JOHN SLEPT ON THE BOTTOM bunk bed in his parents’ house. He didn’t actually sleep, simply lay there with his eyes broad open, hands behind his head, staring up on top bunk and discussing and over in his mind of the nights he utilized to spend in this space with Greg.
Greg– that big-headed, self-indulgent asshole … maturing with him as a stepbrother was terrible for John, however just since of how frustratingly conflicted John constantly felt about him. On one hand, Greg made him so mad that one time he punched Greg square in the face, however that’s exactly what he deserved for offering John a wedgie so bad he had a red mark on his ass for a week. And on the other hand, Greg had him so horny in some cases that a person time he was available in three seconds– that was obviously when John let his stepbrother use his body for enjoyment. However those were various days, when John was 18 and Greg had been 23. They were younger then, stupider and crazier.
John was 22 now, house again for his father’s birthday weekend, and he was matured. Or at least he believed. But as grown up as he was, with a good task and a great apartment, a girlfriend that was hot as hell and a life any guy would desire, he kept believing, over and over, about the raunchy encounters he ‘d had with his stepbrother, his stepbrother who anytime would be strolling in through the front door to stay for the weekend. The thought aroused him so much he began to get hard, pitching a tent versus his boxer briefs.
He rolled onto his side and put his leg over his cock to obtain it to go down, but it was no use. He had not made love in a few days, which was all it considered his athletic, toned body to need some release.
So, John turned back onto his back. “Fuck it,” he murmured. It was previous midnight. His moms and dads would not hear him if he rubbed one out. He reached under the sheets and ran his turn over the bulge in his underwear. Sensitive to the touch, in no time he was rock-hard and pleading to be without that constricting piece of clothing.
He slipped his hand under his underclothing and pulled out his cock. Thick and throbbing, he knew it would not take long to satisfy this beast and finally be able to sleep.
He closed his eyes and stroked. He attempted to visualize his sweetheart, her gorgeous tits and ass. But a second later he envisioned Greg– 23 and banging his rear.
He paused, embarrassed of himself for still getting turned on by something like this. “Fuck,” he murmured. He took a look around like somebody may be enjoying, like they might know he was getting off to his older stepbrother. “Screw it.” No one would hear him, and no one would ever need to understand exactly what he was actually fantasizing about.
So, he stroked his aching cock some more, teased himself until a drop of precome formed at the head. He moved his other hand in between his legs and attempted to tease his asshole, the method Greg had those several years back. He closed his eyes. He licked his lips and then bit them. He groaned a little, breathed a little faster, began to grind his hips against the mattress while his body began to ask for an orgasm. His finger tip was so achingly near to his ass; he had to touch himself. So he slipped it up versus his hole and toyed with himself. It felt so good precome drizzled down his difficult cock and onto his hand. His nipples grew hard. His skin tingled. “Fuck,” he whispered, eyes still closed. And that was precisely what he desired, to fuck.
Fuck like he hadn’t fucked in years. Fucked like a freak, a freak who wished to get pounded like Greg had pounded him once. He had not gone wild like that given that Greg left for the armed force. However he constantly that itch he could not please, an itch that was becoming more difficult to ignore.
“Yeah,” he groaned a little louder. He kept in mind clearly the method Greg had growled and groaned as he jammed his monstrous manhood inside John’s small, virgin ass. It felt so remarkable– 3 thrusts and John came like a water fountain.
John rubbed his cock faster. He pressed his finger versus his ass, pushing a little within. He spread his legs broader and thought of Greg on top of him, his legs wrapped around Greg’s waist while Greg used his body.
“Fuck, yeah,” John wept, closer and closer to making himself come.
The bedroom door flew open.

JOHN JUMPED UP SO HIGH and quick he knocked his head versus the underside of the top bunk bed. The thud echoed through the room. He relaxeded in bed and held his head. “Boy of a bitch!”
The light switched on. Steps, somebody walked in, heavy and strong. They tossed a large, black knapsack on the flooring, then stood there. It was a male; he put his hands on his hips, leaned on one leg and gazed down at John. “Well, well, well …”.
” Shit!” John tugged up the bedsheets. His cock was still from his boxers, difficult and all set. “Gr-Greg? Is that you?” He peaked his head out from under the bunkbed, and his eyes landed on the tall, rugged statue of a male that was his older stepbrother, Greg.
