erotic stories – First Time At Birthday

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I think my stomach is empty however still I was retching and heaving my guts
up. One Samboka too many, but it was Jane’s 18th Birthday and her sister
Mandy had actually invited me too it saying it would be fun and Josh would be there.
Josh was her brother in the next year above us and he was charming and he was a.
singer in the school band. However it was her even older brother Martin that.
got us the drinks from the local off-licence it was more than I had on me.
but he chuckled and said I could pay him back later on.

Another retch made me force my head down the toilet once again attempting to.
empty exactly what was not there, oh god I feel terrible. I can hear the banging and.
yelling at the toilet door but with my head spinning like this I attempt not.
even attempt to move more than an inch away from the lav.

All I might smell was sick, my head was spinning and I had to use both.
hands to hold the toilet lid up or it would drop down on my head as I knelt.
down over it. I pulled the leaver again to clear the lav and the fresh.
cold spray sprinkled up and felt good on my face. But still there was 2.
little brown skid marks looking at me from somebody who did not clean the.
toilet after they had actually utilized it.

I aimed to focus on something else and the long kiss Josh had provided me.
in the cooking area and the method his hands had actually wandered down my back to cup and.
squeezed my bottom, he was an excellent kisser. That simply looked like a lifetime.
back now.

I believe my knees harmed and my legs are cold, I understood I should not have put.
on a short skirt but Jane insisted it was a hot 18th birthday bash for us.
all. Her birthday was not till tomorrow Saturday and she had a big occasion.
planed however she wished to have a celebration in your home while her mum and papa were.
away so this was her last night of flexibility.

There was a lot here I could hear and feel the boom of the music.
downstairs and the noise of laughter. Probably Martin and his mates.
flaunting their dance relocations, oh I want I had not intoxicated this much I feel.

Another heaving fit took hold as pushed my head down the toilet once again.
there was absolutely nothing to come up but my stomach cramped and I heaved. I heard.
the door lock being rattled then heard the door open behind me but I could.
not move myself to look. I handled to capture a breath prior to I heaved.
again. I felt hands on my back and it felt excellent as they rubbed my back. Or.
were they the hand travelled up my back and cupped around my neck. Another.
heave hit me as I felt somebody get down behind me and I was coughing to.
empty an already empty tummy as the hand at my neck pressed me down so I was.
actually close to the water and all my blonde hair covered the bowl, then they.
were pulling at my trousers. I still heaving as I let the toilet cover drop and.
aimed to press myself up, however they were a lot more powerful than me. My knickers.
seemed like they had cut into me as they were ripped away and I felt hot skin.
pushed up against the back of my legs and this hot solidity in between my bottom.

I know exactly what it is as I shouted’ leave me ‘.
Just to have my face. pushed into the toilet water. I started to attempt and kick however whoever it is. were a lot more powerful than me and the rim of the toilet is digging into my.
chest as my blouse is risen my back and my bra launched. I was let up.
from the water as a hand aimed to get at my breast however it was pushed flat.
versus the toilet rim.

‘ Help ME!’ I screamed and’ Get off ME! ‘just to have my face pushed into.
the water again. I was drumming my feet on the floor as I felt the.
opponent pull back and the hot end of his cock rise against my pussy. I.
wanted to shout but all I might do was hold my breath. God help me I.
believed where’s my Dad as they pressed even harder at my virgin pussy. I.
attempted to move my ass and that simply made them grip my skirt harder and push.
into me. I did shriek then as my little pussy opened to take this.
intruder and felt them stop and let me breath, I gasped for breath with cold.
toilet water leaking from my face as they let me up and all I could see.
was the dark shadow of the toilet cover in the reflection of the water. They.
drew back a bit and pressed in harder this time I shouted into the bowl.
deafening myself with the sound as the acute pain of my virginity being.
ripped away cut through me. Whoever it was had no take care of me they simply.
pressed my face down under the water once again smashing my face into the.
porcelain as they pounded their dick into me.

