Valentine’s Day Haunting

Valentine’s Day Haunting
My phone vibrating shook me out of my open-eyed doze. I was in the weekly torture session called a staff meeting where my boss rambled on in monotone while brown nosers spoke up about nothing anyone cared about and tried to glean some attention from the boss. Why didn’t they just creep into his office and blow him, maybe they’d get the promotion they wanted. I had joined the company out of college two years ago and had tried to climb the ladder too, but I wouldn’t stoop to politics and doing it with just hard work was tough. Anyways I was hoping for better things.

Glancing at the phone I saw it was my realtor, Trish. I let it go to voicemail. The meeting went on for another friggin hour. Being as I was only 26 and retirement age was 67 that would mean I’d have to put up with another 40 years of this shit. The thought was too depressing to think about. I really hoped the venture I’d started with my brother would pan out.

My older brother Chris had not gone the college route, instead joining a construction company right out of high school. Evidently he’d done a great job and worked his way up to foreman a few years ago. Now he wanted to try his luck at flipping houses, and he wanted to bring me along for the ride. I had done my share of construction work mainly to earn money for college, but I knew what I was doing and Chris seemed to be happy enough with me to offer me a partnership.

For our first venture he wanted me to find a place in need of repair, dire repair actually given our budget. He had the connections to do the renovation work and I theoretically had the marketing background to move the properties. The idea was to buy it cheap, fix it up with low cost help, and then sell it at a huge profit. That was the idea at least. I’d been looking for an appropriate property in our small city for a couple months with no luck.

Eventually I would get my realtor’s license and cut out the middle man, but for now I had teamed up with Trish to help out and we’d gotten to be friends. Trish was in her mid 30’s, divorced, with a couple kids. If she had the time to date I thought she wouldn’t have too much of a problem finding someone. For her age she kept herself in shape, had a fun personality, and a classy demeanor. I really enjoyed her company. She had shoulder length dark brown hair, warm brown eyes, olive skin, and a pretty face. Her body was toned and she had curves in all the right places. To be honest I wasn’t appraising her very much as I had plenty of women my own age to deal with and I’d broken up with my latest girlfriend a few months ago.

When we first met she was surprised by my age. She said she didn’t know of too many single 26 year olds looking to buy a house. She eyed me over. I’m not a model but I think I look pretty decent. I’m 6’2″ and about 210 pounds, brown hair and eyes, and I love to swim which helps me keep in shape.

After the staff meeting ended I returned her call.

“Hi Trish, it’s Dan, I saw you called earlier.”

“Oh. Hi Dan. I know we haven’t found anything for your price range in the city so I expanded the search into the township and may have something for you.”

“Okay, sounds good. What is it?”

“Well, too be honest it sounds a little crazy, maybe too much of a fixer upper, but I thought I’d run it by you anyways. There is this old house, a mansion really, built in the late 1800s. It needs a lot of work, and I mean a lot. It has some fire damage, no working plumbing or electricity, basically a mess. The reason I bring it up is that it sits on ten acres of land and listen to this, the asking price is in your range.”

I was mulling this over as she spoke. Our budget was not very much.

“Ten acres of land? For that price it would be worth it to just knock the place down and build new.”

“Well there’s a catch. The property is still with the original family’s trust and there’s a stipulation that any buyer must fix up the existing home. So it can’t just be torn down.”

“But why so cheap?”

“I don’t know all the details, but it’s been on the market for five years or so with no takers. So I guess they just want to get rid of it. So any interest?”

“Yeah sure. When can I see it?”

“How about this afternoon?” She asked.

“Well, I’m tied up at work until at least 4:00. And it’s Valentine’s Day, don’t you have a hot date or something.”

“No not me. Just a romantic comedy and some popcorn maybe.” She chuckled, “How about you?”

“Nothing for me either. I tell you what, how about we run out and take a look if it’s not too much trouble and I’ll buy you dinner. It would be nice to have a friend to talk to on Valentine’s Day.”

“You’ve got a date. Give me a call this afternoon and we can go from there.”

The day ran a little longer than I had hoped and I wasn’t ready to go until almost 5pm. I gave Trish a call.

“Hi Trish. Hey sorry it’s later than I thought. Do you want to just do this tomorrow?”

“I already got my sister to keep the kids tonight in case we run late. Instead of me picking you up how about we just meet there, I can give you directions. Plus I found out some more about the house that might either scare you or excite you.”

“Like what?” I wondered.

“It’s a surprise, hopefully an interesting one. Anyways we should be able to get at least a half hour in before it gets dark, and I’ll bring a flashlight just in case.”