Greg would be 27 now. He ‘d gotten huge in the ins 2015, big and muscular. His lower arms seemed to be tree trunks. His chest was wide and stretching at his plain blue t-shirt. He had dark scruff over his face, and his jet-black hair was combed untidy to the side. He put his hands on his hips, stood out his waist a little as if he were establishing his cock in the room, and smiled while looking down at his younger stepbrother. “Well, look what we have here. Little John, playing with his dick like always.”.
John grew red in the face fast. He ducked back under the bunk bed and packed his difficult cock into his underclothing. “What the hell are you talking about, Greg? I’m refraining from doing anything!”.
No hellos, no greetings even though they had not seen each other in years. It was as if they still lived with one another, slept right above and below one another, similar to the old days. Greg went straight to teasing his younger stepbrother, and John went directly to shame.
” Oh please,” Greg stated with a laugh. “I can see that look on your face. It looks the same as when I caught you jerking off back in high school.” Greg tossed the duffle bag on the top bunk, and from the method it shook the bed John understood it was heavy. Greg got the bottom of his t-shirt and slipped it off over his head. He threw it on the top bunk. “Jesus, you ‘d believe our parents would get a guest bedroom set up by now so we do not need to share these fucking bunk beds anymore, right?”.
John glanced at Greg’s stomach, tight and taut. Greg didn’t have a six-pack. The bastard had an eight-pack. John cleared his throat and looked away. “Exactly what are you doing here? Mother and father stated you wouldn’t be here till tomorrow.”.
” Exactly what’s the issue, little bro?” Greg slipped off his boots and kicked them towards John’s bunk. “Aren’t you happy to see your old, big brother?”.
John clenched his teeth and rolled his eyes. “Stepbrother,” he murmured. “I was hoping you wouldn’t even appear this weekend.”.
Greg stepped out of his socks and kicked them onto John. “Now exactly what kind of reunion would that be?”.
John tossed the socks off him, capturing a whiff of Greg’s man-feet. “Ew, you fucker!”.
Greg laughed. He wrapped his fingers around his belt and reversed it. He unbuttoned his jeans. He zipped down the fly.
John gulped, conquered by the unexpected arousal and enjoyment to see his older stepbrother undress. “What, what are you doing?”.
Greg bent over and smiled while hanging on his denims. He looked John right in his eyes and winked. “I’m about to shower, brother. Wan na join me?”.
John looked away. He huffed in anger. “You’re still an asshole, undoubtedly.”.
Greg chuckled. “Begin, you can view. I don’t mind, brother. Exactly what do you wan na see? Dick or ass?”.
” Shut the hell up.”.
” Hmm …” Greg turned around, his denims still hardly over his waist. “Ass it is.” He bent forward and slipped all of his clothing down.
John didn’t wish to, but his eyes bolted directly to his stepbrother’s meaty, muscular butt. Unshaved, manly and company, it was round and beautiful. John gawked at it, he bit his lip while he looked. He didn’t keep in mind Greg looking this hot.
Greg stepped out of his jeans and stood up straight. He spread his legs a little and scratched his balls, groaning and saying, “Damn, it feels great to get out of those denims. Remained in ’em all the time.”.
John looked away before Greg could catch him. “You haven’t been back more than five minutes and you’re already showing off your ass?”
Greg turned around. He strutted forward. “Come on now, John. You know me. Would you expect anything else?”
“No,” John sighed. Then he glanced to the side and saw Greg’s naked body standing next to his bunk. He bolted up and leaned on his elbows, unable to take his eyes away from Greg’s prick.
Greg’s manhood was half erect, standing out under a trimmed bush of pubic hair, standing out and above a large sack of Greg’s testicles. All of it resting in between his muscular, hairy thighs. Greg was all man – rugged, alpha man.
“Dude,” John stuttered, licking his lips, get your dick out of my face.
“It’s not really in your face, yet,” Greg said.
“Just get away!”
Greg laughed. “Will you chill out, bro. I’m not even trying to put my cock on you. I’m getting my body wash.” His torso swayed as he dug through his duffle bag on the top bunk. “Relax, John. Geez, this isn’t like you’re in high school.”
John moved away from the edge of the bed. He tried not to stare, but Greg was too fucking sexy, like always.
