Adult Fantasy – Water Springs

Read Time46 Minutes, 47 Seconds

Well there they go just shutting off the roadway into Johnny’s Bluff, well
it is called Canyon Views however not by the residents. This being the last
Friday night where monthly the local night spot placed on a dance night
for the classy private Military Academy Uni and under 25s from the local
area. I say residents as this is Dry Water Springs in the middle of nowhere
population 126 at last count and there is no young un’s to go there. It is
primarily dry arid dessert country here abouts and the regional’s eke out a.
living where they can. So nothing ever truly happens around here and as.
Sheriff I have little to do however flag down the odd speeders or go discover lost.
adventurers deep in the dessert canyons.

I do amuse myself where I can, take this afternoon as a good.
example, I captured a couple doing 65mph down the highway. I gave them a.
basic option of 5 days in jail, take of their car and elimination of.
his license or his girl might alleviate my stress. She was older than me.
about 55 + however a hot mouth on a hot day is constantly welcome. Of course they.
took me up on my offer after viewing me finger my pistol, I discovered over.
time this worked best to unnerve the majority of people. Should they refuse then she.
would be my home entertainment for the night anyhow, however they concurred as was the.

So kicking him out of his vehicle while I let her get naked, saggy tits and.
old and wrinkly loose and flabby belly was not much to look at but constantly worth a fumble.
even if it is simply to see the response on the men face as he stood at the.
side window looking in watching me as I ram my fingers in and out of her.
pussy and ass. Then after the typical play around and if they are not worth.
the fuck I simply choose a hot blow job, this one sure was on the latter.

Her hands were a bit small and she had a little trouble managing my old.
nightstick, well it is on the large size of things, over 12 inches and.
nearly as fat as a coke can. I let her do her best with it thou, licking.
drawing and attempting to fit what she could in her mouth when I got horny.
enough I got her head and fuck her face genuine difficult bashing my cock hard.
into the back of her throat. Tears quickly began to flow and this simply gets.
me hotter then with one last long thrust I filled her mouth with juices.
Then after making her tidy me up I got out of the cars and truck and letting her.
old male watch as I put her knickers in my pocket and left them to it, 20.
minutes later I saw them disappearing down the roadway doing a nice stable 55.
I am a firm believer in shock treatment to ensure individuals remain within the.
law in my area.

Well enough reminiscing of today’s events I believe our young couple.
must be getting warmed up for me now. Moving out from behind the.
billboard and back onto the roadway I took the turning for Johnny’s Bluff, I.
turned off the lights then as I neared the last bend in the roadway at the.
end I prepared the P.A.

Coming around the bend I could see they had backed into the corner so.
foot down then breaking difficult I struck the lights, sirens, blues and twos then.
the P.A. “This is the Police, place your distribute of the automobile, NOW!!”.
With the last shout’ Now’ I hit the spotlights. This worked as normal, however.
she did not have her head in his lap, still can not have everything, but.
like two Jack Rabbits caught in the headlights, they froze at very first then.
quickly fumbled as they both stuck their hands out the windows. “Will you.
please action out of the automobile Sir.”.

He stepped out, about 5′ 6″, age 17 ish, black brief cropped hair practically.
down to the wood, clean shaven and fresh young appearances, he was caucasian with.
a slim construct if not a little on the slim side. “Place your hands on the.
front of the car Sir and spread your legs.” I saw his belt and jeans.
were undone and he was having issues keeping them up and strolling at the.
very same time. She had her head down and her arms still out of the car. I.
shut off the blues and 2s then brandishing my handgun and flash light,.
marched and approached him, I hooked his ankles and pulled him even more.
back and out to make certain he remained in the tension position.

Speaking with quickly and nearly stumbling his words he blurted out “Sorry.
Sir, we were doing absolutely nothing, just viewing the night sss Sir.”.

I simply struck him in the back with the butt of my pistol. “Speak to me.
when you’re spoken with BOY!!” He provided a sharp cry of discomfort then went quiet.
Oh I do enjoy the way these military kids follow orders.

I took an appearance into the vehicle with the flashlight. She existed but did.
not look at me. Yellow flowered gown with practically straw white long blonde.
hair and looking a little develop. Scanning the vehicle there was a 6 pack with.
two cans open spilling their contents on the flooring and by the smell of it a.
refer burning in the ashtray. Bingo, I had them bang to rights, this.
couple were now my play things.

” Step out of the cars and truck please Miss” as she stepped out I strolled around to.
take an appearance at her. Bingo, she was a doll about 5′ 2″ a soft heart formed.
face, huge eyes rimmed with dark coal, button nose and complete sensual lips, I.
might not see much of her figure as the gown was lose but she looked slim,.
her legs were nice and long for her size from exactly what I could see. Ah high.
heeled calf boots so remove 4-5 inches from her height.

Roughly getting her by the shoulder I pressed her into the stress.
position kicking her feet back and wide, I desired to do more however finest to.
not let the feline from the bag straight off.

Strolling back to the front of the vehicle I had her on the best looking at.
him and him on the left taking a look at her, both all brilliantly lit by both vehicles.
headlights. I dragged out the silence till I believed one or the other.
would speak then prior to they did. “Ok Sir, Miss you have been discovered.
in possession of alcohol and you are in possession of narcotics.” I let the.
silence remain a bit longer. Then taking a look at the boy, “What’s your name.

