erotic stories: Working Day

Michael Davis is just opening the front door from his house and stepping
outside as his limousine pulls around to satisfy him. It’s not stopped for a.
2nd prior to his driver his out to open his door. He smiles and states a.
quick hi and good morning. A warm smile on her red lips and a “Good.
morning, Sir,” is his gift in return.

Denise, his driver, is dressed with a function. Her skirt is precariously.
short and need to have lycra in it to grip her ideal ass that tight. Her.
smooth legs are perfectly showing the pattern on her stockings. Her.
short black jacket barely covers her crisp white blouse, fitted to her curves.
completely. There are enough buttons on the blouse open to simply show the.
top of the black lace bra providing up her ideal velvety breasts. They.
move just enough to be nearly hypnotic. He smiles. This girl knows how.
to dress for result. His cock pains with the desire he feels.

As she closes his door and climbs up into her own seat, his mind is unexpectedly.
drifting to the image of that skirt attempting to remain in place as she drives. It.
need to move up around her hips; exposing whatever panties she may be.
wearing. Again, his cock aches.

He’s quickly sidetracked from that though by the personal video screen.
coming to life. Denise based on routine has started the DVD for him as soon.
as they get moving. He questions if she ever bothers to take a look at exactly what she’s.
playing. The previous aching turns to an upset throb as they take a trip the.
next half hour to his office. The screen is felled with pictures of leather.
and lace clad females kissing, dancing, grinding versus each other,.
rubbing and finally fucking each other with urgent desire. It’s a long.

Arriving at work, Denise opens his door with a very deep bend and smile.
He’s given long and healthy look at her wonderfully complete and young.
breasts, completely showed.

He strolls to his office, waving and smiling at the few workers who have.
arrived earlier than him.

Now settled in his workplace, he scans the messages that showed up after his.
departure the other day and prepares a couple of products for the day. Maybe half an.
hour later, he hears Vicki, his secretary, show up and getting her own space.
ready, just steps outside his door. His mind wanders from his work for simply a.
minute, wondering exactly what she might be wearing today.

After about an hour, the intercom rings, and Vicki tells him a bundle has.
arrived for him by courier, and would he like her to bring it in. With a.
healthy touch of curiosity, he responds that would be very sort of her.

She steps inside, opening the door after a soft knock. He captures himself.
taking in a deep breath upon seeing her– her slim and lean body is.
designing a long skirt that seemed to stick to her curves and a fitted red.
sweatshirt with a collar approximately her neck however skin tight, hugging her company.

She smiles at him as he increases from behind his desk, admiring his completely.
fitted suit.

” Do you desire it?”.

” Yes, please.”.

” Have you sufficed?” she begins to taunt him.

” Yes, I have.”.

” Have you followed your directions today?” a raised eyebrow.
accompanies her question.

” Yes, I have, Mistress.”.

” Show me.”.

He transfers to the center of the workplace, and he removes his coat, laying it.
over the corner of his desk.

” Stop there, and put your hands behind your neck.” The command is company.
and efficient.

He obeys, and she moves more detailed. Her fingers transfer to his trousers,.
opening his belt, tugging down the zipper, reaching inside.

” Ooohh, it feels right.”.

She continues and his pants are soon around his ankles, and he steps out of.
them at her command. She guides him out of his shoes too. He now.
stands before her, under her control, exposed in black stockings, garter.
belt and bright pink thong panties. She reaches inside the front of his.

” And this charming cock cage fits you perfectly, draw a charming bulge it offers.
I bet it harms a fair bit when your cock attempts to get hard does not it?”.

” Yes, Mistress, it does.”.

” I bet that occurred a lot while watching the movie I chose for you, didn’t.

” Yes mistress, it did.”.

” Goody,” she responds, loving each second of the sexual torture she insists.
he endure. “And do you like being in these panties for me, slut? Dressed.
like a man on the outdoors, but like a little trampy slut below?”.

” Yes, Mistress, I love it.”.

” Good. Let’s open your bundle, shall we? I bought it special for you,.
and I’m so thankful it’s gotten here.”.

