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burning love
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Burning Love Cheat sex story –

I was born and grew up in Milton.

It’s a small town; not so small that everyone knows everyone, but small
enough that most people know most people.

When I married Donna, she was 22 and I was 35. But I’d known her since
she was a kid.

She was a beauty; there weren’t many beauties in Milton, not available
ones anyway. I was a fairly eligible bachelor myself, since I’d inherited
the general store from my dad. I’m no Brad Pitt, but I’m not unattractive
to the ladies. I’m of medium height, in good health, and I’m told I have
“penetrating eyes”. I was one of the small percentage of people who had
enough in our depressed area. I wasn’t wealthy by city standards, but in
Milton, I was a bigshot.

Donna had been around; she lived with Earle for a couple of years, and
then with Ethan for a while. It was like that in our town, not only did
most people know most people, half of them had slept with half of them at
some point.

I remember the night we first made love; the night I picked her up.

I’d been waiting for her to break up with Ethan, and then when she did I
was looking out for her. Well, I guess most of the guys in town were.

Anyway, she walked into the bar [we only have one bar]. It was
summertime, and she was dressed in a flimsy cotton frock. Her eyes scanned
the room, and stopped at me. She smiled; I smiled back.

As I said, I’d known her since she was a little girl. I’d flirted with
her since she was 17; we sat together at the back table.

I knew we were going to sleep together; it was all in her eyes on that
first glance. She had come down to look for me. I’d been waiting for her.
These things are never said aloud, but that was how it was.

Donna was slim with medium-sized breasts. Her ass was perfect, her legs
wonderful, her hair lustrous, and her face the most beautiful in town. We
were both single; the first time we had both been available at once. We
flirted and drank, as our friends and neighbors watched and envied us.
When we left together, we knew what everyone would be saying and thinking;
Donna’s gone home with Wade.

Neither of us knew whether it would work out of course; we went back to
my place to enjoy some nice recreational sex, both of us keeping an open
mind. Yes, I was considerably older than Donna, but Ethan [whom she’d just
split up with] was a decade older than I was.

We kissed for the first time outside my front door. I was surprised how
excited I was; I’d been with a few women by then, but I’d wanted Donna for
a long time. I took her hand and led her upstairs to my apartment over the

As I said, she wasn’t wearing much. Her body was beautiful, but it was
her eyes that captivated me. Holding her slim body in my arms, her firm
young breasts pressed against my chest, was the most exciting thing had
that ever happened to me, actually; I hadn’t realized how much I’d wanted
her. Even in the heat of our first lovemaking, I couldn’t help but wonder
if she would stay with me, and if so, for how long.

Her fingers tracing across my bare chest were icy hot; she cooked me and
chilled me. Her hair was thick, healthy, styled, and brown. Her skin was
pale and perfect. Her hands and feet were soft, small, and flawlessly
manicured. She was a touch of sophistication in this hick town, a purebred
amongst the mongrels.

We kissed on my sofa, holding hands. Her mouth was soft and sweet. We
were in no hurry, we took our time, enjoying the thrill of our first time

I had to stop from time to time just to look at her; she was that
pretty, a prize worth waiting for.

Item by item, our clothes fell to the floor, until we were naked.

Her body was flawless; her skin glowed with the luster of her youth and
my infatuation. Her breasts stood full and proud, large for her small
frame. I kissed her nipples and stroked her back, my hands seeming suddenly
rough and crude in contrast to Donna’s fineness.

Still sitting on the couch, her hands went to my stiff cock; a warm wave
passed through me as she fondled me gently, smiling in that sweet way of
hers that had driven me wild for so many years already.

Hand in hand but in silence, we went to my bedroom.

I lifted her ankles and rolled her over backwards so I could lick her
for a while before I moved my cock to the lovely little place between her
thighs. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t the first man there; it only
mattered that I was there at last.

My hard length slid into her easily, like a sword into a scabbard that
was made to fit it. Donna and I seemed to fit together just about right;
her small body molded itself to me, her tight little hole gripped me in
it’s wet embrace, filling my entire being with euphoria greater than I’d
known with any other woman or girl; because it was Donna I was coupled with
this time, at long last. The beautiful Donna, the girl all men in Milton
fantasized of, the woman I wanted to be mine.

She groaned and clutched at me as we copulated together, my stiff cock
aching in wonderful pure pleasure.

I made her come first; the sight of her heaving below me was magnificent
as my dick stood invincibly inside her, ruling her, the object of my
desire. After a while, I ejaculated into her gorgeous body, the orgasm
unimportant compared to what it represented.

Donna spent that night in my bed; and the next night as well. In fact,
she slept every night in my bed from that point onwards.

I invited her to move in; my heart nearly leapt out of my chest when she

I drove my truck down to her mothers place and picked up her stuff.

She was the first woman I ever lived with.

With my previous lovers, it had been the first sex that was really
exciting, tapering off into familiarity and then boredom. In contrast, the
first night with Donna was somewhat mundane [probably due to the alcohol
we’d had], but grew in intensity for the first month. We came to know each
other, what pleased each other; Donna loved to be massaged, for instance,
especially her feet. She was the first woman I’d been with who seemed to
actually enjoy giving head; I’d never known pleasure like that before.
Watching my cock slide into her lovely face, her hair tickling my thighs as
the warm wet ecstasy took control of my nervous system was an addiction I
embraced with enthusiasm.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing; we had fights and a breakup or two. But
we always made up within a day or so, and it just seemed to confirm that we
had something real going on between us.

She started to work in the store with me; after a couple of years, we
got married.

