Interracial Cheat : The Mover

Interracial Cheat : The Mover
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Interracial Cheat : The Mover –

I don’t know why Morgan had to get the very cheapest deal
available all the time. It was just his nature.

He hunted around for the best deal, as usual, before hiring a
moving firm out of Boston.

We were moving from Connecticut to Washington D.C.

When the day of the move came, the huge truck backed into our
small drive. I was a little shocked when two very black men
climbed out; then I was ashamed of myself. They were just men.

I’m from Denmark, and we have hardly any nonwhite people in the
town where I grew up. The little town where I lived with my
husband in Connecticut was the same. I don’t know why I should
have felt shocked at the sight of those men. Anyway, I soon got
over it.

They introduced themselves politely; Martin and Tim. Martin was
taller, and drove the truck. Tim was a short man, about five
foot six, which is still four inches taller than me. He had a
lovely figure, with broad shoulders and narrow hips, and the most
gorgeous ass.

Well, I’d been living a pretty insulated life for the last five
years. A housewife trapped in the countryside while her husband
went off to work and social interaction everyday. I couldn’t
help it if I noticed a man was attractive. There was no harm in

It was going to be a long drive, and the truck wasn’t ready to go
until about 2 PM. We had been expecting the Realtor to come pick
up the keys, but she was late.

“Honey, I’m going to head off down the road with Martin in the
truck. You wait for the Realtor, and then catch up with us.”

“But Morgan, why don’t you wait here with me, and send Tim with

“We’ve been through this already. I’m not going to leave all of
our things with someone we don’t know. I keep reading stories
about how these trucks get unpacked and people’s possessions gets
pilfered somewhere on the way. One or the other of us has to be
with the truck, and there are only two seats in it. Don’t worry,
it doesn’t move very fast. You’ll catch up to us within a few

It somehow made me nervous to be in the house with a strange man.
A strong black man from the inner city. I found myself wondering
what it would be like; what would it be like to be held in those
strong arms? What would I feel if we kissed? What was his penis

I wasn’t the kind of woman who would ever do something like that.
At least, I didn’t think I was. But I enjoyed my secret little
fantasy; I didn’t see any harm in that.

I tried hard to put my prejudices behind me. He was perfectly
polite and decent.

The Realtor finally turned up around four, and Tim and I were on
the road by 4:30.

It was fun to have someone different talk too. After a hesitant
beginning, I found myself chatting along with him quite easily.

“I don’t like it much out here in the country.” He told me, “I
get hay fever and shit.”

“Really? But it’s so pretty out here. I grew up in the city and
I hated it.” I said.

“And there are mosquitoes too.” He added.

“Is a nice where you live?” I asked him.


Interracial Cheat : The Mover


“Well, not really.” He admitted, “But at least there ain’t no

I tried to get through to Morgan on his cell phone when we
stopped, but didn’t succeed. We didn’t see the truck; we had
left too late to catch up with them. We stopped again and ate.

I thought people were looking at us strangely. Then I realized
that of course they thought we were on a date or something. A
black man and a blond woman. Even today, and our modern world,
it pushes a strange button in people, I believe. Something
tribal perhaps. I thought about it some more; I was very
expensively dressed compared to my companion. I had on fancy
shoes, some gold, and a nice dress. He wore faded jeans and a
T-shirt. I wore a wedding ring and he didn’t.

“I’ve heard about these games you suburban people play.”

He said to me when we were on the road again.

“What games?” I asked.

“Swapping and shit.” He said.

“Oh, we don’t do anything like that.” I said quickly.

“Really?” He asked, “I thought all you fancy white people out
here did that.”

“We don’t.” I stated strongly.

” Well, you’re from Europe. Maybe it does not go on as much where
you’re from.”

” Actually, we Danish are a bit recognized for that kind of thing.” I.
told him. “But my partner and I do not embrace that.”.

” No? Then why did he drive off with my partner and leave me to.
drive with you?”.

Well, I didn’t wish to inform him that my spouse thought that he.
and Martin might be preparing to rip us off.

” I don’t understand.” I responded to.

” Because he desired you and me to be alone together out here.”.
Tim stated. “I don’t mind, but I have a lady and a kid.”.

” Oh, that’s alright.” I answered him, eliminated. I didn’t desire him.
to get the incorrect concept, but that’s exactly what he did get.

” You don’t mind?”.

” I believe it’s excellent you have a household.” I said, before all of a sudden.
understanding that he believed I didn’t mind the concept that my husband.
had set me up in some way.

” But I wouldn’t want you to cheat on your better half.” I included,.
believing that would plaster over my error.

We started searching for a place to invest the night, however all the.
motels had “no job” signs. When we lastly found one, they.
just had one space. It did have two beds though, and we were.
desperate already, so I accepted it.