She tears into the package, laughing with glee, and in a minute she’s.
holding up his brand-new toy before his eyes. It’s a big, 7 inch bright pink.
butt plug, with swirling ridges down its length. “Oh good, this is going be.
so charming in your little ass,” she’s clapping her hands together. “I bet you.
cannot wait to use it for me.”.

” Yes, Mistress, please let me fill up my ass with it for you,” he asks.
truly, “Please.”.

” Oh, you will, my little girl, however not yet. I’ve got something else.
unique for you. Remove your shirt and tie.”.

He loosens the tie, putting it over the desk too, and unbuttons and.
eliminates his t-shirt.

” Turn to deal with the window.”.

He turns, his back to her, now dressed just in the panties and stockings,.
dealing with out across the city, never ever knowing who might be looking back. Her.
deft hands quickly have his chest covered in a pink lace bra, matching his.
thong, and she slips large silicone breast forms inside the cups. All of a sudden.
he carries D cup breasts on his frame.

” Now, reverse to face me. Show me your titties.”.

He turns, his face red. He never ever rather gets utilized to his, being a male in.
women’s lingerie, so controlled by his secretary, his Mistress. He feels.
humiliated wearing the lingerie, the fake breasts, but he knows he does it.
for her satisfaction, and that makes whatever beneficial. The feeling he.
senses from her when his obedience pleases her, arouses her, when the.
humiliation she forces upon him changes the tone of her voice in that way.
he loves, is the finest sensation he’s ever understood.

And that appearance is growing on her face now– that curve of her lips. “Good.
lady,” she states. “Bend over.”.

He obeys, and he bend deeply forwards, his legs spread, until he can.
almost grip his ankles– the thong splitting his ass cheeks, exposed to the.

Her fingers are roaming over him, teasing him. She slaps on latex gloves,.
and he soon feels those fingers, now cold and damp with lube, probing.
his ass, evaluating it.

Unexpectedly she is pressing something into his tight opening– it’s so cold, it.
cannot be the new plug. It pops within, just to be rapidly followed by.
another. He’s enabled a moan, he understands from experience, but never a.
concern. After the 3rd is pressed within, cooling him to the core, she.

” Do you keep in mind recently, slut, when you came for me in the ice.
tray? What does it cost? you needed to give after waiting so long for me? I’ll bet.
you do.” The joy and enjoyment is so obvious in her voice that despite the.
pain he feels his cock throb in its cage. He did understand, and she ‘d.
been having him develop more once again– he had not been enabled to cum in a.
week. “Well you’ve got your little cum-cubes packed inside your very own ass.
right now. An ass complete of cum that will quickly melt inside you. Exactly what a slut.
you are.” Her voice remains just on the edge of gleeful laughter.

And then she guides the brand-new plug inside. It’s broader than he’s been filled.
with in the past, and it hurts and extends him entering. She gladly keeps in mind.
that its ridges allow her to literally screw it into his ass. And with a final.
push, its largest point pops into him, and the toy is house.

” You may stand now, slut.”.

He stood upright, and feels the plug so deep and full inside him– he feels.
it trap the abusing frozen cum in his ass. Will it be better or worse once it.
thaws? Understanding that his cum is sloshing around inside his own ass.

” Now, you may get back to work. Put back on your trousers and your coat.
You may not have the ability to button your t-shirt over your brand-new tits, so I’ll simply.
take it with me. Oh and one more thing.”.

She gets his shoes where he’s left them, and tosses him a different.
set. 4 inch black heels.

” You’ll be using these too. Put them on.”.

Feeling the plug with each action, he transfers to enter them. He defends.
his balance at initially, however he repents to realize he’s getting used to.
strolling in heels. She leans down and as closes small locks on the buckling.
straps as she closes them tight.

” Now get to work, slut– you’re going to have an attempting and long lunch.
hour, so you ‘d much better be efficient. And looking like that, you ‘d better.
hope noone surpasses my desk.”.

With another stroke over his satin-covered and steel trapped cock, she’s.
surpassed the heavy wood door. He pulls his trousers up past the.
heels, over her stockinged legs and over his plugged and complete ass. He.
slides on his jacket, which now simply serves to frame his lace-enclosed.