“Remember those nights, little bro?” Greg asked. “When Mom and Isaac were asleep. I was home from boot camp training, hard and horny…” Greg lowered his voice. “You were ready to get out into the world, and we were both ready to… explore?”
“No,” John lied, eyes glued to Greg’s cock.
Greg laughed. “Yes you do. I bet you miss this dick.” Greg swung his hips left and right and made his cock bounce back and forth.
John tried to look away, but he bit his bottom lip and stared.
“Anyway,” Greg said, “it’s a good thing Mom and Isaac never caught us.”
“He’s your dad, too,” John said fast, something he often repeated back in high school. “You can call him, Dad. Not Isaac.”
Greg took his body wash. He leaned over to look at John in the face. “Come on now, little bro. After everything you let me do to you, there’s no way I’m calling them our parents. That’s just sick.” He winked and then walked to the bathroom.
John watched him walk away. Greg strutted with a confident swagger, and his ass swayed left and right. It was damn near hypnotic.
The shower water started to run, and then John heard Greg get inside.
John lay back and took a deep breath. He tried not to get angry. He tried to block Greg out of his mind, but now that bastard was back in the same room with him.
“Fuck,” John muttered. “He’s such an asshole.” And yet, John’s cock remained hard while he thought about Greg, naked and showering no more than twenty feet away. He sighed. He punched the mattress. “I have to pee…”

WHEN JOHN ENTERED THE RESTROOM, he could see the blurred image of Greg under the shower water through the shower door. Greg was lathering, moaning and breathing heavy under the steamy water.
John went to the toilet. He was too tough, so it took a minute for him to lastly pee.
Greg heard it and spoke over the shower. “Much like old days, huh, John?”
John closed his eyes and aimed to shut him out. But, still, he wished to speak to him. “Stop talking, Greg.”
” I haven’t had to share a bathroom with another man in a while,” Greg stated. “So, you must know I’m utilized to getting my way.”
John ended up and flushed. Angry and annoyed, and hungry for a battle, he went to the shower door and stood just outside it, trying not to browse it. “So, you have not altered at all then.”
Greg laughed. “Not one bit. I’m still the awesome piece of man you remember, little brother.”
John opened the shower door angrily prior to he could believe his actions through. He glared at Greg. “You’re simply an asshole, Greg.”
Greg stood under the hot water as it rinsed the soap and suds off his rippling muscles. He smiled back at John. “And you’re still a brat, John.”
John huffed, attempting to think about something to state to a minimum of bother Greg, but absolutely nothing ever did. Greg never ever cared what anybody informed him. Then, his eyes decreased and landed on Greg’s fully erect, thick cock.
Greg smirked. “Exactly what are you thinking about, little bro? Attempting to remember what it tastes like?”
John’s nostrils flared and he glared back at Greg’s hazel eyes. “Shut up, you ill bastard.”
Greg rubbed his turn over his chest. “Or maybe, you’re aiming to remember what it feels like in your ass …”.
John couldn’t pay attention to any longer. He took off, an outburst of rage and suppressed sexual attraction. He charged into the shower and knocked the door shut behind him.
” Whoa,” Greg said, starting to laugh, however he wasn’t chuckling long.
John grabbed Greg by his massive shoulders and pressed him support versus the wet, hot tiles. John was now under the water, and he quickly became drenched. His white boxer briefs became see-through and clung to his fit ass and hips. His ecstatic cock was easy to see underneath.
Greg lost his smile. His chest became flush red, and he breathed deeper and faster, thrilled by the abrupt hostility his younger stepbrother showed. He let John pin him up versus the shower wall, then he remained still, heaving and waiting for John’s next relocation. “You’re stronger than I keep in mind.”.
John breathed quickly and heavy, too. His eyes locked with Greg’s, fierce and intense. He couldn’t inform whether he wished to ruin Greg, or slip his tongue between those good-looking lips. “There’s a lot about me that’s changed.”.
Greg licked his lips. “Believe you can take me?”.
Their dicks jerked, starting to ache for one another.
John pressed Greg’s wrists versus the tile. “I understand I can take you.” He felt the pump of adrenaline coursing through him, adrenaline and attraction. Being this near to Greg made him hard as a rock and clouded his mind. All he wished to do, was touch Greg all over.
