Public Sex: Sex at the art gallery

In 1992 Tom, my then boy friend, and I went to San Francisco
on vacation and while there we visited an art museum showing
Escher pictures which we both liked very much.  We got there
and the whole  place  was  practically  empty.   We wondered
around  looking at the paintings  and  then  came to a small
room that was off the main gallery. There was a security man
in the main room, but I think he was almost asleep.  We were
both footsore,  so we sat down on a couch in this small room
and talked for a while, and then Tom started to grow amorous
and kiss me,  and squeeze my  breasts  through  my blouse. I
began to get really excited,  and I fondled his cock through
the pocket of his pants, until it grew hard.

I was so turned on that will I pulled my underwear off and knelt upon
all fours on the particular couch, with my uncovered bottom in the air flow plus
pulled my brief skirt up. Tom opened up their pants and knelt
behind me, and pushed in his cock. We got to do it extremely
quietly, or the safety guy would’ve come together to see exactly what
the particular hell we were performing. I could hear individuals walking around
the main photo gallery too, and somebody only had to walk down our
way to see us doing the action. But that was what made it so

I don’t think we’d ever made love therefore quickly. We thrust plus
thrust, and we both came, not together, yet almost together.
Then I actually quickly got upward from the couch and wiped myself with
my underwear and put them within my purse, then taken my dress
back directly into place, and Tom do up his pants, plus we went
walking around the gallery.

 But all the time  I  could  smell
the sex  we'd just had,  and when we looked in the mirror in
the entrance hall, we both looked rudely healthy.

Well that's my story.

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