humiliation story – Slave

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“Joshua, tomorrow I want you to take a crew to the bottom fields and
have them clear the stones from Marlow field. I need it prepared for
tilling as quickly as possible.” Joshua nodded and stepped to the side as
Master Forbs got in the shack. “Now where is my little Lynette?” Joshua
seen a look of worry cross Lynette’s young face as Master Forbs ruffled
her hair. You are growing strong child; a couple of more years and we will
see about breading you.” Joshua gritted his teeth as Master Forbs patted
his hand on the table. “Now where is my Annie?” “She is ill Sir, she took
severely last night and is running a high fever.” Annie appeared in the
doorway; she was covered in sweat and looked as if she was hanging on for
dear life as she dealt with her swollen stomach utilizing the doorframe for
support. “Are, there you are my lovely, come on, hop up.” He patted the
table again smiling. Joshua checked out Annie’s eyes and saw the discomfort
there, she half smiled at him as she connected to him for support.
Joshua helped her to the table; he heard it creak and oppose at her weight
as she raised her herself up and after that leaned back lifting her legs for
Master Forbs. “That’s my woman, a bit higher.” Master Forbes smiled as
he viewed her struggle on the table. Gradually he eliminated his braces and
decreased his pants. Then taking hold of his hard cock he searched for at
Joshua and smiled.

Joshua declined to look away as Mr Forbes mated with his
better half; he did his finest to hide his snarl as he looked down at the small
white male’s tiny cock, watching it gradually disappear into his pregnant other half.
” Humm, so sweet and hot, this fever is good for your cunt woman.” He began
to thrust into her and Annie like a good servant searched for at him as he
pushed up her dress to expose her heavy breasts. “Breading is excellent for you
lady.” Joshua enjoyed as his master grasped Annie’s dark nipples and
squeezed them hard making her cry out. “Look, you will quickly be ready for
birthing.” He squeezed again making her nipples lactate and rubbed the
white fluid in between his fingers with a satisfied smile. The table creaked
and he groaned as he pumped himself into Annie in the silence of the hut,
young Lynette concealed behind Joshua holding his leg tight. Joshua looked on
with hate in his heart grasping the doorway of his sleeping quarters tight.
Annie looked up at him with pleading eyes as the beads of her fever sweat
sparkled on her skin reflecting the open fire. “Higher girl, get your
legs greater and let me hear you groan, you understand I like it when you moan
lady.” Looking at his better half Joshua watched her bite her bottom lip as she
attempted to pull her legs up.

” Come on lady, get them up.” Master Forbes
took a look at Joshua with anger in his eyes. “Come boy, do not just stand
there, hold her legs up.” Taking a deep breath Joshua stepped up to Annie
and rubbed her fevered eyebrow, then gripping her knees he pulled her upper hands
higher to give Master Forbes much better access to breed with his spouse. “That’s.
it girl, now I can fuck you better.” Joshua looked down over her extended.
stomach and seen as Master Forbes’ cock pumped into his partner harder.
rocking the table with each trust as he paid attention to her groan for his.
satisfaction. With a grunt and a snarling face he came pumping his white seed.
into Annie. Joshua looked away as Master Forbes pulled his dripping cock.
out to shoot his last shot of ropey white cum over her inflamed stubborn belly.
” Fucking nigger juice.” He announced as he wiped his cock on Annie’s dress.
and pulled his pants up as he turned to leave. “Oh, one last thing Joshua,.
the dinner party will be held outside the barn tomorrow night so make certain to.
set the trestles prior to you leave for the fields.” Then he was gone and.
Annie burst into tears. Joshua reached for the water pail and taking a.
cloth wiped Master Forbes’s cum from between her legs and after that raising her.
in his strong arms carried her back to her pallet where in silence he held.
his better half to him feeling the heat burning at her skin. Young Lynette curled.
up beside him and he stroked her hair softly as she sniffled back her.
tears of worry. “Please Joshua” Annie’s voice was very weak. “No my love,.
you are unhealthy.” “Please Joshua, I need to feel you inside me not him.”.
Kissing the side of her burning face he eased down his trousers and taking.
hold of his cock pushed into her from behind.