Greg’s lips curled into a smirk. “Let’s see …” He jolted, breaking devoid of John’s grip. Then he grabbed John by his waist and tossed him back across the shower and knocked him against the wall.
John grunted. He almost hit his head versus the tile. He battled against Greg’s strong hold on him, however he could not break complimentary. “Bastard!”.
” Exactly what’s the matter, little brother?” Greg taunted. “Idea you were gon na take me.”.
John resisted his stepbrother, but as much as he ‘d grown in the previous years, Greg had, too, and Greg was a beast now. “Shut the screw up, Greg.”.
Greg smiled. He pressed himself up against John. Their dicks rubbed versus one another, engorged and inflamed and sensitive.
John took in a sharp breath, keeping his eyes on Greg’s. However the sensation between his legs made him weak and want to provide into this monster.
Greg breathed heavy. “You like that, don’t you? I can see it in your eyes. You like the way it feels, my cock pressed against yours.” Greg held onto John with one hand, and then his other hand groped John’s left pec.
John breathed short and quick.
Greg felt down John’s torso, dipping lower beneath the waistline of his soaked boxers.
The steam of the shower started to cloud everything.
“Greg,” John said in protest, but he didn’t finish. He wanted this bad. He didn’t want to want it this bad, but he wanted it fucking bad.
“Shut up, little bro,” Greg said. “Just let me do it.” Greg slipped his hand over John’s aching cock. He squeezed it through the sheer fabric of his underwear. “Oh shit, I forgot how big you were.”
Their mouths close to one another.
John’s eyes closed. He didn’t want to fight Greg, but he knew it was the right thing to do. And at the same time he wanted to throw the “right thing” out the window and let his body give into the hot temptation. “Greg, we can’t do this.”
“Stop being a pussy,” Greg groaned. He squeezed John’s cock again and stroked. He slipped his fingertips under the waistband of his underwear, threatening to pull his cock out. “It’s just like old times, little bro.”
John grabbed Greg’s arms. They were big. He couldn’t wrap both his hands around them if he wanted to. “Greg, I have a girlfriend.”
Greg wore a wicked grin. “Does she know what kind of freak you are?”
John breathed fast.
Greg reached around John. He took a firm grip of John’s butt and squeezed. “Does she know how much you like to take it in your ass?”
John punched Greg’s chest. “Fucking stop it, man. You can’t… we can’t do, do this.” But without thinking about it, he started grinding his cock against Greg’s body. He started grinding his butt against Greg’s hand.
Greg took the cue and began to grope his stepbrother freely wherever he wanted to. John’s ass, he grabbed it – John’s cock, he stroked it. The back of John’s neck, he held onto it and drew John closer to his mouth.
John put his hands on Greg’s body and tried to push him away. “Greg, we can’t do this.”
Greg slipped his hand under John’s underwear and yanked down. He tore them off John’s body and freed his hard cock. He tossed the underwear onto the shower floor. “Yes we can, John. We both want to. It’s pretty fucking obvious.” He stroked John’s cock.
John ached for more, but he held onto his resistance just a second longer, long enough to come up with a plan to stop his older stepbrother from seducing him. He reached behind Greg and quickly turned the shower nozzle to cold.
A second later, the steamy hot water turned icy cold, making Greg jump back in surprise.
“What the fuck!” Greg went to correct the nozzle.
John took his opportunity to jump out of the shower. He grabbed the towel from the rack and covered himself. He almost left, but he stopped in the bathroom doorway and turned around.
Greg stood near the shower door, breathing heavy and staring back at him as the water fell over his body. His cock wasn’t as erect, but it was still hard, and he still had the wild lust in his eyes.
“We can’t do this,” John told him. “We can’t just act like a couple of fucking idiots, Greg.” And then he left for the bedroom.

John dried off and got on clothes, almost fully dressed, wearing jeans and a T shirt. He didn’t want anything to tempt him to take them off.
Greg got out of the shower and dried off, but he didn’t bother to cover himself when he strutted back into the bedroom. “Are your balls sore, man? ‘Cause mine sure are. Hate getting blue balled.”
John groaned and rolled over to face the wall. He bit his lip, fighting the urge to turn around and feast his eyes on Greg’s wet, naked body. “Shut up and go to bed.”
“No way. I’m not doing that.” Greg tossed his towel onto John.
