Big Bob’s Surprise for Meghan

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The next morning, at nine, Meghan arrived at work promptly and was assigned a desk and a list of tasks and duties. She had been preening herself for more than an hour and wore one of her slightest bras and panties that she hoped she would be called upon to serve Big Bob or one of his men during the day. Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be. In fact, there were no flirting or quick fondles to be had — just work, boring work, and not really enough work to fill her day.

The whole week went by with her just answering the phone, filing, typing uncomplicated letters and doing all the other inconsistent office chores that were totally mind numbing. Every time Big Bob or one of the boys came through the office, she immediately felt her pussy twitching and starting to wet, but she was never called to the office for what she wanted and so badly needed.

She had gone down to the car dealership twice during the week when Tim began working as the new accounting manager to have lunch with him. He also felt underused and underpaid, but they felt grateful in the day’s economic climate for finding jobs that allowed them to get their feet under themselves. Of course, the job of Meghan was based on something other than her office skills, or so she was told.

On both occasions, she had met Tim’s boss, the dealership owner, Mr. Smithers, who in his late fifties was a man who looked a little older than he was. He was a big man who had a rather big pot belly at the beginning. She didn’t like the way he saw her. From her feet up and over her body, he appreciated her as if in indecent postures he was undressing her and imagining her. On one occasion, while pressing his body against her in a not so innocent way, he even kissed her on the cheek. It gave her some of the creeps, but it also turned her on a bit in her sexually heightened state.

Big Bob called her to his office on Friday just before lunch and handed her a bag.

“Go to the Rainbow Motel. I’ve got a room where I’m going to keep this key,” he said as he handed the key to her.

“Take a nice warm bath, put it on and help yourself at the bar and be ready by one thirty for some company.” He walked to her and kissed her deeply and let his hands roam over her lush body.

Meghan virtually flew out of the office, hit the Piggly Wiggly for a quick stop to pick up some items and then sped into the motel. She had three strong vodkas on the rocks by one thirty, had taken a very hot bath with orange blossom oil scented water that made her skin pink and put on the very scanty pink baby doll lingerie that Big Bob had given her in the bag along with high heeled fuck me sandals that were in the bag as well.

She heard a key in the door and quickly stood in the middle of the room so that when he entered, Big Bob could appreciate her. She was throbbing her pussy and felt her juices slipping out of her cunt.

It wasn’t Big Bob who stood there when the door opened, but Mr. Smithers, the dealership’s boss of her husband. He closed the door behind him while the luscious young woman never took his eyes off.

“I think there was a mistake,” said Meghan as his shirt started to unbutton the man.

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“Young lady is no mistake,” he replied on his face with a lustful leer. “Bob convinced me to give your worthless husband a job that I had no reason to fill and the determining factor was that he convinced me that I was going to enjoy fucking your sweet body whenever I was hankering to do so. I want to fuck you right now.” Never take his eyes off her as she stood like a deer in the headlights that he quickly threw his shirt and undershirt on her chair. He was only wearing boxers and his socks, moving towards the beauty of twenty-two years.

He was a large man standing at least four feet with wide shoulders and a barrel chest covered with a gray hair pelt. His belly hung from his abdomen a bit, but she only looked at it for an instant, as the stalk hung beneath it came to life and was as big or as big as Big Bob’s or his bodyguards. Meghan started to wonder what the men she met in Asterville were all having very nice cocks. She had heard that as a lineman at Virginia Tech he had played college football and had even spent a few years in the NFL. He was a very powerful man who had just one thing in his mind at the moment-to take her.

“Do not do this, please, Mr. Smithers,” she begged as he walked up to her.

“My name is Rick,” he said, leaning down with his open mouth and kissing her soft lips. Being in a hypersexual state, before returning her kisses, she hesitated for only a moment.

He let his hands roam over her lush, warm soft body, taking a moment to pull off her sheer brassiere’s top and free her big tits to spill. His hands were not at all gentle, and as he roamed over her silky skin, she felt like she was being mauled. He bent his head down and took in his mouth one of her hard nipples and started to chew on it, not to nurse on it. Her excitement made the intense pain enjoyable and she moaned and ran her fingers through his thinning hair as she encouraged him to press closer to her tit.

“You’re just like I’ve heard a hot bitch,” the man said as he pushed her roughly to the queen-sized bed and then pulled her sparse panties down her limp legs and off her tiny feet.

He dropped his boxers and took off his socks before joining the literally squirming young woman on the bed. Her toes were curled and she took in her hands her big tits and squeezed them and pinched her own nipples. He spent over a minute watching her write and fidget next to her.

“Please,” she said, seeing him apparently with her desperate need.

“Please what?” he asked as he let his right hand fingers begin to trace her warm inner thigh slowly up and down, coming just inches from her wet cunt before going back down. Her ass wiggled into the mattress, pulling her thighs apart and moaning further.

“You’re a married woman who’s married to my accounting manager, I’m not sure it would be okay,” he said, taunting her before leaning in and smelling her fragrant hair and then sticking his hot wet tongue into her ear.

