My Big Boob Mommy
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“Lick your tits, you fucking bitch! Suck and lick your giant fucking boobs,” my aunt Donna told my mom who made good use of her giant 40dd tits by lapping her huge tits as much as possible with her pink toungue.

My mom is a horny bitch with her sister Donna, me and her two stud sons Paul and Dave enjoying this fun incest for the past four years. My aunt has a very sexy and enormous fleshy fat ass that has recently become the main source of our lust. And her enormous boobs are the main playthings of all our family members. For the past few days, she has been training mommy in the art of titfucking, and mommy has become my aunt Donna’s submissive student.

“Ooooo Mommy! I am getting very hot watching you licking your huge tits!. Oh momma! You know I love to watch you playing with your huge fucking boobs. You promised me that you would do whatever I liked. Please momma! Your daughter wants to watch you doing so many nasty things with your fucking tits. Oh momma! Your fucking boobs are driving mecrazy. Please do all the things to your tits which you promised you would do! Will you do it for me, momma?”
“Ohhh Baby! You know I would love to do anything that would make you happy, honey! Today aunt Donna is with me only to make you fully happy. You know her better than I know. She is expert in the art of titfondling and titlicking. We promise you we will put on a great show for you honey!” Said my momma winking at me. Aunt Donna is now watching me lick her lower lips with her pink toungue tip and wiggling her ass to show that she is naughty enough with my horny mommy to do whatever I want.

“Don’t worry honey! Your mom and I’m going to give you a show you’ve never seen in any porn movies. We’re going to use our huge fucking boobies to make you extremely hot and horny. We’re going to finally fuck each other’s tits with big dildos and you can watch it all in the climax or if you want you can fuck your slut momma’s big tits for yourself.

Oh my god, my god! My aunt is going to really use her big fucking mommy boobies and I’m going to see a full tit orgy scenes today. My pussy gets wet when it comes to watching my mom on all fours and showing me her fat ass while aunt plays nasty games with mommy’s ass behind her huge ass! Wow!This is sure as if two horny bitches do the nastiest! with huge tits.

“Oooo Donna! You’re really going to fuck my fat ass with your tits? Honey!Oh my god! I’ve been feeling your long nipple and tit flesh in my big ass for a long time!Oh! This is a goint for my horny daughter, honey! Please fuck my fat ass with your big tits, you fucking slut! I’m going to fuck your ass and fuck your tits with my big dildo in return!” my slut mommy said.

My mom has become very horny and with her hands she’s now holding her left tit and squeezing it with fll force. The tit is very heavy and big, and its nipple has become stiff and erect like a tiny nail that looked like a tiny cock protruding out of its flesh of title. Aunt Donna, looking at what is happening to my big boob horny mommy got so hot that she moved her hands on her huge naked tits and began pulling her nipples. Looking at these horny bitches, my mom and aunt, I get very hot.

“Look at my boobs, you horny fucking bitch!Look at your mom’s huge fucking boobs!Would you watch me lick my own boobs?YOU fucking slut!Come near and help your mom!Oh god!My ass and pussy are burning with desire, Julie!Do something to my boobs. Make me cum hard and show my daughter how nasty we get while doing this tit orgy!”

While uttering all these nasty words, she wiggled her fat ass and I ran to her immediately and stood before her. Oh my beautiful pussy! Her enormous fucking boobs stood on her chest like two huge water melons, and one of her tit nipples looked like Blood red in color. She held her left title with her left hand and pulled her nipple out of her right hand to the title. Oh, my fucking fucking mom!The nipple stretched out atleast by an inch along with the tip of the title flesh.

“Look at this nipple, you bitch!Look at the long stiff nipple of your mommy. Now I’m going to lick this fucking nipple with my long and fat toungue until you ask me to stop licking. And then I’m going to suck my own nipple by shooting my tit flesh as much as I can in my mouth until you cum hard in your pussy. Donna, please come back and hold my big tits with your hands and squeeze them.