Irate, John whipped over and threw the towel back at Greg. It hit him instantly, as Greg was standing at the edge of John’s bed again, cock out and dangling. He stood up tall and searched through his duffle bag on the top bunk.
“Will you put some fucking clothes on,” John said.
“Will you fucking relax?” Greg took a pair of jeans from his bag and slipped them on.
John couldn’t help but notice Greg didn’t bother putting on underwear.
Greg slipped on a T shirt, and then he took out sneakers and socks and laced it all up.
John was too curious not to ask, so he leaned up and spoke up. “Where are you going?”
“Same place you’re going,” Greg answered as he finished tying his shoes. He stood up. “Come on. Get up and get some shoes on, little bro. We’re going out.”
John lay back down and laughed. “You’re stupid, man. I’m not going anywhere with you.”
“I wasn’t asking, you little shit.” Greg reached under the bunk and grabbed his stepbrother.
Greg pulled John out and threw him onto his feet. “Get your shoes on.”
“Where the fuck are we going?” John asked, suddenly feeling the thrill and spontaneity of the moment.
“Lou’s,” Greg answered. “We’re gonna meet Sammy and Tyler down there. I told ‘em I was back in town and they wanna hang out tonight.”
“Typical Greg. You’ve been back an hour and you’re going to the bar to meet your high school buddies.” John folded his arms, determined not to go, but still, the idea sounded fun. He hadn’t been drinking with friends in over a year, since he got with his girlfriend and started working all the time.
“That’s right, shithead.” Greg picked up John’s shoes from against the wall and threw them at John. “And you’re going, too.”
John barely caught the shoes. He stared at Greg. “What if I say no?”
Greg smiled. “I’ll be happy to force you.”

LOU’S BAR WAS CROWDED FOR a Friday night. Some regional college students inhabited one side. Old regulars occupied the other. There were some bicycle riders at one corner, and in the far back at the swimming pool tables were John, Greg and their old buddies Sammy and Tyler.
Sammy and Tyler had never left town. They were nation boys, small town people with not much to state other than what beer they liked and what ladies they thought were quite.
” I do not give a fuck what you inform me,” Greg said as he leaned over the pool table. “Teresa had the hottest ass in our class, gentleman. I mean that ass was ideal.” He shot the swimming pool ball difficult and the balls went flying across the swimming pool table.
While Greg was bent over, John’s eyes crept to his butt, and he might see the top of Greg’s fracture. Manly, muscled, just exposed enough to tease the 22-year-old. John bit his lip and caught himself looking.
Greg leaned back up. He passed the stick to John. “Exactly what do you think, little bro?”
John stood up straight and stammered. “Wh, what, about what?”
” Teresa’s ass?” Greg asked. “Didn’t she have the very best one in high school? You remember her, right? She was, like, 2 years ahead of you?”
John nodded on cue. “Oh, yeah. Her’s was terrific.”
Greg smiled, knowing his stepbrother was thinking of other things. He left to the counter where his beer was, his ass swaying as he went.
” A great ass,” John mumbled, his eyes glued to his muscled stepbrother’s buns. “An actually excellent ass …”.
” Dude what are you doing?” Sammy asked. “Simply strike the ball currently.”.
John shook his head. “Right, right. Here.” He leaned over the table and attempted to focus on striking the hint ball to the 7. However just as he got his stick lined up, Greg chose to play his own video game.
At the bar counter near the table, Greg leaned coolly against it. Eyes on John, he delicately raised his left arm as much as stretch and flexed his bulging muscle. He broke a smile, understanding he ‘d captured John’s attention.
John gulped and repositioned the stick, attempting to concentrate.
” Begin, man,” Sammy said. “What’s taking so long?”.
Greg raised his t-shirt, revealing his rock-hard abs, pretending to scratch simply listed below his chest. His denims hung low on his waist and bared the start of his delighted path and pubic hair. John bit his tongue and aimed to concentrate, however it was too fucking hard when Greg was teasing him like this.
” Begin,” Sammy whimpered.
” Just gim me a 2nd.” John tidied the stick again. He readied, he intended …
Greg reached his hand in between his legs and pretended to scratch himself, and simply as John will strike the ball, Greg squeezed his crotch and licked his lips. Nobody else but John saw.
