My Mom is My Valentine

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My Mom is My Valentine
I guess I’ve always been a pervert.

Ever since I can remember my sexual imagination has been dominated by my mom and older sister.

My parents raised me in a sexually progressive household – free from stigma or shame. Maybe that’s why I sought it. Both of them publicly identified as bisexual and almost pushed the boundaries between parent and child through their openness. Perhaps that’s why I sought out something as forbidden as a taboo fantasy. Did being told I couldn’t do something make me want it all the more?

Only it wasn’t just words on dirty websites or captions next to a pornographic image. It was a desperate longing for my real relatives that stunted any other romantic development. Effort after effort to put these ideas out of my mind failed, and even my lies about my dating life to my family fell flat, though of course my mom didn’t know the real reason.

“I told you I have a date, Mom!”

“And I’m sure you do, honey,” my mom said condescendingly. “And I imagine you’ll be meeting her at the theater.”

“I’m picking her up.”

“You know I don’t have anything planned for Valentine’s Day. Are you sure you just don’t want to see a movie together?”

“I don’t want to see a movie. Besides, there’s nothing good out.”

I knew adding anything was a mistake.

“Okay, fine, whatever you want, honey.”

If only that were true.

Let’s just say I always saw what my dad saw in my mom. Though I hated to admit it, I had always been a bit of a mama’s boy. Perhaps it’s the way we were raised. My sister Alice was ten years older than me, and my mom doted on me like every youngest child. My dad was gone a lot with work, and I never found myself fitting in with anyone at high school. I almost dropped out entirely before finishing the last semester.

There was something about standing in his shadow that shaped me into a quiet and meek person. Or maybe it was that he never came around enough to teach me the things everyone else seemed to naturally know from their dads. And honestly, I saw clearly what my mom and probably my sister, if she would admit it, saw in our dad, the semi-famous, semi-real rock and roll writer Samuel Clementine. But I never saw why he preferred the road to being around a woman as beautiful and intelligent as my mom.

Rachel Wright (despite two divorces to Samuel, she always kept his original name even as he had himself legally declared Samuel Clementine) literally drew all the boys the yard with her milkshake. She stood just under 6 foot, making me barely her height. No matter what she wore, it was impossible to ignore her breasts.

A natural exhibitionist, Mom had a habit of undressing in front of any open window. To this day, I wonder if she knew how easy it was to see her window from the street. Everything heated up my senior year, almost a year ago, when I ran off a bunch of guys at my high school who were waiting outside her window and hoping to get a peek at her breasts. I couldn’t say I blamed them especially as I lingered a little too long.

I remember that nervous pulse of anxiety, that creeping tingle of anticipation as I crouched hidden and watching her take off her bra, seeing her breasts bounce out for the first time. I remember thinking she was staring right at me, showing off her body just for me. She looked down, almost inspecting her curves, cupping them until one hand moved down out of sight, reaching underneath her red panties to rub her pussy. I started… I just couldn’t help it…

I started stroking myself right here in the yard outside her window shooting my load almost instantly in the bushes.

From then on, there had been a distance between us.

It got worse.

Alice and I had always known that Mom and Dad only used the hot tube naked. Mom insisted that the dyes and detergent in the clothing ruined the filters on the machine. I’m not sure how much of this was bullshit; Mom embodied the stereotypical hippie, free-love, organic nonsense of the generation before her. And the thought of what Dad might have done in that hot tub was enough to question the cleaning capabilities of bleach. Regardless, it was well known that the pool area was clothing optional.

Normal is relative. I knew from the few friends I had made that nothing in my family could be considered standard behavior. My sister Alice and I learned that the simplest way to avoid seeing our parents naked was to schedule our time at the pool. We went through our teenage years avoiding the uncomfortable sight of our parents naked – or worse. And before that day in the bushes outside of our house, we were always talking about sexual things openly. It was no big deal that I knew my mom was naked in the other room.

Until it was. Until I couldn’t get that thought out of my head. Until I “forgot” and came barging into the basement, noticing first that my mother’s bra, panties, and robe were lying discarded next to the hot tub. I expected anger, screaming, or shame. Only she had made it no big deal. Mom moved her body up against the side of the tub, so that I could only see her cleavage pressing tightly against the edge. It was teasing, knowing that my mother was so close.

For me it was so sexual, for her it was just the free love, hippie spirit she had always embodied. I could never made moments like this last long, because while Mom could be naked and talk normally, I knew I was staring at her body. I wondered how much she noticed those longing glances. I still remember stammering through those first few lines of conversation and how stupid I sounded.

“Oh um… hi,” I said, lamely.

“Hi, yourself,” She said, smiling at me.

“I forgot that…”

“That’s okay,” She said, and I could see her top of her breasts, even the tiny trace of her nipples underneath the water. “It’s nothing for either of us to be ashamed of.”

“I’ll just… just come back later…”

“Or you could join me if you like,” She offered.

I remember my head spinning at the thought.

“I’ll just come back later,” I said.

“Okay, have fun, sweetie!”

I laid awake for a few hours that night wondering if she was serious before imagining that she was. I moved my hand to my crotch, remembering how her breast looked bubbling under the warm water, wondering what it would have been like to take off my clothes, to let her have a look at my cock before joining her in the water. And again, with the same sense of shame, I masturbated thinking of my mom’s perfect breasts.

Since then, only once had I managed to catch her in the act again. I watched as just the top part of her ample ass descended into the water for just a single, solitary second from my vantage point of the window outside the pool room. Like an idiot, I then stumbled in again, expecting another invitation. This time the conversation had been curt and nowhere near as suggestive. Ashamed at being so casually dismissed, I resolved not to try my luck any further, and to stop indulging in this fantasy. It was too forbidden, no, too fucked up to continue.
But oh God, my mom can be so disruptive despite my willpower. We spent a lot time with each other, that after I began noticing her, I couldn’t stop. She tended to wear little around your home, as well as it ended up being impossible not to see her. And as I came to be infatuated, my concept of transferring these sensations to one more woman became more and more unrealistic.

At first, I was so curious and also activated. I could not help however stare whenever she used those tight grey yoga trousers around the house, whenever her shirt was simply a little also reduced cut, whenever she came in from the pool. Her red bikini hardly kept her busts from bulging, particularly when she dived or delved into the swimming pool. When she had actually dropped a slide at Schlitterbahn, shedding her top. She had unashamedly rose partially nude out of the water, her tiny pointed nipple areas barely visible versus the remainder of her boobs, as she quickly got the attention of the entire park and also the lifeguard, who took his time retrieving her top.

Also before that, it had been tough to obtain my mommy’s breasts out of my mind. I would certainly sneak peeks whenever I could at her ass when her pants didn’t cover her band. I would certainly go through durations of regret where I had some serious doubts of myself as a person. I suggest who thinks about their mommy by doing this? It was ineffective. It was worthless. And also I was mosting likely to go on …

Yet each time I tried to stop myself every promise and also resolution evaporated the second an erection showed up. As well as I was always sexy, able as well as all set to cum 2 or three times every day. After that two weeks ago I located the literal mommy lots on her computer system when she asked me fix it. She provided me her password to place whatever on the cloud and that’s when I came across everything sexual she had ever before tape-recorded.