It was almost difficult to work. He felt his ass ache with each motion in.
his chair, and he made certain he might feel his own cum sloshing inside him.
The phony breasts were constantly getting in his way as he aimed to type or.
read reports. Worst of all, he understood precisely how he looked– requiring time in.
his personal restroom to soak in the embarrassing image looking back from.
the mirror. He didn’t rather understand if Vicki would let somebody past her to.
see him by doing this. Each sound outside the door could be the end of his.
track record.

The hour of midday had shown up finally, and each minute that now ticked past
appeared like an hour. But Michael knew better than to do anything however
wait. He hadn’t walked much, but his feet were really knowledgeable about the heels
that caught them. His ass had actually been plugged full for hours now, however it was
not the example you got used to.

At about quarter after, the door to his workplace opened all of a sudden and without
caution. He was frozen in his chair.

It was Miss Vicki with a wicked smile embellishing her face.

” Nervous, slut? Concerned somebody snuck past while I was in the
washroom?” She giggled at his situation. “I’ll bet you’re wondering
the number of times I left to go to the restroom this early morning– or did I simply
choose a walk and leave the door unguarded.”

” Yes Mistress,” was the only response he might muster.

” Well it is time for your unique lunch.” She locked the door to his office,
which appeared a rather ominous indication after this early morning, he thought.

” Remove the trousers and jacket, slut. I wish to see those charming panties
and bra.”

Inside of a minute, he was once again standing in the middle of his workplace in
underwear and heels.

” Bend over, whore, and spread your legs.”

When he was in position, he felt her fingers over his legs, his ass and after that
teasing down to wiggle the plug stuffing him.

” Nice and full, slut? Nice and complete of rubber and cum?”

” Yes Mistress.”

” It’s lunch time, slut. Are you hungry?” she altered the subject rapidly.

” Yes Mistress, I am.”

” Well, you’ll eat quickly enough, however we’ve got a couple of things to do first.
Now, you understand that you’re my little slut, don’t you?”

” Yes Mistress.”

” You understand that I own you totally. I can make you do anything for
me, which whatever you are and that you’ve achieved is actually
mine now. What you have is just what I’ve permitted you to keep. Believe
about that, do not answer right now. Think of it. Then tell me.”

It was more than simply obedience that made him run the believed through is
mind. Today had proved it for the hundredth time. If she wanted,
she might expose him in this lingerie or in any of the other outfits he had actually.
worn for her. Or she might share the many photos of his excited service.
His life, his track record and his profession remained in her hands.

” Yes Mistress, I know that I am yours entirely.”.

” Good. It’s great that you understand it. Do you accept it?”.

The sensation swelling through him made this answer easier. “Yes Mistress,.
I accept it, and I plead for it. I would not desire to be anything but yours.”.

” That is excellent, slut; especially due to exactly what I have actually planned for you.
today. I want you to remember what you’ve just informed me through every.
minute.” Her look took a trip through his eyes down deep into his soul.

” Now, on your knees, slut. Put your wrists behind your back, and keep.
your knees spread out.”.

He moves into position, and found it one that gave him yet once again a new.
awareness of the plug. His bra-full of silicone breasts were pushed.
forwards. Behind him, she skillfully locked his wrists in leather cuffs,.
trapping them together. As she took out a gag and revealed it to him, he.
obediently opened his mouth for it. A small penis-shaped rubber things.
pushed between his teeth, and the leather strap secured behind his head.
locked it tight. She revealed him his face now with a small mirror, and he.
observed a silver ring flat against the leather of the gag. She set down the.
mirror and got rid of a big bright pink dildo from her bag. There was a.
gleam in her eye as she secured the base of it to his gag, and as soon as again.
the mirror was raised to show it obscenely sticking out from his face.

” One more piece of preparation, slut.”.

And with that, she extracted the blindfold. Buckled on strongly, it plunged.
him entirely in darkness. Without other sights to sidetrack him, he was.
once again extremely aware of how he needs to look.

The knock on the door jerked him from his thoughts and his heart was.
pounding in his chest.

” Oh lovely, our guest is here.”.