John hit the cue ball, however it swung right and missed the 7 totally.
” Come on,” Sammy groaned. “Man, John, you always drew at swimming pool.”.
John threw Sammy the stick and walked to the bar counter. He stood next to Greg, grabbed his beer and gulped it down completely.
Greg leaned against the counter and smiled. “John’s always drawn at a great deal of things, boys.”.
The two nation kids laughed.
Greg relied on John and reduced his voice. “And if I remember right, you’re damn proficient at sucking, too.”.
John glared at his stepbrother. “Fuck you.”.
Greg chuckled. He rubbed John’s shoulder as he leaned off the bar. “Later on this evening, little brother? I ‘d enjoy some.”.
John curled his fingers on the bar, into a fist.
Greg rubbed John’s shoulder. “Relax, John. I’m simply joking.” He leaned in near John’s ear. “I’m gon na be the one doing the fucking, little brother.”.
” You know exactly what?” John whirled around, all set to fight.
However Greg retreated too quick. “I’m getting some more beer, kids. Anybody, desire one? I’m purchasing.”.
Sammy and Tyler nodded.
Greg looked at John. “Little bro?”
John sighed. He hated Greg, but he wanted to drink away the frustration. “Get me some whiskey, asshole.”
Greg smiled. “Sounds good to me.”
While Greg was away to the bar, Sammy and Tyler took their shots at pool. They lit some cigarettes and offered one to John.
“No, I shouldn’t,” John said. “My girlfriend doesn’t like me to smoke.”
The country boys laughed. “Whipped!”
John grit his teeth. He caught the eyes of Greg while Greg was at the bar. Greg was sizing him up like always, probably thinking John was still the beta-male he knew years ago. “You know what? Gimme a cigarette.”
“There we go, Eddy.” Sammy gave him one.
John lit it and smoked. The old rush of high school rebellion started to seep its way into his veins. He liked the taste of being bad, just like he did in high school, and he was craving more.
“So, Eddy,” Tyler said. “How long has it been since you actually seen Greg?”
John shrugged. “Not since his deployment last year.”
“You ever think of getting into the army like him?” Sammy asked.
John shook his head. “No. I don’t think I’m cut out for that.”
“Of course you are,” Sammy said. “Look at you. You’re in great shape.”
“You’ve gotta have more than a good body to be a marine,” Tyler said. He looked at Greg across the bar. “You’ve got be fucking crazy like Greg.”
Sammy chuckled. “That’s true, and Greg sure is the craziest son of a bitch I know.”
John looked at Greg. The muscle beast was flirting with the bartender while she made him drinks. His smile was devilishly charming. The way he leaned on the bar counter. He was gorgeous, all man and all alpha. And yet, he didn’t want the bartender he was flirting with, or maybe he did. But one thing was for certain; he wanted to fuck John. And one thing was becoming more certain; John wanted to be fucked.
“You gotta be crazy,” Sammy said, “if you can live with killing a man.”
John snapped out of his thoughts and turned to Sammy. He took a deep drag and asked, “What are you talking about, killing a man?”
Sammy and Tyler looked at one another and then back at John. “He didn’t tell you?”
“No. He, he killed someone?” Suddenly, John’s stomach dropped.
Tyler punched Sammy’s arm. “Shut up, man. You know Greg doesn’t like talking about it.” Then they both straightened up and acted like they weren’t talking about anything.
John turned around.
Greg came back to the group and held all their drinks in his hands. “Alright boys. Let’s get fucking hammered and wreck this table, how ‘bout that?” He set the drinks on the bar and the other two went for them.
John kept his distance, uneasy now that he knew Greg was keeping this kind of secret.
Greg approached John with a drink. “It’s whiskey and coke.” He handed it to John. “I figured you’d like a little something sweet with it.”
John nodded. “Thanks.”
Greg lost the flirtatious attitude, sensing there was something wrong with John. His eyebrows lowered and he studied him curiously. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” John said fast. “Nothing. I just…”
“I didn’t know you smoked,” Greg mentioned.
John took a deep drag. “I am now.”
Greg smiled mischievously. “Well, well, look who’s going bad all over again. It’s good to see you again, little rebel bro.” He slipped the cigarette away from John’s fingers and popped it in between his lips. He took a deep drag, held it, then blew the smoke upward while keeping his eyes on John’s. “Let’s have some fun tonight.”

