Erotic Stories: The Algerian

Erotic Stories: The Algerian
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Erotic Stories: The Algerian ..

It was a winter of the late 80s, I would have been 24/25 years old. As always, when I went to Paris visiting relatives, I cut out a little ‘time to stay alone and with the subway I spent a few hours in the two red light districts that I knew. Pigalle, where there was and still is the famous Moulene Rouge and a very central street of Paris, rue Saint Denis, a street that I had discovered by chance years ago and where the only form of trade practiced was prostitution at every door of the buildings and the sale of hard objects in pornoshops, liveshops and pipshops.

Since I was very attracted to porn, I passed the stores and I went over it several times. In one of these, which inside was semi-deserted, after carefully observing the goods, It struck me that it was located on two floors with signs indicating the rooms to view the videos that could be seen on a monitor, loading the coins of francs into the coin box and typing the code corresponding to the video to be viewed. These were all these places. Intrigued, given that the owner was behind the counter and served customers, I memorized a code and went up. Above it was a long corridor with the wall on either side and 15 of these cabins on the other. I reviewed the same to find the one that inspired me most.

Yes, they were a bit ‘squalid, there was an old cathode tube which came out only the screen almost flush with a wall and a velvet armchair, on the floor carpet and walls strictly … painted an electric blue. Here and there, in the cabins, there is they were stains on the carpet and tissues scattered in the corners of the closet that would have been one meter twenty by one meter twenty, as soon as space to turn around the armchair and sit down. I continued my inspection of the cabins, they were all open, minus one that was ajar. Intrigued, I stopped and looked at the crack in the door. Inside was a dark-haired man with a mustache sitting on the armchair. I coughed to get his attention and in resuming my path I noticed from the corner of my eye that the door was half open a little more. My adrenaline began to rise, my heart was pounding.

I arrived quickly at the end of the corridor and came back. At the height of the cabin before its slowed the pace. I saw the door open about 30-40 cm and took a step I began to glimpse the man. It was exactly as described, could have been about sixty years. Another step and I saw it in full. He was sitting in an armchair with his pants down and the cock in his hand that he saw and dangled looking at me. I crossed his gaze and slowed again, I went ahead without looking back. 3/4 cabins feces later to put me in one of these but I remained in the open door, I lowered the suit and the briefs and arched the back to pronounce the ass back and make buttocks. He did not waste any time and, with a wave of his hand, invited me to join him. I covered myself and joined him in a moment. I looked out of the cabin, with his pants down and sitting on the chair and held his cock at the base and made him dance, I knelt in the middle of his thighs and I grasped it slowly sawing him. I asked him where he was and he told me: “Algeria”.

I approached his cock and opened my mouth to let him inside. I began to suck like an obsession. He had a huge chapel that I could hardly take in his mouth, it was as hard as iron, dark, straight, and my fingers could not touch what was big. I pushed it off trying to chase it down my throat. I felt his mushroom cap occupy my whole mouth. Then he motioned me to sit on it. I took it all down, put a hood on it and put my ass well on it and sat down on it and stuffed it all the way into the balls. It was a stabbing pain, but I gritted my teeth and tried not to make it clear that I was ill. adjusted my rectum to his stake I began to force the rhythm of the blows by feeling his cock that found my way to fuck my colon. Pain, soon gave way to an entrancing pleasure. At one point … he beckoned me to take off that he wanted to cum.

I took it off slowly, and threw myself in the middle of his legs, took off the condom and threw God’s well into my mouth. With one hand I saw it with the whole chapel in my mouth while with the other I massaged the swollen balls. He began to gasp like a beast, trying to hold himself back so as not to make too much noise and began to explode in my mouth with I do not know how much dense cum.

I filled my mouth. Then I took it off, looked into his eyes and opened his mouth to show him that he was full of his seed, closed his mouth and sent everything down, opening his mouth and pulling out his tongue to show him that it was empty. He stood up and pushed me a little lower, putting his fingers in his mouth to suck and starting to cut himself off abruptly and when it was time he took my chin in his hand. I opened my mouth and pulled out my tongue. I still dumped a torrent of hot stock in my mouth that this time was actually lumpy like broken yoghurt. I played again with the cum in my mouth and I also cleaned up the last drop and swallowed everything still.

Like a slut, I made him see again that his mouth was empty, he came up with his mouth and spat into a pile of saliva, telling me in French that I had been a bitch. He pulled up his trousers and left the cabin. I remained on the ground, exhausted, but satisfied like never before. It’s been so many years, I’ve never forgotten …


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