Special Treatment – Erotic Story

Special Treatment – Erotic Story .. Stacy’s day could barely have actually been much better – even being at work seemed
wonderful. The heat of spring was in the air, enabling her to fully roll
down the windows of her truck and feel the breeze flap her blonde ponytail
against her shoulders. As she looked around the pristine cab and
double-checked her destination, she was advised why she loved her

Special Express was a niche-market courier business that treated their
motorists extremely well – particularly their women chauffeurs. In fact they seemed to
have gone to fantastic lengths to entice any women away from the other couriers
in the area. There were great and versatile hours, equal and generous pay,
well-kept clean trucks and advantages packages tailored for them. On top of
regular sick days the motorists also got “lunar days” off every month,
as required.

Management had actually likewise gone above and beyond when it pertained to group
benefits. Not just were there the normal medical and dental plans but also
some great group discounts at regional hair salons, spas and high end clothes
stores – including gorgeous lingerie from stores differing from Victoria’s.
Secret to La Perla. Include to that the yearly company retreats that just.
occurred to take location at some of the most sensational beaches and splendid.
resorts and it was no marvel that there was hardly a female to be found.
working for any of their rivals.

She wasn’t so naive to think that the gender of the person providing.
the bundles into offices didn’t make any distinction to the clients but it.
didn’t actually trouble her. She wasn’t a flirt by any methods, but she had.
long back made peace with the additional glances her looks brought her. Her.
blond hair was long and thick, striking even in a ponytail – and it was set.
off well by the deep tan she quickly kept between the retreats and medspa.
sees. Even though the business uniform was a non-descript – if a little.
snug – jumpsuit, she still felt the warmth of a couple of eyes on her when she.
entered male-dominated offices. She was well curved and she remained.
fit. Depending upon the day or state of mind it affected her in a different way, however primarily.
it entertained her and gave her a certain feeling of power.

When she came to the address on the waybill she found a convenient.
spot for the truck in the structure’s packing location. There was just one.
small bundle to go, so she could easily bring it by hand. She head within.
as she aimed to remember if she had actually remained in this particular building before -.
no clear answer entered your mind. The structures all began to mix together.
after a while. These offices did appear to be well designated to her glance,.
lots of glossy metal and expensive wood. Her eyes moved back and forth.
between the plan’s label and the names on directory sites and doors until.
she found her way to one Mr. A. Gallway’s office. His receptionist was a.
young woman, so he couldn’t be that important. Stacey’s had her own rule.
of thumb that the mid-level officer’s get off on adorable ladies outside their door.
while the real power gamers knew that it was middle-aged profession.
administrators that actually got things done.

The receptionist balked at signing the digital pad and told her that Mr.
Gallway wished to get the plan personally – security or something.
Stacey sighed all right – more time gotten of her regular, however she didn’t let.
her dissatisfaction show – Special Express cherished the client service it.
offered – consisting of politeness. She found this a new challenge today -.
this woman was really chewing gum.

Following the perky pleated skirt into the main workplace after a quick.
knock, she placed on her smile and provided the bundle and finalizing pad to Mr.
Gallway. He seemed an average sort, not old and not fat. Stacey has.
long ago stopped discovering too much about the “employers” as in her world it is.
the receptionists and parking attendants that warrant a courier’s excellent enhances.
and attention.

He took the pad from her and signed it, smiling at her. “Would you mind.
waiting simply a minute while I open this? If it is what I think it is, I.
must have a return package for you right away.”.

” Of course, Sir” she responded. The majority of other companies wouldn’t bother, however.
this sort of situation was even in her training examples as one way Special.
Express would offer a greater level of service. She turned, simply enough to.
provide him a semblance of personal privacy however inadequate to turn her back to him.

In the corner of her eye she might see him tear open the little box and.
slide out a little folded card. He needs to like it, she believed, because that.
is some smile.

He began to speak however it’s didn’t actually seem he was directing his.
words to her and his eyes were locked onto the card. He spoke slower than.
previously, like he was attempting too tough with each syllable. “Code Special.
Express 4591.”.

She will think that’s a weird thing to state, however she wasn’t.
actually believing anymore, and besides, it wasn’t almost as odd as the.
method the space was getting darker and kind of blurry.


