Incest Erotica: Big Brother

Incest Erotica: Big Brother
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Incest Erotica: Big Brother .. This is a true story about my brother Bill and I, and I apologize to no one about our relationship.

I’m sick and tired of all the hypocrisy surrounding incest in the media. I hate to get up on my high horse about it and let some of my own personal secrets out of the closet, but I feel I just have to. My brother and I have been having sex together for years and we’ve al-ways enjoyed it and suffered no ill effects. We are from a normal, middle class family and are not degenerate perverts, as so many people believe practitioners of incest must be. Sex with my brother, while kept secret from the rest of the world, including our parents, has given us a lot of happiness and well being. No one is abusing or exploiting each other as in so many other relationships we see around us. We are both very happy and well balanced for the experience. Our first physical contact came when we were both over 18. We were used to seeing each other in various stages of undress since we came from a family where nudity was very casual and accepted. One time when our parents were away for a few hours he met me wrapped in a towel as I came out of the shower and he was heading in to take one. Bill playfully grabbed my towel and pulled it off me, as I brushed past him and I did the same to him in retaliation.

There we were, standing in the hallway by the bathroom, completely naked, completely alone. I think it was then we first realized our tremendous attraction to each other. I know my breathing was coming harder than it ever had in my life when I saw his big cock. That led to a little innocent grabbing and poking as we stood there, and the next thing I knew we were rolling around on the carpet, tickling one another. I was getting hotter and wetter by the minute and since I had already had sex with one of my boyfriends, I knew what this was leading to. Bill’s dick was getting hard, I could feel as it brushed against my thighs, and I could tell he was a little more serious about this than he pretended to be. At one point he finally got me down on my back and pinned me with his knees on my shoulders. He was sitting right on top of my breasts when he put his weight down, and my nipples were hard. I couldn’t help sticking my tongue out and giving his balls a few playful licks so that he’d let me up. He did, like he was scared at first, and I could see his cock was very hard and throbbing and he was probably scared we’d gone too far. I didn’t care.

All I wanted was to wrap my lips around that cock of his and suck it. It just seemed so right, so natural to do this, as opposed to the times I’d been made to suck my boyfriends, which always seemed forced. Those times we’d be parked or at a drive in movie, and when I sucked them I always felt I was servicing them, giving them relief without getting anything for myself. Bill stood up but I grabbed his leg and kept him from getting away. I sat up on the floor and got my arms around his thighs. Then I put my lips on his cock. Instinctively, Bill reached down and held my hair and the back of my head as my free hand caressed his swollen balls. But suddenly Bill pulled away and jerked his cock from my mouth. He said later, “It was all just a joke, right?” But I was determined to take our sex play one step farther.


In the days and weeks to come, I couldn’t get the thought of how sweet his prick had tasted out of my mind, and I masturbated a lot at the thought of his prick inside me. I knew he was doing the same because I could hear the soft moans coming from his bedroom late at night when our parents thought both of us were sound asleep. But because Bill still thought he wasn’t ready and because of our busy schedules, I was forced to resort to the role of aggressor, which I had never enjoyed before. I would dress in my scantiest, tightest outfits whenever Bill was around, and I gave up dating temporarily to maintain that fine edge of horniness that turned me on. I was continually rubbing against him whenever we passed in the hallway reminding him without words of what was in store for him if he’d only give in.

Finally one Saturday morning I got him alone and came on strong. His cock was very erect beneath his under-shorts, and within minutes I was straddling him, my pussy encircling and devouring every thick inch of his hard, throbbing cock till he exploded his sperm in-side me. Since then, we’ve averaged having wild sex together as often as two or three times a day whenever we’re together. Sex has become an important part of our relationship, and Bill enjoys it just as much as I do. I’m somewhat of a semen freak, and Bill has an abundant, seemingly never ending supply, so we’re always doing things like letting me suck him off and rubbing his come into my tits. Now that I’m living in an apartment on my own, Bill drops over for frequent visits. Recently I experienced the special pleasures of a threesome when he brought one of his dates over. Most of the action was between Shelly, a sweet coed he’d met at school, and me while Bill watched and urged us on. I doubt I ever would have had the special pleasure of tasting a girl’s hot cunt if it weren’t for Bill.

I wish I could teach the guys I go out with to be half as good a lover as Bill has turned out to be. Incest may be wrong where a parent forces a child to participate or where people suffer afterwards from shame, but in our case of incest between my brother Bill and me, things really turned out for the best.


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