I was so pleased to be able to obtain in a bath at last after the long.
day. I was a little worried about the complete stranger in the next room;.
however he had thought I ‘d propositioned him, and stated “no”; so I.
actually didn’t believe I had anything to fret about.

I came out in my bathrobe, feeling far more relaxed.

” Is your headache much better?” He asked kindly.

” Yes, thank you.” I told him; “I think I must have lifted.
something too heavy. It’s simply stress in my shoulders.”.

” You want me to rub them for you?” He asked.

” Okay.” I stated, regretting it instantly. Why had I stated that?
Why had I consented to him touching me? I couldn’t take it back, it.
would be insulting. In some way, the race thing was as thick as.
honey between us; he was black and I was white, he was a mover.
and I was a rich homemaker; a male like that shouldn’t touch a.
woman like me, some would state.

I sat in a chair and he began to rub my damp warm muscles. It.
was heavenly; I didn’t even realize how tight I was. His strong.
firm grip gently relieved my stress.

” That feels truly excellent.” I stated, expressing my gratitude.

” You have to beware with heavy lifting.” He stated.

” I guess you don’t have to worry about that kind of thing.” I.

” What makes you think that?” He said.

” You’re so strong.” I said.

” That simply raises the quantity I have to raise before I harm.
myself.” He answered.

He rubbed my neck and massaged my head.

” You’ve got truly good hair.” He observed.

” Why thank you, Tim.” I said.

He pulled the robe open a little bit more, so he could massage my.
upper arms.

” And your skin is so soft.” He included.

I all of a sudden recognized where his compliments were leading; I was in.
a motel with a weird man who was touching me, who was.
pleasuring me with his hands; a black guy. No, I should not think.
things like that; simply a male.

I do not consider myself a silly woman. How had I gotten here?
Somewhere, I need to have wanted this; should I go with my.
subconscious desire? What must I state if he reaches down to.
fondle my breast?

I had no time at all to consider the question before the occasion really.
happened. I was immobilized with worry, shock, and desire, as the.
effective black hand gently moved down inside my robe, and circled around.
under my pale breast, raising it somewhat, touching it ever so.
gently, ever so reverently.

He kissed the side of my neck; “You’re an extremely beautiful woman.”.
He stated.

” What about your spouse?” I asked him.

” I have no idea, I cannot resist.” He stated, “I suppose it’s some.
type of dream of yours, a black working male from the city and.
all that. In the beginning I was believing it wasn’t right, we came up to.
do a job, not get utilized for some strange yuppie games. But you’re.
so damn good looking, I simply cannot withstand. You can use me all.
you desire tonight.”.

I recalled and up at him with some alarm; he bent and kissed.

The contact of our mouths sent a shudder through my body; I felt.
warm all over as both his hands went into my robe, slid down my.
hips and throughout my stomach, increased to my breasts, held my nipples.
gently between thumbs and forefingers.

There was no going back now; I ought to have stated “no”, I should.
have said it earlier; I couldn’t decline him now, I thought. His.
cock needs to be hard by now, his testosterone should be high in his.
body. How could I decline him now?

I stood apart of the chair and relied on face him. He opened my.
bathrobe entirely, exposing my nakedness. He held my petit body in.
his effective arms, held me tightly to him, cupped my ass in his.
palm, and kissed me irresistibly.

My hands moved up his powerful back, across his wide shoulders.
He was so manly, so much more manly than my other half. I could.
feel his penis through his trousers. I wanted it so severely, I.
wished to touch it and stroke it, I desired to take in my mouth.
I pushed my groin against it and held on to him for dear life, my.
head spinning with conflicting thoughts and feelings as hot.
desire flooded my body.

His tongue slid into my mouth, and I sucked it gently; it was so.
hot, wet, and alien.

It relocated my mouth, promising me far more.
if I would let it between my legs.

We broke off after a couple of minutes. Neither people had anything to.
say; Tim eliminated his clothes, gradually revealing his lean and dark.
frame, his near ideal physique. His big black cock.

I had actually been a little afraid; however when I saw it, the worry left me.
It wasn’t too big to deal with, it was just ideal; the ideal.
appendage to the ideal body, a stunning organ that I lost no.
time wrapping my hands around.

We kissed in bed and fondled each other as I questioned at myself.
for exactly what I was doing. But who could blame me? I had actually been left.
alone with a tempting specimen of manhood.

Morgan might blame me, that’s who.

I put the considered of my mind as my enthusiast reduced his head.
between my legs.

It was so wicked to see his weird dark face between my milk.
white thighs; it was so terrific to feel his tongue slide up and.
down my most private place, darting in and out, so really pleasant.
but not rather enough to release me from my stress.

I wished to taste his cock so bad, my mouth watered just looking.
at it.

