Weekend Pleasure

weekend pleasure
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I was in the Navy and stationed on a destroyer. One day Steve, one of my friends on board invited me to his house for dinner and some drinks instead of going out bar hopping. It wasn’t my idea of a great Friday night but then it would be a cheap night. I was transfixed by Steve’s wife Christina when she greeted me at the door. She had a great pair of legs and pert little breasts, but I noticed right away from the little jiggle that she was braless.

Christina greeted me with a kiss close to the lips instead of the cheek, shook my right hand and placed her left on my bottom. I drew back not knowing what to do, but she smiled, tightened her grip my hand and said, “You must be Alan, and you can call me Tina. We have things to talk about later.”

Soon, Tina took me by the hand and said, “Alan, come with me to the den, while Steve makes us dinner. I have something for you.” When we got there, she unbuttoned her pale blue, blouse exposing her tight little boobs with their erect, dark nipples as she said, “You’re a guest in our house I’m about to give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had.” I was stunned for a moment as she continued, “I’d like to suck your dick as a reward for you coming tonight.” She looked into my eyes as she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants, looking for a sign I’d stop her. Seeing none, she smiled and took my growing cock in her soft little hand.

Before she knelt to the floor, she reached under her little black skirt and wiggled out of her panties. She looked back into my eyes as she sucked on the head of my already stiff cock and swirled her tongue back and forth. “Oh, yes, just how I like them. Not huge, but hard and pink.” Tina moaned just a little and then started bobbing her head down and up on me. She stopped a moment and looked up. I could see she was now fingering herself with her right hand as she stroked my cock with her left.

“Fuck my mouth. Call me your cocksucker.” She held my hard-on, glistening with her saliva, against her cheek as she said it. I replied, “C’mon, cocksucker, finish the job.” Tina sucked me in again and pumped her head down and up fast for a while, then slow. When I was about to shoot a little precum she pinched the end of my dick to stop it but kept sucking me. She kept going until I told her not to worry because I wouldn’t come in her mouth. “Yes, you will,” she said, “but not yet.” She licked her way up my shaft, then smiled and sucked me in once more. She moaned as I started rocking and swaying my hips to use every part of her mouth and then gave out a gurgle as she came from working her pussy with her hand.

Next, I felt both her hands on my ass as she pulled me deep into her and sooner than I wanted I started gushing my load into her. She moved to the tip and sucked in almost every drop and moved her right hand to my balls and cupped and stroked them to draw out more. The pleasure bordered on pain as I spurted the last little bit. I had to sit down in a chair to collect myself as Tina pulled her blouse back together. “Mmmm, lover, believe it or not, that was better for me than for you.

“Now. We’re going out and eat the dinner he has made, and I’ll give him a nice, big, goodnight kiss, and send him on his way.” “But… but,, what happen if Steve smells cock and cum on your breath?” I asked. “He may or may not notice. And if he did, it doesn’t matter. He is totally pussy whipped and does as say. He has been bring others home now for three months for me. He doesn’t even get my pussy other than to orally please me or clean me out after the other had left. I told him to bring you home tonight for me and once I was sure of you, he was to go and leave us alone. You’re going to get my pussy tonight and then will be the first to fuck my ass.”

As we walked into the kitchen, Tina kissed him and asked if dinner was ready so we could eat before we moved on to the main event. Tina and I sat down, and Steve served us the dinner he had prepared. Tina got up took my hand turned to Steve and said, “Okay, Limp Dick, clean up the kitchen wash the dishes and then leave! Don’t come back until two Sunday afternoon. Alan will be needing a ride then”

As soon as he was done in the kitchen, Steve left, and Tina told me she would be right back as she wanted to get into more comfortable clothes. She had me make drinks for us and I did so and then sat on the sofa waiting for her to return. She came out of her room and all she had on was a long T-shirt that clung to her like skin. She sat next to me and the hem of the shirt rode up her thigh and she tucked her legs under her bottom and we began to talk. As we talked, I got very hot and Tina got up and went to turn on the AC unit. As she did, the hem of the shirt stayed up around her bottom and the lower part of her ass cheeks were exposed to view.

As she turned back to me, she caught me looking and gave a laugh and asked me, “Did you see something you like?” I had to admit I was caught, and she stood there, and she didn’t bother to tug the shirt down. She just allowed me to look at the view from the front, as the shirt had also exposed her pubic mound. Tina had a full, lush bush of long silky hair.

Tina then pulled the T-shirt over her head and said, “Let’s go to bed.”

When we entered the bedroom, she turned and faced me. Her skin had a fine sheen of sweat on it and a drop of sweat rolled down her left breast to the nipple then dropped off to land in her bush.