” Andrew Kennelly Junior Sir” He responded in military order.

” This your vehicle Mr Kennelly?”.

” No Sir, it comes from my further, Sir”.

I stepped around behind him and began to clear his pockets, taking out.
his wallet flicking through it, he had little cash however he did bring a.
platinum card. Hum rich family. The other contents of his pockets were a.
small bag consisting of cannabis, numerous small coins, an open pack of 3.
Johnnies and a small swiss army knife. I made a cool pile on the bonnet of the.

I pressed him forward with the butt of my handgun “Take off your t-shirt for
me Mr Kennelly,” he had a hard time a bit however managed to eliminate his t-shirt. He
was a bit on the slim side and could see his ribs, but he was lean
enough. I did the mock search of his t-shirt as I asked him his age. “How.
old are you boy?”.

” I am seventeen Sir.”.

” You know the legal age limit for alcohol Mr Kennelly?”.

” Yes Sir.”.

” You understand the legal age limit for sexual permission?”.

” Yes Sir.”.

” You know that cannabis is a narcotic and is prohibited in this.

” Yes Sir.”.

” Good, now begin your shoes and socks for me son.”.

He complied however fumbled with his socks and after a couple of attempts at.
hooking his toe in he handled to get barefoot.

This area is surrounded by cacti and the bluff edge was over 100ft high.
so ought to he aim to run then he will not get far. I kicked his shoes to.
the side and moved him to the front of the police car and reaching.
around pulled his arms back and put the handcuffs on him, pressing him onto.
the bonnet just to be sure he got the message to remain there.

As soon as cuffed, I again made a mock examination of his socks and shoes.
Then I supported him, hooked my thumbs into his trousers and denims and in.
one speedy movement removed them, leaving him bare arsed to the night. This.
was the last of it, I did a mock search of his denims then his pants. His.
trousers had a moist wet patch where he should have got over excited with her or.
practically pissed himself when I arrived; I wager his bladder is heavy now, I.

Putting my gun and flashlight away I stepped up behind him kicked his.
legs broader and stepped in between his legs letting him feel me tight.
against his bare arse. I bent forward and rubbed my hands on his head,.
down his neck, over his shoulders, down his back and sides, felling his.
young soft skin over his taught younger muscled body. I placed both hands.
on his arse and gripped tight feeling the firmness of his butts.
Dragging it out simply thinking about how he should have a genuine bemused worry.
look on his face by now.

” So sonny, what were you doing here tonight?”.

” Nothing Sir, I was, we were simply out for a romantic night.” There was a.
very anxious sound to his voice. I rose and damp my index finger.

” You don’t deceive me child, you have beer, you have drugs, you have rubbers.
and you have a young girl here, “something tells me various.”.

” Honest Sir, we were just kissing and seeing the stars !!!!” The last.
bit came out as a screech as I rammed my finger right to the second knuckle.
into his arse and started to move it around. Humm, hot, soft, tight,.
virgin ass. I could see his sweetheart out the corner of my eye, she.
looked shocked but did stagnate. Andrew attempted to come up from the bonnet.
however I simply reached under his arse then got and pulled his balls firmly.
rolling the little orbs in my hand simply to contribute to his pain. He provided.
a couple of grunts and groans as he dropped back onto the hood of the patrol automobile.
Releasing his balls I reached even more under and grabbed his cock, it.
took 2 efforts as my hands are big and his cock was on the little side.
He was tough bless him, so I pulled it back and up, lifting his legs off the.
ground. This brought another screech from him and the more he aimed to.
twitch the higher I raised him.

” I believe you wanted getting this pure innocent young woman drunk and.
high on drugs so you might fuck the arse off her.” I dropped him down.
but stopped short of letting his feet touch the flooring with a nab.

He screeched again, “No, Sir, sincere Sir I had no intents of doing.
that Sir, I swear Sir.”.

With that I released his cock and let him collapse on the hood. “Ok you.
are clean of anymore drugs.”.

I strolled over to her. “What’s you name Miss?”.

” I am Jayne, Jayne Tilsly” she stammered.

” What is your age Miss Tilsly?”.

” Sixteen, Sir.”.

” You know the legal age limitation for alcohol Miss Tilsly?”.

” Yes Sir.”.

” You understand the legal age limit for sexual authorization?”.

” Yes Sir.”.

” You know that cannabis is a narcotic and is prohibited in this.

” Yes Sir.”.

I might see her noticeably shaking so I attempted to relax her some, “It’s okay,.
Miss Tilsly, simply relax I just need to examine you have actually no hidden weapons.
or any longer narcotics.” I said this as informally as possible as I pressed.
her additional over the hood. I ran my hands through her soft silky blonde.
hair over her shoulders, down her back and sides (fast note no bra), my.
hands slid over her arse (no knickers) and down her legs. I removed her.
boots one at a time with a mock browsed each time just dragging out the.
scene and aiming to keep the tension in these two kids. I decided to let.
her keep the white socks on as it just seemed to accentuate her youth, but.
stating that she had some good curves this one for a little lass.

” OK Miss Tilsly can you eliminate your gown.” She appeared to freeze and.
hesitate. “Please eliminate your gown or I will be forced to remove it for.
you.” I think there is never a requirement for crudeness or indecency and all.
suspects deserve to be treated with respect at all times, till.
tested guilty that is.