I remembered I still had my camping gear in my truck from a trip I’d taken with the guys the past weekend. “Actually I’ve got a flashlight and even a lantern too. Okay I’ll see you there soon.”

She texted me directions. I dropped by a convenience store and picked up a 12-pack of beer and some snacks in case dinner turned out to be late, then I followed her instructions.

The place was way out in the country. As I got closer I realized I was losing my phone signal. Fortunately I was able to follow the directions and ended up on a dirt road leading toward a large building in the distance which must be it.

I saw Trish’s Mercedes already parked by the house when I pulled up. She saw me and got out of her car.

“Hi Dan. I was trying to call you but I don’t have any bars.”

“Me either. This place is way out.”

“Yeah. And pretty creepy too.”

I looked over the house which did indeed look like something out of a scary movie. It was built from stone and looked pretty solid, but there were vines all over it, the shutters hung loosely, and just general disrepair.

“Okay, let me tell you what I found out. You may want to leave after you hear this.” She said with an excited voice. “The place is supposed to be haunted.”

“Uhhh okay. By who?”

“Here’s the story. The house was built in 1871 by William Stuart for his wife and two children. HIs wife died in childbirth with what would have been their third child and William was left to raise his two children James and Catherine by himself. For some reason he never remarried. Anyways when Catherine was eighteen she fell in love with one of the stable hands, a Benjamin Mercer. Her brother found out and didn’t take kindly to the idea. It was rumored that he had more than just brotherly feelings for Catherine. On Valentine’s Night 1886 James caught the two of them in her room and went crazy. He ran them through with a civil war saber just like Phinehas in the Bible. Then went to his own room and hung himself. Their father died of grief soon after. The house was passed to one of William’s brothers but he started seeing and hearing things and had to move out. The house stayed in the family and was occupied a few times, but always the people were driven out by the ghosts. In 1952 one crazed descendant lit a fire in James’ old room trying to destroy his ghost. Fortunately she didn’t burn the house down. It’s been sitting here idle ever since, the most recent owner never lived in the house at all and died 5 years ago. Since then the trust has been trying to sell it. So what do you think?”

“I think some people have active imaginations. I don’t believe in ghosts. What about you?”

She thought for a second, “Not really, but this place does throw off a weird vibe. Can you feel it?”

I tried to open myself up to feel what she meant. There was something in the air, almost like a static electricity.

“Maybe. Anyways the sun is going down while we’re out here jabbering. Can we go in?”

Inside the place was was dusty and old, but not really that bad. I could see that the hardwood floors might be restored, the walls patched, the chandelier shined. The last owner had left many items with the house. There were tables, chairs, a sofa, paintings, etc.

It was hard to see in the dim, failing light so we went out to our cars and grabbed flashlights. I also grabbed a six pack of beer and offered Trish one which she accepted.

Walking through the house I could see myself restoring it. The bones were just fine and there was a lot that could be salvaged. In the living room we came across some portraits. An older couple that must be William and his wife, neither smiling. Then some smaller ones of a young man and woman. These must be James and Catherine. Catherine was a good looking woman with long black hair, large green eyes, a round face, full lips and a generous mouth. James looked similar but his face looked more stern and his eyes were small, dark, and cold. A shiver passed through me thinking of him killing his sister and her lover.

As the last of the sunlight faded the house felt heavy around us.

“Maybe we should go.” Trish said.

“Yeah, I think I’ve seen enough for now.”

Walking toward the door the air suddenly felt electrified and I heard a thunder clap which must have been right above the house.

“We’d better hurry, it sounds like it might storm.” I said.

We went out to our cars and agreed to call each other once we got closer to town so we could meet for dinner. But when I tried the ignition in my truck it wouldn’t turn over. I tried several times. Getting out I went over to Trish’s car which she was trying to start with the same result. I knocked on her window.

“My truck won’t start. Yours too?”

She nodded.

“This is weird. All I can think of is that the lightning must have knocked something out?”

“Maybe.” She didn’t sound confident.

Some drops were starting to fall.

“How about I grab the lantern and some stuff and we go back inside. It’s better than sitting out here in the rain.” I offered.

She agreed and helped me grab the lantern, sleeping bag, blankets, beer, and the few snacks I had. The rain started to pick up as we rushed back into the house.

“Crap! Are we stuck here?” She said.

“I hope not. But I wanted to grab some gear just in case. I’m hoping this storm moves through and then maybe the cars will just work again, or we can figure out what’s going on.” I wasn’t too hopeful of either of those things.

We went back to the living room and I lit the lantern, then spread the sleeping bag out on the floor as a soft base and threw on a couple pillows and blankets. We sat and munched the snacks, talked, and drank beer.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” I toasted.