I attempted to kick and to grab.whoever was behind me but I simply could stagnate. Then I was up and gasping.
for breath again as I felt this intruder push deeper and much deeper into me I.
thought this attacking dick was going to come out my mouth as it just kept.
getting much deeper and the pain just got increasingly more as they moved much faster.
and much faster hitting me harder forcing increasingly more into me. They would let.
me up then soak me once again however the toilet rim was digging that hard into.
my chest as they bashed into me I believed my chest was going to cave in. I.
might not help it my head was spinning and my face was leaking water so I.
just offered in and began to weep and beg them to simply stop, I wept for my.
Mum and my Dad to save me however nobody was listening as they finally got all.
the way into me and the hard slap versus my ass drove me hard versus the.
toilet banging my head around in the bowl. I might feel it moving in and.
out of me stretching my poor little pussy wide open in long fast hard.
strokes and I could feel it swelling inside me and hear their breathing.
getting quicker as unexpectedly it erupted its sperm into me. I could feel shot.
after hot shot shooting inside my pussy and this dick throbbing deep.
within. Finally it stopped and in one motion they ran out me and the.
toilet door was closing as I plunged to the flooring. I reached for my pussy.
and it was all sticky with blood and spermy white stuff.

I curled up on the bath mat and wept myself to sleep or I passed out as
the next thing I remember is getting up to a sharp pain in my pussy and this
fat dick pressing at my mouth. It took a moment to get my head around exactly what
was happening however I was on my back hanging over the edge of a bed and
somebody was holding my tits and was pressing this dick into my mouth. It
was filling my mouth and I managed to move and get it out and look up at
Martin smiling down at me passed this substantial dick hanging over my face. However
it was the discomfort in my pussy and the method my legs were being required open wide
as I was being sexed once again. I looked up to see it was Josh on top of me
holding my legs open.

‘ Josh’ I shouted’ Get off me Josh’ ‘Shut the screw up bitch’ he screamed. ‘Or I will pack your head back down the toilet like I did before. ‘He hammered hard into me making me bounce on the bed and feeling him hit my pussy hard and his dick driving deep inside me. I shrieked and attempted to hit him only to have Martin bat my hands away and begin pressing his big dick at my face.

I shook my head and kept transferring to avoid his dick up until he finally grabbed my tits and said ‘suck my fucking cock bitch or I will rip your tits off.’ With that he squeezed my little tits difficult and I screamed only to have his big cock pushed into my mouth. He let it hang there and all I.
might see was the fracture of his ass and a substantial hairy ball sack. I thought.
about aiming to get it out of my mouth once again but quit on it. It was huge.
and fat and tasted of old sweat and he started to move it pushing the soft.
head deeper into my mouth I could feel where the soft head met the tough.
shaft as he pressed it in and out of my mouth.

All this time Josh was making love with me and I thought of the.
restroom and how he had actually spermed in me and I was sure I would be pregnant.
It was then decided to attempt and play like a rag doll and see if that would.
stop them however Martin got hold of my head and began to press all the method.
into my mouth making me gag as he pressed it much deeper with each thrust of his.
hips. Then he was banging hard at the back of my throat. I aimed to push.
him off and considered biting it as he rammed and pushed it hard, that.
hard I felt his dick go down my throat and he screeched with happiness and i.
stressed to breathe. He pulled back and simply as I gasped he pressed it back.
once again, I felt his difficult balls inside their sack as he crushed them against.
my nose. I wished to wretch and was gagging I believed he was going to rip.
my throat open.

Then Josh was choosing up speed and I felt his dick begin to swell even.
bigger than previously as I thought he would divide my poor pussy as he shot his.
sperm in me once again groaning with each shot and forcing me hard onto Martin’s.
cock as he rammed house. I was panicking and I could even feel my heart.
pounding through the discomfort.

Then soon as Josh took out Martin took out of my mouth and spun me.
around. That’s when I realised how much bigger his dick was than Josh’s.
dick. He pointed it at my pussy “Get off me”, I shouted as I kicked at him.
but he was larger than me and a lot older but I handled to kick his dick.
That’s when he struck me hard in the belly making me snuggle aiming to capture.
my breath as I rupture into tears. He pulled my legs open and ordered Josh.
to hold them and push them down hard as he stated was going to fuck my ass.
for kicking his dick. Josh did as he was informed and pressed my knees hard.
into my chest flexing me double. I responded fast and handled to push.
Martin’s dick away from my bum as I felt heat of his dick press against my.
bum hole. It got me a slap to my bottom cheek and the sting shot through me.
so I tried to cover my bottom and my bum hole. However he just grabbed both my.
arms and crossed them over my chest trapping my knees and his one substantial hand.
held me tight no matter how difficult I attempted to combat.