Annie offered a long low moan.
as he slid the long length of his cock into her. “Loves you.” Her words.
were gentle as she reached back and pulled him in closer requiring his cock.
deep into her. Penetration was easy as she was well lubricated from Master.
Forbes’ cum and Joshua eased himself right up versus her; feeling the heat.
radiating from her back and the burning globes of her ass rose tight.
versus his crotch. He moved gradually not wanting to harm her or interrupt.
Lynette as he closed his eyes and felt the warm heat of her cunt envelop.
his cock as they rocked slowly. Moving his turn over and around her.
inflamed stubborn belly, then as much as cup and touch her big breast he circled her.
nipples paying attention to her moan silently. Then with a hot sweaty hand she.
cupped his face as he kissed her neck. “Loving you” she murmured. “Loving.
you.” He answered, as he kept up a sluggish consistent fucking rhythm, pulling her.
closer to place a kiss on the side of her face. Joshua closed his eyes and.
paid attention to her whispering his name and how she liked him as he began to.
take longer strokes slowly building himself up to an orgasm. Her hand.
gripped his tight and she offered out a long low sigh as her cunt griped down.
on his cock sending him over the edge, gasping for air they both came.
together. Joshua paid attention to her breathing slow to a consistent rhythm and.
went to pull out. Her hand gripped him tight. “Please remain inside me, I.
want to feel you close.” Joshua kissed her neck and closed his eyes.
thinking about what does it cost? he liked her as he wandered off to a material sleep with.
his cock buried deep inside her.

Prior to dawn Joshua got up and looked.
down at his partner, she was covered in sweat. He was stressed for her and his.
coming, so he got down and shook Lynette awake. “Look after you mum for.
me, my babe.” “I will.” Her voice was soft as she rubbed the sleep from her.
eyes. She looked so gorgeous, much like her mum, so he kissed her on top.
of the head as he made his escape for the day’s work. Rattling the doors.
of each bunkhouse; the work gangs gradually began to wake. Utilizing the horse.
troughs the men washed the night’s sleep away. Old Tom came near Joshua.
” Did Master Forbes call once again last night?” Joshua just nodded his head.
” He likes his late calls, did Annie please him? “She did her best though.
she is still heavy with the fever.” “You want Clarice to look in on her?”.
” If you could, I fear for her and our coming.” “You go and I will get her.
to hire when she is able between her tasks.” Joshua rounded up the.
workers and headed off approximately the barn, the new Overseer Master James was.
there with his 2 field hands. “Come on you slacking black bastards,.
let’s be having you.” His voice was sharp and indicate, simply like his eyes as.
he looked down at Joshua “Joshua, get these lazy animals to work.” Bowing.
his head he purchased the guys to bring the trestles out as the first light of.
dawn broke the horizon.

Once the tables were set out Joshua sent out half the
guys to the cotton fields and Master James got onto his pony and led the
last sixteen of them out to Marlow Field. It was hard work picking the
stones as the heat of the day burnt down on his back, however Joshua’s mind was
only focused on his spouse and her burning fever. Morning break came and
young Daisy arrived burdened with a yoke carrying the days; bread, cheese
and water. The men collapsed as she handed them out then she sat next
to her spouse to be, George. Joshua smiled as he watched her giggle at
his words. He might not hear exactly what they were whispering about; but they
looked delighted and the ideas of him and Annie back when they were young
and to be wed. It made him smile thinking of Annie when she was fourteen
summers old, with a huge smile and her slim arms and sharp elbows. He
thought of how she would make him smile and laugh just seeing the summers

He was lost in his ideas when Master James called his name.
Joshua got up and walked over; it was said that Master James had actually whipped a.
nigger to death for striking a field hand in 2015, or two he had actually heard, so.
Joshua bowed his head low as he approached. “Yes Master.” “Fetch the.
nigger girl over here; then get your kids back in that field. Master.
Forbes will not enjoy if it takes more than 2 days to clear this.
field.” Joshua clapped his hands and the guys got to their feet as he strolled.
over to George and Daisy. “Master James wants you Daisy.” George provided her.
a last kiss and smiled at her, then he followed Joshua out to the field.
They were returning into line when George grasped Joshua’s shoulder in a.
severe grip. Joshua looked at George then back to where he was looking.
Daisy was dropping her gown to the floor as Master James loosened his.
pants. Joshua patted George on the back. “Let it be.” “No. I’ll not have.
it.” He pressed Joshua’s hand off his shoulder and ran back to the Overseer,.
Joshua ran after him. Gripping his arm, he tried to pull him back, but.
George was incensed and snatched his arm free.

Master James saw him coming.
and pulled Daisy, who by now had his cock buried in her mouth, hard onto.
him making her cough and gag as he relieved his whip from his belt. George.
stopped understanding exactly what he was doing as he looked at Daisy failing her arms.
around. “Stop, please Sir, please Stop, you’re hurting her.” “Back to your.
work nigger” He split his whip. “Master Forbes, not like you sullying.
his niggers Master James.” “Know your place boy, no nigger tell me what to.
do.” He broke his whip at George “Please Sir.” “Sullying niggers, I’ll.
reveal you sullying niggers. Up lady.” Master James pulled the having a hard time.
Daisy up by the hair. “Bend over nigger.” He emphasized the order with a.
crack of the whip. Daisy flinched at the sound and bent over holding her.
knees tight anticipating to feel the stinging eyelash anytime. “Leave it.
George; you will just make it even worse.” Joshua tried to pull George back, however.
like a rock he stood his ground. The two Field hands came running over and.
grabbed George by the arms and pulled him. He fought against them up until.
they began to slam fists into his gut; finally they struck him hard to.
the back of his head sending him down in a heap.