She laughed and raised her beer, “Not the most romantic date ever but I enjoy the company. Thanks.”

As we continued to talk the air around us seemed to grow more charged and almost palatable. I found myself looking at Trish is a more sexual way than I had before. She was was an attractive woman and I felt drawn to her. I could tell she was drawn to me as well, she was looking into my eyes meaningfully and touching her lips with her tongue more often. After we finished another beer I realized we had moved closer together.

It suddenly seemed like my whole mind was caught up with just looking at her mouth and I wasn’t even listening to her words anymore. Without conscious thought I put my hand on her cheek and we both leaned into each other for a kiss. When our lips met it was like a dam of desire broke inside me. I sucked her lower lip into my mouth as she moaned. Our hands went into each other’s hair, our tongues explored each other’s mouths. My cock grew painfully erect.

After a few minutes we pulled back.

“Whew!” She exclaimed, her face flushed. Then she giggled, “Give me a few drinks and that happens, I guess I’m a cheap date.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I don’t know what happened.”

“It’s okay. I liked it.” She smiled. “Not to kill the mood but after those beers I had better find the little girls room.”

“I think I saw an attached outhouse. Sorry but it’s probably the best option.”

She grabbed a flashlight and some napkins and headed off. I had to take a leak too so I headed to the front porch which was remotely lit by the lamplight. It was very dark outside with the cloud cover and no houses or other lights nearby. I finished my business and stood there for a bit trying to see if I could make out anything in the dark.

I felt the presence of someone else behind me and figured it was Trish, which was confirmed when I felt arms slide around my waist and two soft breasts press against my back. The hands rubbed up and down my chest and stomach and then ventured down to the growing bulge between my legs.

I was getting very turned on again. She unbuckled my jeans and slid a hand into my pants grabbing hold of my stiff cock. I let out a moan as she began to stroke me. My hands reached back to her hips. She gripped my jeans and slid them down to my knees, then I felt strong hands twist my waist toward her.

When I had turned she was already on her knees and I could just make out her dark hair in the barely illuminating lamplight. In a moment I found my cock engulfed in her hot wet mouth, taking it all the way to the base. For a second I was amazed, I’m not gigantic but I knew I was bigger than average and had never been deep throated before. Then the bliss overcame me and I just gave in to the sensations.

As she started to suck me in and out the pleasure was intense and I couldn’t help the groans that escaped my mouth. It was as if she was sucking the energy from my body, every part of me tingled. Her hand was massaging my balls and her fingers pressed into my perineum to gather milk.

It seemed as if my cock was growing even harder with each bob of her head. I was almost beyond rational thought with pleasure as her throat began a swallowing sensation on the head of my dick and I exploded down her throat. The orgasm went on and on, the pleasure flowing through my whole body and then through my cock and into her mouth.

It was becoming too much and I thought I might pass out. I looked down and saw a pair of green sparkling eyes looking back up at me, then my mind went blank.

When I came back I was alone, leaning against the doorframe with my head hunched forward and my pants still around my knees. What had just happened.

I wandered back to the blankets and saw Trish coming into the room from the direction she had gone earlier. As she got closer I could see her clothes were disheveled and she was very flushed.

“Dan can I ask you something strange. Did we just do something a few minutes ago?”

“Ummm, if you mean on the front porch then yes.”

“No, I wasn’t on the front porch. I meant in the back of the house.”

A stab of fear and disorientation went through me.

“I just came back from the porch and wasn’t in the back. What happened?”

She sat down and looked at me with her brown eyes. She looked kind of sexy with her clothes askew and the swell of her breasts was clearly visible.

“I went to pee and after I finished I was looking at some of the pictures on the walls when someone started kissing my neck and touching me. I thought it was you. It felt so good. They kissed me all over, even down there, and I kind of blacked out.”

“Something similar happened to me on the porch. Do you think someone else is here?”

“No. I don’t know what’s going on. I should be more scared but somehow I’m not. Still, can you come sit by me?”

I pulled some blankets around us and we held each other. I was feeling warm and relaxed again when the electricity feeling came back. Trish’s body started feeling more delicious pressed against mine and her hand wandered to my thighs. My hand went under her shirt and palmed one of her soft breasts. We started kissing passionately and I could feel my cock stiffening again.

I felt so horny my mind was swimming. Soon we helped each other out of our clothes and rubbed our bodies together under the covers. I could feel her wet slit under my right hand and her generous breast in the other.

She pushed me onto my back and straddled me, sliding her slick pussy up and down my cock. She lifted herself and pointed my cock upward then lowered her butt onto me. I could feel her pussy stretch to accommodate my cock and she rolled her head back.