Then he was putting his dick at my bottom again and I could feel the hot.
dick stroking my bottom hole than he was pressing it at me. My bottom hurt like.
it was burning as his dick pressed into me and after that he remained in and laughing.
as I yelled at the pain. He kept pushing in and out and each time he.
pushed in he pressed tough making me shout with discomfort as he got much deeper in my.
bottom. I pressed my legs with my may to get away however they had me captured and.
nothing I could do but weep as Martin press his dick in and out of me up until.
he was pushing difficult versus my bottom and I could feel his balls rise.
against me. That’s when Josh barfed at my pussy until he worked a finger.
into me and bragged that he might feel Matins cock moving inside me. This.
had them both laughing so Martin also required a finger into me and I could.
feel them both wiggling their fingers inside my pussy like they were.
playing finger fights. Then Martin pulled his finger out and pushed Josh’s.
hand away and pulled his dick from my bottom and pressed it into my pussy. I.
yelled again at the size of this thing pressing into me however it went in.
quick as I was slick with Josh’s sperm. He was not great and banged himself.
hard into me again and again and the more I pled them to stop or say how.
they were injuring me they simply injure me more. Martin would shove his dick.
in to me harder and much faster while Josh would fine-tune my nose or poke at my.
eyes. Josh even thought it was funny to press his balls into my eyes or.
slap my nose with his sperm slimy dick.

Then I understood it would be over as I felt Martin’s dick get fatter as he.
begun to moan and move quicker while hammering hard into me. Then he was.
gasping as I felt him sperm while his dick throbbed inside me and I wept.
helpless as I view him dribbled spit from his mouth onto me as he gasped.
for breath. Then he was done he let his dick slip out of me and slapped my.
pussy genuine tough making me shriek and weep once again.

They let me lose and began to dress and I just pulled the blanket
tight around me. I cried into the blanket thinking I simply desire to go house
and hug mummy and daddy and go to my own bed room where I could be safe. I.
heard them open the door and thought it was all over and I might go home,.
however I was incorrect as I heard Martin say “She’s all yours and if she fights.
simply slap her silly”.

I did stagnate just pulled the blanket tighter around me but soon as.
they were undressed they were plucking the blanket attempting to unwrap me I.
fought hard as the 2 of Martin’s mates nabbed at the blanket and.
lastly pulled it off me. I began to scream kicking and rolling around.
the bed but they captured me and sat on me then began to slap my bun up until.
I needed to stop fighting.

I could hardly breath as one was sat on me and as he left me the.
other pulled me down the bed by my ankles. I simply lay there limp and.
defeated not knowing what to do as I felt him press his dick against my.
pussy and after that in one slick push he was inside me and bumping up against.
me making me bounce on the bed. My pussy was still sore as this dick.
pushed in and out of me. I sobbed into the bed not knowing what to do when.
I was turned over by him dragging at my leg over so he did not come out of.
me. Then he was leaning over me and all I might see was his jacket.
bouncing over me to his rhythmic pushing in and out, then he too was.
groaning as his dick spurmed into me.

I just lay there when he pulled out of me chuckling as his friend got.
between my legs and began to tap my leg until I looked up at him. All I.
might focus on was this difficult dick pointing upwards from its tangle of black.
hairs, however I could vaguely hear him informing me to suck his cock. I simply.
stared at it till he quit and pulled me to him by my arm so I was sat.
on completion of the bed taking a look at this dick and the long vain that increased.
it and the bit of skin that connected it to the glossy red head and.
the little opening at the top with a little drop of liquid catching the.
light leaking out. Was it pee I wondered or was it sperm even though it.
was not white like exactly what I could feel was leaking from me. I did not get.
long to look as he gripped his dick and pointed it at my face as he pulled.
me to him. It bumped versus my lips and felt sort of soft with a hardness.
inside it as he pressed it at me, I might hear him swearing at me to suck.
it. But I just did not have the energy as I looked down to see a string of.
the spermy things connecting my lips to his dick as he kept drawing back and.
bumping my lips.

I felt him slowly begin to twist my hair till it actually harm and I had.
to weep out and after that his dick remained in my mouth tasting salty so I attempted to.
push it out with my tongue as he pushed it back and too in my mouth. It.
was not as big as Matins dick was and he was not aiming to choke me like.
what Martin was, however I simply did not desire it in my mouth so I kept aiming to.
press it out with my tongue as I was terrified exactly what they would do if I was to.
bite it.