I recognized what I was getting involved in from the first images. There were numerous photos of my mommy at 18. Cheesecake stuff. Classy bedroom images of her, hair reconstructed, laying naked with her busts pressed against her bed. Others with her nipple areas concealed beneath intertwined fingers. An additional with a white sheet so gently, so perfectly position right over her butts, revealing just the top of the crack I had currently seen. It was ample to tease me into exploring her computer system even more.

These were more tasteful with her beautiful bubble butt visible as she lay nude on the bed. There were twelve of them and I imagined her having to give the roll to the developer at the store, knowing he would see her bright face smiling as she lay naked, one arm pushing her breasts up, the other covering her vagina. Knowing he would see even more as she spread her pussy for the photographer. These pictures from back in the day, were now scanned and sent to her laptop.

I didn’t even have to snoop to find her dirty secrets. She literally had everything, photos, memoirs, love letters, sex tapes, all saved in the most obvious location, all titled exactly what they were. I tried to resist, but I saved them all. Every single JPEG, MPEG, AVI, GIF, every single pixel, all of them on my computer to browse through whenever I wanted.

Because of these files, I’d seen my mother and father have sex at every angle, in every possible position. While there were countless pictures of her over the past twenty years, my favorites were the most recent ones. There were quite a few men other than my father. In fact, there were a couple photos of my father and mother together with another couple recently, only about six months ago, according to the date stamp. At first, I was amazed that all of this wasn’t on the Internet before realizing it probably was. My mother just didn’t care.

I felt like all the other girls on the internet really couldn’t compete with all the pictures and videos of my mother. Not that I could ever bring up the courage to speak to another person at college. I knew my family noticed I was a little bit of a loner, I had never really had a girlfriend. I guess nothing could compete with my disturbing ideas and the examples I had of my mom doing literally everything.

It didn’t help that anytime I wanted I could check my computer and find out the next video of whomever she was having sex with. She always took pictures. And she did everything. Multiple guys, girl on girl, gang bangs, double penetration. One time I watched four guys jerk off onto her face, my mother smiling up at each load… it was almost as if she wanted to be a porn star. I couldn’t look her in the eyes for a week after that without imagining that soft, milky white skin and blue eyes blinking through the globs of cum all over her body.

I did my best to look at everything, but there was so much to go through. So many pictures of her mouth swallowing big black cock, of Mom taking it up the ass and the pussy at the same time. Even some kinkier stuff, like her tied up to a Saint Andrew’s Cross and spanked with a flogger until she screamed out a safe word. The things she had done upstaged every porn star I could find. One in particular stood out, where a man drove her to a glory hole, and then filmed as she sucked off three guys in a row, shamelessly walking back to the car covered in strange semen.

Mom tried a dozen or more artist hobbies and was always working on a new project. She got really into painting and had been focused on the natural aesthetic beauty of the human body, as she put it. She had been telling me to avoid our west wing as she often hosted nude models. Though she was relatively open about her sexuality, I knew from the videos that she was also having sex with most of them. Her current model was named Teddy. I heard her scream his name enough times, a young college student with a big black cock that couldn’t help but make me feel insecure about my own. I’ve seen pictures of them at every angle. My mom was somehow able to deep-throat every inch.

She also had her way with girls, usually with a strap-on that fit inside of her. Her current fling looked a lot like my sister Alice: dark hair, small breasts, a tight little bubble butt, maybe in her late twenties. She would use her in every position, but mostly doggystyle, pulling on the black pigtails as she made the girl call her Mommy and beg to cum. She would say the nastiest things before finally giving in. Then the two would kiss and cuddle together for a few minutes before turning the camera off.

Alice had so much of a different look than Mom. My sister took after dad with dark hair and a very slender figure. She was ten years older than I, and there were times I would snoop and see things. Our relationship was not one of rivalry; I revered her. To me, she embodied sexuality and adulthood. I remember when I was younger finding her bras around the house, and the mystery of realizing the body they belonged to. Something about her burned into my brain and burrowed around; it turned me into a drooling dolt. The same kind of kid that pulls pigtails to show a girl he likes her.

Since she didn’t see me as a sexual being for so long, she never built up those boundaries. Either that, or she was deliberately teasing me. There were countless memories of her titillating me accidently: walking around the house wearing just a towel as she got ready for a date, leaning over in front of me so that I could see down her shirt, bending in tight yoga pants so that I could just make out the part between her butt cheeks. It was as if my sister’s very silhouette embodied sex.

Once, when she came home from graduate school, I watched her strip down naked to swim in our pool. I still don’t know if she saw me, but she certainly made a showing of herself. It was the first time I saw a girl naked; her tits were small, perky, barely swaying as she moved around the pool, unconscious or uncaring if anyone saw her. I remember noticing how large her nipples were, puffy and pink, taking up most of her breasts. I tried so hard to see her vagina, failing to see much more than a little strip of hair, wondering if I could have gotten closer than the window I watched from.

Seeing my mom with a girl like Alice only got me fantasizing about my family more. I’d go weeks trying to avoid it, but my stash of photos on my computer always called to me. And all the while, she knew nothing about what I was doing. The filthiest, kinkiest, most taboo porn was available at my fingertips, and no matter how long I would resist the temptation, I always broke down and looked. Every time I masturbated I always felt like I had violated my mother and taken advantage of her trust and lack of basic computer skills. I could’ve deleted them anytime; instead, I obsessed over them.

So for Valentine’s Day, I made a resolution. I was going to move on and focus on making myself a better person. Given my dad’s reputation as a writer there was no need to worry about money. I could get serious at school, move out as soon as I found a place, and get my mother out of my head.

But doing that was harder than I thought.

Sad as it seemed to say out loud, my mom was my closest friend.

Rachel Wright was in most ways a warm woman. A little sassy, a little too indulgent with my dad, smart, forgiving and supportive, always there for my sister Alice and I. Some of this I knew could be credited to my dad. He allowed Rachel to be who she was, a free spirit who never needed to worry about money or security.

And with my dad gone too, Mom became the person who always dropped everything to spend time with me. She could simply stay home and work on whatever cause or project she wanted to. I think it’s something that my sister could never really appreciate about dad. Samuel Clementine was Samuel Clementine, and being his kid came with its challenges. It didn’t help that Alice went first, when dad was still trying to make it as a writer. He spent more time with me and even spent time with Mom as a weird, quasi-couple. Theirs was a relationship that never faded. They both wandered, and they both needed to be free to explore other people and other places. I think I got to see what Alice wasn’t around for: the reconciliation between my mom and dad. Even if was periodic, even if it depended entirely on dad’s schedule, my mom always loved him.

My sister Alice held periodic grudges against him. I didn’t see how she could stay mad at him for being perpetually absent, when she would spend months away from me and Mom. She was fighting with Dad again over her boyfriend Perry.

It didn’t go unnoticed that the only women I’d ever seen naked were both my immediate relatives. Or that my fascination with them, and only them, distanced me from normal sexual relationships. So over the past year or so, I’d begun teasing her about the taboo, dragging her down to my level. Fighting with her, teasing her about the daddy/daughter dates she had once enjoyed, made me seem normal. Instead of being the pervert who only had sexual feelings towards the woman in his own family, I liked to imagine she secretly held the same longing, forbidden lust, as unbelievable as that seemed.