He heard Miss Vicki relocate to the door and open it. The gasp he heard was.
another person’s.

” Shhh now like, we do not wish to provide our little slut any ideas,” Miss
. Vicki instructed.

She had actually lastly done it. She ‘d shared his most closely secured trick.
She ‘d shared her ownership with someone. He might hardly study.
the sound of his heart pounding and the buzzing in his head. But his.
aching cock aiming to stiffen in its cage betrayed to himself how he really.

” Now, slut,” Miss Vicki continued, “you are going to be a great little lady.
for our guest, and make me proud. Aren’t you?”.

He nodded, and felt his face redden with shame as he felt the toy cock.
locked to his face shake.

” Good girl.” Then Miss Vicki turned to her visitor. “Go ahead love,.
explore her, have some enjoyable.”.

Strange hands were suddenly on his body, moving over his face, his chest,.
under his face breasts to tease and modify his nipples. They reached within.
his panties and felt the terrible cage trapping his cock. They directed his body.
forwards, pressing his face to the carpet, and explored the base of the plug.
inside him.

” That plug is trapping cum in his ass, love. I won’t tell you whose it is.”.
Miss Vicki laughed and he heard another gasp from the unknown woman.

Then her fingers were on his face again, really stroking the dildo locked.
to his gag harness.

” Do you want it?” Vicki asked her.

He might just assume she nodded, because the next thing he heard was his.
Mistresses command to move onto his back. She recuffed his hands over.
his go to enable him to lie flat on the carpet. He knew it was coming, however.
he was still not totally gotten ready for the sensation of this unidentified female.
lowering herself over his body– his body dressed in pink panties and a.
packed bra, in heels and stockings. She reduced herself gradually. He felt.
her thighs versus his arms, his chest. He smelled her more than anything.
Then the pressure versus his gag, and he knew. He ached to see this.
secret cunt filling itself with the dildo on his face. His own cock.
shouted to be set totally free, to be permitted to stand easily set up. However all he.
could do was lay there, feeling her utilizing his face to please herself,.
smelling her stimulation with the deep breaths he was forced to take through.
his nose. He did know better than to just lie there though, and he worked.
to please her as finest he could. He moved his confront with her thrusts,.
matching them, swirling and dancing the dildo inside her.

She couldn’t stop herself soon, and low however constructing guttural moans were.
making their method from her. Her juices her grasping down the dildo,.
to his face as she rode it. Miss Vicki was smiling and fingering.
herself as she enjoyed.

He felt her fuck his face quicker and quicker, her seriousness structure with the.
volume of her moans. Finally, the moans emerged into a scream and she.
came damp and loud on top of him. She collapsed down, and for a couple of.
panicked seconds her position on his face obstructed all breathing, but when.
she was able to roll off him, her nectar was left all over his face, drawn in.
to his nostrils strongly.

” Mmmm, that was so good to enjoy, love, I can just picture how it felt.”.

There was a mumbled reaction, likely all she could manage.

” Now, I wish to show you something else,” and once again there was that.
wicked happiness in Vicki’s voice. “Slut, get up for me, stand up.”.

He worked his way up onto his legs, struggling a bit to stabilize blind on.
heels with his hands cuffed together before him.

” Pull down your panties, slut.”.

Once again he had to make due with cuffed hands as he slid the small bit of satin
down his thighs and off over his heels. He felt her fingertips moving over
his caged manhood. She loved to taunt him, so it was a surprise when her
fingers relocated to complimentary him of it.

” Back down on your knees, slut. Keep those legs spread.”

He relapsed down the flooring, feeling his high heels beneath the cheeks of
his full ass as he spread his thighs broad, displaying his freed cock. It was
clear now to Vicki’s guest that he was kept completely shaved.

” Would you like to cum, slut? Would you want to show us what does it cost? of
your cum you’re keeping in those blue balls? Hmmmm?”

He nodded, shaking the sticky dildo once again.

” Okay, my horny little slut. You can jerk your horny cock for us, while
we watch. You’ve got 5 minutes to cum, but do not cum without
approval. You may nod to ask authorization.”