A FEW DRINKS LATER, AND all the guys at the bar were having fun. Even John was letting go of his limits and rules, all the of the important things his sweetheart had actually told him and all the important things that held him back. He took another shot of scotch with the people and let the burn go down his throat and into his chest. He coughed and chuckled. “Damn, that’s strong.”
Greg smiled and slapped his stepbrother on the back. “I asked the woman for the strongest they got.” He smiled and locked eyes with John.
John took the minute to stare back at Greg. Then he cleared his throat and cleaned. He reversed, pool stick in hand and faced the other people. “Alright, who wants another round?”
Sammy and Tyler shook their heads. They seemed exhausted, sitting in the bar stools. Sammy’s eyes were even half closed. “I believe we’re done, man. It’s currently 2 o’ clock.”
” 2?” John asked. He looked at the neon, glowing clock above the bar. Sure enough, it read 2, which’s when he discovered the rest of the bar had quieted down. “It doesn’t feel that late.”
Greg put his arm around John’s shoulder. “No, it doesn’t, little bro. Appears like we’re the only real guys left in this place who understand the best ways to shut a bar down.”
John gulped. He liked Greg’s arm around him, but he still wasn’t sure how he felt about him now that he understood he was holding some dark trick. Still, his body unwinded with Greg’s strong arm on him. “Yeah, I guess so.”
Greg and John bid farewell to Sammy and Tyler. The nation young boys left John a few cigarettes left to smoke, so he stood just outside the bar door, soaking in the summer night’s air and letting smoke roll off his lips. He recalled in through the bar window and saw Greg, still at the bar counter, flirting with the huge breasted bartender.
John rolled his eyes. He shook his head, and he smiled. “Greg’s still Greg,” he whispered. His older stepbrother had actually always flirted with any lady that was pretty. It didn’t matter if they were single; hell, it didn’t even matter if Greg was single. He was a flirt and he wanted to have fun. John had always appreciated that about him. It was something John constantly wanted he could be more like.
Greg finally stumbled out of the bar as John was tossing his cigarette. “Come on, little brother. Let’s get the fuck home.” Greg took 3 steps and nearly fell over.
John hurried forward and captured Greg. He assisted him to his feet and extended his hand for the secrets. “Begin, man. Let me drive.”
” Let you drive my truck?” Greg cried. “No way, Jose. You’re penis huge, little brother, but it’s not that big.”
John took a look around, scared someone may hear exactly what his stepbrother was mumbling. “Greg, stopped talking. And simply gim me your secrets.”
They got to Greg’s large, red truck. Greg raided the motorist’s door and smiled. He dangled the type in front of John’s face. “Are these the keys you’re searching for?”
John held out his hand. “Do not make me take them from you.”
Greg lost his smile. He unexpectedly blew up. He took an advance. “Is that a risk, John?”
John stood his ground. His stomach dropped, and his nerves went into overdrive, however he stood his ground against the beast and kept his give out. “Greg, you understand you should not drive.”
Greg glared into John’s eyes. But, a second later he lastly gave up and handed John the secrets. He stumbled around to the opposite of the truck. “Fine, little brother. You win this one. However I’ll come back.”

The ride back to your home was remarkably quiet. Greg had the radio on a country station, and John drove great and slow so none of the regional cops would believe them.
” For how long are you remaining this time?” John asked.
Greg kept his eyes forward on the highway. “Have no idea. Simply long enough for your papa’s birthday. Then I’m out.”
” Where are you going?”
Greg laughed, a little frustrated. “What the hell is this, little brother, twenty questions?”
John moved nervously. “Just wondering.”

They were quiet. John took a left onto a country road that would lead further to his dad’s house.
“Sammy and Tyler told me,” Greg said.
“They told me that they told you, about… about what I did on deployment.”
John gripped the steering wheel a little harder. “Greg, you don’t have to talk about it.”
“I wasn’t going to,” Greg snapped. He calmed down and lowered his voice. “What I did; it’s gonna haunt me for the rest of my life, John. For the rest of my life. Because I lied; I never killed anyone.”
John sat up straight, surprised. “What do you mean?”