Taking his arms they.
dragged him to the fence and tied him in location. Master James walked up to.
him and with a crack sent his whip throughout his chest. George woke with a.
startled cry. “You still going to inform me exactly what to do nigger?” “No master,.
simply …” He was interrupted as the whip hit him once again. “I don’t hear you.
nigger.” “No.” George sagged versus the fence knowing he could not win.
Master James moved more detailed to him and with the handle of his whip lifted his.
head by the chin.

” This your breeder boy?” He indicated with a nod of his.
head at Daisy who was still bent over naked holding her knees with tears.
running down her face. “No Sir, not yet Sir, no Sir, we are to be wed the,.
the next time the, the Reverend concerns provide us God’s blessing Sir.” “Hum,.
niggers believing in God, next thing you will see is a vicar’s collar on.
this pony of mine, in it young boys.” The two Field hands made fun of his jibe.
Joshua did unknown exactly what to do, he felt awkward standing there looking down.
at these males beating at George so he hopped from one foot to the other.
attempting to consider a way to stop it.

” Tell you what,” Master James patted.
George on the side of the face, “I’ll show you ways to sully a nigger.” With.
a swagger he strolled over to Daisy and standing behind her got his cock out.
once again, then widening his stride lined his cock up behind her. Master James.
looked over at George, “this is how you sully a nigger boy.” Licking his.
hand he damp his cock, three times he did it, then swilling his mouth he.
dribbled his spit over the fracture of her ass. “Just watch closely boy how a.
white man sully’s a nigger.” Daisy began to weep as Master James pushed.
her further down so she was resting her hands on her feet. Then with and.
evil grin he looked down and braced himself as he gripped his cock with one.
hand and placed the other hand on her back and slammed himself into her.
Daisy offered an almighty scream as his cock ripped into her ass. Master.
James turned with an evil grin to glare at George who was pulling.
frantically at the fence.

Chuckling Master James gripped Daisy’s hips and.
knocked himself into her again, she resembled a limp rag in his hands as he.
rammed himself into her skinny frame over and over. Each thrust brought a.
loud slapping sound and a screeching scream from Daisy. Joshua found himself.
hopping from one foot to the other faster as he searched, he was desperate.
to do something, however knew there was nothing he might do. He was stuck.
enjoying Master James fuck Daisy and after that heard him cry out. “Yes, you.
filthy nigger!” as he came bringing his hand down hard on her ass. Master.
James took out and looked at the blood on his cock. “Fucking niggers.”.
Kicking Daisy on the back of the legs she landed on the flooring streaming.
tears. “Dirty fucking nigger, tidy your shit off my cock nigger.” He.
snatched at her hair dragging her up and around to face his cock. Daisy.
did stagnate, lost in her tears, however the noise of the whip splitting brought.
her back with a scream and Master James knocked his cock into her mouth.
” Clean your nigger shit of my cock girl.”.

Dutifully she opened her mouth
larger to suck his cock clean. Daisy still had his cock in her mouth when
he relied on Gorge, “That’s how you sully a nigger boy.” Then he pulled his
cock from her mouth and shoved her to the flooring. “Break her in kids,” he
stated as he stepped away waving the field hands towards her. Daisy attempted to
scrabble backwards as the field hands closed in on her. The older of the
two, Master Maguire pushed the other out of the way. “She be my own initially
laddy” he stated it as he looked down at the scared, crying Daisy.
Joshua closed his eyes, but the images of his own wedding night where
Master Forbes had actually come in and made him enjoy as he took her virginity came
back to him. The sounds of her tears from that night still haunted him,
but he was a good slave and understood his place.

When he opened his eyes Master
Maguire was rutting between Daisy’s legs and she was screaming and pulling
at the dirt to try and get away from him. He did not last long and soon he
was getting up and slapping at her little tits. As quickly as he stood he was
pushed clear by the other Field Hand who holding his cock jumped onto her.
Joshua enjoyed his little white ass pump into her and his teeth sink into
her breast. Daisy was sobbing and yelling as the man humped himself at
her, he was clawing at her legs to get them greater and get back at much deeper
into her. “Fucking nigger,” he duplicated over and over. Then he came and
utilizing the heel of his hand pressed her sobbing face into the dirt as he
pulled out and got up to shoot his cum over her. “You’re not worth a white
guy’s seed nigger” Then he spat at her sending out a large glob of phlegm at
her face. Joshua was lost in his ideas and was taking a look at Daisy all
snuggled crying when Master James spoke next to him making him leap. “You.
enjoy the show nigger?” “Erm, no Sir.” He answered finding his voice. “You.
imply you don’t like this nigger?” He asked as he broke his whip throughout.
Daisy’ s back making her scream.