I did everything I could to make her happy; a smile from Donna, my
lovely young wife, would light up my day. If she was moody, I didn’t feel

You always hear about rotten Mondays; but the Monday morning we came
back from vacation to find the shop burned down was a Monday to end all

I went into shock; the pain was too much for me. My whole life was in
that building, everything I owned [except my truck and a change of
clothes]. Every memory, all the efforts of my life, my father’s life, and
even some of my granddad’s. There was nothing left but charred wreckage
and the stare of the fire marshal.

My memories of the period are a bit foggy; where had we been? Upstate
for the weekend. Was I insured? Yes, of course. Had I set the alarm
before we left? Yes, certainly.

Donna drove me someplace we could stay. I hardly even noticed that it
was Ethan’s house. The home of her previous lover.

I knew Ethan, of course; I wouldn’t say he was a friend of mine, but I
knew him. He was one of the wealthiest men in the county, and he had a
large place.

Ethan shook my hand and said something consoling. I sat on his couch
and his Mexican serving girl brought me a drink.

Ethan is among those larger-than-life figures, high and broad
carried, loud and confident. He has wide company interests in the
area, owning the sawmill, real estate firm, rather a bit of land, and
various other bits and pieces. He was his 50s, but had actually never ever been married.
He was popular for his intermediaries with a number of the local females, married and
single. Donna had been with him for longer than anyone else, however had actually told
me the male was difficult to deal with; and obviously at twice her age, he
was just too old for her.

I need to confess that if I had actually been asked, I would not have actually been sitting
in Ethan’s home. But he told us we were welcome to his extra space while we
found out exactly what to do. If my brain had been working properly, I would
have actually thanked him but never concurred; however Donna acted initially, hugging him and
accepting his deal.

” Why did you bring me here?” I asked her when we were alone.

” Where else could we go?” she asked.

” To one of my buddies.”

” You do not have any buddies, Wade. You just have customers. Had
customers, I ought to state.”

” Perry is my good friend.” I said, defensively.

” Really? He’s your accounting professional, he needs to be friendly to you. Besides,
he’s out of town.”

Our local fire marshal called in an investigator from the state police.
The initial determination; arson. Chief suspect; me.

I could not believe they believed I ‘d burned my own location for the
insurance coverage. And of course this implied there was no cover; there was even the
possibility of criminal prosecution. I questioned why I had actually paid those
insurance premiums if this was the outcome.

Ethan had gotten too lots of points on his driver’s license, and asked me
to run an errand; then another. I was living in his place and consuming his
food, and I actually had nothing to do anyhow.

He asked me to drive him the next day, so I did. It was better than
relaxing awaiting I didn’t understand exactly what.

He had a brand-new Cadillac; not an automobile I would’ve picked myself, but I was
amazed at exactly what an excellent ride it was.

He began paying me a couple of hundred dollars a week; I didn’t argue. I.
required the money to make my vehicle payments. My checking account was almost.
totally diminished after covering the costs from my providers for the.
stock that had actually burned. I was flat broke.

Naturally, I was in a state of depression; I didn’t think my life could.
possibly get worse. I recognized I was mistaken when I discovered out my wife was.
leaving with our host.

Ethan sent me off on some remote errand, however I ‘d forgotten something.
and went back to your home. There was nobody there; no sign of Donna. Our.
truck was in the drive, so I questioned where she was; my feet made no noise.
on the carpeted stairs. Ethan’s bedroom door was closed; I couldn’t see.
inside, but I could hear.

” Take it off, Donna.” Ethan was stating. “Oh yes. It’s good to have you.

I heard nothing more; exactly what more did I need to hear? However I had to be.
sure, I had to see it with my own eyes. There was a veranda; I could.
get onto it from outside.

It was tough to envision that this was me, Wade. The respected owner of.
the general shop, member of the Chamber of Commerce; putting a ladder.
quietly against Ethan’s veranda to spy on him with my other half. Everything.
else had taken place to me, I had absolutely nothing to loose, no lower to go. What did.
it matter now?

Calmly, my leg discussed the railing; I put my face to the glass.

It was my luck that the drapes weren’t completely closed. I can’t state.
whether that readied luck or bad luck, however.

My lovely young spouse was standing naked by the bed. Her old ex-lover.
was rubbing her back and hips as he kissed her breasts. Her fingers ran.
through his thick white hair as she smiled down at him.

They didn’t say anything; they were doing, not talking.

My spouse rested on the bed, and Ethan stood before her as she unbuckled his.
belt and pulled his pants down. His cock was half tough, and hung out in.
front of him in a big drooping arc.

It was odd to observe that I didn’t care much; exactly what did it matter?
Donna was pulling on Ethan’s stiffening dick, she reduced her mouth and.
sucked on it. I was currently damaged, how can you damage somebody who is.
already damaged? I had no pride, no compound that all.

Ethan was richer than me, more creative than me, he was now my employer. I.
was living by his grace; and his cock was substantial.

I realized then why the ladies all swooned over him; he was wealthy,.
effective, positive and charismatic. The method Donna was drawing his cock, I.
understood it wasn’t just for program. Ethan dominated women, he didn’t just screw.
them. He had actually dominated Donna once; he was doing it once again.

I viewed shamelessly, wondering if it was going to hurt later on. Donna’s.
young shapely legs spread wide for the old man; she bucked and agonized in.
apparent delight as his white haired head pleasured her groin.

I could see the anticipation on her face as he crawled forward, and held
his big cock in his hand, putting it against her. I could see the
excitement in her eyes as he pushed, and his large familiar member entered
her body again.