After watching my mom, now holding her huge left boob and bending her head to catch her long and erect nipple with her pink and sensual lips, my aunt Donna moved closer to me and tried to arrest her strong urge to help her horny sister.

“Watch how horny is your mom, Lisa? Watch her and see how I wake her up just by uttering a few filthy words. Do you like it filthy, honey? I love it and so does your mom! The more you use dirty and filthy nonsense in sex, the more you’re satisfied with it. Watch her, you filthy mom fucking Lisa! Watch her! how hot she’s?

My mom is now stretching out her long tongue to move her tip onto her steep, erect nipple and test her flesh to satisfy her hunger for her own flesh completely. I’ve watched so many porn movies that women make their flesh self-love. But my mom’s bitch is a hot woman with huge boobs, always ready to lick and suck her own boobs and thoroughly fuck them.

“OOOoo…. My fucking boobs! My own boobs drive me crazy! Wow! What a huge pair of big boobs these are! People are struggling to lick and suck their own boobs and it’s so easy for me! Oh my sweet boobs! I wish I had two tongues so I could lick and suck both of my boobs at the same time!! My fucking boobs need a big cock between them, Lisa!

Oh my god, my god! I never saw that hot mommy. Today she seems to be extremely hot. And I wanted to see her do so many nasty things and finally it’s my dream day! Now it’s my turn to use her lust to satisfy my tits and ass hunger. Her sis is also very hot and after listening to the words of her sis, she started squeezing her own big boobs and offering me her huge titflesh, she said “Come on you tithungry girl! Come and hold my big tits with your hands and let’s lick them together to make your mommy bitch hotter and hornier. Watch that lusty daughterfuking woman! Oh my god!

I watched my mom along with my aunt, as my mom lustfully began to love her own tits without any shame, holding her left head firmly with both hands and pushing her titflesh as close to her mouth as possible so that she could suck her already erect nipple much better. The nipple on her dollar-sized aureole that looks like a pink bud shines like a diamond, all wet with its own saliva. She initially moved her tongue tip all over her titflesh, which is close to her mouth, and began brushing every inch of amazing boobflesh, up and down and around. She moved her toungue all around the pink aurola, first moving hte tip of the tongue around the nipple’s outer ward circular flesh, and slowly spiraling inward to the very base of the nipple flesh.

She teases her own nipple, trying to move the tip of her tongue to push the nipple away from her face and pulling the nipple back to her face with the same degree of lust either with her fingers or with her tongue, sometimes with both. Sometimes she stops the nipple licking and lifting her awesome big boob straight to her mouth, she even kisses it with so much love and lust. And it looks like she’s very hot and she’s biting her huge titflesh with lust to let it out. All the time I was able to watch her eyes, and she showed sheer lust for her own titflesh. Her tongue is very long and she can stretch her tounge tip to her nipple’s very tip. Oh, that’s my god! If I looked at her for another 10 minutes, I would certainly cum hard and my pussy is all wet with the overflowing juices already.