I attempted to create some distance with my family. With Alice, it was easy. She was too wrapped up in her relationship with her boyfriend. But I couldn’t ignore my mom. Try as I might to avoid her, it seemed like she sensed something was wrong, which made me more self-conscious, more isolated. She kept opening herself up to a conversation, kept forcing the issue, wanting more for me than just our relationship.

Which is why I lied to her about a date on Valentine’s Day. I could just imagine myself watching her around the house all day, using her innocuous teasing as some sick, romantic imitation. So I tried to at least get out of the house.

I was buying my ticket to see Deadpool alone when I saw mom walking up towards the line. I rushed towards her, trying not to have this conversation in front of the entire city of San Antonio. She was wearing tight jeans and a red halter top that showed most of her breasts. She honestly looked half her age in that outfit.

“What are you doing here, mom?” I said through clenched teeth.

“I just sort of followed you,” Mom said. “Oh honey, you’re such a bad liar. I didn’t want you to see another movie alone.”

“You really shouldn’t have followed me.”

“Aw…I’m sorry, sweetie,” She said a patronizingly, as she gave me a hug. “And you really shouldn’t lie to your mother…”

I couldn’t help but notice her tits as they brushed against my chest. It didn’t help that my mom was always overly affectionate. She often kissed my cheek or grabbed my hand during scary movies.

“Come on, Mom…” I hated how whiny I sounded. “It’s embarrassing.”

Just then my phone buzzed in my pocket. I saw that it was my sister calling. Even when masturbating, which occurred more frequently that I liked to admit, I always answered for her.

“Hey, it’s not really a good time. Mom and I-” I said.

“I need you to come over,” Alice said, out of breath.

“Like, right now?”

I felt something in me stir like a guy with a long-standing crush finally seeing his moment of opportunity. Not that I seriously entertained the idea of anything between us, but maybe my sister would at least come home for a few days, maybe her and Mom would spend some time together in the hot tub…

“Before five… that’s when Perry said he’d be home.”

“Perry, huh? On Valentine’s Day?” I asked.

“Look, I just don’t want a fucking scene right now? Okay?”

“It’s finally over then?”

Mom’s whole faced perked up at this.

“It’s over?” She mouthed.

I nodded.

“Poor thing, what a horrible day for him to do it…”

I put my finger to my lips and started again.

“You know I have a date…”

Much as I wanted to run off as her knight in shining armor, my more immediate crush was clinging to my every word. Mom had already been caught me. I didn’t need Alice also knowing I had nothing better to do on V-Day.

“With your right hand?”

“Look, why don’t you call Dad. He’s in town.”

“He’s in town?”

“He didn’t tell you?”

I didn’t really have time to mince words.

“You know he’s sorry,” I said. “He won’t say it, but he’ll find some stupid, elaborate way to show it. He always does…” Then I thought of the zinger, the snotty remark that would bring her down to my level. “Besides, I know watching him beat the fuck out of Perry would get you all hot and bothered.”

“Shut up!” She said. And for a second, I let myself believe that my sister protested a little too much.

I ended the call and put the phone back into my pocket.

“I hope she does call Samuel. No girl should be alone on Valentine’s Day,” Mom said softly.

“What about you then?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m hardly a girl anymore…”

“You’re pretty enough,” I couldn’t catch myself.

“Aww! You’re too sweet,” she said, completely unphased as I was mortified and turning beet red.

She kept going.

“Honey don’t get too caught up in not having a date… Valentine’s Day is no big deal. I don’t have a date either.”

“It’s not really Dad’s thing, huh?”

“Sometimes he can overdo it… But you know that your dad and I don’t have that kind of relationship anymore,” She said matter-of-factly. “We’re strictly friends with benefits and he knows it.”


“What- it’s no big deal!” Mom said. “Though there was a bit of a fight last year…”

I really had never seen her with anybody long term other than dad. Outside of her lovers, Mom didn’t have many friends in town. Maybe it was because of her reputation. Maybe because we had money. Maybe it was because she ended up having sex with most of her female friends. Who knows?

“So why aren’t you going out?” I said. “It’s not like you have any trouble getting a date…”

“On Valentine’s Day? I’m the girl you fuck Tuesday night, not the one you take out on V day.”


She shrugged and tilted back her head like she did whenever she said something inappropriate.

“Why don’t you take me out then? We can have a date just like your Dad and Alice used to do.”


Was this too much, too close to something I had fantasized about for months?

“Trust me, at my age you are doing me the favor.”

“Come on, Mom. You always look hot.”

Oh God, was that too far?

“Really?” Her voice jumped up an octave. “Thanks, sweetie. How many moms even get to spend much time with their twenty-year-old son?”

“I’m nineteen…”

“I know that! But you’ll be twenty soon enough. And Alice is already nearly thirty…”

“Yeah, tell that to Alice and see what kind of reaction you get.”

“Well, make me feel good. Take me to whatever movie you’re seeing and buy me popcorn!”

“It’s Deadpool…”

“Of course,” She said. “Actually, I have no idea what that is…”

“He’s a superhero, I mean sort of. He has this mutant power in the X-Men universe where he’s kind of like the villain at times, depending on what you’re reading-”

“I’m interested.”

She grabbed my arm, hooking it right above the elbow as we made our way up to the counter.

“Wait, the Ryan Reynolds movie?” She said. “Why didn’t you say that? God, he’s fine. If I could get a hour with him in the studio…”

“Mom…” I groaned.

“Or if someone could fappening him,” She continued, not noticing my discomfort. “I mean, I know I wasn’t supposed to look at that girl from the Hunger Games. Maybe I could trade a few of my photos to make it up to her…”

“More than a few…” I blurted out.

Oh my god, how could I.

“I see…” My Mom said slowly, before deliberately becoming more playful. “Has someone been snooping around Mommy’s computer?”

I collected myself, trying not to let my voice strain. My deepest, darkest secret was out in the open. With any other mom, this would have been the end. But with Rachel Wright…

“Well… you remember when you asked me to fix your computer…” I started. “They weren’t exactly hidden…”

She didn’t even blush.

“Oh my, that must have been so traumatic for you. I’m so sorry, sweetie!”

“It wasn’t that bad…”

“You weren’t scarred for life?”

“I think I’m a little old for that…” I said, then cautiously. “Besides, some of the pictures…”

“Some of the pictures, what?” She probed.

“They were interesting,” I tried to play it off.

Mom never fell for things like that.

“Interesting how?”

“You looked good, is all.”

I wanted to crawl into the cracks into the sidewalk.

“Aw honey, that made – no the day isn’t good enough. That made my month!”

“I mean you are my mom…”

“Of course, honey,” She gave me a squeeze, her arms around my side. “It’s my fault for being such a techno-tard, but I’d be a little flattered if you lingered a little longer than you should have…”

“I do have some control.”

She winked at me.

I bought her a ticket, and for a second felt like a man taking out an older yet hotter woman and not just like a boy going to see a movie with his mother. We purchased some refreshments and found our seats.