With his wrists cuffed, his 2 hands worked in collaboration. One stroking
his needy prick, the other rubbing his complete balls. With the knowledge of
his humiliating position, the plug inside him, face breasts wiggling on his
chest, and an audience of his Mistress and her visitor, he didn’t require
anywhere near the time permitted. Images from the entire week of his
service filled his head, then his motorist teasing him, the motion picture in the vehicle,
then having his face fucked in his office, leaving a sweet aroma that still
filled his senses. He was nodding urgently in two minutes.

” Ready to cum already, slut? Oh my, how starving you must be.”

He understood much better than to stop stroking, regardless of being so close to explosion,
but it took all his will to hold back. He heard her shifting around him.
Another surprise hit him, as her hands pulled his from his cock. Was she
going to reject him? In seconds she freed them only to cuff them again
behind his back. He was moaning around his gag. Disappointment turned to
pure joy as he now felt her firm grip replace his. She stroked him hard
and tight, and his whole body was shivering.

” Cum now, slut, cum now. Cum hot and complete for your Mistress. Program our
think just how much jism you’re saving for me.”

The surge started in an immediate and kept coming. Convulsion after convulsion of
his body ejected the thick cum in heavy ropes. His entire body savoured
the sweet release. With a last grunt from behind the leather, he was
spent, and he plunged so somewhat.

With a shared wink to her guest, Vicki lifted the plate from in between his
thighs. Her professional hand had guided the thick cum into rows on the open
sandwich. It stuck out incredibly on the pieces of roast beef. The
female, damp again from his efficiency, needed to slap her hand over her
mouth to keep silent.

Vicki directed him to his feet and to the sofa. He was inches from the
weird woman and he might pick up the electrical power. Her novice hands
unbuckled his gag, the dildo still swaying from it, and his mouth was
emptied. The penis gag moved out covered in his drool.

His hands still cuffed behind him, he was gradually and adoringly fed the
sandwich by the visitor. With his second bite, he was favorable of where his
cum had gone, and when again felt an inner humiliation that he now
acknowledged the taste so easily. He was starving, and ate eagerly. He was
offered a mouthful of water to clean the last bite down, and licked his lips

” Thank you, Mistress, thank you for enabling me to serve and feed.”

” You are welcome, slut. Now, another thing,” she turned as soon as more to
her guest, “do you wish to?”

Still blindfolded, he understood nothing of her action– just Miss Vicki’s.
reaction. “Okay slut, hands on your desk, and bend forward, back arched,.
legs spread out.”.

He felt his way there and complied.

The fingers that felt their method between his ass cheeks were tentative, still.
nervous, so he understood it was not Miss Vicki. He groaned as she pulled and.
twisted the plug from him. His face was red with more humiliation.

” See how open he is now?” Vicki explained, “He’s been stuffed with it all.
early morning.”.

And he did feel open. Open and exposed. But in minutes that sensation was.
over. Girlfriend discussed for a new audience exactly what the cloudy ice.
cubes were as she pushed five more into him, and plugged him tight once.
more. The panties were relapsed up his legs.

His bye-bye kiss to Miss Vicki’s visitor was carefully and lovingly positioned.
to her sex. He could inform she was groomed, but not shaved. A minute later on.
she was gone.

Alone once again with Miss Vicki, he blinked in the intense light with the.
removal of the blindfold.

” You made me happy, slut, and you’ll be rewarded for it,” she stated with a.
heartfelt smile. But for the remainder of the day, you’ll still sit on your cum-.
filled and plugged ass, and work there with your nice tits. But plainly after.
lunch, you’re too outrageous a slut to require any of your fit.”.

And then she was gone with his clothing and he was alone with his.
thoughts. Alone behind a large oak desk in high heels, stockings and.
garters, a pink thong covering a plug screwing cum into his ass, carrying.
D cup breasts in pink lace on his chest. He was a whore. He was Miss

Vicki’s slut. And now he was exposed as that slut to another lady. A lady he.
may never ever understand, however he ‘d be trying to find that stimulate of understanding.
acknowledgment in the eyes of every lady he ‘d fulfill from that day on.

He never ever felt more alive.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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