” OOooo you fucking mommy! You are making me so hot. I feel like licking my own tits! Oh mom! You and your sis are two damn fucking whores. Mom promise me now! You will make me cum hard and let me rub my pussy juices all over your huge knockers and lushful ass. Ohh mom! I feel like fucking my asshole with your long and stiff nipples and shoving as much as of your titflesh into my asshole and fuck your tits with my asshole. OOOoo! I love you mom! I like you for what you are doing to satisfy your daughter. ”
Right then, my bigboob aunty Donna, squeezing and pushing her huge dolls together, lustly moaned to me, “Watch her Lisa! Watch your bitch bigboob slut mommy! Oh my god! She is lapping her huge titflesh as if there is no tomorrow. Don’t you feel like licking and sucking her tits? Ooo, imagine you and your mommy sliding your long tongues all along your mommy’s titflesh, your tongue starting from its base and your mom’s at top and both the tongues licking the same tit and often touching each other. Imagine how hot you feel when you twist your mommy’s tongue with your own tongue on her huge knockers and Wow, it is good to watch when your tongues meet at the tip of your mommy’s tit nipple. Then you hold her tit nipple between your sexy pink lips and try to suck it deep into your mouth where as your mom moves her long snake like tongue trying to pull her own nipple into her own mouth! Now if you two allow, I will join you and your mommy in “this tongues on a single nipple war”, and if you wish we all would lick your mommy’s tit nipple, Oh my god! Ohh, Just thinking of three long tongues moving on and around the same nipple is making me shiver with lust. Oh my fucking Julie bitch! Lick your tit nipple, you slutty titfucking whore, move your pink tongue on that clitty like nipple. Ooo.! I feel like rubbing your nipple with my long and stiff clitty. Oh my sweet pussy, I feel like licking my own clitty now! Heavens help me! Let me lick my own clitty! ”
With all this filthy monologue of my big tit slut aunt Donna, my pussy and perhaps my mommy bitch’s pussy, both have become very wet and my pussy is so wet that I feel like rubbing my pussy juices all over my mom’s and aunt’s big tits and make them rub their juice coated big knockers with each other. And after watching what she was doing with her own big fucking tits, I looked at my mom and got so horny and hot. Oh my dumb ass! She holds her giant knockers, one in her hands, and she’s trying hard to get both the tit nipples close to each other (squeezing the tits harder and pushing them closer), so she can move her tongue on them at the same time. No one can stand this scene in which at the same time a horny and slutty woman licks and sucks both her nipples, and for me and aunt Donna, this is certainly a very hot scene. And for me, I’ve long been dreaming of watching this scene. I love watching this scene’s extended version, which I have to ask my mom to do right now.

“Oh, my bitch mom! You’re really looking like a slutty woman now. You horny fucking fucking whore! Oh my god, if that tongue were one inch longer you’d literally move your tip around that long fucking nipple. Don’t worry, mom. We’ll help you, mom. It’ll look better if you pinch and pull your nipple with your fingers while you’re trying to lick them and suck them with your tone. My mom struggles hard to make each other touch the two nipples. She loves showing and I like seeing her two nipples side by side too. All this is very easy for my aunt Donna, because her tits are much larger than my mom’s and her nipples are longer in a way and so is her tongue. In fact, by her tongue, she can easily reach her nipples and pull them into her mouth and also suck them. And with my dirty talk, for her own tits and nipples, I made my mom so horny that she almost screamed out of sheer incestuous lust.

You two just watch my big knockers while I’m trying hard to suck and lick my nipples all the time. You mother fucking whores, you’re never tired of watching me lick my own tits! Now, you filthy Lisa, tell me and your aunt what you want us to do with our tits, pussy and ass, you dirty mother fucking slut!

These are the words my mom came up with and I don’t want to miss this opportunity to tell them what I want. Infect, I’ve been thinking about a list of all the scenes in my mind, I wanted to see and act in them, and now it’s my dream come true. And winking and smiling at my mom and lustfully looking at her awesome, big melon-sized tits, I started to describe all the fucking nasty scenes they’ve got to indulge in and make me sperm at least ten times.

My slut mommy and her whore sister shiver with lust as they put their beloved tit hungry daughter on a great show. All the things I wanted to watch them act for me, I thought. I’m looking forward to their huge fucking boobs and I’m so lucky I’m going to watch two great big tit whores, using their tits for my complete satisfaction in every way possible.

“So, my dear big boob nasty fucking women! Now you’re at my command! You’ve got to do what I’m going to say and ask two of you to do. First of all, you two stand side by side right in front of me, just one foot away, with your legs wide open, so I can watch your pink and juicy pussies, while you both start playing with your big knockers, squeezing them, pulling their nipples and pinching them. “Oh mommy bitch and aunt Donna, your lovely big tits drive me crazy! Now you’re going to suck your nipples on your own. You’re going to hold your nipples between your lips and teeth and suck them deep into your mouth. I want you both to fuck your big tits while I fuck my pussy and a dildo fucks my asshole. Aunt donna also got very hot by watching me and my mom do nasty things and talking.