And then came some awkward moments.

The sex scenes between Ryan Reynolds and his girlfriend were certainly shocking as they told each other to have a happy holiday as the fucked through the entire calendar year. What was worse was that my mom actually belly laughed at most of the sex jokes, especially during the scene when Deadpool was being pegged by the biggest strap-on I’ve seen.

I don’t know what was more awkward, knowing my mother understood these sexual experiences or knowing exactly why she understood each reference. I knew from her photo collection she had used toys on several men and women, including my dad. Our hands brushed together more than a few times as we shared the popcorn. And as the sex unfolded in front of us, it was hard, at times literally, to remain focused on the movie. I knew I was at least approaching a chubby, and there were definitely times that I thought mom was checking out more than the popcorn, but I ignored it as another adolescent fantasy.

Then she put up the armrest.

And snuggled against me.

She didn’t quite fit at first against my arm, but I made the adjustment over her shoulder. My hand rested perilously close to her breasts, which seemed to almost spill out of that red top. With less than an inch of movement, I could have been touching the boobs that had dominated my sexual identity for the past few months.

In just a second, I could reach out and make this dream a reality.

In just a single second, I could blow up my entire fucking life.

So I kept my hand steady, not reaching out, desperately trying not to feel up my own mother as the movie reached its climax. My arm was stiff and sore, but I didn’t dare move it. I was so close, closer than I had ever been before, and that the display of affection came from my mom didn’t matter. It was a human connection.

And then she moved closer to me.

I could feel her!

Not much, just the side of her left breast. But it was more than I had ever experienced, more than I had ever dared dream. I was touching my mother’s boobs. Boobs my friends had admired for their size, their shape, and for the rest of blonde bombshell that possessed them.

I didn’t dare move. I didn’t breathe. I didn’t dare do anything that might alert my mom to what she was doing unconsciously. I kept completely still, fixating on the film as my cock strained at the fabric of my jeans. And then as she stood up to leave, I asked her to stay, to watch the credits and see if there was a hidden scene. To stretch out this bizarre, kinky, freaky, fucked up and sensual moment together as long as possible. As she adjusted, I tried to will my erection down, managing to move my prick to stand straight up in my boxers, hiding it a little, though it was probably more noticeable than I intended

We left the movie, me suspiciously adjusting myself as I walked, trying to move my hard on to the side. For the first time, I was thankful not to have an enormous cock like my father. Like every guy, I measured. I slid in at just under six inches. Nothing underwhelming, nothing to write home about, and nothing compared to the great philanderer Samuel Clementine.

“I really liked that! I usually get bored during these movies,” Mom said, as we made our ways to separate cars. “The superhero market is so oversaturated. Every couple weeks it’s a new movie, a new Netflix show, and now they aren’t even doing superheroes.”

“What do you mean?”

“I saw part of a show about a man who just fires guns at bad guys who killed his family.”

“The Punisher?”

“Maybe… but I remember thinking he’s not a superhero, just a gun with a guy. Neither is that Gotham show, I haven’t seen it, but what it’s Batman without Batman? Who cares?”

“I really like those shows, Mom.”

“Oh Fuck!” Mom could have a potty mouth and rarely called us out for language unless we were in public. “I forget that you are like, really into those things.”

“I’m not that into them…”

“Honey… like what you like and make no apologies,” It was a saying, an original one copied by my father in print. “Besides I’m in the wrong on this. It’s just too many characters. Too many worlds. I think they lost me when they started tying in different movies with different shows, and then with other movies.”

“But you like this?”

“I love this!” Mom’s voice raised an octave. “I didn’t know anything! And I laughed. If I can laugh, a movie is always worth watching.”

As we needed to part to find our cars, Mom stopped for a brief second.

“Thank you for saving my Valentine’s Day,” She said, kissing me on the cheek.

“Mine too, Mom.”


I didn’t have another thought as I made my way home, racing home against the San Antonio traffic. I ran right into my bedroom, not even bothering to close the door. I turned on my favorite video, my favorite scene.

And was it weird that I wanted to watch a scene with my dad?

Okay, the whole fucking thing was weird. That’s what made it impossible to resist.

My dad started fucking my mom from behind. Someone else was recording, or there was a tripod. I couldn’t tell. But that angle didn’t last long, the next thing I know, my Mom’s voluptuous tits are bouncing back and forth, faster and faster as my dad slid every inch inside of her.

More than the visuals, her voice echoed down to my cock, voicing the desperation in her pussy. It was that kinky dirty talk that seemed to validate my own opinions on the taboo fetish I was cultivating.

“Oh Daddy, please fuck me harder…”

“Does my baby girl need more?”

“Oh God yes, Daddy, please give your daughter more of your cock!”

“Just my cock?”

“Whatever you want, Daddy.”

“I want my baby girl to tell me exactly what she wants.”

“I want to be used, Daddy! I want two more cocks to suck on, Daddy!”

“Why is that?”

“Because… Because I’m such a slut, Daddy. I’m Daddy’s little slut!”

“Can you believe you’re doing this?”

“Yes Daddy, because it’s something I’ve always wanted. I’ve always wanted to be passed around like some sort of toy for you, Daddy. Like just an object for you to fuck.”

“Then get over here…”

The scene changed. Dad knew what he was doing, and he beckoned another two guys forward. Each of them was black, one I recognized as Teddy. Each of them with cocks even bigger than my father’s. My Dad moved his cock in and out, fucking my mother faster and faster as she screamed in pleasure.

“Are you cumming?”

“Can I cum, Daddy?”

“I don’t know if you need to enough…”

“Please, Daddy?”


She started yelping out the words.

“OH PLEASE, DADDY! OH FUCK! Fuck, fuck I need it. Oh God it hurts, I need to cum so bad it really hurts. Please, Daddy, please!”

I could hear the slap of skin against skin as my dad fucked her faster and faster. The men stroked their big, black dicks inches away from her face, nearly touching her cheeks, looking expectantly at my Dad as they kept themselves hard. They were ridiculously ripped, muscled, and toned. I could see the camera zoom in on the off-colored head of one of the cocks as my mom’s wide-eyed face nearly slammed into it.

She almost sucked him, instead the head just sort of slapped her in the face.

“If you want to cum, I need you to have one cock in your hand…”

She grabbed it instantly.

“And one in your mouth…”

It took her a second. The cock slid out of her lips for a second as she adjusted the angle, swallowing every inch. Her breasts bounced up and down, occasionally rubbing against the mattress as Samuel slammed in from behind. I could see a close up of my father’s cock as it entered my mother’s bare, glistening pussy. Now and again it would pop out, only for Dad to guide himself back in, rewarded with a moan muffled by my mother’s mouth full of cock.

I knew exactly what was next. Still I was right on the edge, trying to hold back for the finish.

“Oh God, Daddy, please, please my pussy needs to cum so bad!” she said, holding both cocks still for a second.

She sucked back and forth between the two, her pretty face a mess of spit and strands of salvia. She sucked, even choked on each dick, her whole body used back and forth by the three lovers.

“Cum!” Dad ordered.