” You ‘d better not, Helen.” He said as I made my relocation. “I’m a.
bit high strung.”.

I didn’t know what he meant at first; but I understood when he
came a little early.

It was so good to hold his strong dark body as he took his
position on top of me, his hips resting in the valley of my
spread legs.

He positioned his cock, and slid it into me easily. It was
frighteningly good to feel it inside my body at last; and I
started to come within seconds, but he came first. He held on
gallantly, screwing me with the last of his hardness through my
orgasm. It was wonderful, but too fast.

He relaxed on top of me, our passions cooling as our better
judgment came creeping back.

“Shit.” He said.

“Do you regret it?” I asked him, stroking his shoulders.

“No.” He said, “I don’t regret it.”

He pulled out and rolled off me.

“You can suck on it now, if you want to.” He said.

I looked at the shrunken slimy black penis that I had wanted with
all my being only minutes earlier; why had I let it inside me,
how had I let this happen?

There was a slight sheen of sweat across his broad chest. His
dark flat belly, his narrow hips.

I contemplated the warm feeling inside myself; it had been good,
it had.

I often gave Morgan head, but never after sex. Either little bit
before as foreplay, or when I had my period or if he was late for
work but I wanted to please him, I’d suck him until came in my
mouth. Of course there was no direct sexual satisfaction for me,
but I always enjoyed doing it to my husband.

Tim’s penis was coated with our juices; nonetheless, I lowered my
mouth over it, just to demonstrate my affection for him.

I never expected him to get hard again, not all the way. I just
want to please him a little, I wanted him to know that I
appreciated him as a man.

But he got hard; his penis grew and grew, until only half would
fit in my mouth. Sucking it was turning me on, and I continued
to do it until he stopped me.

“You’re hot, baby.” He told me. “You lie back now and let me
show you what a brother from Roxbury can do for you.”

Once more that big black penis was welcomed into my body. But
this time was different; for one thing, I was all slimy inside.
But the other thing was, the man just wouldn’t stop this time.

Late into the night, he made love with me. Okay, he fucked me.
There, I said it.

I had unemotional raw physical sex with a strange man; a man from
a different place, a different culture, with a different color, a
man hired to work for me. A wonderful man, a man I won’t ever
forget. A man who satisfied me like no man had in years. A
married man who loved his wife, as I loved my husband.

I never would have thought that I could’ve enjoyed such intimacy
with someone I’d just met. He was like a fantasy man, strong and
vital and young, his alien color adding to his allure instead of
subtracting from it. I loved the way he looked me as I came, so
full of joy at the pleasure he brought me. His strong white
teeth gleaming in the gloom at my vulnerable passion as his
potent black cock continued to plunge in and out of my helpless

I gripped his strong shoulders, his round muscular ass, his
lovely narrow hips.

How could something that felt so good be so wrong? Something
primal inside me was being satisfied by this, some part of me
that wanted more than I was allowed to have. A wonderful man to
be my husband, and a beautiful man to pleasure me in bed.

I woke in the morning with my head still resting on my lover’s
muscular shoulder. I felt distress and guilt at the comfort I
felt from his hand on my hip. I opened my eyes; he was awake,
looking at the ceiling and frowning slightly.

“Are you okay?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I’m all right. How are you?”

“Glorious.” I answered, stretching myself and pushing the
fingers of one hand behind his neck.

“I’ve never cheated on my woman before.” Tim said. “Lots of
women hit on me, but you’re the first one I ever went with.”

I kissed him gently on the cheek, letting my free hand slide
across his chest. “I hope you don’t feel bad about it.” I said.

“I’ll be all right.” He said, and rose to take his shower.

We started talking again as we got back on the road.

“Are you going to tell your husband about it?” He asked me.

“I don’t know. I think so, otherwise there will always be a lie
between us.”

“He’ll probably ask you about it himself. I’m telling you, he
wanted it to happen. Some guys like it, they like the idea of
their wives going with another guy. Especially a guy like me,
someone they don’t have to be worried might take their woman away
from them. I mean, being poor and from the inner city and all.
The color thing turns some people on, too.”

“I don’t think Morgan’s like that.” I said, keeping my eyes on
the road.

“You wait and see. I bet he wants to know all about it, details
and everything. And the more you tell him, the happier he’s
going to be.”

We sat in a corner booth at rest stop outside of Washington for

“This could be our last time alone together.” I said, putting
hand on his thigh under the table.

He put his arm around me and cuddled me gently. “It’s probably
just as well.” He said. “I sure do like you a lot, and it would
probably hurt to like you any better.”

“I feel the same way.” I said, rubbing my head against his
cheek. “There’s a motel at the other side of the parking lot.” I

We enjoyed another three hours of wonderful intimacy; not three
hours of fucking, but three hours of wonderful touching, kissing,
stroking, loving. There was at least a half an hour of fucking
in it, as well.