Mommy spoke first, “OOOhhh… you filthy slutty lisa! You’ve become a whore nowadays. But we love you lovers, the filthier things you do the more we like. You know your aunt, the big boob bitch Donna loves tit games a lot. Do something that would make her happy as she’s our guest. I love playing so many games with her that would make you so hot and horny that you’re going to think about sucking and sweating.

It’s now certain that both my mom and aunt will do great things for me and I’m going to be very active participating in this nasty and filthy game. My mom is a real whore, I’m convinced that if I asked her, she’d do the most nastiest things. Now I’ve decided what to do and I’ve been asking these two filthy big tit whores. I love playing a few piss games in this sequence too, and if they allow me, I’m going to make them drink my pee and I’m going to ask them to piss on my big boobs so I can lick and suck my pee wet tits and nipples. It’s very hot and it makes me horny to watch a big boob woman pissing right in front of me, standing above me so I can watch her twitch as she pisses. Once, when she finished peeing, I licked my mom’s pussy. She never allowed me to play piss games afterwards, but at that time I was only 15. I would surely force her to ask and beg me for piss games now that I am mature and understand her better. Mommy and her big boob whore sister Donna are all set to start the big boob games now. Now she stands with her fleshy thighs wide open on her sister’s side and her pink pussy all wet with the juices woozing out. Waving at me, she shook her middle finger in her juicy pussy and scooped up with her finger a bit of sticky juice and brought her juice-coated finger to her left tit and painted the rubbery pink nipple with her pussy’s juicy gum. The nipple now shines like a pink diamond, and she bent her head down and moved it slowly in the left nipple’s direction. I can guess what she’s going to do. She’s going to lick her own nipple covered with her own pussy juices, and she loves to suck her own nipples in this way.