She obeyed, her mouth and body shaking as she tried to keep sucking. Dad stopped fucking her and held himself still, giving her a chance to recover. His strong hand held her steady through the throes of orgasm.

“Oh god, I can’t hold it any longer,” the other man said.

“Me first,” Teddy said. “I’ve been posing for months, now it’s my turn. On your knees, bitch!”

The angle changed, a close-up on Teddy’s big black dick as it shot straight into my mother’s mouth. But she didn’t swallow, letting the cum collect in her mouth, dripping down around the edges. The other man needed a few seconds to stroke himself and then surprised everyone with his orgasm, shooting into my mom’s blonde hair before redirecting himself down. Splashes, drops, and streams of semen all ran down my mother’s face, some of it congealing as the two men mixed their seed together.

If my dad seemed deterred by the act, he didn’t let it show.

“Swallow!” He ordered.

She took an audible gulp.

“Show me!” He said.

She did. The camera changed again, and my dad was forcing her down into doggie style. He started by moving his dick completely in and out of my mom, and from that angle it was hard to know if he was using her pussy or ass. He moved faster and faster, disappearing inside of her complete until he pulled out and shot rope after rope onto my mother’s ass.

“Are you enjoying the show?”

I jumped up, shoving my dick back into my pants, failing miserably at providing any reasonable explanation for anything else I might have been doing. Mom stood in my doorway. From the video, I heard my father’s voice.

“You love being covered in cum, don’t you, honey?” Samuel Clementine’s voice interjected from on-screen.

“He’s right you know,” Mom said. “I do love a good cum shot. It’s like whipped cream on the top of a sundae. Validation for a job well done.”

She beamed from my doorstop. It wasn’t the reaction I anticipated, instead of being pissed or awkward, she seemed bemused. She had her arms crossed over her chest, almost like she disapproved, but her face was as bright and vibrant as earlier in the evening. I tried to cover up, but I was completely naked, and seconds away from cumming on my own chest.

“Mom…uh… I just… I just…”

I think sometimes we all find ourselves in positions where the only rational thing to do is lie, and that the really unfortunate find themselves in these positions where every lie we spout out becomes completely irrational the instant it leaves our mouths.

“I just found these… I found these…”

“You found these videos of your Mom and Dad fucking when you were setting up my computer, and you kept them.”

She spoke matter-of-factly, as though I’d done nothing worse than borrow a book without permission.

“Well I…”

“Found more and more of my sexcapades, tried to control these urges, then found yourself overcome by my raw…” And now she said the last word as a lisp, an inside joke for us from Tina Fey in 30 Rock. “Sessssuality…”

“Mom! Please!”

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. There should be a book called Everybody Masturbates.”

“Not helping…”

I had managed to halfway cover myself with my hands and one pant leg. My mom looked curiously at me then laughed.

“Oh sweetie, I think we just threw modesty out of the window. I mean you have seen me naked…”

“More than that…” I said.

“Of course, who gets naked and just hangs out? Weirdos! Those hippie nudists who work in a colony and get pubes in their homemade wine.”

“Yeah…” I said.

“It’s okay you know,” Mom soothed.

“I’m so, so, so sorry, Mom. I know these were private, and I, and I-”

“Honestly I’d be more worried if you didn’t find them interesting…”

“What?” I said.

“Oh come on….” Mom said. “I know all your friends think I’m pretty-”

I waited, not sure what to say.

“And I’ll admit, I’ve gotten a certain thrill out of it. I mean, it’s not like I just happened to pick that one nightgown to wear, the one that can’t quite keep in my nipples, to wear when I “checked” in on you and your friends. But teasing virgin teenage boys isn’t quite as flattering anymore…”

“Oh…” I said feeling dejected.

“Oh sweetie, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you hadn’t had sex, that’s okay,” Mom cooed. “I meant other teenage boys. I’m… I’m REALLY into this!”

She gestured at the computer screen.

“Really?” I said.

“Sure, jerk off to me as much as you want.”

“But… but why? It’s so wrong!”

She took a long breath.

“I think because it’s wrong. I mean, who cares? Besides, I’ve always gotten attention from men, and…. Well you know women. So keep going”

I nodded.

I was suddenly aware that I hadn’t been doing much of a job covering my hard on. My pink head was poking out of my hand, and I started absently rubbing myself as my mom talked to me. In the background, her video was still going on; she was using her index finger to wipe cum from her cheeks and then sucking it, swallowing every drop of cum off her face. I sort of just rubbed my hard prick, not gripping it, but still deriving pleasure from the sensation. Even as my mother stood there talking, looking right at me, I was too excited to stop. I didn’t know if she could tell what I was doing; I didn’t care.

“I guess I’m so used to most people thinking I’m pretty that I take it for granted. I know I sound like a stupid spoiled bitch. I mean, everyone needs to feel attractive, and while that’s something we can do for ourselves, having other admiring people certainly helps. There was something special at first about attracting a much younger man, someone who couldn’t control himself, a person just so desperate that it was obvious.”

“And me?”

“You aren’t supposed to think of me like that. Not as a sexual being at least, which is weird, because it’s how you and Alice came into existence. But you do. The fact that you had to violate that taboo, well… it turned me on a little. So I watched longer than you realized. I enjoyed it because it was wrong, and because you’re pretty easy on the eyes.”

The film had stopped and another started, but I was looking at her now, at the breasts nearly popping out of the white spaghetti top she had changed into. I looked down at her gray yoga pants, almost as if i could see through the fabric with x-ray vision, imagining her pussy underneath. I couldn’t help it, now I was openly stroking myself as we talked.


“There’s a lot more of Samuel in you.”

“Speaking of, I have to ask, what is the deal with you two?”

Another scene started, the action had kept going as we talked. On my computer, my Dad was adjusting my mom’s body so that he could fit his dick inside her ass. Teddy already had his cock stuffed inside of her.

On the screen my mom let out a scream of pleasure and pain.

In front of me she gave the video a glance and then kept talking as though nothing untoward was happening. As if her son wasn’t masturbating in front of her while he watched her doubled teamed by his Dad and the college student she was fucking on the side.

She sighed.

“It’s always complicated… always in some sort of flux. That video’s pretty old, but we did have sex yesterday, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Jesus, are you back together again?”

She shrugged.

“And I guess you know…” She said. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made you so uncomfortable with my openness. I never worried about these things before, certainly not with Alice. I’d hate for you to feel taken advantage of in any way.”

“It’s okay, Mom.”

And here she is, apologizing to me as I tried not to cum. She bent over, her curves of her breasts showing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Despite their size, they didn’t sag or drop, and I could see all the way down her shirt, staring at the tops of her nipples as she bent over to get a closer look at my penis, half hidden in my hand.

“Look, it’s perfectly natural to share an attraction, even between relatives, so long as the actions don’t go too far. Do you want me to stay?”

I nodded.

I spread my legs open, violently stroking myself, getting closer and closer. “Awww,” she cooed. “So the kitty is out of the bag.”

I had to stop stroking myself. I needed to cum so bad. My balls and the head of my dick were aching with excitement.

“No, don’t stop, honey, Mommy wants to see you cum…”

“Really…” I said, almost out of breath.