” This unclean nigger?” “She is hurting Sir.”.
The Overseer laughed, “She is a nigger, she needs to thank us for breaking.
her in.” “She is hurting Sir, can I see to her.” Joshua looked at Master.
James awaiting his confirmation. He nodded his affirmation and Joshua.
visited her taking her little sobbing frame by the shoulders, where she.
collapsed into him burying herself in his substantial arms. The whip broken.
throughout his back making him leap. “I’ve changed my mind nigger, as we’ve.
broke her in, let’s have her breading.” Ghastly visions of when he had to.
tie Annie to the bridal rail in the stables, just 2 days after their.
wedding. The problem vision was brilliant in his mind as he kept in mind how.
he needed to stand and see as all the working men were lined up to reproduce.
with Annie. The homestead was bigger then, there were 9 shacks of.
employees, that’s before forty-eight men were sold to the railways for.
low-cost labour. The noise of her screams still sent out a shiver down his spinal column.
and the consistent tears for the next two week as she recovered were still.
brilliant in his mind. Another crack of the whip hit him throughout the back, “You.
heard me boy, breed.” Joshua hugged Daisy close. “I am sorry Miss Daisy.”.
He stated as he laid her little sobbing frame down. The whip landed square.
cross her arms and chest bringing blood.

” On your knees nigger.” Shouting.
and rolling with the sting of the whip Daisy got to her knees. Joshua felt.
the push at his back “Breed nigger.” He was thankful Daisy was facing away.
from him so he did not need to look her in the face as he reversed the laces.
to his breeches. “My you’re a huge one.” The Overseer declared as.
Joshua got his cock out. “Be sure you stick all that horse cock in her.
boy.” Joshua discovered it difficult to get hard hearing Daisy weeping, but with.
a couple of prompts throughout his back from the Overseer’s whip it got hard. Gripping.
his cock he edged forward and seeing her little ass pointing up at him and.
comparing it to his cock Joshua winced at the size difference. Another.
fracture of the whip advised him on as he pushed his cock at her tight cunt, it.
was damp with cum and blood from her pervious fucking, yet she was tight as.
he required the head in just too hear her scream.

Taking a deep breath he.
pressed in hard and felt the tight walls of her cunt open up to him then.
pulled up midway in as he filled her up. Joshua stopped briefly letting her.
stop shrieking and calm down when the whip broke once again. “Breed nigger,.
sink that horse cock into her and fill her with your black seed.” Joshua.
drew back and pressed again forcing more of his cock into her. Daisy.
shrieked and aimed to move away.

Grasping her hips tight, looking down he.
pulled back and pushed again. His cock struck bottom once again and he pressed hard.
only to see spunk squeeze out of her ass and run in rivulets over his cock.
” Faster you dumb assed nigger, the others will be desiring their chance to.
type.” The whip landed again and he got the speed working his cock in.
and out, not going so deep this time. Tensing his ass he wiled himself to.
cum and surface this, slowly he felt his balls begin to tighten up and then.
just dipping the head of his cock into her he came. Grunting he pumped his.
seed into her and then withstood put his cock away. “Will you just look.
at that.” The overseer was pointing his whip at his cock, “if you aren’t.
half horse boy, then my mother’s a goose.” The other Field Hands chuckled as.
he sent out Joshua out into the field with a kick to the ass to send the next.
nigger back to breed.

Jobe was the first he concerned and a silent nod was.
passed between them as he moved away. The day used on and as the sun set.
Master James called the work to an end, 3 times Joshua had actually been required.
to reproduce with Daisy, at the same time he never looked at George. He heard his.
begging and his pleading as Daisy yelled, but not when did he take a look at him.
till he came over to untie him. Joshua nodded to him and with tears.
flooding his face he nodded back. Understanding it was safe which George was.
not going to be any difficulty he untied him. He was a huge heavy swelling as.
Joshua battled to get him up, once up, he hugged Joshua then went over.
to Daisy to select her up. The walk was slow as all the males had their heads.
down and George carried the susceptible tired type of Daisy back with him.
Arriving back at the homestead they were met by Clarice, she shook her head.
as Joshua came to her. “She seemed to be becoming worse.” She answered his.
unasked concern.