“Benjamin!” She cried.

I heard my mouth cry, “Catherine!” in return.

When she had settled onto me she looked down with her now greenish eyes and smiling face, her hands on my chest as she began rocking. My hands massaging her gorgeous breasts.

Once again the pleasure was intense and I was floating just outside my body. Every cell seemed to be tingling and sending bursts of bliss and energy through my cock into Trish. She rocked her hips and moaned with pleasure.

As I floated I started to feel a strange mental connection that I knew wasn’t just my own thoughts. I could feel the presence of Benjamin inside me and the energy passing back and forth through our joined sex I could feel Trish and Catherine as well.

The pleasure and sense of completeness spiraled higher and it was like our minds became one. It was more pure feeling than it was any coherent thought. I could sense Benjamin and Catherine’s love for each other, the goodness of them. I could feel Trish, her true self, her insecurity, her inner beauty. See her as she really was. And I knew she could see all of me too. Suddenly a deep love and protectiveness was kindled inside me and we washed through each other, our souls joining.

The intensity built to the point of absolute rapture and I felt myself erupt like a volcano inside her, pouring out everything I had into her and feeling her pussy milking me for more. The white light folded around me and I drifted into its embrace.

When I came back Trish was laying on my chest and I was still inside her. I could still feel Benjamin’s presence hovering around and in me. Then a feeling of ice cold and malice entered the room.

Looking toward the stairs I saw a horrifying apparition that was obviously James. The ghost had a rope around his neck, a purplish face, bulging eyes, and a swollen tongue hanging from his mouth. In his hand he held a sword and he was coming toward us slowly.

Trish rolled off of me and sat. I heard a voice come from her but the voice wasn’t Trish’s.

“James stop! Benjamin and I love each other!”

James growled and raised the sword.

“James I love you too! I love you as a brother.” Catherine said.

James stopped.

“I forgive you. I love you and forgive you. We love you and forgive you!” Catherine shouted.

She raised her hands and I felt my own hands rising as well. A burst of white light shot from our hands at James.

“Be at peace James, love and peace.”

The white light flashed for a moment very brightly and then was gone, so was James. I no longer felt Benjamin either.

Trish and I looked at each other and wrapped our arms around each other.

“I love you!” She exclaimed, looking almost surprised at herself.

“I love you too.” And I meant it.

She started to say something else but I smothered her mouth with a kiss. I felt my dick stirring again. We crawled under the covers and began to make love slowly.

I kissed her neck and shoulders, rubbing her wet labia lips. Then worked my mouth down her sides and stomach, then down between her legs. I gently kissed and sucked her lips while fingering her, taking my time. Her nectar was flowing freely over my face and hands.

I kissed my way back up then lay to her side and lifted her leg, wrapping my legs around the leg she still had on the blanket and entered her from the side. I could feel my bulging cock stretch her wide again.

“Yessssss!” She hissed.

From this position I was able to rub her swollen clit with my finger and kiss her at the same time I gently moved in and out.

“Be gentle, I’m a little sore.” She said.

We made love like that for awhile. I tended to her clit while pumping rhythmically and alternating between kissing her mouth and breasts.

“I need you to fuck me!” She said.

I rotated on top of her and lifted her calves over my shoulders. In this position I drove deep and began to pound her.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!” She grunted as I hit home on each downstroke.

“Oh Dan I’m going to cum!”

“Me too!”

I thrust a few more times and came deep inside her. The first spurt triggered her as well.

After that we slept. Sometime close to dawn she woke me up and we made love again.

The next morning we were both satisfied and happy. To be able to touch souls the way we had and to totally understand someone was a rare gift we had shared. There were no words to describe what had happened or how deeply we felt. I just knew what I had seen of her soul and that she was a beautiful and good person. And we just knew we loved each other.

Somehow it was no surprise when both our cars started on the first try. We made plans to meet later in the day and figure out the next steps.


Epilogue – One Year Later:

My brother could not understand why I was suddenly so taken with a 34 year old single mother and cautioned me that we were moving too fast. I had no way to explain to him what had happened so we just kept it to ourselves. We purchased the house, restored it, and moved in six months ago. Business has been so good with Trish as a partner that I easily paid my brother back for his share of the house.

Trish and I are engaged and will be married this summer. Trish’s kids are fun to be around and we get along great, and we are talking about adding our own after the wedding.

We feel Catherine and Benjamin’s presence on and off, usually stronger when we have deep loving moments, which is often. And once in awhile during our love making which always adds an extra dimension and let’s us peer into each others souls. We couldn’t be happier.

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