She reached back and attempting to stay as near to the hood as possible to.
protect her innocence as she reached back and took down her zipper to.
eliminate her dress. The headlights simply seemed to highlight her curves and.
the little peachy ass holding up in the air looked so inviting as her.
dress slid down. I did my best to ignore her initially simply doing the mock.
search of her dress as she stepped totally free, but in truth I was savouring the.
heat and her sent out that still stuck around on the material. I stepped up.
close and kicked her legs larger and pushed my thighs against her small.
arse. I then reached around her pulling her hands back behind her, I.
realised that the cuffs would be too big for her wrists and her little.
hands would slip through, so I pulled her thumbs together and place on a.
restraint tie to secure her hands. That done I chose her up, she was so.
light and little in my hands as I moved her to the Hood of the police car.
Then I pressed her face down next to her partner and spread her legs,.
pushing her feet in reverse.

This was the minute as I squatted down and spread the cheeks of her.
arse. “Best if you unwind a bit Miss Tilsly.” I said, as I withstood the evil.

There it was before me situateded in a little down of blonde fur, one sweet
looking pussy and just the smallest touch of wetness tracing down her slit
capturing the light. Putting a thumb on each side and feeling her tense up
as I gradually opened her flower to expose her inner lips and tiny hooded
clit. I withstood putting a finger into her cunt just a little to give it
that long pause, then moistening my finger drilled it house slowly feeling her
heat twist around the invading finger, hearing her gasp and feeling her cunt
muscles secure tough squeezing my finger tight. Then I hit a soft
resistance, hymen? A Virgin? I removed my getting into finger, was I the
initially? It had actually been so long since I had a virgin, oh boy this was my fortunate
day, my old man was beginning to appreciate the warm aroma and view of this
fresh VIRGIN cunt, making my trousers a bit too tight for convenience. Next I.
went up and opened her arse cheeks even more to reveal her little star it.
looked so small I simply wished to burry my tongue in there and pay attention to her.
squeal. However no, once again I resisted letting the pause hang then drilled my.
finger into her little arse, she squirmed and gasped as I pushed it even more.
delighting in the heat and tightness, feeling her sphincter muscles attempting.
to expel this unwelcomed penetrating, approximately I twisted and turned in my.
probing making her squeal and squirm more prior to I pulled it out. With.
that done I stood. “You seem tidy Miss Tilsly, no further narcotics.

I stood there for a moment just to appreciate the view and give my cock.
a long slow rub, feeling its long length swell through my trousers as I.
took in the sight of these two tight arses stuck high in the air prior to me.
Tonight was going to be a great night with these two innocent kids ripe for.
the fucking, however where to begin?

I selected her up and sat her on the hood of the vehicle, she right away.
begun to cross her legs, I simply grabbed each knee and opened her legs.
wide, she attempted to slouch down however I got her chin pulling her up right.
and checking out her face waved a finger at her. “Sit still Miss Tilsly”.
Hum she looked nice with them small tits pressed out since of the.
restraint keeping her hands even more back behind her than the regular.
handcuffs do.

I turned and stood Mr Kennelly up to face me and her. “OK Mr Kennelly,.
do you want to change your story?”.

” No Sir, we were not doing anything Sir, simply seeing the night sss Sir.” He.
was scared, you might see it in his face that he was concentrating and the.
just thing he figured I might not show was that he had complete objective to.
sexually attack a minor.

” Don’t give me bullshit boy, you wished to stack her with beverage and drugs.
and then have your wicked way with her, your soul function here tonight was to.
fuck this little girl.”.

” No Sir, sincere Sir we were doing nothing.”.

” You had your pants around your ankles boy,” I actioned in better looking.
down at him. “You desired to fuck her didn’t you boy, you wished to burry.
this,” I rapped his little cock hard with the back of my knuckles. “Balls.
deep into this innocent virgin girls cunt, isn’t that best boy!!” He bent.
down with a stunned cry of pain, so I pushed him to his knees.

” No Sir, I had no objectives of sexual intercourse Sir.” His voice was a little.
shrilled and sharp.

” You telling me you’re gay Mr Kennelly.” Grabbing him by the back of the.
neck I dragged him over to the car and put his chin on the hood right.
between her legs. “You’re telling me that our kids coming out of Military.
Academy are gay?”.

” No Sir, I had no intentions of sex Sir.” His voice was a little more.
shrilled and the edge of panic was just embeding in.

” Look at it boy, that’s pussy, young hot, fresh virgin teenager pussy, real.
males would kill for the view you have now. I think you’re bullshitting me.
boy or you really are gay. Well you are looking at 5 years for the.
ownership of narcotics and drinking under age, likewise the intent of raping a.
minor carries 6 years upwards. Do you realise exactly what a mess you are in right.
now boy? Informing me lies will just make it worse for you.”.

I looked her in the face, “You have no have to look so coy Miss, you are.
taking a look at 5 years juvenile for belongings of alcohol and narcotics and can.
include underage sex to the overall.”.

” You both are in a mess. Exactly what you have done here tonight has just.
screwed up your lives permanently. Your lives will never be the exact same once again. Do.
You Understand Me!!!?” I shouted at them.

That was it pure silence, no tears, simply surprised silence you could have.
cut it with a knife.