When a normal light level returned, Stacy discovered herself seated – vaguely.
knowledgeable about a modification there. She was standing a second back, right? As her.
eyes opened more fully and she became mindful of her environments, she found.
herself in a rather luxurious wingback chair in an office. She acknowledged the.
face of the guy smiling at her and the information of a delivery began coming.
back to her.

” What happened?” she handled to ask.

He didn’t truly respond to her; he just smiled. “God, I like it …
Always a surprise.”.

This time relying on face her, he resolved her; “You’re a Special.
Express carrier, my dear, with a rather special emphasis on the ‘special.’ I.
requested a delivery and I got it, and it’s you. So now you’re all mine,.
at least for a while. You were quite costly, you understand.”.

” You’ve got to be kidding,” she said, uncertain if she must be surprised.
at this men misconceptions of his own beauty, or to be insulted and his.
assumptions that she could be purchased. She decided it was time to obtain out.
of here. When she attempted to lift herself from the chair, her arms didn’t.
seem to respond to her desire to press herself up. Still too weak from.
fainting, she supposed, or whatever took place.

” Please, dear,” he stated, “take off your uniform.”.

She ensured her feelings this time – anger and disbelief bubbled up
inside her mind. This asshole runs out his mind if he thinks she’s.
disrobing for him. Her mind raced to expression the appropriate reply and.
insult prior to she would storm off to call her manager and his.

While she was thinking, the space began moving once again. It took a split.
2nd for her to understand that this time the room appeared to be moving.
due to the fact that she had really stood up. Not just that, but her arms and hands.
seemed be moving about by themselves. In reality her fingers are beginning to.
peel open her jumpsuit uniform; opening the collar button and gradually but.
steadily taking down on the front zipper. She attempts to stop it, to pull.
her hands away, however despite feeling the sensations and pressure on her.
fingertips she appears to have no control over her body.

She wished to stop, to scream, to go out– to do anything however stand.
here and be exposed prior to this stranger. None of it seemed possible,.
nevertheless – she couldn’t even seem to change the expression on her face – the.
soft curl of her lips formed into a coquettish smile mocked her failure.
to resist.

” In case you’re wondering, the delivery code provides me your obedience as.
well as your presence, my sweet,” he spoke in a near whisper, considering.
her in seeming wonder. Each second death saw more of her tanned flesh.
exposed and his eyes were locked upon the movement of the zipper.

She wasn’t just eliminating her clothing in an utilitarian way, it became.
clear. Her shoulders and neck signed up with the sort of dance, shrugging back to.
slide the uniform from her shoulders as the posture emphasized her company.
breasts. Regardless of the psychological resistance she set up, there appeared to be.
nothing she could do to stop her body turning as her hands moved to her.
waist, pushing the jumpsuit down her long legs, bending at the waist as she.
did so – exposing her bottom so shamelessly to him. Her hands reached all.
the method to her ankles, releasing her foot from her shoe as it stepped.
out of the one-piece suit leg. Her next foot followed suit, pulling from the.
shoe and the jumpsuit, now just crumpled cotton on the flooring – and she ‘d.
stepped outwards each time, so her feet were spaced out nearly 2 feet.
apart – she was unexpectedly extremely knowledgeable about the view she was offering him.

She wished to stand, to turn and cover herself as finest she could. None.
of that occurred though – simply the sluggish slide of her fingertips up her legs.
as she moved upright so slowly. As she stood upright again, her legs.
twisting to turn her body towards him another, another surprise almost.
overwhelmed her. A pulse of exactly what appeared like heated electrical energy shot.
through her body, starting between her legs and pressing outside to her toes.
and fingertips. It appeared like pure pleasure. Her vulnerability in her own.
form continued, and she could not even blush as she felt her pussy moisten.
and her nipples stiffen quickly – all in the open view of this Mr.

” Yes, I bet that felt great – they tell me it feels wonderful for you to.
obey – to do just what you’re told,” he was almost laughing and he ‘d.
plainly seen the responses. “Keep that in mind, my dear.”.

Stacy no longer knew what to believe; she was hardly able to deal with the.
clashing emotions and sensations. She discovered herself standing in this.
workplace, removed down to small red lace panties and a coordinating demi bra of.
red lace and black silk piping (that would have been out of her financial.
reach without the business discount). Possibly even more awkward than.
her attractive ensemble is the truth that the pulse of enjoyment has actually left her.
nipples really visibly stiff and she knew from the terrific sensation that.
dark moisture will soon be marking her panties.