“The hell with my husband,” she said in a breathless whisper, “Oh, please fuck me.” “I need to be fucked, God I need it so badly. I need your big hard cock in me,” she moaned and whimpered as she let her hands travel to her pussy down her smooth body and started masturbating.

“Every man in this city wants to fuck you girl and, if I don’t miss my guess, I’m most likely going to fuck you,” he said. “You’re going to get all the fucking you need in this sweetheart town.” His cock was swollen to full nine inches thick and twitched like a caged lion mad to tear a tethered lamb apart. He took one of her hands and put it on his rigid shaft, groaning as she started caressing him. He leaned down and bit her right tit and started chewing on the velvety, tender flesh. Her body smelled delicious, and she wanted to be devastated and consumed.

He sat up and took the two pillows and put them in the bed center and then picked up Meghan as if she were a rag doll and put her belly down on the bed with her hips pushing up in the air. He spread her thighs wide behind her and then worked his face between her legs and started to feast on her super wet and hot leaking pussy licking her tender cuntal lips and sucking in her mouth her sweet slick juices. The woman shouted with pleasure and passion, wiggling her ass into her face to encourage his efforts as she dug her fingers into the mattress. He used his index finger to penetrate her anus and she cried again with pleasure as he sank it deep into her ass and fucked her as his tongue burrowed into her vagina drawing more female syrup. He felt her cunt start spasming and she screamed as her first orgasm battered her body as her ass cheeks clasped her face tightly, her pussy tried to milk her tongue and her ass tightened on her embedded finger.

He got up on his knees and with his knees spreading his thighs further apart and his ass cheeks with his hands he slid his cock hard and deep into her still twitching hot dripping cunt. He didn’t wait for her to adjust to him, but started to ram and thrust as deeply and hardly as he could into her helpless body sexually energized by her pain and passion screams and the movements of her soft, silky body under him.

Mr. Smithers had tremendous endurance and for more than fifteen minutes fucked her doggy style. He was also a highly skilled lover and varied his stroke cadence, depth, and angles of penetration while rubbing her soft ass and occasionally reaching under her, fondling her hanging tits and pinching her nipples. Every time he did this Meghan would have another intensity-building orgasm on each other.

Under her tummy, he pulled the pillows out and rolled her onto her back. The legs of Meghan spread wide for him as he rammed his cock deep into her throbbing cunt and started hanging her mercilessly. He leaned down as he fucked her and bit her nipples first, then rubbed into her soft tender throat and kissed her wet open lips.

Incredibly the older man held out for another ten minutes before arching his back and roaring as he got his release and his hot sperm started spraying into the clasping battered cunt of her young woman. Meghan’s orgasms had become almost continuous, but she had a final one when he began to cum in her that was equal to whatever she had in the past.

His load was released, he wasn’t finished with her and pulling himself out of her cunt he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her down the bed and fed into her mouth his now semi-limp cock.

“Lick me clean the bitch and suck my erection back so I can fuck you a little more,” he said in her short brown hair with his fingers still laced tightly. “We’re not done yet with a distant piece.” Meghan licked their juices off his cock and balls over the next few minutes. She had just put her already hardening cock in her mouth and started sucking at him when she heard the door opening to the motel room. She was trying to pull away and see who came in, but Mr. Smithers had her face pressed firmly against his groin.

“Hey Gabe,” said Mr. Smithers. “She’s all Big Bob promised and more. Get undressed and take a sample of this hot bitch.” Meghan whispered and shook with fear and excitement as she kept sucking on Mr. Smithers ‘ now very hard cock and listening to the other man’s undressing sounds.

“You think Tim thinks we’re going to fuck his wife while working at the dealership,” Gabe said with a chuckle.

“He doesn’t know it, but the only reason limped dicked asshole has a job is so we can fuck his bitch,” Mr. Smithers answered in her mouth all the while feeding his cock.

Mr. Smithers pushed her back and forth on the bed where she lay limply with her legs divided and her swollen pussy leaking her juices and the sperm she took from Tim’s boss.

“Meet Gabe, Meghan. He’s our sales manager and I suspect that Alan our service manager will be here in a couple of minutes as both of those boys have some big loads that they want you to milk from them with that wonderful pussy of yours. Or maybe they’ll take advantage of that tight asshole or sweet mouth. We’ll just have to see, won’t we?” He was not with the other Asterville men she had met and fucked in the same league cock wise, but he had plenty to give a good humping to a girl.

She heard the door open again as she sucked him and started caressing his balls.

“Yo Alan, for the party you’re just in time,” she heard Mr. Smithers say. She was hit by the reality of what was going on and what was about to happen and a massive orgasm suddenly racked through her body causing her to moan and arch her back.

“She’s hot and wild and better than any whore you’ll ever find in Richmond, Alan,” he said as he slipped his long hard cock back into her slippery wet cunt and started fucking her as she kept sucking on the sales manager.

Suddenly she was sure it would be a very long and glorious afternoon.

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End of Big Bob’s Surprise for Meghan

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