” So boy, no matter if you are gay or not now, you will be within, your.
first week of jail they will rip your arse to shreds, they will hammer your.
mouth till you can no longer talk. You will be mistreated, you will be their.
toy, you will do whatever they say to remain alive and these men are.
animals. Do you understand me boy?” With my hand on his neck I felt every.
muscle unwind, he was beaten. He was from a chic household he has never.
experienced the underside of life and now reality was here and real, he was.
caught and there was no escape. I let him fall back onto his haunches.

” Still feeling coy Missy, just wait till you are dragged into a cell and.
required to lick twat till you have blisters in your tongue and you feel some.
dykes fist ramming into your little virgin cunt then hammering hard at your.
guts, daily they will find something else to hammer into your guts, up.
your arse or up your cunt it will not matter to them girly, the more you.
shriek the more they will love it. When that cell door closes no one will.
care how loud you yell missy. If you’re lucky and are a great woman they.
will let the guards fuck you and feed you cock day and night for their.
favours. A charming little thing like you simply doesn’t stand an opportunity girl.”.
She was young and classy still unskilled in life, this was a difficult sell on.
a soft client.

I let the ideas settle in for a while.

” So Missy, were you planning on letting him pop your cherry tonight?
Was this your unique night? Was this the night you were going to go from.
lady to woman” She just shook her head no. “Answer me Missy.”.

” No Sir” Her voice was cracked and raw like she had actually been crying within.
for hours.

“Well his trousers were down and you are knickerless. So inform me, were you
going to simply get your mouth around his little cock and blow his mind while
he had a fumble around?”

Again “No Sir”

” What’s up girl is he truly gay and not male enough for you?” I looked
at him.” You hear that boy you’re not man enough for her.” I grabbed his
head requiring him to look up at me, there was tears in his eyes. “So inform
me boy how you like cock.”

” No Sir, I’m not gay Sir.”

I slapped him hard across the face. “Wrong answer boy!! You are gay
and you enjoy cock, am I right”

Shock was composed all over his face. I slapped him again. “I can not.
hear you? Six years in prison for the tried rape of a minor, Are You Gay.

He appeared to believe I was providing him an escape.

” Yes sir I am gay” He stammered and aimed to look down, but I held him.

” What do you gays enjoy boy?”.

” Other males Sir.”.

” Other guys’s what boy?”.

” Other guys’s dicks Sir”.

” Do you love cock boy?”.

” Yes Sir I love cock Sir” I had him beat and now’s the time to make him.
desire it.

” Are you a giver or a taker boy?”.

” I’m a giver Sir” He thought he could be smart so I slapped him.

” Don’t think you boy”.

” No Sir I am a taker”.

” You like cock boy?”.

” I like cock Sir”.

” What do you do with hard cock boy?”.

” I draw and fuck hard cock Sir.”.

” You love to have a tough cock rammed up your arse boy?”.

” Yes Sir”.

” You suck tough cock boy?”.

” I like to draw difficult cock Sir”.

” You hear that missy, your boy says he is gay and he likes to draw and.
fuck hard cock, did you know he was gay missy?”.

” No Sir I did not” She stammered.

I offered a tough slap to her thigh. “Are you sure you did not understand missy?”.

She altered her tune. “Yes Sir he is gay, I have known he has always.
been gay.”.

” You ever see him suck cock missy? Is he a great cock sucker? I raised.
my hand as if to slap her.

” No Sir, I don’t understand Sir.” She was a bit sheepish with the reply,.
probably expecting another slap.

” How’s about we discover then?” With that I turned my belt, button and.
lowered my zipper reaching inside I pulled first my old nightstick out then.
my balls. Oh it felt great to have him from his confines at last and out.
in the cool night air. “How’s about it then boy, you show me how gay you.
are and how great you are at drawing cock.” His face was a photo; seeing.
this big piece of meat appear right in front of his face as I raised its.
large bulbous head up to his mouth holding it a fraction from his lips.
Perhaps he had actually always fancied himself to be a male’s man by signing up with the.
military and being a hero. Well that was over in my mind, I was going to.
be his very first fuck, I just like virgins and by the appearance in his face this was.
the closest he had actually ever been to another guy’s erect cock. I was going to.
be the very first to fuck his face; my cock was filling up hard at the thoughts.
going through my mind. With my hand on his head I could feel him tense up.
practically shaking.

” You never seen a genuine male’s cock boy, are they so different from those.
gay cock you draw?” I pulled him forward pushing his lips against completion.
of my cock, however still he did not open up. “Open broad gay boy and believe of.
all that jail cock you will taste for the next 5 years unless you’re a good.
boy, let’s see exactly what a good gay cock sucker like you can do boy, draw it.
excellent, or would you prefer to simply bend over for me and let me knock this hot.
hard meat into your arse?” My cock was ridged hard, head inflamed and fat.
veins standing out along its sides staring him in the face. Then I felt.
more than saw his hot breath on my bellend as he opened his mouth. I provided.
him no chance to back out as pushed it tough feeling his front teeth rake.
across the head of my cock, I was in and the soft heat covered it.
soothing the sting away.