“You best go see to Daisy, she will require you tonight.”
Clarice moved passed him crooning over poor Daisy. Joshua with a heavy
heart entered his hut and looked in to the sleeping quarters, Annie
existed laying on her back, she was naked and covered in sweat. Joshua
got down and utilizing the wet fabric cleaned her forehead, Annie did not even
acknowledge him as her eyes danced around and her body shivered. Joshua
heard the door go and Old Tom came in holding two bowels of stew with
Clarice behind him. “I fetched these for you, how is she?” Clarice
answered, “She is not looking excellent, the fever is not breaking, I fear for
her.” Old Tom purchased Joshua to eat and pointed at the table. “It was a.
bad thing they did to Daisy.

Still I was at the store today, they say them.
Yankees’ are held up only a few miles down the river which Colonel.
Shelby is said to heading in this manner to satisfy them in fight.” The news had.
little effect on Joshua as his ideas were on Annie, Old Tom could see.
the distraction so completed his food and entrusted Clarice leaving Joshua.
to have the tendency to his other half. After Old Tom had gone Joshua fetched fresh water and.
invested the remainder of the night having the tendency to Annie paying attention to her whispering in.
her delirium. Little Lynnette snuggled next to him and slept, just to.
jump awake as the hut door knocked open.

” Where is my Annie, where’s my.
black cunt.” Joshua got to his feet and Master Forbes looking worse for the.
beverage was leaning on the table. “Come on boy, bring your female’s cunt out.
here so I can fuck it.” “She is too ill, Master, she is burning with the.
fever.” Master Forbes waved at him with anger in his eyes, “Just get her.
cunt on this table boy.” Turning he went to Annie, she was lost in her.
fever sleeping, he did not want to interrupt her. Taking a deep breath and.
living himself to do his Masters bidding he pulled the thin blanket complimentary.
and viewed a shiver pass over her. Taking another breath, he bent to pick.
her up. “Leave the lazy nigger there boy, I’ll fuck her where she lies.”.
Joshua examined his shoulder as Master Forbes who with his small greedy.
eyes locked onto Annie’s cunt was moving and swaying as he pulled his.
braces totally free and reduced his pants. “Out of my method boy.” He growled as he.
pushed Joshua to one side while he pulled at his cock; he was plucking it.
continuously to obtain it hard in his inebriated state.

Towering Above Annie Joshua.
enjoyed as Master Forbes kicked at her legs to obtain them wider. His pants.
around his ankles avoided him from kicking them much broader so he stood.
over her pulling at his cock gazing down at her cunt with an evil smile on.
his face. Annie was out cold and lost to her fever as Master Forbes.
ordered Joshua to hold her upper hands. Joshua needed to move her around to obtain.
over her as he lifted her legs. Then from the corner of his eye he saw.
Lynette curled up tight hugging her knees in the corner, he saw the fear in.
her wide eyes as she looked straight at Master Forbes plucking his cock.
with his manic smile spreading throughout his face. “Pull them greater boy, I.
hate coming down to fuck niggers.” Master Forbes struggled to obtain his cock.
in and banged against Joshua more than once.

” This is no use.” There was.
anger in his voice as he gripped Annie’s legs and pressed her knees right up.
to the side of her face. “Here hold her here and hold her tight.” He.
bought Joshua to put his hands on her ass so Annie was practically upside down.
and her large stomach was holding her up. “That’s better, now I can see exactly what.
I’m fucking.” Joshua watched as Master Forbes moved his thin white cock.
in between Annie’s cunt lips. “Fucking niggers.” Master Forbes cursed. “All.
this sweat and the cunt is dry. Get your mouth in there and get it damp.
boy.” Joshua looked up at Master Forbes who was hectic watching his white.
cock moving in between Annie’s cunt lips. Shaking his head, in inner rejection,.
he leaned forward and utilizing his tongue he began to lick at Annie’s cunt and.
Master Forbes’s cock. “That’s it boy, get it good and damp.” Joshua kept it.
up till Master Forbes grabbed his head and pulled it forward; then.
fumbling with his cock he push it at Joshua.

It was there best prior to his.
face, the little head taking a look at him with the tiny eye and the constant.
motion of the foreskin as Master Forbes wanked the shaft. Joshua opened.
his eyes wide as slowly he was pulled to his cock. “Tongue nigger and.
get it damp.” First he felt the spongy head push against his lips, and then.
the tough shaft forced its method into his mouth. The soft head slid over his.
tongue to hit the back of his throat making him gag as Master Forbes pulled.
him in even tighter, pressing his nose into his rough pubes he squashing his.
spiky balls hard versus Joshua’s chin.