Ethan was strong and lean, an impressive specimen considering his age.
He drove his big dick in and out of my wife’s body at an impressive tempo;
she grabbed him by his hair, her legs wrapped around his and they kissed.
Ethan’s rhythm didn’t change, his lean pale ass continued to rise and fall;
Donna came.

Her orgasm didn’t bother me very much. If I was going to endure this,
she should at least be having fun. Ethan kept going, and I wondered how
long he could do it. He had a lot of experience, I realized; he was
practiced womanizer, a conqueror. His dick was his weapon, and my wife
knew its power well. She launched herself into another orgasm, with no
obvious hesitation or shame. She bucked, moaned, and clawed at our older
host in blatant pleasure.

Donna loved sex; I knew that. Throughout our tumultuous relationship,
sex was the one constant. We had always enjoyed each other in bed, until
the fire. And as I watched him perform, I had to admit that Ethan could
really fuck.

Quietly, I climbed down the ladder and returned it to the shed. I
didn’t want to watch Ethan stiffen in orgasm; I didn’t want to see Donna’s
face as his sperm flooded her body.

It was a strange time for me, I wasn’t sure any more who I was or what I
was. I had been respected, wealthy, and independent; and married to Donna.
Suddenly, three weeks later, I was Ethan’s driver, had no property to speak
of, a criminal prosecution hanging over my head, and was loosing my wife if
I hadn’t already.

I knew Julie, Ethan’s Mexican housekeeper; she’d always taken some time
for a chat when she stopped by the store. I thought of her as a cheery
woman, seemingly content in her role as Ethan’s maid.

She was short, about five foot four, on the heavy side, and kept her
hair very short. She spoke excellent English, but with a definite Spanish

“Wade, I have to talk to you. I have to tell you something.”

“Yes Julie?”

We were sitting in the kitchen having coffee.

“Your wife; Donna. Do you know what she’s been doing?”

“What?” I asked, playing dumb.

“When Ethan sends you away for an hour or two, they do it.”

“I know.” I said, the fog in my brain thickening further.

Donna had told me how she could never possibly get along with Ethan; how
he was demanding and selfish, and could never be true to one woman.
Besides, he was twice her age. It was hard to believe she’d gone back to
him; and yet, if I looked at it from another angle I had to see it. Ethan
was rich, much richer than I had been. Donna had left him for me; we
hadn’t even been getting on well before the fire. And now I was nothing, a
shell of a man. Of course she would go back to him, if he would have her.
It was the nature of things.

People seem to think these days that money shouldn’t be a factor in
relationship, not “honest” relationships anyway; but I think that’s
bullshit. What should a woman be attracted to? A lantern jaw and rippling
muscles? If a guy had those things but was brainless, everyone would agree
that a woman would be stupid to go for him. Oh, we hear; a guy should be
funny. Women should be attracted to comedians. Get real.

What’s attractive is fitness. Fitness to survive, to take care of one’s
dependents. To be healthy physically and mentally, yes; but also to be
able to demonstrate the ability to provide. I don’t think there’s anything
wrong in finding those attributes desirable; but suddenly, I had lost one
of those attributes. Perhaps more than one.

“Wade, are you okay?” Julie asked, breaking into my reverie.

“I don’t think so.” I answered.

Things were going black around the edges; I was so dizzy I had to hold
the table for support. I wondered if I could survive, and if I really
wanted to.

Then Julie was standing next to my chair. Her hands wrapped around my
head, and pulled it between her breasts. My arms went around her, and I
began to cry. It’s a terrible admission to make, that I cried as a grown
man; but I’m stronger now, and I’m able to talk about it all.

I held her around her wide hips, and I cried as she clutched my head
between her rather ample breasts. I didn’t think of this as sexual at all.
She was consoling me, offering me her sympathy, unselfishly and from the

Through my pain and self-pity, I realized that she was the first one to
have done so; my wife, my friends, no one had really looked after me in my
time of pain and weakness. It was Julie, a relative stranger; she had only
come to Milton a few years earlier. Just a Mexican, a domestic. Not
particularly good-looking, a nobody. The only big hearted person in the
wretched little town I called home.

Finally, my embarrassing sobbing subsided. Julie was rocking back and
forth slightly, my head still clamped between her breasts as she stroked my
face. What a good woman, I thought; what a gem.

I looked up at her. I had never thought of her as beautiful before;
just a roly-poly Mexican woman. But she had the most amazing eyes, I
suddenly realized; big and dark, open yet mysterious. Her face betrayed a
certain wisdom, an ability to understand. Her mouth was small, her lips
feminine and well formed. Slowly, the lips lowered.

My befuddled head was still clamped between her breasts. My arms were
still around her; I stared into her big eyes wondering what the hell was
going on as her face filled my vision, as her lips touched my mouth.

She was in her mid thirties, ten years older than my wayward wife, close
to my own age. I suddenly felt abused; she was taking advantage of me, of
my situation.

Her lips were soft and warm, and although her hands held my head
tightly, her kiss was feather light. The softest brush of feminine
friendliness. So soft as to be nearly innocent.

She pulled away, but only an inch. She gazed down into my helpless
eyes; she was offering. Offering to share herself with me, to help ease my
pain with the comfort of her plump little body.

I was surprised to find that I wanted her. I wasn’t sure why; surely,
she wasn’t very desirable as a woman. A chubby little wetback, she was
wearing tennis shoes, blue jeans, and no makeup at all. Her hair was
shorter than mine, and her hands were rough from domestic labor.