Well there he was on his knees and my fat cock stuck in his mouth, his.
initially cock suck, this was going to be good. “Well draw it boy, just think.
how you wanted little missy here to suck your cock and get to work on it.”.
He moved forward taking it much deeper then gave a choking snort around my cock.
so drawn back again. Then again he took it back into his mouth, he soon.
begun to work it getting a great steady rhythm, not taking it deep however.
working it perfectly. “Show me how you use that tongue boy.” He complied.
quickly as I felt his tongue begin to wiggle rubbing my bellend and.
shaft. “That’s nice you little cock drawing gay boy. Now look me in the.
face boy, you need to always look a genuine man in the face when you have his.
cock in your mouth boy.” He looked up and his young intense eyes were complete.
of tears. This simply looked so sweet so I began to thrust forward striking.
the back of this throat making him snort and gag. “Now lick and draw my.
balls boy, let me see you work that tongue of yours on my shaft.” I think.
he was simply glad to get it from his mouth and stop the gagging as he.
begun to lick my shaft up and down, hum great sensations as feeling the.
softness of this hot young tongue rubbed up and down my shaft then the heat.
of his lips as he drew on my balls.

I had a look at missy and she had her head turned away from the action.
This was no good; I put my arm around her and pulled her to me.
” Don’t lose out little missy, just look exactly what a great little cock sucker your.
boyfriend is.” She wriggled a little bit however I managed to position her so.
she could not prevent seeing her boyfriend with one of my huge balls in his.

” That’s an excellent boy, now show little missy here how great you draw cock,.
without hesitation he opened wide and took my cock back into his mouth and.
begun to work it. His mouth was so warm and wet and felt so great on my.
cock. I was lost in the moment so I got little missy’s hair and pulled.
her head back and planted a hot kiss on her little mouth. She withstood my.
tongue penetrating initially, her lips tight shut, but I just twisted her hair.
and as her mouth opened I got the taste as I delved deep with my tongue. I.
broke the kiss, looked her in the eyes. “Make this excellent woman or things.
might just go downhill from here.” I launched her hair and she clamped her.
lips to mine burying her hot snaky tongue into my mouth. This captured me.
off balance as it was a hot attractive kiss the likes that are only from over.
enthusiastic fans. But there I was floating in my hedonistic dream, her.
swapping spit chasing my tongue around her mouth while her partner drew.
my cock. This was heavenly, however I desired more, so I forced his head hard.
onto my cock and began to require fuck his face, pressing harder and longer.
at the back of his throat up until finally like a tight johnny being rolled.
down my cock I felt his throat provide and my cock start to sink much deeper and.
much deeper into his mouth then his face struck my crotch, it was so smooth and.
tight deep in his throat. He was thrusting and aiming to break complimentary, then.
I let him withdraw but inadequate to obtain away as I slammed it back into the.
depths of his gullet, once again and again, hardly providing him time to breath or.

I broke the kiss with little missy pressing her back as I held him hard
against me. Simply look how he enjoys cock missy, 12 inches of strong meat and
he enjoys it. His eyes were breaking from his head as he struggled to obtain
off my cock.

” Stop, stop, please stop your choking him.” Her voice was urgent and
scared. I simply slapped her away and simply looked down into his bulging tear
filled eyes. “So your actually are gay boy, a right little cock sucking he
slut. Let’s see how great of a fuck you are boy.” I pushed him back; he
rolled and landed face down coughing and gasping for breath. I dropped to
my knees securing his legs tight while I pulled him up by the handcuffs
until his arse touched my cock. I swirled some spit around my mouth and
dropped it into the fracture of his ass. He was still coughing but knew exactly what
was coming as I pushed forward trying to jam my hard fat cock into the
tight ring between his young firm ass cheeks. After a couple of tough powerful
thrusts his virgin ring paved the way. He screamed loud and long as I pushed
more of my meat into him. This was one tight ass, so pulling back I held
it there simply my bellend inside the tight ring of his ass.

” Come on boy push back and show your sweetheart here how you want to
ride a guy’s cock”.

He did not move so I slapped his ass hard, then harder again and again
feeling his ring jerk around my cock with each slap.

I slapped him real difficult hearing the sharp crisp sound echo in the night.
” Come on boy flight this difficult cock, prove to me what a clock fan you are”.

He began to push back a little and forward and back working it much deeper
with each thrust. It was good however not exactly what I wanted so I gripped his hips
and the handcuffs and I knocked into him hard once again and again trying to
force more of my meat into him. Grabbing him tighter I began to fuck his
tight arse set, going deeper and deeper with each thrust.
Feeling his hot tight rectum clamping my cock was a terrific sensation,
hearing his screams turned to shouts of discomfort as I rammed into him, pounding
and punishing his virgin ass. His howls relied on sobs. “You enjoy this
don’t you gay boy, you like to feel a guy deep inside you ripping into your
bowels, you love the feeling of difficult cock filling you up.” Lastly I hit
home filling him with my full length and slamming into him hard banging my
balls against his little nut sack with his arse cheeks slamming into my
crotch. I just kept hammering hard making his entire body jerk with each
slam home, listening to his practically out of breath sobs. This felt so good, his
smooth tight arse securing my cock, pleasing my cock, so great, so tight, so
young, slamming into him and abusing his virgin arse with each long deep
thrust, slapping his cheeks hard till they were radiant red, listening to
his sobbing and sobbing. I love the sensation of supremacy, the power of my
cock bringing this young youth to cries of discomfort and tears of suffering. The
possessive power just filled me, prompting me on to cause him grater discomfort and
abuse him more. The heat started to increase as my nuts began to tighten up, my
orgasm was developing at a quick rate I might not hold back much longer so I.
pulled out spinning him round without offering him a chance to stop sobbing I.
rammed my cock hard into his mouth and down his throat. I began to tremble.
attempting to hold it back just that little bit longer similar to each thrust I.
slammed his face into my crotch, until I had both hands pulling him hard.
onto my cock and grinding his face onto my gut, then in a heated rush it.
occurred. I empted my balls in long thick shots of spunk while the waves.
of euphoria passing through me made me jerk uncontrollably. I simply yelled.
abuse at him “Eat my fucking hot man juice you fucking slut of a he whore.”.
It simply came out wave after wave of abuse with each eruption of my balls.