Joshua closed his eyes and his.
mouth and began to suck on Master Forbes’ cock as visions of his.
youth came back; in how one of the Field Hands would force Joshua to.
get to his knees as he was gathering cotton and completely fuck his face.
making him swallow his cock right down his throat. Fortunately Master Forbes.
was not so well endowed and he was now a grown male. Still the fear gripped.
him as Master Forbes smashed his cock into his face; bringing tears to his.
eyes as his nose crashed against Master Forbes’ crotch and rattled bad.
Annie between them.

” That’s it boy, get it nice and damp so I can fuck this.
black cow.” Then with a shove he pushed Joshua free. “Good, now pull her.
open for me.” Sending to his Master Joshua gently utilizing his fingers,.
initially rubbed her pubes out of the method then opening her external mounds he.
thoroughly unfurled her inner lips. “Wider boy.” Utilizing two fingers of each.
hand Joshua pulled her folds open for him pinning her lips large exposing.
Annie’s cunt for him. Master Forbes took hold of his cock and moved it over.
her cunt then raised up to push the head at her clit, then lowering.
with his thumb he pulled it back and down. Joshua viewed as he saw the.
head of Master Forbes’ cock sink into Annie’s cunt.

“Humm, she is still
hot.” He pronounced as he began to work half his cock in and out of her.
” Moan for me woman.” There was no answer from Annie; she was out cold, so
Master Forbes slapped her upturned ass hard. Even the hard slap brought no
response from Annie, so he stuck her again and once again. His slaps were wild
and unpredictable as he fucked her more difficult crashing her legs into Joshua’s chest.
Not content with just fucking with half his cock, he gripped Joshua’s.
shoulders and leaned right over Annie as he knocked his full length down.
into her. He was grunting and groaning in Joshua’s ear as he fucked her.
harder and harder. He seemed to go on permanently knocking himself into her,.
then with a curse he stopped. “Bitch is dry currently.” Then he just threw.
her ass to one side. Master Forbes rolled Annie onto her back and grasped.
her face where he slapped her tough, there was no reaction. “Is she dead?”.
Joshua looked at Annie’s face, she was pale as a sheet and her eyes were.
fixed looking up. He looked from Annie to Master Forbes, his emotions were.
running rife as he leaned down to feel for her breathing. There was.
absolutely nothing, she was gone, so he shook her “Annie please!” He screamed however.
nothing, she had passed away.

” Money lost, dam niggers, cannot even take a.
fucking.” Master Forbes’ voice sounded out as he sat back with Joshua crying.
over Annie. Then Master Forbes hit him, “Dam dumb niggers.” Master.
Forbes was not a huge guy, so the drizzling blows did not even sign up.
through his sorrow as he pulled Annie to him, rocking her in his arms.
Master Forbes stumbled getting to his feet, forgetting his trousers were still.
around his ankles as he fell landing on Lynette who shouted. “Fucking.
dumb niggers.” He slurred his words as he aimed to get up. “Fucking money.
lost, dumb foolish niggers.” Joshua was next to himself with sorrow and.
disregarded his Master as he sobbed his heart out over Annie, rocking her in his.
arms. It was Lynette’s scream that nabbed his direct. Master Forbes.
had her on her back over her mother’s legs and was pulling up her gown.
” Master Forbes” Joshua cried out only to see the feral appearance in his eyes as.
he looked back at Joshua. “Here,” he grabbed a handful of Lynette’s’ gown.
and ripping it threw her at him, “hold your calf still while I fuck her.”.
” No” it was strong definite growing voice that Joshua offered as his.
temper soared through his grief.

” Deny me nigger and you will watch me.
whip the layers of skin off her back prior to I line the males approximately breed.”.
Joshua held his huge firmly clenched fists in check as the anger surged.
through him. “Please she is but a babe.” “She is a nigger with a cunt, she.
can breed. Now grab her fucking legs.” He stated it as he pushed her down.
over her dead mom’s chest fighting with her kicking legs. The thoughts.
of today’s events and how Daisy had shrieked as all the men had actually fucked her.
over and over gone through his mind. Then the thoughts of all the guys.
lining up behind Annie all those years ago came flooding back. Every ounce.
of his soul wanted to kill Mater Forbes, every fiber of his being wanted.
squash the life from him for all the times he needed to stand back and enjoy.
him breed with his better half. He eyelashed out getting Master Forbes by the.
collar holding his fist back as he checked out those small wicked eyes.
” Before you act boy simply think about the last time my other half captured me with a.
nigger, and how she connected bad Marianne over that bench to have her stallion.
fuck her to death, just believe of that and your bad little calf here.” Then.
there was a long silence as Joshua combated with his inner devils and the.
threats that would take place if he snapped. “Go on nigger, hit me, simply.
the once, then you will understand the significance of discomfort, but not before you get to.
view them all breed with your little calf.” His voice was ice cold and.
Joshua fought to keep back his shaking fist.