He seemed to be enjoying it as he kept saying’ draw
it good’ and. praising me how great a cock sucker I was.
Then his dick started to get. real hard and was inflating in my mouth as his movements got more jerky.
and I understood exactly what was coming as he held my head tight so I pressed my tongue.
over the hole in the end of his dick to try and stop what I understood was.
coming. Then it blew up in my mouth filling it with shot after shot of hot.
salted spermey stuff, some of it shot to the back of my mouth and as his.
dick pushed in it making me swallow it then I simply opened my mouth wide and.
let the majority of it dribble back out. The last of it I spat out to attempt and get.
this sticky salty taste out as he simply pulled his trousers up and left.
with his mate, but no quicker was the door closed than another 2 were.
can be found in. The very first one through the door just stepped upto me and dropped.
his pants and this long thick dick tumbled out it looked so big and scary I.
aimed to back away just to be pulled back and have my face pressed up.
versus this long hot thing and I could even feel it growing as it.
was rise against my face. It was even jerking like it was alive and.
was going to get me, so I aimed to tell him to obtain off me but both of them.
simply chuckled, then he was pulling my hair and pointing this thing at my.
face and telling me to open up and swallow his beast. I battled against.
him as well as kicked him but he was simply too huge and strong while the more I.
moved the more he pulled my hair and all the time this thing was.

Then he grabbed my head and pressed his nose into my face telling me to.
draw his cock or he would ram it up my ass. He then grabbed my hand and.
put on his dick, it was hot and heavy as I got hold of it. I could feel it.
thumping like a heart beating and as he moved my hand up and down it making.
me move the skin, it mentioned to jerk once again and I saw some of that liquid.
appear at the end of it. He released my hand and informed me to wank his cock.
it was that heavy I needed to use both hands on it as I shook it. He let me.
do till it was big and hard and the head of it was all purple and shiny.
and covered in that sticky goo, then he was requiring I suck it. I did not.
move so he put the flat of his hand to my face and asked if I desired a great.
slapping. I shook my head and moved to this big dick and stuck my.
tongue out to taste the sticky goo that was covering the head, it did not.
taste of anything so I put my lips to it. That’s when I noticed the other.
one was taking pictures with his phone and I leapt away only to be pulled.
back and slapped around the head and up and down me up until I was crying and.
pleading him to please stop not able to obtain away.

He pulled me support and put his hands on his hips requiring I lick his.
cock and draw his balls, I was a bit reluctant but saw him raise his hand.
off his hip and make it flat like he was going to strike me again. So I moved.
forward and began to lick his dick, he told me to decrease and to do it.
slowly so I did and I might feel it jerking once again as I slowly licked it.
from leading to hairy bottom and all around the sticky head, he then told me to.
draw his balls. They were hairy and spiky on my tongue as I licked the.
wrinkled skin and his huge dick kept bumping the top of my head. I had to.
utilize my hands to hold the ball in its bag still as I drew it into my mouth.
well as much of it as I could and I might feel the spiky hairs on it as I.
licked it with my tongue. I saw his mate taking photos with his phone as.
I put the other ball into my mouth and saw he was pulling on his dick as he.
took the pictures.

Then I was informed to draw his beast again so I moved up and pulled his
dick to my mouth putting my lips to it. It huged and covered in that
sticky goo as I gradually put it into my mouth and feeling it fill my mouth
and begin to jerk moved my tongue. I simply held it there for a while
feeling it pulse, then he began to pull my head onto it a lot more forcing
all of it the way to the back of my mouth and making me gag. Soon he was
banging it difficult making my head bounce backwards so he held my head still
and pressed it back so I was forced to look up at him smiling down at me
over this huge dick.

Then he took out and got on the bed and pointed at his dick telling me
to draw it as he kicked back against the headboard. I moved so I was rested on
his hairy legs and put it back into my mouth and held it there. He pulled
my head hard down onto it making me choke then up again then down. He
required I do it so I began to require my mouth down on his dick and up
once again, he kept stating take a growing number of so I attempted and each time fighting
not to be sick once again. He informed me to wank it as well so I put my hands on
his difficult dick and pulled the skin up and down as I moved and believed I should
be doing something right as he was gently stroking my head and informing me
to use my tongue.