As it began to go away and recede away I pulled out still shooting jets.
of spunk into his now coughing, gasping, spluttering mouth, I thought I was.
going to cum forever as long thick shots of spunk splattering over his.
face, finally it relieved to a stop and event my composure I tapped his.
face with my meat then gasping said “that readied boy, … you are a hot.
little cock drawing he slut, those animals inside … they will simply love.
you,” I managed to get up on unstable legs and face little missy.

” You know exactly what missy, that boy of yours is a genuine gem, you need to be.
happy as he sure can draw cock and has the tightest arse.” I sat back on.
the hood letting my cock cool in the night air, it just kept twitching.
and throbbing for a long period of time up until it began to diminish and slowly cool.
down. The night chill settled over me and I simply listened to the silence.
and Sonny Boys sobbing. That’s when I got hold of little missy and pulling.
her off the hood forced her face into my crotch. “Time to clean up all your.
partners shit of my cock missy, there was no curtsey or politeness I simply.
rubbed her face into my cock and balls. “Come on little missy, get that.
tongue out and lick me clean.” I squeezed her neck and she provided a muffled.
cry into my crotch. “Just fucking do it bitch.” There was blood, spunk and.
shit being rubbed all over her young stunning face. She declined, so.
pulling her head back by her hair I slapped her hard across the face.
” Open your Fucking Mouth Slut, Suck and Lick all that Shit Off my Cock”. I.
accented each word with a hard slap and after that a backhand slap and so on. I.
then knocked her face hard into my crotch. This ever so sweet and posh.
daddy’s woman is about to learn exactly what it’s like to be a fuck toy for a.
genuine guy, she might of believed the military school was difficult and would leave.
burses on her, just wait till I’ve ended up with her. I just rubbed her.
young face around and around my cock and balls, her little feet were.
kicking and her cries were smothered however she was holding out on me. Pulling.
her back by the hair I reached down and grabbed one of those soft tender.
little titties I just squashed it in my hand real tough feeling the softness.
capture out of my hand, she shrieked loud and difficult, however I simply launched and.
crushed once again. “You desire to play nice now little girly?”.

With a loud gasp she stated “Yesssssssssssss”.

That was not enough for me as I hate it when they don’t comply, I.
released her tit and got a nipple grasping it difficult I twisted it and.
pulled. This produced another long loud scream. “You’re going to do as.
you’re fucking informed like a good little slut or I’ll rip your body apart, do.
you comprehend me bitch?” I released her nipple and filled my hand with her.
other breast.

I will squash this too when she burst out, “Yes sir”.

Launching her breast I pulled her face back into my crotch. “Then lick.
me tidy slut”.

Soon she started to lick me tidy with long soft strokes of her youthful.
tongue. I kicked back unwinded taking pleasure in the feeling this girl was.
providing me. Quickly I was hard again prepared for action but I let her lick my.
shaft and balls just that little longer, seeing her youthful face work.
around my dick.

“That’s much better slut, now suck it great or you know exactly what you’ll get.” She
popped the end of my shaft in her mouth, it was a tight fit and her lips
were extended however she worked hard to get as much in as she could, then
started bob up and down on my cock as well as working it with her tongue. Oh
this was nice looking down on her young heart formed face now streaked with
tears striving to please this fat meat hanging out of her face.

” That’s a great slut, however it’s time for you to lose that girlish
virginity of yours.” She simply shook her head with a mouthful of my meat. I.
went to press her off but she sucked more difficult attempting to remain on my cock nearly.
harming so I pressed her off harder, then the acute pain struck me as the bitch.
sunk her teeth in bringing a cry of discomfort and an automobile response punch from me.
knocking her sprawling across the floor. I advance and kicked her.
and kicked her once again nursing my cock. “You fucking bitch, I have the right.
mind to knock all your bloody teeth out and skull fuck you … you bitch.”.
I kicked her again.

I chose the sobbing lady up and knocked her onto the hood of the patrol.
cars and truck and after that leaned over her, right into her face. “This is not going to.
be nice bitch and this is going to harm till you scream and can not shriek.
say goodbye to and after that when you believe it’s over I am going to fuck you some more.
You got that bitch?” I punched her in the gut. She groaned through her.
sobbing. “Next time you draw cock woman you will suck it best or you understand.
what you will get, GOT IT?” I struck her again and she was nodding her head.
yes intensely.” that’s much better bitch, now you’re going to learn ways to be.
an excellent slut or you know exactly what you will get.” I grabbed her by the chin to.
stop her nodding head and require her to take a look at me. “Now inform me woman which.
you want me to fuck first, your virgin cunt or your virgin arse?” With that.
she started to kick her legs about. So I raised my fist approximately her face.
” You want some more?” She shook her head with what little bit motion she had.
” So lift them upper hands high so I can get at your virginity woman.” It took a.
little bit of a struggle for her with the weight of me on top of her but she did.
her best bless her.

