In the male changing rooms

In the male changing rooms

I was always embarrassed in the changing rooms of the school, when there was physical education.I blushed to look at the pisellas of my companions, it troubled me.
That’s why I tried to avoid doing gymnastics anyway, so I was camping out the most absurd excuses.
An afternoon with my cousinBut that afternoon my cousin convinced me to follow him to the soccer field, where he met with other friends to play.As soon as I arrived, one of them, looking at me thin and blonde with mockery, turned to my cousin

“Also this little gay plays?

“He laughed and threw a look of complicity to his friend answered”No, he will watch us play, then at the limit we have him clean the locker room”.
I looked down and said nothing, but my heart was in turmoil.The game passed slowly, from the stands I watched those sweaty males who had fun and sometimes they said of all the colors.

After game

After the game on 22 players, only a dozen started towards the changing rooms for the shower, the others would have made it at home.My cousin beckoned me to follow him, inside there was a strong masculine odor.
“Now the little gay will start to lick everyone’s feet, before the shower,” said my cousin’s friend, with whom he had evidently made arrangements.I knelt down and began to clean everyone’s feet with tongue, getting drunk with male smell.
The more they were sweaty, the more I attacked, while they kicked me mercilessly. Later they made me understand that they also wanted something else from me, all ready to give me more.
Afterwards, in fact, I made a blowjob with swallowing at all guy`s there, while holding my head still to swallow me all, hard dicks banged my face with force for hours.

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