I was tough work taking this big dick and pulling it while bouncing up
and down then rolling my tongue around it and still banging it versus
the back of my throat. I was slobbering my spit all over it and over my
hands as I dealt with his dick and his mate was taking photos all the
time. Then it appeared all its sperm and long hot shot after shot hitting
the back of my throat and I will launch it when he told to carryon
softly and swallow his cum. So I slowed it down and began to try and
swallow all this sperm and after a while when his dick began to go soft
he informed me to lick all of it up and clean him. There was sticky white
splashes stuck in his hairs and swimming pools of it over my hands on his stubborn belly and
I was feeling sick however as I saw him raise his hand so I began to draw and
lick it up swallowing what I might get. Finally when I sat up he pulled my
head down and rubbed my face into his wet sticky dick and that’s when his
mate supported me and pressed my pull back then fumbled around until he
managed put his dick into my pussy and exploded inside me nearly right away
making me weep out as he dug his fingers into my hips. He did not stop
right now but kept moving slowly and then after a while I might feel him
beginning to get more difficult inside me and moved faster and quicker banging hard
into me.

The dick I was leaning on was pushed back into my mouth and I could not
move but just held it there and cried out around it as this dick was banged
hard into my sore pussy. I began to weep once again wanting it to end as all I.
could feel was this dick banging into me and the smell of this dick in my.
mouth. Then it was over and his dick was jerking inside me shooting its.
sperm into me. I attempted to get up just to be told to keep sucking this.
dick. So through my tears I got back to dealing with this big dick sucking.
it, licking it and pulling it up until it was hard again and filling my mouth.

He told me to get up and fuck myself but I did unknown exactly what he suggested so.
he slapped me then told me to obtain onto his cock. So I started to draw him.
again just to be slapped once again making my damp face sting. The then dragged.
me up so his cock was hard under me pushed flat against my pussy, then he.
got my nipple between his fingers and began to twist informing me to.
fuck his cock. I could just see red and the pain was shooting through me.
as he required I fuck him. I was puzzled and lost but he simply got my.
other nipple and twisted and informed me to ‘get his fucking cock inside me’.

Then I knew what he meant however I did not desire this thing inside me it was.
too huge and too fat and I made certain it would harm me. But he kept twisting.
and I sobbed out only for him to twist much more, so I gave up and took hold.
of his dick and he let go of me. I leaned forward and put the hot head.
versus my pussy and pushed back versus it. I was still wet from his mate.
and it felt aching and his dick felt hot and huge as I pressed it into me I.
had to stop as it was opening me up excessive and hurting, just to have him.
push his hips up and requiring more into me and hearing him laugh as I sobbed.

He just kept telling me require his cock into my tight cunt but I was.
pushing back as much as I attempted as I thought it would split me open but I.
kept attempting, drawing back and then pushing more into me attempting to get it.
all in but I was a long way from that and my pussy was really aching. I was.
so worked up in attempting to fit this big dick inside me I did not realise I.
was sobbing and the tears were leaking off my nose. I was even saying to.
myself please no as I pressed a growing number of into me till I felt an actually.
sharp discomfort inside me and understood I had got as much of it as was going to fit.
into me. I froze as the sharp discomfort shot through me and my pussy attempted to.
secure hard on this huge dick just to obtain sorer as it was just too huge to.

All I could hear was ‘ram that cock into you bitch’, ‘stretch that cunt.
slag’ and ‘fuck yourself slut’ I just desired my mum or dad to come and.
rescue me as I cried.

However there was no grace I was risen so I was rested on this dick and.
told to’ fuck myself’ so I started to go up and down gradually feeling every. bit of this dick that was threatening to divide me in half and my tears.
begun to land on my boobs. He let me bring on like this for a while then.
he began to slap my boobs informing how tight I was which I ought to move.
faster or how I must ram myself down onto it so he could get all of it.
inside me. Then his mate kept getting in between my legs and taking pictures.
all the while pulling his dick then when he had got enough picture of this.
big dick stuck in me he based on the bed and pressed his cock into my mouth.
and shot his sperm over my tear covered face at the same time he was taking.
image’s on his phone and telling exactly what a randy slut I was.

I cleaned my face however it simply appeared to spread out all over and while I was.
aiming to wipe my face I was raised and I yelled as this huge dick was.
required deep inside me and as I collapsed down I was clamped tight in his.
arms and he began to hammer his dick into me it was like a white hot.
burning pain shooting through me as he rammed in and from me. I shouted.
for all I was worth till I might shout say goodbye to which, s when Josh came.
into the space followed by Martin. Josh began to slap my bottom difficult telling.
him to fuck me difficult and make me yell. He did simply that and pushed deep.
inside me forcing his dick into me and squeezing me tight so I might not.
move and I shouted and yelled at the pain just to have him pull back and.
slam deep into me. I thought it was going to break out of my mouth it was.
going that deep but still he did not stop at my screams for him to let me.
go and he ignored my plea’s for him to stop. He just whispered in my ear.
that he was going to rip my cunt open and how my screams made him truly.
hard. My throat was burning from all the yelling and my bad pussy was.
in pain at the penalty and I just wished to go home.