She’s embarrassed, embarrassed, mad, afraid and confused. Exactly what is.
taking place? What did he imply when he discussed the business? She’s a.
carrier, not a hooker. Is Special Express behind this in some way? God, why.
does it need to feel so great?

Her mind raced invisibly behind the coy smile her lips curl themselves.
into, parted slightly to reveal her tongue moving over her teeth. Her body.
was shuddering visibly with the pleasure.

” Go ahead, look in the plan you provided, and take out the red.
plastic bag – it should be clear exactly what to do with the contents.”.

Her body didn’t think twice to walk to the box and pull out the red plastic.
bag and open it up. Inside she saw a rather slutty-looking pair of red.
heels that need to have been 5 inches high. One after the other she.
slipped her feet into them and discovered herself stabilizing atop them as she.
leaned forwards, at the waist once again, to close the leather strap around her.
ankle. With them on, her fingers searched in the bag and took out the.
just remaining product – a tube of lipstick.

She hardly got a flash of the brilliant red colour prior to her fingers had.
it open and sliding over her pursed lips. It felt so smooth, so wet that.
she understood it must be some type of high-gloss covering. Once again she was.
sidetracked and nearly overturned by the pulse of heat shooting from her.
loins. Another command obeyed, as if she had a choice, and another.
undesirable benefit.

” Why don’t you get used to those heels and walk around the workplace for me.
– I ‘d like to get an excellent take a look at you in motion, sweetie.”.

In minutes she was on her path, starting sluggish laps of his office,.
her body swaying and moving, her hips beating out the unheard rhythm of a.
primal drum. She felt her full breasts, a really complete C, bouncing and.
jerking in the minimal support her bra used and the motion only brought.
more of her focus on her stiff and delicate nipples.

She felt the heat of mortified humiliation in her cheeks without.
understanding only a healthy pink revealed on her cheeks. She felt the problem.
of stabilizing her body on the ridiculous heels, however just a practiced grace.
showed, along with the shaping of her legs and ass that just such tall.
heels could accomplish.

As she lapped the workplace as something in between a runway model and.
product on screen she recognized that she was fast approaching the floor.
to ceiling windows behind his desk – she felt like a traveler in a vehicle.
about to crash. There would be absolutely nothing to conceal her – not that walking.
around this way was precisely discrete, however a minimum of it was only for an.
audience of one. She could not make herself stop regardless of her internal.
panic. She could not even make her head turn to look and see who might be.
looking from some other office at that minute. Maybe, she thought, it was.
a blessing that she didn’t know if some executive throughout the street was.
snorting coffee through his nose right now, as he enjoyed her nearly bare.
body roam across the space.

As a further betrayal of her body versus her, her stride slowed as she.
crossed the stretch of glass. Her hips provided an extra wiggle, her shoulders.
pushed further back and her hands moved up her stomach to lift and squeeze her.
breasts. And, mortified internally, she really giggled like Marilyn.
Monroe on a subway grate. He loved it, she could tell. He was watching.
her intently, eyes wandering over her like a steak on a barbeque. She saw.
the bulge in his pants grow and his hands transfer to his crotch for some.
unexplained adjustment.

At that minute, if she could have, she would have visibly stumbled with.
the force of the pulse of enjoyment and desire hitting her. She desired to.
curse her body – how could she be acting this method? Showing herself like.
a whore, just following this stranger’s orders without concern or.
hesitation. How could it trigger her such enjoyment? It was frustrating,.
especially as she might currently barely await the next sensation, the next.
pulse – all the while afraid of exactly what she would be doing when it took place.
Would she be touching that cock? God, would she? Part of her desired to.
see it, to touch it and to squeeze it but each increasing mental image was met.
with the opposite metal impulse of anger and disgust.

Gallway seemed delighted to enjoy her for a couple of endless minutes, through her.
sluggish and silent laps of his office. Then he spoke.

” There’s an unique toy in the delivery box. Will you get it, please?”.
It wasn’t a concern and his pure enjoyment of his control was audible in.
his tone.

She didn’t miss out on a stride or break her rhythm as she turned to the box.
she ‘d provided. She stopped and bent at the waist to reach down and pull.
out the unusual item from the bottom of a black plastic bag. Inside her.
head, she heard alarm bells sounding in addition to quiet screams of panic.
It was huge! In her hands, she held a giant, rubber and realistic black.
rubber dildo.