“We were getting shot at about thirty miles from base. We got rid of most of the sons of bitches that were firing at us.” Greg stared out the truck window, reliving it. “And I had the last one in my sight. He was just a kid, some dumb kid, yelling some words I didn’t understand. He was gonna kill me, but…”
“But what?”
“His magazine was spent and he didn’t have bullets left. If I didn’t kill him, another man would’ve. So I let him run away, and I told my unit I shot him dead and there was no one left. I couldn’t do it, John. He was too young, and no man deserves to die like that.”
John laid his eyes on Greg. All that muscle – all that bravado and alpha-male attitude, behind it all was a real human being. “I’m sorry.”
“Me, too.” Greg was somber for a minute longer before he wouldn’t let himself be anymore. He sat up, cleared his throat and slapped John on his chest. “Don’t you ever fucking tell anyone that. You’re the only man in the whole world who knows what really happened. Keep your mouth shut, got it?”
John cleared his throat. “Yes sir. I won’t say a word.”
Greg leaned back in his seat and smiled. “Yes sir,” he muttered, “I like that. That’s how you’ll talk to me when I’m fucking you later.”
John shifted in his seat, and a grin broke across his face. “Whatever, Greg.”
“What about you, little bro? How’s life been since I left you?”
“Uh, good.” John suddenly felt embarrassed, knowing he didn’t have much to say.
“That’s it?” Greg laughed. “Nothing to tell me? You don’t have a wife or some bastard kids running around do you? I don’t think your dad would like that.”
John laughed. “No, nothing like that. I don’t know. I guess I’m pretty dull. I work in an office.” He looked at Greg to see his reaction.
Greg didn’t say anything.
“I uh, have a girlfriend.”
“Wait, that’s right, that’s right, you told me.” Greg stroked his scuff and had a mischievous gleam in his eye. “You told me you had a girlfriend when we were in the shower, you know, right before I was gonna fuck you.”
John punched Greg’s arm. “Jesus, man! Why do you have to be like this?”
Greg laughed. “I can’t help it if I like sex, little bro.”
“But with me?” John turned right onto the final road before they would reach the house.
Greg put his eyes on John and wouldn’t take them off. “Yes, with you. And don’t lie to yourself, John. You like it, too.”
John gulped, knowing that Greg was right. “No, no I don’t.” He lied, and he was growing red in the face.
Greg could see right through him. He snuck his hand onto John’s thigh and squeezed. “Yes, you do.”
John shifted nervously, excitedly. He slowed down the truck as they approached his father’s house. Then, he moved Greg’s hand off him. “No, I don’t.”
Greg sighed. He looked forward, giving up. “Fine, little bro. Whatever. You know, I saw too much death while I was away, too many men lost their lives. And I decided then that I would live it up as much as I can, while I can.”
“So find someone to love and settle down with,” John told him. He parked the truck just before the house. “Find a job and settle down.”
Greg shook his head. “Settle down, settle down. That’s what you always wanted, wasn’t it? Tell me something, John,” Greg paused and looked at him, “are you happy being settled down?”
John hesitated before he answered. “Yes.”
Greg cocked his head, his eyes fixed and digging for the truth in John’s expression. “Are you really? Or are you just comfortable? Your girlfriend, I bet she’s nice and pretty, right?”
“She is.”
“And I bet she’s nice to everyone, looks great in photos and always knows the right thing to say, right?”
“She does.”
“But I bet when you go to bed sometimes, you wish she was more wild like you, right?”
John bit his lip, unable to tear his eyes away from Greg.
“I know you better than you think, little bro.” Greg opened his door and stepped out. He took a last look at John. “You’d better start living now, or you’ll look back and only have regrets.”
JOHN WALKED INTO HIS BEDROOM. He saw the bathroom door open. Greg was in there, brushing his teeth.
“Fuck it,” John sighed and he took off his clothes. He stripped down to his underwear and climbed under the sheets on the bottom bunk. His mind raced.
What if Greg was right? Live life to the fullest, and that meant giving into his desires, his passions and temptations. His whole life, he’d done what was expected of him, but now, he felt the chance to finally let go and experience the same rush Greg had given him those years ago.
“Fuck it,” John whispered. His body started to ache. That itch came back, stronger than ever. He needed some release. He needed the thrill. “Fuck it.” He looked to the bathroom where his stepbrother was, and he knew… he was going to give into his alpha stepbrother. “Fuck it.”


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