But she was offering me love, and that was something that I needed

What do men find attractive in women? Long legs, slim hips, large
breasts. Well, Julie had large breasts at least. We’re looking for love
and strength, just like the women are. As well as some signs of probable
fertility, I suppose.

Julie was healthy and strong, and she led me to her room.

I stood passively as she undressed me, curious at the role reversal. I
was allowing a woman to take advantage of me, hoping she wouldn’t betray
me, willing to trade the pleasure of my body for the mere promise of her
approval. Of her support.

She stripped me naked, until I was defenseless. My body, my shell was
hers to do with as she would.

I stood in the middle of her small bedroom as she stroked me, fondling
my stiffening cock and tracing her fingers across my ass.

Gently, she pushed me against the bed, forcing me to sit. She squatted
down, and lifted my feet, lying me down on my back. I watched her as she
undressed at last; she was pale skinned, not quite white. Her complexion
was healthy and even; her breasts hung only slightly when she released them
from their supports. The hair at her groin was short, black, and straight,
like the hair on her head.

She swung her knee over my phone body, and straddled me. I had mixed
feelings as she rubbed her sex against my penis, sliding it up and down
against me. What was I doing here? Why was I allowing this? Why was she
doing this?

She lay herself down on top of me, and snaked her hands under my
shoulders, to my head. Once more, she kissed me.

My hands traced up and down her naked back. Her flesh was so smooth, so
wonderfully silky smooth. Her tongue entered my mouth, carefully testing
me, tasting me.

After awhile, her hand went my cock; she raised her hips, placed me
against her vulnerable point, and after that pressed back.

Her body squeezed itself over my penis. The heat of her interior appeared
to take a trip the length of my organ, and down into my balls before beginning
to flood my body.

We held each other as she rode me slowly, moving her body forward and
then back again, pleasuring herself against me with remarkably deliberate

I looked into her eyes; I discovered pleasure there. Not only hers, however my
own. It felt good, sex with Julie; like a last meal for a condemned guy.

I wasn’t sure I might come, and I wasn’t sure I cared. The Mexican
female continued to fuck me, and she came. I took pleasure in viewing her above me,
often sitting erect, my penis pointing directly into her; sometimes
lying versus me, her breasts pushing into me, her tongue permeating me.
She returned, silently breathing brief and tough.

I liked it, in some way. Being taken advantage of, being a sex object for
this woman who was probably extremely lonesome. She began to tickle my balls
with the fingers of one hand, and I was surprised to feel the strange
feeling that precedes ejaculation; that odd warm tightening up of the abdominal area.
I clutched her body firmly as my balls contracted and my fluids pumped
into her.

Later on, I felt even emptier than previously; but it had actually been
surprisingly great to make love with Ethan’s Mexican.

Ethan had some company in the state capital the following day, and
asked me to drive him into town. It had to do with 200 miles from Milton.

While I was waiting for him to finish his service, I observed an odd
little store near where I was parked. “The spy shop”. I wandered in.

You ‘d be shocked at what you can get for a number of hundred dollars
these days. I bought a color camera that had to do with one inch square,
and might transmit for about 100 feet. The following day, when Donna
drove Ethan down to the sawmill, I put it in the grandpa clock in his
bed room.

Naturally there was constantly the chance he would discover it, however I really
didn’t care much; about anything. With some amusement, I realized that
made me more than somewhat hazardous.

I connected the receiver to the little television in my space, and
changed it on. It worked simply as well as it had in the shop, showing me a.
remarkably clear image of Ethan’s bed. The bed he had actually shown my.
spouse so recently.

I was about to change it off when Julie can be found in, and began to make.
Ethan’s bed. I watched her, wondering exactly what went on in her head; who was.
she? Where had she come from? I knew nothing about her at all. Were her.
moms and dads alive? Did she have bothers or siblings?

She moved efficiently, rapidly finishing her job. She dusted and then.
vacuumed; she put Ethan’s washed clothes into his cabinets.

I enjoyed viewing her this way, secretly observing her at work. I.
couldn’t help however consider the sex we ‘d shared; I realized that I ‘d like to.
have her once again. Maybe taking a more active role.

Ethan entered the space; I hadn’t recognized that he ‘d returned.

” Julie.”.

” Yes sir?”.

” Go put your uniform on.”.

There was a minute of silence as they took a look at each other, employer and.

” Which one?”.

” Maid.” Ethan addressed.

” Yes sir.” Julie stated expressionlessly, and left the room.

I heard doors open and close as Julie went to her space. I wondered what.
was going on; I recognized that in spite of Ethan’s track record with the girls,.
he generally lived alone other than for Julie. I saw him remove his boots,.
and lie down on his bed.

I will switch the tv off, when I heard Julie’s door open.
and close once again downstairs. After a half minute, she reentered Ethan’s.

She closed the door behind herself, and stood directly and tense simply.
within. She was using her uniform.

It included white 4 inch heels, white net stockings, a very.
short and very skimpy black gown, and an amusing little white lace headpiece.
My little Julie was more than a housemaid.

Ethan took down his pants, and threw them into the corner of the.
room. “Suck my dick.” He instructed delicately, leaning back against the.

Julie thought twice only briefly prior to she lay down between Ethan’s long.
spread legs, and took his half hard cock in her hands. She didn’t say.
anything, however she took a look at him for a long moment prior to reducing her mouth.
over his organ.

” That’s excellent, Julie.” He said, “It’s great to know that whatever else.
happens, I can rely on you. Donna actually pissed me off today. Where’s.
Wade, anyway?”.

” I do not know, sir. He should remain in your home someplace.” Julie said.
before resuming her job.