He checked out those cold.
eyes; there was no fear there, simply a cold empty wicked pale white face.
glaring at him. Reducing his hands he released Master Forbes, he collapsed.
looking down at little Lynette, 5 summertimes and there was his evil Master.
with his raving cock bouncing over her. “No, please,” He begged. “Here,.
hold these.” He pushed Lynette’s feet at him. Living to his fate, he.
took her feet, covering his substantial hands around her slim ankles and doing.
his best to close his ears to her weeps. “That’s a great nigger.” Joshua.
pulled her legs up and back pinning Lynette down on her dead mother’s chest.
as Master Forbes took hold of his cock and pushed it in between the dark brown.
mounds of Lynette’s cunt. “She is dry, get her wet nigger.” Sobs were.
shaking him as he leaned forward and cupped his mouth over Lynette’s little.
cunt that was being pushed open by Master Forbes’ cock. The strong taste.
of pre cum concerned him and the taste of his dead better half Annie’s cunt as he.
licked at Master Forbes’ cock and his child’s cunt.

He felt the tears.
begin to diminish his cheeks as he moved his tongue over them both. Then he.
was pressed up and Master Forbes’ cock was pushed at his mouth. “Get it wet.
boy so I can fuck your calf.” The more powerful taste of Annie filled his mouth.
and the stale taste of cum as it was slammed to the back of his throat.
” The wetter the much better boy,” Master Forbes baited Joshua as he took the.
duplicated extreme face fucking. Thoughts of ripping it clean off shot idea.
his mind, but the surrender for doing so would suggest death, an agonizing death,.
not simply for him, but for Lynette too, so he gave up and worked to get.
Master Forbes’ cock as damp as he could. “Enough, now get her wet for me.”.
He stated it as he pulled his cock complimentary and pressed Joshua’s head back down.
Lynette was crying, he knew that she knew exactly what was going to occur, so he.
spoke to her.

” Be brave my babe.” He took a deep breath prior to he cupped.
his mouth around her bald little cunt, then pushed his tongue in between.
her lips. Her cunt was warm and tasted of pee just like the flat of his.
tongue he licked the soft folds, he worked to obtain her damp as he pressed his.
tongue at her tiny hole. He felt her jump, so gently he licked around and.
around her small cunt hole getting it as slick and damp as he could. “Get.
out of the way nigger, she’ll be damp enough now.” Joshua leaned back and.
viewed Master Forbes’ white cock slide between her cunt lips, his white.
cock contrasting starkly against her smooth dark brown skin.

Then she.
shrieked and Joshua had to hold her legs down as Master Forbes pushed into.
her. “Dam tight nigger.” Master Forbes cursed as he pressed once again harder.
this time and Lynette screamed louder as he required himself into her.
Joshua closed his eyes as he paid attention to Lynnette shout and Master Forbes.
grunt as he rammed into her slamming up against her little scrawny body. He.
felt the tears flooding down his face so he looked down. There was.
Lynnette yelling; but he might hear absolutely nothing; to the side of her was.
Annie, here dead eyes searching for at him as her head rocked to the stable.
fucking. His chest heaved and he burst into tears as his heart burst and.
broke as the life left his soul.

It was over, he felt a hand on his head
and sought to see Master Forbes pointing his cock at his face. “Clean this
nigger shit off my cock.” Without thinking, he opened his mouth to take the
cock, it tasted of cum and blood as he felt it gradually get softer as he
drew it clean. Then Master Forbes took it free and pulled his pants
up stating. “Have her all set for the weekend, her mother is dead and I still
want my black cunt.” Joshua looked down, Lynette was out cold and between
her legs the blood showed the fire. Letting her legs fall, he chose
her up and rocked her in his arms, kissing her forehead, holding her tight
feeling the tears diminish his face.

” The Yankies will be here soon my
baby, we will be free then.” He whispered to her through his tears. The
imagine being totally free brought more tears to his eyes as he dreamt the
impossible. He lost track of time as he rocked Lynette and finally
thinking of Annie he moved, only to feel the wetness where Lynette had
been in his lap. His first ideas were that she had damp herself; however
looking down at his legs, they were stained dark with her blood. Then the
tears hit him again, he was still weeping as he kicked at Old Tom’s door.
Clarice answered with the look of shock on her face, quickly she ushered
him in pointing him to the table.

