Erotic story : Art Class

Erotic story : Art Class
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Erotic story : Art Class … Working as a male go-go dancer from Key West to Providencetown, I first discovered that females can often become fairly bold. While dancing, rotating my buns as I thread my way between the tables, I even had the most primitive gray-haired women grope my butt and go so far as to slip their slippery fingers between my briefs’ elastic.

Recently, when a friend asked if I would be interested in gaining some easy cash posing for a women’s art club, I enjoyed a well-earned time off. I said, of course, waiting for anything but what happened.

Most females were older, mid-thirties and up, many divorcees and widows. All went well until I disrobed and took my stance on the tiny elevated platform wearing just a skimpy bikini. I was recognized as a dancer from one of the local clubs by one of the learners, a svelte lady about forty, with firm, pointed breasts and short-cropped, salt and pepper hair.
She received the other females revived, and art quickly came down the tubes as the class clustered around me begging for my act to be demonstrated. They would make it worthwhile, they pledged, with much more to pose than I would gain. I wasn’t able to withstand.

A few minutes into my bump-and-grind, pushing my hips and cock on those horny, sex-starved art enthusiasts, a tall, striking blonde with smooth melon boobs, sprang up on stage and whisked off her wraparound dress. She started matching my gyrations. Suddenly, her shirt was flying through the air, unraveling her bra, releasing her Dolly Parton-sized jugs, jiggling them at me as she pushed her complete round hips to my cock. My crotch was starting to bulge by now. She spotted my increasing erection outline and smiled, divided lips and sticking out tongue.

“I’m going to,” she dared, hanging her fingers under the elastic of her pure purple bikini panties. The room was packed with a chorus of “Take it off!.” Money was floating at our feet on the stage. “Fuck that,” I said. “Why not?” I lifted my briefs over my hips and the whole group cheered as my rigid dick jumped into perspective. All the adulation turned me on and my cock was hard rock. I have this little trick where I can make my dick jump up and down by bending my sphincter muscle. I waved at them several times, and the blonde ripped off her panties, fell to her knees, lunged with her open mouth at my dick. With one gasping gulp, she swallowed my whole nine-incher. Her hot mouth was insane and I was covered with her saliva after a few moist mouth-pumps.

She pulled my dick out of her mouth and stood straight up, then placed my dripping dong between those melon mammals, molding the smooth flesh around her, and started massaging me as I started pumping my hips, fucking her.

The salt-and-pepper-haired lady climbed the stage and started to lick my cock’s head as it slipped between the trembling tits of the blonde.

A torrent of women’s clothes flew overhead; all sizes and colors of shirts, bras, panties, pantyhose. After that all happened so quickly that I couldn’t keep track of the free-for-all sexual.

Suddenly cushions emerged on the stage and I was pushed down. A slender female with a strong athletic body and a clean-shaven cunt impaled herself on my cock as an auburn hairy amazon lowered her flaming red pussy on my lips. I felt tongues waving all over me, in my axes, over my nipples, working on my toes and burrowing in my stomach button, delicious slurping and sucking sounds mixing with gentle moans and excited crying.

My cock seemed to be at once everywhere— in mouths, between tits, big and soft, tiny and firm, in cunts, warm wet palms, some with lengthy slender fingers, others short and pudgy.

I don’t remember how many times I’ve come that night, but I know I’ve been sore in the morning and couldn’t get a hard three days!


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