With her legs large open I could feel the heat of her cunt versus my.
cock, I so wished to fuck this bitch and make her scream after biting my.
cock. I began to fake fuck her, moving the length of my rod up and down.
her pussy and pressing my balls hard against her ass feeling her cunt drag.
along the length of my meat. “So my little slut inform me which hole gets.
cock initially?” I swilled my mouth and let a long dribble of spit land in her.
eyes then carefully tapped her face, but there was sheer fear in her now,.
she was discovering it difficult to concentrate on this horror that had actually befallen her.

Her whole ideal world had been shattered and she looked spaced out.
with the shock, then her eyes seemed to lock on to mine, just when I.
believed I had her broken and prepared to offer herself to me. “You fucking.
Pig, you evil fat pig simply fucking fuck me and be finished with it, stick your.
dick in me you bastard go on fuck me, fuck me hard you BASTARD!”.

She started to kick and twitch around, I offer it to her, she had more.
fight in her than her partner did. I reached down getting my cock I.
searched around for her little cunt hole. It took a couple of minutes with her.
twitching then I pushed the head of my cock into her, there was no go at.
first however with a couple of tough presses I managed to get the head in. And Boy did.
she shriek. “You feel it bitch?” I pulled back a bit and pushed again.
” Are you feeling it good lady?”.

” Arrr you bastard, you fucking bastard.” Her each word was shouted at.

” Are you caring this woman? You like the feel of a difficult cock rammed into.
your tight little virgin cunt?” Each time I pulled back and pushed once again.
she would yell and swear at me. Her cunt was so hot and so tight it.
practically harmed. Then more by possibility than anything else I felt the slight.
pressure of her hymen aiming to withstand my difficult rod, so I stopped still just.
to savour the minute.

” You all set for this bitch as I am about to rip your virginity away, your.
valuable womanhood you have actually been savouring for that Mr Right will be.
mine, it will not be that valuable little pussy of yours, it will.
forever be my fuck hole as I am about to rip all your youth away.” God.
this felt great I do not think I have ever been this fucking difficult in years.
My cock was pulsating like mad and her little tiny pussy muscles were.
trying to battle this attacking beast. I could practically have cum there and.
then as her blasphemy just made me throb even harder. I resisted the.
temptation for as long as I might then slowly I pushed into her; I felt her.
virginity simply rip gradually away as her screams filled the night air. I.
pulled back and pushed once again and felt it slam hard versus her womb, the.
blood from her lost virginity made it simple for my cock to ride into her. I.
began to pound into her damaging her womb and with the heat of power and.
lust to the noise of her, lastly I burst through her womb and more blood.
eased the way to obtain all my meat inside her, I felt her cunt rip as I.
finally slammed the root of my cock into her crotch, feeling my balls.
pushed tight versus her arse. She was mine!! I might not stop myself, I.
simply continued and on thrusting my difficult cock deep into her gut with long hard.
strokes noting to the noises of her screams and the wet slap of my balls.
against her arse. Her voice was soon horse and her screams were silent and.
out of breath as I pumped my meat into her.

I relieved down taking a nipple into my mouth playing with the rubbery.
teat, then bit down difficult and ragged her breast with my teeth clamped hard.
onto her nipple. This was responded to with another horse scream as she attempted.
to twitch with useless efforts to push me off. I then sucked the majority of her.
breast into my mouth and bit difficult once again as I ground my meat into her. She.
arched her back and kicked her feet nearly raising me off the floor, hoo-ha.
she was bucking tough and I was liking it as I did the very same to her other.
breast. Her screams we now breathless and I could have sworn she was.
asking her daddy to assist her. I tangled my hands in that straw blond hair.
holding her head tight and started to slide my tongue over her younger.
face trailing it down her neck just to sink my teeth in once again.

Shit I was hot and my cock was like a rod of iron just hammering into
this small form of a woman, all the blood she was losing just made it
slicker and softer with each trust, I could feel my balls tightening and
the heat increasing so I had to stop,

Leaning up I looked down at the big quantity of blood over her tummy and
in between her thighs with my hard ridged meat still half buried into her
cunt. Fuck I need to have practically ripped this bitch in half; great I believed to
myself, serves the fucker right for biting my cock.

I slapped her around the face to obtain her to take a look at me … “OKAY bitch now
your satisfaction part is over, it is time for my pleasure as I like to fuck
ass, and I am going to really enjoy this bit.” There was a lame shake of
the head which was the only resistance she gave as I took out and cast
her leg over so she was face down

She looked so little and pale in the headlights with blood tracing down.
her legs to stain them little white socks, she was still trussed up in the
tie restraint however it looks as though I had handled to dislocate her thumbs
in my crazy desire, however hay who offers a fuck she is a cock biting bitch. I.
reached down and rubbed my slimy blood soaked nightstick and took a look at.
that peachy ass, I wished to get balls deep in the bitch so I scooped her.
up and threw her across her still sobbing boyfriend ensuring her ass was.
high. I shuffled close and intended my hard rod at that small little brown.
star. I savoured the moment looking down at my big fat meat with its.
bulbous bellend in between those firm little ass cheeks. I then slapped her.
sweetheart, “Just look at this boy, you just get a great eyeful as I rape.
your bitches ass.”.