Then I felt a pressing at my bottom and a burning discomfort as a dick was pressed.
into my bum hole, then both of them were pressing into me. The discomfort was.
that intense I lost my breath as I shrieked only to have Martin get my.
head and slam his dick deep down my through and bash my nose in his stubborn belly.
I stressed as I might not get my breath and then he drew back simply to do.
it once again and once again and all this time I might hear them laughing and a phone.
taking photos all the time.

Then the dick in my bottom took off quickly followed but the big dick in my.
pussy then Martin was filling my mouth with his sperm, I was choking.
and my poor bottom and deep inside my pussy was burning as I rolled off.
relieved to be totally free of dick when the phone was pressed into my face and jets.
of sperm shot over me.

Then they left me to cry, I should of blackout or just went to sleep.
tired as I woke up still naked and cold, I attempted to move but discomfort from.
my pussy shot through me so I moved slowly picking my clothes up. I.
staggered into the restroom and cleaned myself using a fabric to clean my bits.
feeling the soft soothing heat reduce some of the pain. Searching in the.
mirror I was a tinker clumps of dried sperm knotted in my hair and my.
face was covered in dried flakes of the stuff so I soaked my head into the.
bowl and scrubbed my face and hair. Then it was back to washing my pussy.
and bum as sperm was still dripping out of me I rested on the edge of the bath.
tub and peed into the bath. Lastly as my pussy alleviated some of its pain I.
got dressed and made my way down stairs.

The celebration was still going on as I grabbed the front door just to
have my arm pull and I was dragged into the front space by Josh and he was
pointing at me on the laptop computer I was sat on the end of the bed with a dick in
my mouth and everyone was taking a look at me then back at the laptop. I.
almost fell over with the shock of seeing myself like that and it was.
Martin who came over to me and informed if I was to say anything then all these.
images would be sent out to my mum and daddy and published online for everyone.
to see. I panicked and attempted to make a grab for the laptop computer however martin.
pressed me down and grabbed me by the hair. I see transfixed as he.
fumbled with his jeans and pulled his dick out and pressed it at my face.
right there in front of everybody. I attempted to turn away however he shook me by.
my hair and pressed it at me once again demanding I suck it I opened my mouth and.
begun to suck his dick and he let my hair go and informed me to suck it good.
or he would post the images on facebook. It took me ages to obtain him to.
sperm then Josh was pressing his dick at me and telling me I needed to suck.
everybody’s cock before I was permitted to go home. After I swallowed all of.
josh’s sperm they made me undress and get naked and forced me to use a beer.
shut in my pussy as drawn more dick and had more images taken. The.
women were laughing at me and the young boys were screaming things at me.

It was when I had the huge dick in my mouth that came up to me and Mandy.
whispered in my ear that the young boys were going to call me and if I did not go.
to them when they desired a shag they would post the pictures of me. Then I.
was done sucking dick and swallowing sperm they let me get dressed and.

I got home and ran upstairs and showered and scrubbed and scrubbed.
myself all over pressing fingers inside my pussy and bum to get all the.
sperm out. I took ages then got straight into bed. Mum showed up and.
asked if I enjoyed the party and passed me my phone saying I got a text and.
would like to know if Kevin was my brand-new boyfriend. I did not know who Kevin was.
so simply said he was a boy at the celebration I had fun with and she smiled at me.
and left. I opened the text message to see me with a dick up my bum and.
the message checked out ‘I never did get to do your ass with my monster so meet me.
at Martin’s tomorrow after dinner.

I wept myself to sleep and had headaches of this huge dick chasing.
after me that night.

From that day on I was the estate slut and forced to use short skirts.
and no knickers so boys might fuck me anytime they wanted. It took a long.
time but I began to enjoy it and ensured they gave me something for.
fucking me. Now the pain just makes it more fun and the bigger the cock.
the more enjoyment I get out of it as little dicks are just not adequate to.
fill me any longer. Oh and how I like to tease the teachers at school and.
even let them fuck me if they make it worth my while. However it is high.
school after summertime so I am eagerly anticipating meeting brand-new kids.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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