There was something familiar about the way she gave head; she sucked him
deep once or twice, then took him out of her mouth as she ran her tongue up
and down his length once or twice, then she repeated; while constantly
stroking and scratching his stomach, legs, and balls.

It was exactly how Donna did it. I had never thought about it before,
but my wife’s cocksucking skills had obviously been learned somewhere. Now
I knew where.

“I’ll have to figure out what to do about him. I actually like the guy,
but he’s a pain in the ass. Anyway, he needs a place to stay, and I need a
driver for another two weeks until I get my license back.”

Julie lifted her face from Ethan’s substantial cock for a moment; “And
what about Donna?” She asked.

Ethan laughed. “You’re no dummy, are you Julie? I’m going to ask Donna
to move back in, I really like her. She sure does piss me off sometimes,

They didn’t say anything further for a few minutes; Ethan’s maid
continued to give him head, expertly stroking and sucking him.

Ethan stroked her cute head and smiled at her; “Why don’t you take off
your panties, honey, and we’ll go the whole way.”

“I’d rather not, Ethan, I have to start dinner.”

“Yeah right. You always have something important to do. Look at me
honey; you still have an awfully pretty face, did you know that?”

“Thank you sir.” she said.

Ethan leaned forward and gripped Julie’s small body under her armpits.
He hauled her across himself, until she was lying on top of him. He kissed
her mouth, one large hand on the back of her head and the other on her ass.

“Let’s fuck, baby.” he said.

“Please Ethan, not now… there are others in the house…”

Ethan rolled over so his maid was below him, he grabbed her lacy panties
and pulled them down her short legs.

“I don’t give a shit, this is my house and I’ll do as I like.” Ethan
said, pushing Julie’s knees apart.

“Please Ethan, no.” she pleaded as his big cock probed between her

“Oh, stop complaining and relax.” Ethan told her, pushing against her. ”
you always say you don’t want it, but you always enjoy it anyway.”

I watched as the old man began to fuck his round little Mexican
housekeeper. Her legs wrapped around him and she began to meet his thrusts

I searched around inside my numbness, looking for my own feelings. Yes,
I was jealous and angry; my wife wasn’t enough for him? He had to abuse
Julie as well?

Julie began to whimper and cry, she held her boss tightly as his big
cock worked its magic on her body. She might have been less than willing
to let him have his way with her, but now she was unable to resist the
persuasiveness of his cock, the power of his confident sexuality. She
gripped his body tightly as she came.

He pulled out of her and put his cock to her mouth.

“Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” He asked her.

She had no chance to answer him; he gripped her little face between his
hands and bucked with his hips, driving the tip of his big cock in and out
of her mouth as she held the shaft, doing her best not to allow any of his
ejaculate to spoil the fresh sheets.

Donna returned a few hours later, in Ethan’s car. I watched from the
window as she entered the house; I wanted to eavesdrop on her and Ethan, so
I crept downstairs and listened from the hallway. I could hear pots
clattering in the kitchen as Julie prepared dinner.

“I’m sorry, Ethan.” My wife was saying to our host.

“It’s alright, Donna.” He answered her, “I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean
to take you for granted or anything.”

“Where’s Wade?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen him.”

“Things aren’t going as we’d planned.”

“Let’s see. Things might still work out. Do you love me, Donna?”

“Please don’t ask me that, Ethan. Not yet.”

“I’m sorry baby, I don’t mean to pressure you. Do you still love Wade?”

“I don’t know. Anyway, that’s over. What’s happened has happened, and
there’s no going back. I really wanted my independence, though.”

“You know you’re welcome here.”

There was silence; I didn’t know what was going on around the corner,
but I could imagine. I heard a floorboard creak; I backed around into the
dining room as Ethan and Donna came out of the living room, and walked
upstairs holding hands.

I couldn’t help it, even though I pretty much knew everything now, I
went to my room and switched on my little television to watch them.

Ethan’s behavior with my wife was very different to the way he acted
with Julie. Almost opposite.

He undressed her slowly and reverently, easing her long dress over her
shoulders, down her hips, and over her ass. He kissed her from the floor
up as she stood quietly, enjoying his worship. His kisses slowly traveled
up her long legs, to her trim round ass. He bit her lightly there, and
then licked his way up the length of her spine.

His fingers traced continuously over her body; I could see her smiling,
enjoying his attention, but giving him little in return yet.

She broke away from him, and sat in a chair. She spread her legs

Ethan kneeled before her, and I saw his head go between her thighs. She
held his face there and tilted her head back in pleasure.

There was an unhurried comfort to their lovemaking that betrayed their
familiarity with each other. I had a suspicion [later confirmed by Julie]
that Donna had never given Ethan up completely. This was normal for them;
even while Donna was married to me, living with me, sharing my business and
my life, she’d go back to her older lover periodically to enjoy his sexual

They moved to the bed, and once more I watched Ethan take my wife in a
missionary position. I was amazed that he could do that at his age; he’d
just been with Julie a couple of hours earlier.

His lean strong body drove his old cock in and out of my young wife, as
she cried in pleasure, her long slim legs waving in the air, then wrapping
around his legs, then around his back. He kissed her mouth, he stroked her
face, all the while his big cock continuing its work, driving her through
orgasm after orgasm.

I was glad to see it; it helped me to understand. She couldn’t resist
him, his wealth, his confidence; she couldn’t resist his sex. He was a
difficult man, and too old for her. How could she promise to spend her life
with him, knowing she would still be young and vital when he would finally
and inevitably lose his strength? So she had tried to make her life with
me. Less wealthy, adequate in bed but not up to Ethan’s standards. A
reliable and faithful type of man who would be loyal to her, who would do
his best to please her.

