Lesbian Erotica: BI Kathy

Lesbian Erotica: BI Kathy
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Lesbian Erotica: BI Kathy ..

This is a story about the first time I had sex with another woman. I was in my first year at Washington State University and I had moved into an off campus dorm to get away from my folks. I have a best friend named Wendy, who was in her third year of collage, her and I share several classes, and we went every where together, games, double dates, just everything. She has always been one of the most popular girls on campus. She is model material. At any rate, the day “it” happened, I was getting ready for a date with Bob, my then boyfriend.

And I was in the hall bathroom taking a bubble bath and was shampooing my hair, and the shampoo felt so smooth and slick, I ran my hands over my shoulders and across my breasts, all the time thinking about Bob, and what we were going to do that night. Thinking of him, and his beautiful stiff cock really turned me on. My hand, as if with a will of it’s own, slid down my tummy, and in between my legs, and I couldn’t help it, I begin to finger myself, cause I’m thinking of Bob’s muscley butt as he shoots his wad into me. The next thing I know, Wendy opens the bathroom door and walks in, quickly shutting the door behind her. She smiles at me and says “You know I could hear you from out in the hall, when ever you are playing with yourself you make funny little noises. I really wish you would let me do you sometime, you would enjoy it I promise.” My hand was still hovering above my pussy, with my finger in an exotic place when Wendy made your astounding offer.

I’d always liked her, she’s very beautiful, but I never thought of any situation like that. Wendy crossed the room to me and taking my hand, gently pulled me up from the bath tub, and placed a towel on the edge of the tub and sat me down on the edge. I was in such a daze, thinking, here’s this great looking girl, and she wants to do strange things to me. I didn’t know how to react. And I just thought, well I like you well enough so I guess I’ll just let you do what you want and see what happens. I still remember Wendy stretching me over the tub, and I couldn’t seem to do anything but wait in anticipation, I was thinking, what will she do next.

Then I felt her parting my legs, and I knew what was going to happen, but all I could think of was that this beautiful girl is about to have sex with me. I’m really going to have sex with another girl! Wendy’s tongue found my little knub and I remember that she said I tasted so good, (I had been getting ready for Bob, so I would taste pretty good.) Wendy’s licking and poking inside me with her tongue, her tongue felt sooo good, I couldn’t believe it. Wendy was like a wild woman, licking me and sucking and pushing your face into me, I felt that familiar tightening inside just before an orgasm. Then she stopped for a second and looked into my eyes just for an instant, and whispered, ” Cum baby, cum now.” And just like she gave me an order, I cum, and cum, and cum. My body was bucking out of control, all thought was gone, only Wendy’s mouth was my universe.

Wendy knew when I was done cuming, because I fall back into the tub from exhaustion. There I am laying in the tub, looking up at Wendy not knowing what to say but knowing that I enjoyed what just happened very much. Then she knelt by the tub and finished washing my hair, which I had completely forgotten about, then gently pulled me up from the tub and wrapped my terry robe around me and led me back to my room.


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