The sappy sister-in-law

My wife and I have been married for about 10 years, we are both in our forties.

Is it about a year or so that our sexual understanding has fallen a little due to both the work and the habit? it is not known.

It all began when a colleague of mine began to talk to me about a naturist spa in Gessate, a little jauntily with “the play area” in essence a club for swingers.

For them the idea teased me, but then I let it go.

The following week after the umpteenth discussion with my wife I convinced myself to take a trip to the Club.

I immediately realized that the description given to me by my colleague reflected reality as I found the Club very elegant and clean.

Once in the naturist spa I opted for a little ‘whirlpool to try primarily to relax and second to understand how the surrounding environment worked, and it is there that I saw … Serena.

My first thought was of surprise then I thought of a big resemblance.

I thought: it can not be Serena, my sweet little sister in-law would never frequent these places and I am surprised to think of it in desirable attitudes.

I felt my member come to life and my mind wander.

At the same instant when my mind was pervaded by fantasies about my sister-in-law, I heard a voice, I turned and saw her, it was she I could not believe it!

I told her “Serena but what are you doing here ?! and above all who is he “..

She with her angelic face told me “let me introduce you Luca is my best friend”.

The discovery on my sister-in-law

My sister-in-law looked at me and told me “do not make that face I’m here to relax like you . You know that your brother neglects me, I do not feel more desired “.Then with dangerous eyes he approached me and told me”He does not own me anymore, I need to feel dominated and enjoy. You do not need your brother to know a little ‘as even Lisa (my wife) will be our little secret .. “I noticed them of her wild sensuality and her erotic body, about 1.75 long but long and busty with a dizzy bottom, golden skin, short blond hair and big eyes of an intense blue.I thought about how my brother could have missed such a nice pussy. Once our agreement was ratified, we relaxed and enjoyed the spa and she introduced me to her “friend” Luca.

My sister-in-law and sex

We started talking all three and for the first time she opened up and told me exactly what she felt and thought about sex.

I asked her if Davide (my brother) knew about this side of her, she told me “Ale, I tried but he lost interest in me and in sex only thinks to make a career” and I decided that I did not want to know anything else.

At one point I was surprised to observe her breasts, from the sinuous curves and its full roundness ready to explode like a ripe grape.

I immediately realized that she was staring at me but she did not have an embarrassed or angry look, but rather it was almost ravenous and erotic, and my rod began to pulsate and slowly grow.

She smiled back at me and as if nothing had come into my arms and with her most angelic smile she told me “oh my beautiful little brother, you know I always had a little weakness for you” and began to swing.

I had to admit it, one thing is to fantasize an account and to see your sister-in-law behave like a pig with morbid sexual appetites.

She on the other hand laughed and approached the ear and began to tease, lick it biting him without stopping swaying and in a vicious voice told me: “I feel your penis pushing for me .. you know if you let go you could enter and have me all .. you know I want you .. but what do you want? ”

That said, she put her tongue in my mouth and pushed it all the way down he tasted every corner of mine and sucked my tongue out.

He looked at me and this time with more ethereal expression he told me that she would go on ..

She wavered a little more, I felt her lips brush against me, obviously at that moment my shaft was close to the cement, then with extreme sinuousness she got up, turned and looked at me a little bit of her ass and then out of the tub with her Luca’s dog following and they started towards the PrivĂ©.

I did not think about it for a moment and followed her and started with them on.

Once up he went to the closed room, the one with the bars and once inside she proclaimed: “Luca for now look, I want to devote myself completely to you ..”

At that point I let her lie down on the bed, I wanted to taste all her body and I started right from her dripping breasts, she started to moan and told me “all this life she wanted to fuck me”.

I told her that it was not her but I fucked her and so I plunged back into her breasts … I took her nipples with my lips and started to pull them, then gently I felt my teeth … I savored all her breasts and she began to move, gripped by excitement.

I started to go down to her crotch and I felt its most intimate perfume .. I threw myself and I began to savor every crevice of her crotch until I took her clit swollen with humors and started to pull it … suck it … and in the meantime I looked at my sister in-law she was writhing with pleasure … suddenly she exploded in my mouth and took all her dripping nectar.

Once clean, I took her by the hair and made her kneel in front of me.

Like a good dog and put all my cock in her mouth. She began with extreme dedication to lick it.

She went down to the anus, which she explored very well with tongue and then climbed up the balls to my penis.

I knew I could not last so much the first time and I did not even want it so I put my penis in her mouth up to throat and started pushing until I came and poured all my liquid down to her throat.

At that point, always with my hand in her hair, I cleaned my dick well and she did it with greed.

Luca in the meantime was there watching and touching with great energy.

I sat on the bed, she jumped my arm again and began to swing again, I took her fantastic even and I showed her the movement I wanted, and I came back to take possession of her breasts.

Serena was biting leprosy and I told her

“I want you, you’re fantastic and my brother is a jerk”

She turned on and began to swing faster and faster, arching, her back began to play with my balls.

At one points he took my cock, hard again and she ran it in with extreme dedication and calm.

Increasingly inside she arched deeply to receive it all and then began to ride like never before.

She was a goddess, she jumped, turned and rubbed.

In return I began to pump faster and faster and faster she began to groan at first then literally to scream, I had her crotch dripping with humours that wet my belly.

At one point I turned Serena, she immediately understood and put herself to sheep and as I waited arched her back well and again I went into her sodden groin and with power I started to push.

At that point I broke off and started licking all her beautiful buttocks.

Once inside, I began to move slowly.

I felt my penis tight in a grip, freaked with excitement.

When I realized that it was getting used to, I began to increase the pace while continuing to stimulate her clit until I felt it swollen then I stopped and still inside I told Luca to lie down under her and lick her, when he got under her, I said to Serena to continue the work she was doing with Luca, she did not protest, and so we all began to push.

Always with more enthusiasm.

She started screaming with pleasure then at a certain point she stopped and told us that she wanted us both inside.

How not to please it?

Luca immediately put himself in position and began to penetrate her and within a second he felt Serena come.

I felt all his liquid come out like a waterfall and wet the whole bed .. after that vision I came in too … I broke off to see my liquid come out ..from her beautiful open hole … I took the liquid with my hands and I put them in front of Serena and she started to lick all my seed ..

She lay down and with a smile told me “how nice to be fucked by my brother-in-law”.

I burst out laughing and put my hand in her crotch and felt her excitement rise again.

Serena looked at me and told me: “See you tomorrow”

And having said that she opened her legs and placed herself on my face and I started to lick it, I started from the big lips, I perceived the smell of sex and the mixture of our moods, then the small ones and finally the clitoris.

I started to suck it, nibble it, pull it until I felt it swollen and ready to explode and I felt its jet coming directly into my throat ..

..and I realized that it would not be the last time with Serena.

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