But now I understood that she would never be free of Ethan. As long as
he was able, she would be willing.

They rolled over, so my wife was above him; her loveliness was still
breathtaking. They held hands and watched each other as she lifted herself
up and down over his powerful cock, her ample hair and breasts bouncing as
she moved.

He arranged her on her hands and knees, and did it to her from behind;
he stroked her back first, then reached around to toy with her tits as she
huffed through another orgasm.

It was odd to watch; but necessary. By watching them, by experiencing
the pain of Donna’s betrayal so directly, I hoped to be free of the last of
my feelings for her that much sooner. I was reveling in my pain, the
exquisite beauty of being totally rejected and betrayed.

She rolled over again, swinging a shapely leg between them so that there
was no have to disengage. Above her once again, Ethan gave it to her tough,
till he stiffened; he grunted as he came, while his charming more youthful lover
held him tightly.

” I love you, Donna.” He then stated, much to my surprise.

” I know.” My spouse addressed him, her fingernails tracing lines across his
damp back.

They were both trapped.
Donna entered our room after a while.

” There you are. Have you been just lying there throughout the day? You must
shave a minimum of, you appear like shit. I’m going to drive Ethan over to his
brother’s place.”

” What about supper?”

” You hardly consume anyhow. We’ll eat over there, I think.”

Donna sat down at the table and did her makeup in a little mirror. I.
suddenly realized that she had not lost much in the fire; inexplicably,.
she ‘d had all her preferred individual things with her that weekend; both her.
watches, all her jewelry, her family pictures, all her best clothes even.
though we were only away for a few days.

Then I understood. It was Donna, she had actually done it.

” Why did you do it, Donna?”.

” What?”.

” You did it somehow. You set up the fire.”.

She removed off her gown and sprayed some fragrance under her arms. Her.
breasts filled her lacey bra, and I observed she ‘d put a heap of folded.
toilet paper in her panties to soak up Ethan’s fluid that would be dripping.
from her now.

” It wasn’t working between us, Wade. It’s been clear for a while.”.

” But why did you need to damage my life?”.

” I didn’t indicate for it to be like this.” She said, wriggling into her.
best gown. “Zip me up, will you? I believed we ‘d get the insurance money,.
then we could have a clean break. You would not desire to sell, and you ‘d.
never ever have any money for a settlement otherwise.”.

” I cannot think you truly did it. Was Ethan in on it?”.

” I’m truly sorry, Wade. I still like you, I believe you’re a really.
fantastic person and all. Don’ t wait up, we may be quite late.”.

As Ethan’s automobile drove away, I roamed down stairs. Julie was seething.
in the kitchen, in her normal clothing; she could have kept the food cooking.
without the range, simply by looking at it.

” That bastard!” she hissed.

” Ethan?”.

” Yes obviously Ethan, don’t be dumb! He’s a bastard!”.

” So inform me, Julie; what is your relationship with Ethan?” I asked her,.
sitting down.

She lookinged at me for a moment, her dark eyes smoldering.

” He was my enthusiast. Not immediately. Initially I just cleaned and cooked.
He had many women; they come, they go. They cry very loud in the night.
Then one day, we are here alone; he seduce me. I hear lots of ladies sobbing.
for him, I know he is very. anyhow, we are lovers for some time. Then he.
brings house some local gringo lady, only 19. I need to have left, but I.
stay. I am illegal, I am a bit afraid.

After that, he simply utilize me when he desires. When he is angry at his.
girlfriend or has no time for dating. He use me. Bastard.”.

” Do you love him?” I asked.

” He is shit, an asshole, a complete bastard!”.

” Do you enjoy him?”.

” I do not know. Perhaps before, not now.”.

In spite of her outside show of strength, I might see she was injuring; I.
stood and went to her. I took her in my arms, simply to offer her a nice warm.

I suppose it was inevitable that my little effort at comforting her.
wound up with us in bed together again.

I wasn’t particularly eager, to be honest; I seemed to have no sensation. I.
liked Julie, I thought she was a fine person; however I was in no state to be.
having sex with anyone, and the sad reality was that I had actually never found her.
particularly appealing.

Yet in some way I let her lead me to her bed once again, I made no objection.
as she stripped me. I expect it was due to the fact that she was the only human.
comfort I was most likely to get.

Her kisses were really caring, her physical desire for me.
in some way assuring.

She was less the stranger now, and as I permeated her, it didn’t feel.
as weird as the first time.

Her plump little body was tight versus my penis, and regardless of my.
numbness, her passion warmed me.

I didn’t feel the type of sexual excitement that I ought to have, but I.
was happy to make love with her. Her skin was soft and warm under my hands,.
even her plump ass felt enjoyable.

Suddenly I realized what it was; it was her smell. Julie had the most
wonderful attractive smell. To look at, she was a toad compared to my
wayward wife. Yet her passion for me seemed so much more real, the way she
tasted and smelled seemed so right; I put my nose to her neck and inhaled
deeply as my dick continued to do what it does. The scent of her did
something for me, it had a lifting effect on my tortured soul. I kissed
her neck, and then licked under her arm. The taste of her sweat seemed to
make me stronger; my dick was now achingly hard. I pushed her shoulders
into the mattress, giving it to her with all my power, and I looked at her.

She stared back up at me, my own desire and desperation mirrored on her

There wasn’t much left of me as a man; my wife had burned me out, erased
my life. So much of my persona was my property and my business, my
interaction with others had been mainly over the counter of my store for so
many years. But at least I could still please a woman; a poor damaged
woman liked Julie, anyway.