God I was so close, and yet I didn’t want it to end. My chest went up and down; my mom looking down approvingly as I worked the skin up and down my shaft.

“Here, let me help…”

She bent down, her body tantalizing, her curves silhouetted in her outfit, barely concealing anything as she gripped my cock right below the head.

“It’s so big, baby…” She said, almost examining it.

“Oh God…” I said.

She started moving her hand up and down, keeping her grasp with an almost expert precision. Each stroke was almost uniform; she worked me with an almost methodical hand, clearly having some experience in jerking off. All the while talking to me, reveling in my most secretive fantasies.

“Do you like this, sweetie?” She said.

“Oh, God…”

“I’ll take that as a yes…”

I let out a moan.

“That’s it, Mother knows best. She’s going to take care of it.”

“Thank you,” I whimpered. “I’m so close…”

“I want to watch you, Scott,” She said. “I want to see you shoot your cum all over your chest. God this is so hot! I want to see it. Cum for me, baby, cum all over your…”

I let out a loud gasp as my head expelled the first jet of semen, hitting near my throat with the strength of the shot.

“Oh my just like your Daddy,” She cooed.

She kept milking me as she talked, the next three streams a little less powerful than the first, and yet still enough to decorate my chest, my stomach, and my navel with semen. There was something so primal about it, about not even trying to catch any of my ejaculate, about spending myself right there so plainly and openly in front of Mom. She stared at me with wide, doe eyes as she alternated between making eye contact and looking lovingly at my penis. Her hand kept moving, squeezing out the last few drops as they spurted out into my pubic hair.

“Did you like that, baby?” She asked. “Now that it’s done, are you still okay?”

I nodded.

“I want you to know that I loved it!” She said. “Maybe that’s a bit too much…”

I couldn’t believe how suddenly our roles were reversed: maybe it was the brief refractory period I needed, but a certain sense of shame overwhelmed me. A brief feeling of embarrassment, a revulsion at myself for being so desperate made me speak up.

“It is a little weird…”

And I instantly regretted it. How could I accuse my mother of being weird, when I was the one covered in my own cum?

“You’re right,” She laughed. “But why not take advantage of the weirdness? Everything about sex is weird. We all look ridiculous and stupid, and so we don’t talk about it. Let’s you and me talk about it.”

“Really? Like about…”

“Like about everything you want to ask me about everything I did and you saw. You must have questions, and I owe you an explanation for how your father and I are.”

“Well some of this stuff is pretty out there…” I ventured out.

“When you are with someone for twenty years, you end up trying a lot of different things” She said. “I just wonder which ones I’m going to be explaining. So let’s talk.”

“N-n-now?” I stammered, looking down at the cum dripping down my body.

“Oh, that,” she said glancing lovingly at the mess in front of me. She put her finger slowly to her lips as she spoke,

“Pretty impressive, honey,” Mom said. “Get cleaned up, and let’s go to the pool. I think it will be easier for us to talk now that a little of the pressure’s off. ”


I knew all too well how optional she let clothing be at the pool.

She shrugged.

“I’ll show mine if you show me yours.”

“What?” I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Or we can just talk about things. It’s not a big deal sweetie. See you soon.”

And that then she bounced out the door.

What the fuck to make of that? What the fuck to make of my mother? Was she just really cool, like she always was, with everything sexual? Was she coming onto me?

She had to be.

Or at least she had to be okay with some things.

Or maybe she just masturbated me out of mercy, knowing that it was the furthest I’d ever been with a woman. I had told her I was a virgin, and my mother was perhaps the kindest person I’d ever known. Maybe it had been little more than an overly sexualized mom lending a helping hand.

I stopped for a second to admire myself in the mirror. I don’t know why anyone does this. It’s definitely not a self-esteem booster. I mean, yeah, I guess I still had all of my soccer body. That lean, semi-muscular figure that comes from running and running around at midfield. But it had been a year. A fake freshman fifteen had come, souring if not spoiling my image of myself.

I decided to wrap a towel around myself since I still wasn’t sure what was happening. The thought of my mother seeing me wear nothing in the pool, what she might do–my imagination raced, and I had to calm myself down. Everything was out in the open, everything seemed okay, but more than that I had to — needed to try something. I needed something sexual to finally fucking happen in my life.

The implication of only wearing a towel hit me once I saw my mother.

Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and her body was only barely covered in a soft, silk bathrobe. It could have belonged to Samuel Clementine, and yet every piece of fabric belonged intimately to her. Her thighs were barely covered, her breasts bulging out against the split in the robe. She was clearly as naked underneath her robe as I was underneath the simple blue towel.

“You’ve already seen me,” Mom said.

“You know I’m…”

“Naked?” Mom said, laughing. “We’re both naked! It’s okay. Your Dad and I had a long argument about raising you guys nudists anyways.”


“Guess who won?” She asked with a smirk.

God she was beautiful. And again I felt insecure about the time I spent away from running on the field.

“I guess Dad did…”

“For the first nineteen years…”

She undid her silk sash.

And let her long legs step out of the rest.

Every inch of her, a painting, a portrait of flesh, needing to be taken. She looked better than her videos, better than every hot young actress. It was as if every MILF in every porn was suddenly standing right in front of me, her shoulders pulled back to display her more than ample bosom. Her nipples were exactly as I remembered, small compared to the rest of her, and I wondered what size cups they were– certainly at least a D.

Her pussy was completely shaven, at least as far as I could see as she crossed her long thighs against her sex, giving it a kind of shy pose, if nudity could have been called modest. She turned towards the pool, and I could see her apple shaped ass, bronze and bouncing a little as she walked before she touched the water with her foot.

I watched her whole body, especially her ass, shake with anticipation.

“FUCK! It’s cold…” she yelped.

And then the rest of her was gone, diving in first, like she always believed, leaving every inch of doubt and fear behind her. Her whole body became this pink blur in front of me, hidden underneath the water, completely available, complete accessible, while hiding in plain sight. It was almost more than I could take. My penis started to swell again, and horniness finally convinced my brain to let the towel drop to the floor.

And only I was standing there.

Naked in front of my mother.

Not on accident. Not because she had walked in on me in front of the shower, but because I wanted her to see my cock. And if I’m being honest, because already, I wanted much more than that.

“So I wonder how much you take after your father.”

She said it as I stepped into the water, my cock shrinking and shriveling. She was right; the water was freezing, which shouldn’t have been the case for the indoor pool. I shivered.

“What do you mean?”

“Well…” She said. “I wonder how much what we just did took the edge off….”

“It uh… helped…” I said.

“Still embarrassed?”

I guess my silence answered her.

“Look sweetie, it’s not even like we did anything. I just touched it… that’s all. You can’t catch anything, and I certainly can’t get pregnant.”

“You… can’t?”

She smiled.

“Don’t worry about that,” Mom said. “Just think about what you would like to do with the naked woman swimming towards you.”

Listening to her, watching her close the distance until it was undeniable how close she was to me, started my penis stirring again despite the cold. I wasn’t hard again, but I certainly wanted more. And even as she came onto me, I was so unfamiliar, so inexperienced, I couldn’t recognize the tell-tale signs for what they were. As I thought about my mom, experienced beyond whatever I could offer, I became increasingly insecure, and certain I would disappoint her by offering anything more.

