filled with surprises, aren’t you?” she gently said.

“I’m not the only one,” I said, “It looks like you’re full of surprises!”


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Erotic Story : Sandy Sleeps In


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