Years earlier, on one martini-inspired girls night, she and some buddies had.
gone to see a male strip show. The muscled body of the feature dancer had.
blown them away – they had actually hooted and yelped and chuckled and shouted.
When that African god had retreated his thong that night, nevertheless, they.
were silenced in wonder. This dildo was larger.

The base of it was formed into a suction cup and the intended usage was.
clear with Gallway’s next words. “Lick the base, my dear, and push it up.
against the window behind my desk.”.

Her mind was racing, aiming to stay an action ahead in figuring out what.
was planned for her, while her body mindlessly complied with. Her tongue rolled.
out of her mouth, bathing the base of the dildo. She came down on her knees.
for take advantage of and pressed the toy up versus the glass – as soon as more exposed to.
view – till it stayed there by itself – jutting out obscenely.

” Strip completely now, please – take off everything but those fantastic.

Was she still withstanding? She couldn’t tell as plainly as before. The.
reactions of her body didn’t appear as unanticipated or as unwanted. God, she.
had to battle this, no matter how great it felt in pulses. She couldn’t.
become this. At the very same time, her body offered a little spasm of pleasure as.
first the bra then her panties were peeled in a sluggish, sexy dance.
for him. It seemed like an invisible kiss on her clit when they struck the.

Every square inch of her flesh tingled, like a breeze was touching her
nakedness. Her nipples were crinkled so tight, like an enthusiast’s lips were
holding and taunting them.

She barely heard his words as he made his wishes clear. Her mind didn’t.
need to, as her body was just too pleased to oblige. She moved down to her.
knees, facing him, and on all fours she backed up to the obscene toy up until.
she felt its touch. She didn’t stop longer than it considered her hand to.
discover the head and guide it to her drenched pussy.

In a blur she rode it – she pressed her body back, actually moaning out.
loud as it extended her open wider and pressed in, spreading her puffed.
lips open around its girth. Her adequate breasts swayed with the building.
rhythm. The enjoyment hit her let a pure force and her embarrassment and.
pity lost easily to her built-up lust and desire. Her eyes held his look,.
his smirk, as she fucked the toy – the program visible to anyone who might be.
viewing from the other side of that window made sure to be profane and.
graphic. She understood it which knowledge was another split in her mind -.
part ashamed and part deeply aroused by the possibility. She thought of some.
copy clerk looking at her ass, her body pressing back as it was filled over.
and over, and perhaps even that horny boy was holding his dick in his hand as.
he saw.

Gallway, plainly excited, made his way closer to her. His hands deftly.
opened his belt and he pressed his trousers and boxers down to his ankles.
The tightness of his cock was a clear barometer of his pleasure of the.
show so far. He rested on the edge of his chair and the command had hardly.
left his mouth before her lips swallowed him in. Her body pistoned between.
the 2 dicks now – one thrust would press her back and drive the enormous.
dildo deep into her raving cunt, the next would move his hot throbbing.
shaft into her mouth, with her lips pursed tight around him.

She felt the heat increasing in her body as her moans left as gurgled.
mumbling. Her pity was outdone by disbelief now – disbelief that this.
might be real, that she could be in this circumstance when she was expected to.
be working, that it could feel so great. Over and over she bounced between.
him and the substantial dildo. Each movement brought a sense of more humiliation.
that was rapidly outdone by the pure physical satisfaction of the experiences.
that included it.

She felt herself near launch, to sweet orgasm. She was so close.
that just a couple of more thrusts would do it. Prior to she could make it,.
nevertheless, he pulled his throbbing cock from her mouth, stopping her.
rhythm. Once he was free of her lips, he reached down to pinch her.
nipples; he held them in his fingers and squeezed and rolled them until she.
moaned aloud. Then he pulled them, towards him, as he rolled the chair.
back. In the beginning her body took the feeling as enjoyment and play, but he.
didn’t stop retreating from the window.

Lastly, hesitantly, she needed to crawl forward to follow – her tormented.
breasts and nipples pulled her like a leashed pup. She sighed as the.
dildo popped wetly from her aching cunt. With that damp noise he stopped.
and launched her. She understood then that he had heard the noise too and her.
hidden embarrassment increased higher and greater.

” Turn around, my sweet. Crawl around for me, and face the window.”.