Tim stretched me somehow, made me bigger than I’d been, and more
flexible. He took my pale ankle in his powerful grip and held it
against his chest as he sat on my other thigh sliding his
irresistible penis in out of me. He sucked on my toes as I came.

I licked his big black balls, I sucked his dark dick until he
came in my mouth, his fluids tasting wonderful to me, because I
knew they were his. It was the taste of his orgasm, the taste of
his joy.

Tired out, we drove on into town. Back to real-life, back to

I wasn’t going to tell Morgan about it, but as Tim predicted, he

“Did anything happen during the drive down?” He asked me a
couple of days later over breakfast.

“What you imply?” I asked, my heart rate increasing.

” With that man. I didn’t think you’re going to have to end up
alone with him overnight, I thought you would capture up with us.
Was he fine?”

” Oh yes, he was terrific.” I stated, all of a sudden recognizing I may have
said more than I ‘d intended. I averted from my husband,
all of a sudden unable to satisfy his gaze; I had done him incorrect, dreadful

” What happened, Helen?” He demanded.

” Nothing.” I responded to unconvincingly.

” Tell me, Helen. Did he abuse you?”

” No.” I said strongly.

” What took place? Something occurred, didn’t it? Take a look at me.”

I couldn’t lie to him, not directly in his face. I told him.

” We couldn’t discover a motel. When we did, it just had one

” You slept in one room?”

” Yes.”.

” You slept together?”.

” Yes.”.

” Oh my God.”.

He stared at me strangely, and took a seat opposite me.

” Tell me whatever.” He stated, “How could this take place, how could.
you do this to me?”.

I began to weep. “I’m so sorry, Morgan. I didn’t indicate for to.
occur, it simply took place. It was a mistake, a terrible error!”.

He left for work, without speaking another word to me. He didn’t.
speak with me at all for a number of days in reality, not a word. I was.
dying inside.

” Tell me about it.” He stated to me finally.

I began to discuss it; the dispute, the temptation. The.
primal desire, the breakdown of my civilized morals.

” Did you enjoy it?”.

” Yes.” I confessed.

” Did you. did you come?” He asked.

” Yes, of course.” I answered, “Otherwise I wouldn’t have taken pleasure in.
it, would I?”.

” How lots of times?” He asked neutrally.

” I do not know, I didn’t count.” I responded to, believing afterwards.
that perhaps I should have started lying at this point.

” Countless times.” He said.

We were silent for a while, then he asked; “Was he. big?”

I suddenly realized that Tim had been right. My husband’s
questions were revealing his voyeurism.

“Yes.” I answered, “I could wrap both my hands around and still
have some left to. to suck on.”

Morgan’s breathing became slightly shorter.

“You gave him head?”

“Yes.” I said

I reached over and put my hand on my husband’s crotch; his cock
was hard. I squeezed him gently, and continued;

“His penis is big and black, and I found it completely beautiful.
I wanted it badly, once I’d seen it. It felt good in my mouth, I
enjoyed pleasuring him that way.

“He was wonderfully strong. His ass was perfect. He has big
hairy balls, and they’re really black.”

I began to unbuckle Morgan’s belt.

“He started by massaging me. His strong hands on my body were
very exciting.”

I opened my husband’s trousers, and fished out his stiff penis. I
looked into my husband’s eyes; he looked back at me blankly, as
confused and conflicted as I was.

“He told me I was beautiful, and too tempting for him. He was
just so good-looking, I couldn’t resist either. He was so black,
so very black.”

I lowered my mouth over my husband’s hard on, and he came in my
mouth within seconds, writhing and groaning with the power of his
orgasm, his hands squeezing my skull as he held my face still on
his lovely pale erupting dick.

It was the beginning of our new sexuality. For the first half
year, the stories of my brief affair with the mover was
sufficient; then I started making up new stories, fantasies of
other men making love with me. I told my husband how I would
love to have sex with this or that man, or with a stranger I’d
met on the bus. Then I’d described my fantasy in detail until he
was mad for me, and we’d have great sex.

But now Morgan wants me to really do something; he wants to set
something up where I have sex with someone, preferably a black
man, while he watches.

He doesn’t understand that what happened with Tim was special, a
combination of circumstances and mutual attraction that doesn’t
occur very often. Tim moved me in a powerful way. I want to
please my husband, but I’m not sure I want to do what he wants me
to do this time. I admit that there is some temptation; the
sexual satisfaction I had from my first extramarital encounter is
something that I wouldn’t mind experiencing again. But there is
also danger and uncertainty on many levels.

Rest assured, if I decide to do it, I’ll be writing about it.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Interracial Cheat : The Mover ( a mix of free content from various others sites and some words are edited )

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