Aunt Donna looked at what my mom was doing and got a little hot and stood by her side with her huge udders of melon size thrusting her chest. She is now my big boob mommy’s competitor and I love seeing my aunt Donna dominate my mom. Mommy is now trying to reach her tongue-coated left nipple juice, and she’s going to coud it again. My bitch mommy touched her left nipple with her tongue and she lifted it up and pulled the whole tit to her mouth by holding her giant left boob between her hands. Nearly the nipple touches her lips. Now she pursued the nipple with her pink lips and started sucking deep into her mouth the long and erect nipple. Oh… MY MOMMY SWEET! She is HER OWN NIPPLE SUCKING NOW! Now she’s all sucked into her mouth the rubbery pink nipple and feeds her mouth with her own tit nipple. “What a way to suck your own boobs! Mommy I wish those huge knockers are full of milk. I want to watch you suck hot milk from your own boobs!!! Oh my god! My pussy is on fire now. SUCK MOMMY! SUCK YOUR PINK NIPPLE DEEPER INTO YOUR SEXY MOUTH. OHHHHHH… YAH! SUCK THAT PINK NIPPLE. MOVE YOUR FAT AND LONG TONGUE ON THE REST OF THE NIPPPLE TOO. Aunt Donna was unable to resist her urge to do the same for her own nipples. She squeezed into one massive flesh her huge oversized boobs and rubbed each other’s boobs. She moved the left boob, holding it over the right boob with her left hand, and mashed them. She caught the boobs by their nipples and pulled out the nipples as far as they came and pushed the nipples back into her gigantic lust cones. She put her palms around each of her big tit and pressed the enormous tits inward with maximum force and unable to withstand such great pressure, the poor udders bounced upward towards her chin and some of her titflesh even looked out of her fingertips and then bent her head towards the base of her left tit and starting from the gigantic base of the tit, she began to lick and move her to the base of her left tit She’s doing so expertly that I ran to her right away and caught her giant boob with my own hands and asked her to keep leaking! “Oh… big fucking Aunty! Your big melon-sized boobs beat my mommy’s big boobs. That’s awesome. Go slow, do it as if you loved my boobs! Oh my fucking ass! Move that tongue into the boob too! I know you’d drill a hole into your boob flesh and lick it from the inside. Oh my god! I’m getting mad with that filthy lick you’re doing to your knocker! The boob flesh bubbles out like a big baloon, and some of the extra tit flesh bubbles out of the gaps between my fingers. Her nipples sticked out like two little flesh buds! These nipples had a diameter of at least half an inch. She had the biggest nipples I’ve ever seen in my life, and all over my clit I couldn’t help visualizing her rubbing her precious titty tips. I wanted to make her nipples as hard as she ever felt. I wanted to pull them and imagine the milk coming out of them. While my mom works so hard to make her nipple as erect as possible by flicking it up and down to the right and left. And after sucking it for a while, she pulls it into her own mouth and pulls it out again and shoots the huge tit flesh into her mouth as much as possible. She moved a little closer to us with me and aunty doing a nasty tit out here without leaving her tit in the mouth and pursuing her nipple between her sexy pink lips. WoW! At best, this is my mom, moving around with her nipple caught between her sexy lips and her mammoth boob hanging freely in the air from her mouth. My god, my god! I never thought that in such an obscene way my mom could baheve. I like it anyway. I like what her tits and nipples ever do. Aunty now moves her tongue around her big baloon-sized left jug and she doesn’t leave one inch of her big titflesh. She paints her boob with her tongue, and her white knocker glows like a beautiful big fun bag. Often here and there she bites her tiflesh. She picks up some of her mammoth titflesh between her teeth and pulls it up and asks me to squeeze the flesh between her mouth and the rest of her head. Looking at my mom and aunty playing like this, my hands shake with lust, so whorishly I can’t even watch such scenes in porn movies. I’m looking at what they’re doing without even closing my eye for a second, so I don’t miss my life’s golden moments. I loved her own way of making love. She petts her tit like a baby’s a mother. With all the strength I possess, I’m squeezing her huge boob into a massive cone of rubbery flesh meat. Her tit is now a lust toy for me. I bent my head slightly and began to move my tongue to the edges of her gigantic boob flesh. NOW TWO TONGUES, HER LONG PINK TONGUE AND MINE, NOT SO LONG, ARE ROAMING AROUND HER BIG MELON SIZED TIT. And these nipples— definitely a half inch in diameter, they pointed a full inch or more pertently! Those glorious nipples and her three-inch wide areolae were a delicate rose color, covered from her excitement with very small goosebumps. My heart was running, and my mouth was watering. IT LOOKED LIKE THEY ARE WINKING FOR MY TENDER CARE AND THOROUGH FUCK AND SUCK. I held her left nipple between my fingers and pulled her out and pinched her as she licked her big boob. She’s really enjoining what I’m doing to her nipple and tit. She started the real game right now. Slowly she began to lick the base of her tit and traced to the nipple the tip of her tongue, licking her head along a line that joins her nipple to the base of her tit. And while her tongue touches her nipple’s pointed tip, I also moved my tongue to the pointed nipple and at the same time licked her tongue and nipple. Our languages danced like two snakes on her titnub trying to kiss each other.


I feel so hot that I caught her huge boob flesh between my hands and lifted her up as much as possible like a bottle before my aunt. Now the tit nipple looks straight up to the roof and I looked into Aunt Donna’s lust-filled eyes and I was able to read her eyes. She’s ready to play with me the nastiest tit games. Now the nipple is nearly half an inch, swollen with perverted lust. It looked like a small, rigid cock out of her conical tit flesh’s tip. Her huge tit, like a baloon ready to burst, vibrates up and down. I looked with hungry eyes at the thick pink nipple and large areola. I opened my mouth and licked my own pink lips with the tip of my sexy pink tongue, I took it out and started lapping the aunty’s gigantic boob flesh which is now almost between our mouths. I started to lash at her big tit like I’ve been hungry for years together for her tits. Last summer, when she visited our home, I just remembered how my mom and auht Donna played with their tits. I’m going to repeat what my mom ever did to her tits to aunty’s tits.