There was no one in the house; my little lover screamed as she came,
vocalizing her ardor and her pleasure. I enjoyed making her come, but
didn’t really care about my own orgasm. So I kept going, glad that at least
one of us was able to feel pleasure.

And after some time, I began to realize something; that it was good.
There was satisfaction in looking into Julie’s big dark eyes as she came,
and came again. I found pleasure in pleasing her, in the realization that
even with no home, no business, and no hope, I was still a man. There was
still some strength in me. I might yet live.

Donna was a beauty, but not a healthy person. My numbness and the
remnants of my love for her had blunted the sharp edge of my anger, but she
had betrayed me unforgivably.

Not in enjoying a little bit of illicit sex with Ethan, that I could
forgive. Although I had never cheated on her, I had been tempted.

But Donna had destroyed me, taken everything from me. She’d burned my
inheritance, my dad ‘s store, taken my home and my memories from me to gain
a few dollars as she left me.

Julie’s passion for me seemed so simple in comparison; it seemed so
physical, so pure. She knew I had nothing, no money and no property, and
yet she still desired me. She still found satisfaction in my arms.

Her lips were hot against me, her tongue probed my mouth, her hands
clawed at my back and her vaginal muscles squeezed my cock. The scent of
her seemed to work on my primal brain, telling me she was good; I stared
into her big clear eyes as I ejaculated into her once more, filling her
hungry little body with the only part of my being that still felt viable.

“Where’s Wade?” I heard someone bellowing downstairs the following

“Well tell him Perry’s here.”

Perry; my one true friend. He was back from his vacation at last; I
wondered if he would betray me as well. I got out of bed and went

“Wade! What the hell are you doing here, man? Why aren’t you staying
at my house? You know where the key is. Shit, you look terrible! Isn’t
anyone feeding you? Get your stuff, let’s go. Fay will have dinner ready.
Donna! Where’s Donna? Donna, I’m taking Wade home with me. Are you

“I’m going to stay here, Perry.” Donna said.

I didn’t seem to have a vote; I was in no state to assert myself anyway.
I was still in shock, about everything.

Wade stared at my wife for a moment; Donna was looking like a fashion
model, an elegant green pastel dress covered her while hiding nothing. Her
makeup was perfect, her jewelry hung from her as though it always had, and
always would. She stood in her ex-lovers opulent house, obviously
comfortable there. The picture was clear.

“Let’s go.” My friend said.

Wade did my accounting. He had copies of my records from a few months
before the fire.

“How much did people have on account before the fire?” he asked me after

“I don’t know. The account book is ashes now.”

“Three months ago, you were owed ten thousand dollars.” He noted,
writing it down.

“I’ve talked to your insurance company. They won’t pay without a fight,
but there are no criminal charges, either. Lucky you bought gas with your
credit card on your way back. It proves you weren’t there, so no one’s
going to try and say you did it yourself.”

Perry’s wife, Fay, fed me and put me to bed. Somehow, for the first
time, I thought things might be ok; I had friends. They would take care of

“Do you want a new store?” Perry asked me.

“What do you mean? Of course, if I could have it.”

“Just wanted to be sure. You were always a shopkeeper, but did you
really like it? Is it what you wanted to do?”

“Sure. I loved my store. Even when things were tight, I always enjoyed


I didn’t know what he was on about; there was nothing, no money, and no

Then Julie came.

She was talking urgently to Fay and Wade as I came into the kitchen.
They all went silent as they saw me.

“What were you all talking about?” I asked.

“You, of course.” Fay said. “Sit down while I get you some breakfast.”

“I’ve got to go.” Wade said, and left.

It was good to see Julie; she warmed me in a way that even Fay and Perry
didn’t. She was my lover, after all.

We all talked for a while, before Fay announced she had to do some
shopping in town.

“I’ll be back around three.” She told me, kissing me on the cheek, and
she left.

“You were her lover, once.” Julie said.

“Yes; long ago, when we were kids. Before she was with Perry. How did
you know?”

“Women can tell.” She said.

We made love again; it was odd to realize that I found her so desirable.
There was something about her, something I needed. An honesty, a goodness.
I felt drawn to her, every instinct in me urged me to hold her, keep her,
talk to her. Tell her my woes, hear hers, walk with her in the woods.
Take her where she needed to go, kiss her, love her.

She was so healthy, so open; her little opening so tight against my
organ as I penetrated her body, her hands so insistent as I pumped her
until we came.

I had fallen for Donna’s youth and her stunning appearance. She had
fallen for me because of my relative wealth; Julie was as plain as a woman
could be without being ugly, and I didn’t have a pot to piss in. the love
that seemed to be growing between us had to be pure, sterilized by the same
fire that had ruined me.

Her big dark eyes were watching me as we rested ourselves in Perry’s
spare room. I felt the ice in my heart begin to melt, the heat of the
Latin woman slowly penetrating my being.

She had been burned in the same way I had; Ethan’s big dick and his
wealth had led her to despair as well.

I stroked her and kissed her again, not from sexual desire or lust; just
out of a feeling of tenderness, a genuine affection for her.

Her mouth reacted in kind, and I felt some stress that I ‘d cannot
notification in her slipping away. She was likewise burned, she required love as much
as I did.

After a long time, I felt my cock stiffening once again; then Julie pulled it
back into herself.

I ‘d been a teenager the last time I ‘d been able to make love twice in a.
row; but there was something different about it now, something much more.

My hot little lover began to come again, she surged and groaned in.
enthusiasm. My dick grew harder, my heart warmer; I stared into her eyes and.
understood that I could love her, that maybe I currently did. That she was.
gorgeous beyond compare.