As she sat on the bed, I felt my cock begin to stir and soon it had the front of my pants tented like a teepee. Tina just reached over and undid my shirt and helped me out of it, then she undid my zipper and belt and helped me get out of my pants and underwear. She reached down and took me by the cock and began stroking me and I was soon as hard as an iron bar and she then leaned down and licked the tip, getting the drop of precum that had seeped out. She began sucking me deep into her throat and still licked as her head moved up and down my shaft. I took her head and pulled her off, and then pushed her back on the bed, so I could get my head between her thighs. When my mouth reached her tuft of hair, I kissed it and pressed my face into it. She smelled wonderfully fresh. Perhaps she had placed perfume between her legs. Perhaps she had powdered or used a feminine deodorant spray. Whatever it was, it was enticing.

I breathed deeply, inhaling her scent and moved down, my tongue finding the seam where her lips began. I moved my arms under her legs, causing them to bend at the knee and wrapped my arms around her, placing my hands on her breasts. With short up and down strokes, my tongue painted a wet spot against the already moist skin. I began alternating the up and down strokes of my tongue with left to right ones, sometime throwing in circular motions. Periodically, I could feel her legs close around me. When I did, I would come up for air and kiss the skin on her belly, looking up at her lovely breasts in my hands.

I would knead her breasts, firmly engulfing her entire breasts in each hand. I slid further down the bed so that my tongue was close enough to her entrance to enter her. I licked the skin between her hole and the puffy mound of her clit. I slid my hands down onto her belly and she responded by arching her back, exposing more of her pussy. My tongue penetrated her. A feeling of accomplishment came over me. I felt tender, I felt secure. I felt as though I was meant to do this. It felt natural and I felt warm and complete.

She repositioned her feet on my back and pressed her pussy into my face. I was licking and twisting my tongue. I would lick up the face of her pussy and find her engorged clit. I loved sucking it into my mouth. She had a large piece of flesh that would lengthen and stretch into my mouth to the point where I could roll my tongue along its length. Most of the time, her hands were above her head, clutching the pillow and bedpost, but now, her hands moved and gently ran through my hair. Her only noises where whimpers.

As her hands stopped moving through my hair, I could see and feel her tummy start to expand in and out with non-rhythmic breathing. Faster and faster her breathing continued as my tongue assaulted her, penetrating and licking around the opening, then back to her clit and that wonderful piece of skin. All the while I was thinking of how good she smelled. Shorter and shorter were the times between the heaving in her tummy. Her hands clenched my hair as the final blast of orgasm overtook her.

She lifted my head and smiled sat me. She released my head and I softly kissed the wet patch of hair and kissed up her belly, across her breasts and up to her face, a face now flush with color, a smiling with contentment; then I began licking my way down her body to her clit and inner lips. Inside her inner lips, the color of a ripe tomato, juicy red and as wet as could be. I licked the juice away and drove my tongue into her hole and she moaned in pleasure and I drove deeper. I let my finger slip in and then another until I had all four in and had her opened wide.

I then moved to mount her. She pulled me into her and I drove in as deep as my cock would go and then pulled back to ram into her again and again and again. The muscles of her cunt gripped me, and it was like I had my cock in an ever-tightening vice. She let loose a bit and I drove into her at a steady pace until I felt like my balls were going to explode. I tried to pull out and Tina wouldn’t let me. She said she could not get pregnant and I could cum into her pussy all I wanted, as she loved to feel hot jizz inside of her. I let it blow and filled her up and she rolled us over and got on top of me. She was like a wild mare in heat and she rode me hard and fast. At one point she raised up so high, I slipped out of her and when she came down, my cock slid into her tight asshole and she just kept on riding me.

Her ass was tighter than her pussy and she moaned and groaned as she rammed my cock up her asshole and when I blew a load in there, she got a big smile on her face. She stretched out on top of me and I rolled her onto her side and slowly fucked her pussy. We lay there with me slowly driving my cock up her and sucking on her breast. Her tits were firm yet soft. My cock finally gave up and went flat on me and Tina rolled away and then knelt next to me and tried to give it mouth to cock resuscitation and when that failed, she stretched out next to me and we fell asleep.

The sun coming in the crack between the drapes woke us and we went to the bathroom and got into a hot shower. We lathered each other, and she sucked me until I came in her mouth, then I licked her clit until she returned the favor and filled my mouth with her juice. We then rinsed off again and dried and got dressed. I watched as Tina put on a pair of real silk stockings and a filmy garter belt and hooked it up and then put on thin black panties and a sheer black bra and then got into a clinging dress the color of a ripe peach. I told her all I needed was a can of whipped cream and she wouldn’t get out of the house that day. She just laughed as she helped me get my clothes on and we went to eat, breakfast. I had the day off, but I had some things to do, so Tina gave me her number and told me to call her later. I said I would. This became a weekly thing with Steve bringing me home every Friday & then leaving us alone for the weekend, returning early Monday Morning to drive me back to the ship.

Once I got my own apartment, Steve would drive Tina over and drop her off every weekend & even during the week. She had him totally pussy whipped. She is busily planning on going on week long vacation with me. She also wants to tie Steve to a chair and have him watch her as she blows and fucks me, but those are stories for later.


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