With that I gripped my cock and among her wrists and began to push.
hard hearing her scream once again, there was no provide even with all this slick.
blood so I began to push more difficult and harder jamming and trusting aiming to.
force open her little tight little ass with each trust, she moaned and.
groaned, then it gave. I felt the tiny rosebud of her ass split and accept.
my fat cock. As soon as opened up my cock simply rammed in to the hilt. She.
arched her back with a shrieking scream; I smiled to myself and grasped a.
handful of her white golden hair pulling it hard as I rammed home once again and.
again, pulling harder at her hair with each forward thrust requiring her to.
take my meat. It did not take wish for my nuts to tighten up again and could.
hold out not. So with a wrench I got up and I pulled her head round.
then just knocked my cock down her yelling throat. “You fucking cock.
biting bitch, you fucking slut’s slut”. I simply shouted blasphemy at her.
as I rammed my cock into her gullet and smashed her face into my crotch.
while my manhood gushed its seed.

I just tossed her limp body aside as I was spent and panting … fuck.
yea I felt excellent. My old male was throbbing nicely as I knocked my fist into.
her sweethearts ribs, “That’s how you take a bitch you gay bastard.” I.
watched as he buried his face in the dust to sob as I took her yellow dress.
to clean myself. I provided her a kick with the sole of my boot to see if she.
was still alive and she provided a low moan. She was such an adorable little thing.
now fucked, lost and out cold, I think her first experience of a real male.
was simply a bit too much for her I chuckled to myself.

OK time to finish this off. I reached down to him and unlocked his.
cuffs then dragging him by his head I pressed his face into her muff. “Eat.
that clean boy”. He did not struggle much as I rubbed his face into her.
blood soaked cunt and then returned to the patrol vehicle to view. He appeared.
to comply as his head was moving so I reached into the car for a flashlight.
and tossed that to him. “Fuck her with that boy” Again he complied and.
started to thrust the torch into the lifeless bitch. “Don’t seem to be.
doing much for her there boy, how’s about you climb onboard and fuck the.
slut”. With that he was quickly rutting her for all he was worth.

I let him complete before I put the cuffs back on and put them both in the.
patrol automobile, she was groaning and coming round by the time I got them to the.
local doctors who was a little reluctant to answer his door this late at.
night, however we soon had them set out in his surgery.

The old physician simply look them over and asked me “What’s the score here.

So I told him the reality “I caught this rapist here ramming her with this.
flashlight prior to he then proceeded to fuck her.” All finished with a wink and.
a nod.

He stepped over and examined her face flashing his little light from one.
eye to the other. “You ok missy?”.

Her reply had plenty of venom. “How the fuck do you think I feel.”.

” Now there little missy, that’s no other way to speak with the physician.” I said.

The Doc appeared to overlook the venom and simply asked her name.” Jayne,.
Jayne Tilsly” she stammered a lot less anger this time.

” Well Miss Tilsly do you have a medical card?”.

” No Doc”.

” Do you have any cash then miss out on?”.

” No Doc, it’s all back at the Army Collage”.

” Well then Miss Tilsly, without payment I do not work, so …” He let.
this so hang as he stepped closer and reduced his zipper and eliminated his.

Her anger quickly came back “Fuck off you dirty old perv, I just got raped.
by that bastard and now you desire me to draw your shrivelled dick?”.

With that the Doc put his hand between her legs and squeezed. It had.
the wanted result and she shouted and stayed up. The doc just got her.
by the hair and pulled her to his cock. “Now if you desire to be put.
right I think you swallow that pride of yours in addition to my … my.
shrivelled old cock”.

She snivelled a little then took his old guy meat into her mouth and.
begun to draw it.

It wasn’t long before he was thrusting into her face and dumping his heap.
in her mouth, then closing her mouth he said “Swallow your medication like a.
great lady” as he pressed her back on the table. “That was good girl, now.
you comprehend the payment technique I will put you right”.

It took him over an hour to put her right, with a great deal of screaming and.
stitches until he was completed. Then turning to the lad he dropped his.
zipper once again,” You know the payment technique boy” Soon the lad was drawing.
cock for all he deserved, it took a little longer but soon he swallowed.
his medication and was stitched up.

I took the youth back to the Jailhouse where he had to spend for his food.
and water to me or my Deputy till she was fit for the hearing.

Conclusion …

3 months had passed and it was trial date.

Mr Kennelly, he received 12 years sentence of tough labour for the rape.
and mutilation of a minor under the influence of drink and drugs. (After.
some editing of the video drawn from the police car.).

Miss Tilsly, she got 4 years for the attempted seduction of a.
cops officer and being under the impact of drink and drugs. (Some.
honest shots once again drawn from the patrol automobile.) This was decreased to 2 years.
after being good to the Judge for 4 days in between the initial hearing and.
the sentencing. Both sets of moms and dads did come down to grumble and in some way.
they must of gotten lost enroot as they never ever made it, odd that however this is.
the middle of nowhere where individuals get lost all the time. The Commander.
General from the Academy concerned see them and after two hours of literally.
riding their backs offered them each a dishonourable discharge they both had.
to sallow.

That reminds me there is a party of collage women lost in the canyon.
while out rafting that requirement looking for, this could be fascinating, so.
civic responsibility calls.

” It’s simply a nice quite town this, just the method I like it. See ya’.
later on’s.”.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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