She didn’t have the playboy magazine body of Donna, she had something.
even more lovely.

Julie had a heart of gold, a generous selfless soul. She would never.
betray me, she would put my joy prior to her own, if I would do the.
exact same.

She wasn’t having orgasm after orgasm because of my stiff dick pushing.
in and out, but because she found me attractive. Since she desired me as.
a man. Since she knew in some way that she might trust me, that I would.
never betray her either.

All this shone from her huge dark eyes, it was composed on her smooth.
round face; my Mexican sweetheart was merely pure of soul.

Her charming exotic eyes stared back at me, her pouty lips parted.
somewhat. My cock slid in and out of her body, in and out; my heart was.
pounding with more than the physical effort. Something special was.
occurring, it was as though an electrical current had actually started to stream between.
us. Julie; oh God, Julie! I held her tight and kissed her mouth hard,.
all of a sudden sure that this woman, this brief pudgy stunning woman, was the.
most stunning creature on God’s green earth.

My 2nd orgasm of the morning wasn’t much in quantity, however it comprised.
for it in emotion; I had to look into her eyes as I climaxed into her, I.
had to just gaze at the large splendor that I had actually found hidden there.

And she stared back at me; looked back as if she saw something in me as.

At last, I ran out fluid to show her. I lay on top of her.
silently, just looking at her as my dick gradually diminished within her. I kissed.
her again, stroking her face.

” We can do it.” Perry revealed a couple of days later on.

” Do exactly what?” I asked.

” Rebuild.” He stated. “We’ll use the old foundation. Ethan is donating.
the structure materials.”.

” Really? Contributing?” I was flabbergasted; on the other hand, he was.
getting Donna.

” That’s right. I twisted his arm a little.

” How?”.

” Julie told me some things. there are some skeletons in old Ethan’s.
closets. Let’s simply say it’s only reasonable, and he knows it.”.

” Why is it fair, Perry? Did Ethan have something to do with the fire?”.

” Look, Wade; there are some legal issues. Simply trust me, ok?”.

” All right, Perry.”.

Trust was something that was hard for me.

” I’ve also raised eight grand from folks who had accounts with you.”.

” Without the book?”.

” Folks are more sincere than you believe. You’re a part of the neighborhood,.
Wade, and so was your store; we desire you back. Providers have all agreed.
to soft lines of credit for the very first 2 years. You’re the only retail.
outlet in the area, and your personal credit score is extremely great. We can.
start next week, a couple of the young boys stated they’ll concern help.”.

I nearly wept the day we began work. 43 individuals pertained to help; their.
trucks loaded with tools, their hearts loaded with charity. All of us had lunch, and.
then supper at the worksite. My pals, my neighbors. People I ‘d never.
believed would put their shoulders to the wheel for me. During the week.
most needed to work, but from 5 o’clock up until it was too dark, the noises of.
saws and hammers called out like music, till I was restored.

Teenagers and old males; buddies of my dad and the kids of my buddies,.
all came to help. They laughed and sang songs, they punched me on the.
shoulder and asked me exactly what needed doing next. My home was more like a.
celebration than a structure website; somebody always had music on, the bbq was.
rarely cold, and the beer rarely wasn’t.

“Thanks for being here, guys.”

“Are you kidding? When I lost my job, you carried us for two months.”

“No problem, Wade. You were always there for us.”

“When I was a kid, my dad used to tell us your store was where our food
came from.”

“There was a lot of hard winters where you were between us and hunger,

“When we were in school, you always stood up for me.”

“Hey, Wade! What do you think friends are for?”

Donna was wrong; I do have friends.

And there was Julie, talking to them all, winning them over with her
open charm, overcoming their built in prejudice to the outsider.

As I watched her serving food and telling a joke to a man she didn’t
know, but whom I’d know since childhood, I realized that Donna had isolated
me from these people. I had been blinded by her sheer beauty, and I’d been
the last in town to find out what all the women knew from the start; Donna
was a bitch.

Of course there’s a lot of debt for new stock, but Julie has an
impressive savings account that will see us through. The customers all
love her cheery character, and so do I.

Her excess weight has dropped from her since she moved in with me; Julie
is now as beautiful on the outside as she always has been on the inside.
Her thick black hair has grown to her shoulders, her breasts are still full
but her hips have retracted inwards.

We burn with a different fire; a warm comfortable inner blaze. I have
to smell her, morning and night. I have to inhale her pheromones, taste
her excretions.

I lick her armpits, then her crotch. I kiss her cute little feet before

When she can’t take it anymore, she climbs on top of me, fitting my plug
into her socket, the fit always perfect. Her big eyes call my name as her
mouth looks at me, her full breasts hold my hands. Her body sucks the
sperm from me, vacuums me until I’m empty before we rise to start our day.

It’s hard to express the joy she brings me; my heart beats faster when I
look into her eyes, I can just watch her cleaning or stacking the shelves,
and I feel a flush in my chest.

I’m feeling good these days, as good as I thought I felt before Donna
burned me.

Tonight, I’m going to ask Julie to marry me.

A year after we married, Julie is pregnant at last. Every day she grows
larger, and if possible even more beautiful than before.

I’ve never been this happy, this thrilled to just be alive; my heart
beats faster when I see my big little wife, I love her like I never knew
love could be.

Donna married Ethan, and is also pregnant; but Julie says Ethan has a
zero sperm count. Whoever the father is, it’s definitely not Ethan.

Don’t look at me, I didn’t do it. Probably the gardener or the kid next


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