She manoeuvred around on all fours, turning her bottom towards him. Her.
thoughts blurred into a chaotic buzz her mind took in her surroundings.
The big, obscene rubber cock looked her in the face, leaking with her own.
juice. Her pussy, spread and hot and wet, was shown to the strange.
executive. And yes, it needed to have occurred, she might now see males.
viewing her from 2 different offices throughout the street. One man, alone.
in his office was clearly rubbing his own cock with the show. 2 windows.
over and one floor up, there were three males together and she saw their.
faces distorted in laughter and wonder.

” Time to start once again, my sweet,” he spoke to a rough voice now.

Her internal voice pled, but she didn’t truly know whom she was.
pleading anymore: him or herself? His hands guided her forwards and with.
her eyes as broad as her mouth, she took the dildo in her mouth. The strong.
and needy taste of her own nectar was effective, and she could not do anything.
however satisfy the eyes of the onlookers as she felt herself pushed much deeper and.
deeper onto it.

As the fullness of it struck her and se was battling to fit it all in,.
her attention was diverted elsewhere. Gallway thrust his stiff cock, still.
wet from her saliva, deep into her waiting and displayed cunt with a single.
thrust. Her groan was developed into a bubbling gurgle by the dildo, and the.
thrust pressed it even deeper into her.

Each thrust filled her body with experience – not only from the feeling.
of his extremely excited cock moving into her sensitized pussy, but again with.
the undesirable yet so fantastic pulses of goodness that her obedience and.
subservience appears to set off. Her desire was palpable yet at the exact same time.
so was her embarassment, her embarrassment, as she was so familiar with being fucked on.
all fours in this office while she sucked on all the black dildo she.
could fit into her mouth in the complete view of an increasing crown of office.
workers. As she groaned, one hand transferred to the window to brace her body.
against his deep powerful thrusts.

She feared the last humiliation even as she understood it was so close, and.
so desperately desired. She was minutes from cumming. Each thrust edged.
her near that cliff. As her body shivered and her breasts swayed, she.
could feel her heart pounding in her chest, resounding in her head and.
her clit. And after that it struck, landing over her like an ocean wave – hitting.
her whole body simultaneously, knocking her right out of conscious thought.
Despite the mouthful of rubber, she still aimed to shout out with.

Gallway rode it out, feeling the spasming of her pussy tight around his.
cock. His continued thrusts only extended her orgasm; wave after wave.
pounding over her, until her clit felt like it would take off or rupture into.
flame. At his own last minute, he pulled his shivering shaft from her,.
sticky from her nectar, and held it tight as he reached his own plateau,.
and shot many thick white ropes of hot cum onto her glistening back and.
ass. A guttural groan pushed from his mouth with each shot.

As her enthusiasm receded, the full blast of her embarrassment struck her. She.
knelt there, mouth full of dildo, as he moaned and breathed deeply behind.
and above her. He was bathing in his own enjoyment, utilizing his softening.
cock to rub his cooling cum into her skin. Her gaze took in the applause.
from her audience across the street – a quiet mocking.

” Come off there, sweetheart. You can lick me tidy.”.

She wondered if it could possible worsen. As the tingling of desire.
drained pipes from her, the reality that her body was overlooking her mind hit her.
once again with complete force. She wished to flee and conceal but her body obediently.
withdrawed the dripping dildo, drool leaking from her lips, and relied on.
him. She gathered up the halferect cock in her mouth and her lips and.
tongue slowly bathed him, taking in the mixture of his cum and her nectar.
It seemed to take permanently to her as her active tongue sought each.
drop, even presuming as to draw his balls into her mouth while his cock.
ordinary throughout her cheek.

It was then that the flash of the Polaroid went off. “I’m not expected.
to, baby, however I had to have just one souvenir.” He was laughing.

His next words were in that forced and formal enunciation, “Code Special.
Express 4591 complete.” Her mouth was still loaded with him when her vision.
faded slowly to black, last seeing the grin of a man who couldn’t be more.
pleased with himself.


” Here you go, Miss – the waybill is connected.”.

She stood, looking back at the extremely comfy chair where she ‘d been.
waiting for him, yet another mid-level executive wanting individual carrier.
service since it makes him feel crucial. She smiled to herself, she.
would not have to wait if she worked for another business, but it was a really.
little rate to pay. Besides, she believed, she got a little bit of a break in the.
middle of a stressful day, and she felt so refreshed she might have been.

Her eyes broadened a touch as she glanced at her watch as she left the.
workplace, the new plan tucked under her arm. Damn, time sure flies when.
you enjoy your job.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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