“Say what you’re thinking, Scott,” Mom tread water in front of me, her breast buoyant in the cold war. I looked down at her nipples, hard and rigid, clearly visible. I was unable to look away.

” I don’t have that big of a dick…”

I looked away.

But she closed the distance, her right hand stroking my head, her other hand reaching under the water until it rested on my thigh, her fingers barely feeling the start of my behind.

“Honey, you have a wonderful penis,” She said.

“Come on, I’ve seen Dad’s, he’s huge.”

“Yes, well-” she said.

“I’m not sure what I could offer you compared to those other guys,” I muttered.

“Oh, those guys are too big for their own good,” Mom said dismissively, still tantalizing me underneath the water. Maybe it was just imagining it, but I could feel the heat of her vagina against my waist, not quite aligning with my rising cock.

“Too big? Come on, Mom!”

“No, really,” She said. “I can only take Teddy two or three times a week. Trust me, Big C is fun at first, but sometimes I have to push your father off me and take a break, even though I want so much more..”

“It’s not just that…”

“Oh? Is it me?” She said, her hand dropping in between the part in her breasts, clutching her chest.

“No, it’s me… I’m just…” I couldn’t quite say it.

“I think it’s cute that you’re shy.”

“Puppy dog cute?” I said, dismissively.

“Don’t think that puppy dog cute doesn’t mean cute, so long as you don’t pout about it. There’s something sexy about presenting yourself honestly,” Mom moved her lips next to my ear, whispering. “Plus I think it’s sexy how you’re play hard to get… I always feel like I’m fending men off.”

She moved her hand down towards my waist.

“You just feel bad right now because the water is cold. You had no problem showing off for your mother earlier. Let’s see if he wants to play.”

I saw her reach down underneath the water, her long delicate fingers moving slowly toward my penis, giving me every chance to move away. And then she touched me, her whole hand cupping my balls and shaft at its current size. I started to stiffen a little with her expert touch, as she explored every inch of my genitals. Her hands wandered down to play with my balls, to touch the head, and I started to grow in my mother’s hand.

“It’s a beautiful cock, baby.”

And I believed her.

Even though part of me really didn’t want to. Part of me saw what was coming and screamed that it was going too far, becoming too weird, and that once something happened, whatever that was, I wouldn’t be able to take it back.

I was nearly hard now, and I could hear the splash of the water as her touch transitioned into my mother jerking me off underneath the water.

“How did you know I could…” I asked, bewildered.

She smirked condescendingly, as though I was a kid again, asking something stupid like 2 + 2 or where do babies come from?

“You are a lot more like your father down there where it counts,” Mom said. “And trust me, you have nothing to worry about.”

I could barely get out the words. She felt so good! It wasn’t the same as masturbating. I didn’t know what was coming next. And she varied her technique, switching speeds or the angle of her hand.

“He can actually hurt, depending on the day.”

“Depending on what?”

“Oh I don’t know, lots of things…” She paused. “Mostly if someone else has fucked me recently, but I guess if I’m just not as horny or haven’t had much foreplay.”

“So small is okay?”

“Well you ain’t small, kiddo,” She said, putting on her southern accent. Both my dad and mom could slip in and out of their Texas drawl at will or by accident usually when joking or angry.

“I mean, not like dad…”

“Dad is stupid big,” She said. “Beside I like what you’re working with down there.”

She winked at me as her hand slowed down a little, forcing me to speed up to get the same sensation from her touch. I felt like I could cum at any second, but that it would be a waste to do so, right in the pool where my mother wouldn’t really see it.

“I’m glad someone likes it…” I said.

“Did someone not like it?”

“I wouldn’t know,” I admitted, trying to be casual.

But she didn’t miss a beat.

“It’s honestly probably a good thing,” She said.

“A good thing?”

“I didn’t lose my virginity until I was twenty.”


She nodded.

“To a girl, actually,” She said it like that was nothing. “Some things are worth waiting for, and sex is always better with someone special.

And her hand dropped from my desperate cock.

“I want to go further baby, but first, I want to ask you a question, and I mean it nicely– why are you still a virgin?”

I didn’t know what the fuck to say.

“I know how it sounds, but honey I just want to help. I just want to know more about you, and it’s been hard thinking about you drifting further away from me as you get older. So just be honest with me. I’ll help. I promise.”

“I guess I just was never good with girls…”

She closed the distance between us. Her boobs bounced and floated in the water, and I found myself staring, gaping, slack jawed, and dumb as the tips her small nipples were suddenly visible above the water. Then next thing I knew her breasts were pressed close to me, and I could feel her diamond hard, baby pink nipples. I couldn’t bring myself to touch them

“Do you want to try something more?”

“Wouldn’t that be that wrong?”

She seemed to shrug against me, making her breasts all the more noticable.

“Your Dad and I roleplay taboo all the time.

“Really?” I couldn’t believe that they would actually roleplay as me and my sister.

“Sure, sometimes. I’m Alice, sometimes he’s you. You’re both adults now. It’s only wrong if it’s not consensual…unless you buy that argument about the power dynamic. I’ll ask you, do you think I’m too powerful?”

“I want you to be powerful,” I said without thinking.

“”Oh?” Mom said. “God, that is one of our favorite fantasies… I just can’t believe it’s gone this far. The only question is, do you want to lose your virginity to me?”

“Yes…” I whispered, barely audible, barely able to make my mouth form words at such a dream suggestion.

“I know…” she answers.

How couldn’t she tell? My cock was still stiff, even in the frigid water, pressing up awkwardly against my mother’s leg. I felt myself rubbing against her, and some sick, twisted part of me actually moved my cock until it was in between her legs though not close to her sex. She closed her thighs together and squeezed hard. Every second was ecstasy for my poor deprived dick, and I tentatively grabbed around Mom’s waist. I pulled her close, feeling her skin against my skin as I moved faster.

I realized it, like remembering a murky moment from the night before with a hangover.

I was humping my mother’s leg!

And I loved it.

And then she kissed me.

I didn’t know how to react. It was my first real kiss, and I did my best to match my mother’s movements, but I had no basis for comparison and no idea what to do. Not that this mattered to mom. Her tongue probed and swirled around mine, giving me a mature, movie kiss so unlike any other I ever experienced. She guided me through it, leading me into a new world of limitless opportunities for pure ecstasy.


“Are you ready to lose your virginity?”

“I want you so bad, Mom.”

“I know,” she said coyly. placing her finger to pull down on one lip. “Go over to the pool chair and lay down. Mom will be there is a second.”

I didn’t hesitate. And for the first time in my life, I wasn’t worried about how I looked, that I didn’t compare to my dad, that my cock was too small. I just knew that my mother would take care of me and give me my fantasy.

“Close your eyes, baby,” She said, rising out of the water, giving me just a glimpse of those gorgeous breasts.

“And no peeking!”

I waited for what seemed to be an eternity even if it passed in seconds. I heard her footsteps all around me and smelled the scent of the pool’s chlorine. Her presence was so palpable that I felt like I could almost breathe her in.

I gasped.