Joshua reduced Lynette down and the look
of scary stumbled upon her face as she saw where the blood was coming from.
Taking an old rag she dowsed it in boiling water then wrung it out and
pushed it in between Lynette’s legs. “What occurred?” She asked “M, Master
Forbes, I informed him she was too ill,” Joshua was uninhabited and lost for words
nearly incoherent. Old Tom with sleep still in his eyes looked at Joshua.
” You don’t look good boy, exactly what you been doing?” Joshua duplicated himself a.
bit clearer this time. Old Tom patted him on the back and left the hut.
Joshua viewed through bleary eyes as Lynette laying still with Clarice.
wiping the hot cloth between her legs. Then Clarice was shaking him, “It.
is no usage Joshua, I can not stop it.” Joshua looked up at her not.
comprehending her words. “She will not stop bleeding.” She emphasized the.
words as she shook him.

No, he believed she was here she ought to be safe, he.
might not fathom what she was stating thought his sorrow. She pulled him up.
and dragged his limp form over to Lynette. She was laying there looking.
like she was sleeping; conserve in between her legs were a number of dark red damp.
fabrics. Lost he simply looked down, her face was soft and gorgeous, her.
short curly hair was freshly washed and shining in the light. Her dress.
was torn and her little cunt was open with a rag pressing into her little.
cunt hole. Her legs were painted red with her blood, her black bruised.
knees looked fine, and her small feet looked hardened from her consistent.
running around.

It would simply not click that his daughter was diing.
as he looked down at her. Clarice was desperately plucking his arm and.
he came down and held Lynette’s tiny hand in his and put it to his forehead.
” The Yanks are coming my little one.” The guarantee of flexibility submitted his mind.
and how if he got the possibility, he would now squeeze the life out Master.
Forbes. Then he sobbed, terrific sobs shook his frame as the realisation hit.
him that he had actually lost his better half and was now losing his daughter. Lurching to.
his feet he knocked the door open and left into the night. It was.
just coming dawn when he completed building the pyre, then strolling with Old.
Tom he took his other half now wrapped in white linen and laid her out on the.
wood. Turning he took the small cold body of Lynette in her small wrap and.
positioned her beside her mom.

He kissed them both on the head and turned.
to take the torch from George. Then with his last words, “Loving you.” He.
set the pyre aflame. The other workers and their households collected around.
in the long grass and began to hum, the hum turned into a prayer, not one.
of the new white guy’s god, however one from the far off homelands. Dawn was.
breaking and the fire was sending a red radiance through the mist when among.
the Field Hands came up screaming, “What’s going on here.” Nobody answered.
him as they sang; the sharp sting of the whip did stagnate anybody. Then.
turning to Joshua he lashed at him more than a lots times, however the giant.
stood still lost in his sorrow practically oblivious to the world around him.
The field hand was not anticipating it when Joshua turned grabbing him by the.
neck and with one arm lifted him from the ground.

With dead eyes Joshua.
slowly squashed the life from him, his feet kicked and his arms flailed.
until the life eked out of him and he hung limp with only the noise of his.
dripping urine now matching the crackling of the burning pyre. Old Tom.
put his hand on Joshua’s arm and forced him to lower the dead male.
That’s when Joshua moved. He moved slowly, however gradually to your house,.
the others followed still singing. Employees chose up field tools as they.
passed them and slowly the crowd moved to the Manner House. Three.
shots rang out to his left and then there was a strangled cry and it was.
silent again save for the hum of the singing.

Joshua was numb, he was.
all set to pass away as he struck the main door hard with his shoulder and it.
crashed in. The sounds of gunshots were sounding out along with the weeps.
of pain. Then, silence as Joshua gradually strolled up the stairs and dropped.
the Overseer’s unconscious body to the floor. The very first space was empty, so.
was the next. Then the main room, the door was strong, Joshua crashed into.
it, his substantial frame splitting the door in two. There prior to him on the flooring.
with a red stain under her head was the cook, Mrs Pollok. Joshua looked at.
her sleeping face and how the red of her blood pooled dark versus her.
white skin. Dominating her was Master Forbes, a gun shaking in his.
hands, he was speaking, however Joshua might not hear the words. Behind him.
were his partner, boy and two children holding on to each other, all firmly.
packed into a corner weeping.

Master Forbes slowly brought his shaking.
hand as much as point the handgun at Joshua, He was prepared to die, ready to be.
with his Annie and little Lynette now. The gun clicked, absolutely nothing happened,.
it clicked once again and nothing. Master Forbes panicked as he gazed in.
disbelief at the weapon. Then Joshua reached out and carefully twisted it from.
his grip and stood there, his big black kind filling the room glaring down.
at him. “The Yankees’ are coming.” He growled as knocked Mr Forbes to the.
flooring with his large ham fist, then started to pluck the laces to his.


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