The whole of her huge left boob stands up between aunt Donna’s and my mouths like a small hill. She’s been licking and lapping her own tit flesh for nearly half an hour, and one side of the whole tit is her juicy saliva all wet. I put my tongue on the titflesh on my side and started to lick like I licked a huge icecream cone inch by inch and often bit her soft titflesh and sometimes even picked her titflesh between my teeth and pulled it out and pushed it back into the titflesh itself. Aunt also does the same thing on her side on the title flesh. It’s like an enormous heap of flesh licked, bitten and sucked by two long tongues. Her tongue often touches mine, and sometimes we even licked her huge melon-sized tit at the same spot. I wasn’t able to hold myself, and I often kissed her boob flesh here and there as if it was lusty. For me, licking and sucking her big fucking tits together with herself is my long cherished dream.

“Oh aunt Donna! Your big fucking boob is so smooth and rubbery, and if you allow me, I’m going to bite it and suck parts of it. Oh my dear fucking mother whore, shove your tits in my mouth, I’m going to eat it baby! I love fucking your whole boob with my tongue. Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Now, after looking at what we are doing, it came running to us. At this title, she was so slutty and horny. She held her giant boobs and pushed them togther and gave us a wet kiss from pure incestual lust to each of her giant tits! You two are real whores now! Yes lick that big fucking tit! Yesss… bite that filthy slut’s big boob Lisa! and don’t even leave a single inch! I feel like rubbing my big pussy all over that huge cone and fucking it with my rasped pink cunt! Move your fat fucking tongue all over that rubbery flesh. Oh yah! Our long tonugues are now licking the melon-sized tit, both starting at the bottom of the tit and moving slowly up to the top of the tit and meeting our tongues at her titnub. My god, my god! I haven’t seen any porn movie of this kind of filthy scene. I held her head firmly and aunt donna digs her tongue into her own awesome boobflesh every time I try to push it up. When both of our tongues duel on the titnipple, she winks naughtily at me. I moaned lustfully in her mouth as I kissed her nipple.

“Oooooohhh… big titfucking slut! Your huge fucking boob makes me mad for your tits. I want to lick and suck this god damn tit for days togther. Oh momma! Your big titster is hungry for your mouth on her mammoth-sized tits and you’re playing with your tits and nipples?! Come mommy! COME AND HELP US OUT IN MAKING THIS MORE FILTHY. SHE NEEDS YOUR TOO THE TITS! She wants to show us what with her tits and nipples she could ever do, and that’s really whorish! My whore mother is now fucking her own mouth by shooting her wide open mouth as muvh titflesh as possible and pushing her tit deeper until she gags, then she seemed to be licking her nipple from the inside of her mouth. I could see the lust for her own tits in her eyes. She holds the whole tit with her hands as if holding a bottle and pushing the whole tit into her mouth, but the tit is so huge, only a quarter of her flesh could go inside and the remaining part of the big cone is left out of the side that she squeezes hard and sometimes the nails of her fingers leave crude marks on the soft and rubbery tit. My god, my god! In her pervetrtd titlicking job she forgot us and I called her out a little louder and she wasn’t paying attention. It seems she loves the entire herslf scene.

I can’t handle aunty here and she gets wilder and wilder. Now she kisses her own nipple by pursuing her enlarged nipple with her sexy pink lips and sucking it into her mouth deeply. She even pulls it out of her titflesh, and after giving the nipple a deep suck, she takes the nipple out to show me the brilliant nipple, and now it’s my turn to lick the nipple. I, too, pursued the nipple between my wet lips and moved it towards her mouth, holding it as a mother feeds her baby pets between them. Aunt Donna loves this new scene. She moved her face a little closer to her head and now she’s stretching her tongue to the long, erect nipple I’m holding now.

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