Pleasure went up and down my body up body as my softening cock moved straight into my mother. A wet warmth spread across the head of my penis. I wondered what was happening at first, and then I felt her wet hair, loose from its ponytail, bouncing up and down off my legs.

She would stop, only to lick the head, my pee hole, down the shaft, down to the balls and even the taint. She stroked me while she did that, almost better than how I touched myself, and I’d had enough practice. My mom moved faster and faster, pushing me past all points of pleasure, making every inch of me twitch and squirm with excitement until I thought I might lose it at any second and accidentally explode before actually exploring everything I actually wanted. I started to go faster and faster, approaching the edge…

And then she stopped.

“Sorry, baby,” Mom said. “Not until Mommy’s ready for you cum.”

Instinctual. Like the kind of connection someone can only have with their family.

She adjusted, me feeling her shake the pool furniture as she adjusted, me thinking every second was it, was finally the moment I had been waiting my entire adolescence for, the end of my virginity and every feeling of shame or inadequacy.

Even if I was going to fuck my mother.

Especially because I was going to fuck my mother.

And as she finally got into position over me, ready to ride her son as if it was the most natural thing in the world, I had a moment where I couldn’t believe it was going to actually happen, not even with my cock standing straight up, as my mom’s pussy lowered closer and closer to my cock.

It took a second. And yet an eternity, one of those special moment that strikes a person straight in the face, staying with them forever only to be over long before anyone understands the significance. I could feel her wet pussy, dripping and ready for her son’s cock, wanting my every inch as I wanted her, slowly opening up to the head of my cock.

And then I was almost all the way inside her, trying to understand exactly what was happening and how fucking amazing sex felt.

“Now you can open your eyes.”

I saw my mom, and yet not just my mom, this blonde bombshell out of one of my more scandalous video games, her arms extended and crossed, her breast dangling down in front of me, making them look even bigger. I couldn’t see anything when I looked down at our connected bodies, except the hair of her pussy, a small thin tuft mixing with my own bush.

“How is it, honey?”

“Oh fuuuck….”

“I’ll take that.”

She moved closer to me, cradling my head as she kissed me again.

I didn’t make her mine; she made me hers.

Her hands grabbed at my chest, mine at hers; our bodies intertwined in this moment of carnal ecstasy and anticipation. Despite the fact that I was moving nearly in and out of her, or rather she was moving me, I couldn’t help but pay more attention to her breasts. I moved my body up into more of a rocking position to suckle on the breasts that had once given me so much nourishment, and in this new strange way, did so again.

She moaned and arched her back then moved in closer, her hand stroking my cheek, her lips pressing against mine, kissing me as she pushed her ass back and forth, using me for her pleasure.

“I love you,” Mom said.

“Oh God, I love you too, Mom!” I said, trying to sound cool and failing.

But I didn’t fucking care.

I’d heard stories about people’s first time. The awkwardness of two people trying to explore their bodies together, not knowing what to do, not knowing if they were appreciated. My mother stopped any sense of doubt. She simply told me what to do, giving me orders or suggestions that seemed to cascade off the walls and rebound into every inch of my id. And soon enough I actually experienced making love, not just sex, not just fucking, but something more, something dirty and filthy, something fucking incredible.

And all because Mom knew what she wanted and told me so.

“That’s it, honey, right there faster!”

“Oooomph, slow down a little, that’s too hard at the angle….”

“Lean back a little more…”

“Oh just let Mommy drive a second, oh that’s it.”

“You feel so good, Scott, oh God your dick is so perfect. It fits just right inside of me.”

I could barely open my mouth. I couldn’t believe that after two children my mother’s pussy was still so tight that it squeezed back against my cock as she fucked me. And yes, she was fucking me, even as I was inside of her, even as I bucked my hips back, grabbing that ample ass to pull her closer and closer to me, to move her faster and faster… it didn’t matter.

I saw my mom in an entirely new light, not just as a mother hen who nurtured me through the worst times in my life, but as a woman completely sexually empowered. She told me exactly what she wanted without hesitation, without delay. She simply expressed herself as though fucking her son was the most natural thing in the world

“Do you like your mother’s pussy?”

I could barely moan.

“You’re all the way inside of me honey…every inch.”

“You’re not a virgin anymore. This is your pussy to use.”

I felt I would cum at any minute, and my cock started to twitch.

“Not yet! You belong to Mommy right now, and you’ll cum when I’m finished.”

“Yes, Mom,” I gasped, trying to delay cumming.

“I’m sooo close, so close, honey,” She said.

I grunted.

“Keep going, keeping going. Yes, just like that fuck… yes… fuck I’m close…. I’m right there! I’m right on the edge. A little more, faster, faster honey…”

And then her whole body shook, and I found myself hanging onto her hips just to stop her from falling off the shoddy furniture. But even as she lost control, even as she gave herself completely over to be pleased by her only son, she still managed to clearly articulate what was happening.

“I’m cumming… Oh god, I’m cumming on my son’s cock for the first time, and it feels… so… fucking good!”

The orgasm seemed to slowly subside, her body convulsing less and less until she bent down and kissed me again; this time deeply, taking in the moment together.


“Yes, baby…”

“That was so hot,” I said.

“I know! For me too!”

“I’m going to cum soon, Mom.”

“Not yet you aren’t.”

God that was hot. I had never seen such a woman so in command in the bedroom. But then again I had never been in a woman’s bed before and technically hadn’t yet, at least not literally.

“Please, Mom… let me cum…”

“No, not until I say so.”

“Mom, please.”

And begging only made it hotter.

“Not until I’ve had another turn.”

“I’m so close, Mom. I can’t hold it back anymore.”

And I couldn’t. As much as I tried, it was my first time. I realized I was reaching the point of no return. My balls ached with anticipation, and then I felt the first tingle at the head of my cock, and my hips gave one final movement before unloading into my mom.

“That’s it, that’s it baby… it’s okay cum inside Mommy’s pussy. Fill my pussy with your cum.”

I couldn’t believe how understanding she was, especially after ordering me not to orgasm. And I realized it was all part of the dirty talk, just her way of spicing up sex. And I wondered how much else I had to look forward to as I explored with a woman who had spent the better part of the last twenty years checking everything off of her sexual bucket list.

“Stay hard for Mom, please baby. Please, Scott, I’m so close.”

Surprisingly, I hadn’t even started deflating. I could feel my warm cum inside of my mother as I did my best to keep fucking her. She moved up and down on me, her cries standing out in the normally silent room.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god! Here it comes, stay hard baby, stay hard just a… just a few more…”

She rocked against me, her face buried in my shoulder as she came. I watched my mom cum because of my cock. And I instantly felt better. Like I could please any woman, like I could talk to anybody, like someone that mattered.

Like Samuel Clementine.

No, not quite. Who knew where my dad was on Valentine’s Day? But I was here, making my mother cum, giving her what she craved, while he gallivanted across the world.

We held each other close, kissing each other on the lips and neck as my cock slowly slid its way out of her, despite my desperation to hold onto this moment forever and keep my mother mine, or more accurately, me hers.

Oh, I was a Momma’s boy alright.

Only I couldn’t give a fuck what anyone else thought about it.

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