Rape Story – The Gift

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“If he moves slash his throat.” The cold sharp steal risen against
the side of my face, I aimed to move but the ropes held me tight to the
chair while savagely a hard grip on my hair took my head back. I felt
so useless as I viewed among the people pull his belt free and move his
trousers down. Jill attempted to move only to have another person press her back
to the floor, where the first guy wrapped his black hand around her neck.
” Suck my fucking cock bitch” He rough her head around and smashed the flat
of his hand across her face. A long trail of blood splatters arced across
the wall as Jill wailed in tears. He stepped over her and dragged her
small frame kicking towards the bed by the hair almost breaking her neck as
she crashed into the base of the bed where he forced her head back to the
mattress. Snarling he grasped his cock and forced it at her mouth. Poor
Jill, I felt so worthless with this cold take at my throat as I took a look at
her tear spotted face and the path of blood dripping from her lips. She
was in hysterics with her eyes wide in worry. He let go of her hair and hit
her again drizzling down a series of slaps that echoed around the villa.
Jill somehow managed to move under him and curl into a ball. His slaps
relied on punches to her sides as she yelled out in agony. “Hit the
bitch more difficult” The big man egged him on even more as he sat in the
armchair. Again the man over her got a handful of her hair and raised
her visit the bed. This time in a fit of tears Jill opened her lips, he
took his chance and stepped forward to jam his cock into her mouth.
He held his cock tight as he ragged her head around. Jill, she was kicking
her legs and pressing at his strong thighs with her hands as he screamed at
her. “Suck it bitch, draw my fucking cock.” Then he got both hands wrapped
in her hair and began to fuck her face. “Yea, scull fuck the bitch.”
Snarled voice from behind me. Jill was groaning and coughing with a.
terrible choking noise in a vain attempt to combat him off as he knocked his.
cock deep down her throat. I might see her nails drawing blood on the side.
of his thighs as she scratch at him in an effort to break totally free. He did.
not even seem to discover as he broadened his stance and leaned over her to.
hammer his cock deep into her mouth. Each thrust he inculcated her was.
answered with a choking gurgling cry from Jill. I could not take it.
any longer viewing her so I closed my eyes and let the tears fall. It did.
little bit to block out the dreadful sounds of Jill choking or the sound of his.
crotch as it slammed into her face. A dark deep voice whispered in my ear.
as the owner of the sharp edged knife moved the blade up my throat to stop.
just under my chin. “You have a pretty woman, she has some nice curves,.
she will fetch a pretty cent, so you be a great boy and see how we train.
your bitch.” My heart sank in my chest as his words hit house; it held true.
there was nothing for me to do however view Jill get rapped. Still my heart.
was nearly at bursting point as I watched the strong ebony butts thrust.
at my partner’s head. I was not even sure if I would live much longer as.
everything happened so fast, one moment I was kissing and screwing Jill and.
listening to her groan as she reached her first orgasm; then the next I was.
lifted like a child and thrown to the floor and beaten practically ridiculous. I.
woke to see Jill being dragged back into the space by her long hair kicking.
and yelling, I was defenseless to do anything finding myself connected to this.
chair. I screamed and shrieked just to be punched over and over until I.
offered up. I watched then as the 3 big black men argued who was to go.
first. That’s when the knife was put to my throat. This was our honeymoon.
and tonight was our first night together, Jill was pure and an excellent catholic.
lady as she cried into my shoulder as we made love and I took her hymen. I.
let the tears stop before I continued and took her slowly and with love,.
kissing and caressing her body to assist her unwind. Then hearing her gradually.
concerned an orgasm, I was so in love at that point I thought nothing would.
ever different us. Then the hell broke out and now this. My mind is.
swimming and a jumbled mess, helpless, worthless, together with another thousand.
words of self-pity and shame at not having the ability to help my spouse. There was.
a loud grunt and I opened my eyes to see the man requiring his cock deep into.
Jill’s mouth as he jerked his cum into her. Jill was beating at his legs.
and kicking her feet as he almost snapped her neck. Then he took out and.
Jill collapsed onto the flooring coughing and sobbing as she tossed up emptying.
the black guy’s cum from her gut. After she had actually completed retching she.
collapsed back into a foetal position, she never ever even took a look at me. Oh,.
god I felt so worthless. “Throw the white slut on the bed I wishes to fuck.
her now.” I examined at the huge black guy as he got up from the chair.
and pulled very first his tee shirt off then his pants. His was muscles on.
muscles and covered in tattoos of exactly what looked like wild animals while his.
cock swung low in between his legs. Jill must have heard his deep voice as.
she started to yell and kick like she was having a fit. Vainly she.
attempted to avoid the very first person’s hands as he attempted to acquire her.
Still she resembled a child compared to the size of these guys as he got.
hold of one leg and one arm and simply tossed her to the bed like a ragdoll.
The big muscled man got down to his knees on the bed and looked at Jill.
” Open your legs girl I wish to fuck you.” Jill kicked at him and he simply.
slapped her feet away, still she battled him so his slaps got more difficult and.
more difficult and I could hear the ringing sound as they made contact and her.
weeps of pain as she kept aiming to combat him off. “You boy” Those deep.
white eyes burrowed right into my soul as the huge guy took a look at me. “Tell.
your better half to open her legs.” My heart was stuck in my throat, however still.
seeing Jill fighting him off shamed me so I shook my head no. The big person.
got up and nabbed my head back by my hair and grabbed the knife. He.
got right in my face as he raised the suggestion of the blade to my eye. “Tell.
your sweet spouse to open her legs boy.” I was practically paralysed with worry,.
still thinking about Jill I shook my head. Gritting my teeth as I anticipated.
the worst. The cold steel brushed against my eye and then down my cheek,.
then over my chin and biting deep down my neck. I gritted my teeth to hold.
back my sobs when he released and stood. Right there before my eyes was.
this substantial long thick black cock, longer and thicker than my lower arm, it was.
covered in tribal tattoos that circled around it. It was big and.
shining at me as he grabbed it and stroked the full length.
squeezing the scaled head where the eyes of a serpent were looking at me.
and the mouth leaked out a dribble of venomous pre-cum. “This is for your.
female, she will learn to love the black snake, now tell her to open her.
legs.” I closed my eyes and felt the minor drip of blood diminish my.
neck as I shook my head again. Nothing came, but I heard him move so I.
opened my eye as I felt his big cold hand grip my manhood. “You white.
folk, God has blessed you with such beautiful women, yet with some vicious joke.
he blesses you white men with such small snakes.” He took hold of the head.
of my cock between his big thumb and finger squeezing it tight as he.
rolled it; then he gripped my balls and rolled them in his hand pulling at.
them, I withstood for as long as I could, however might not hold it back as I.
screamed and lay my head on his shoulder feeling him crushing then with his.
fingers. His whisper was soft and deep. “Tell your female to open her.
legs, I wish to plant my seed deep inside her.” I shook my head again just.
to have my balls squashed even harder. This time he laughed as he spoke.
” You are a strong one, yet still I might kill you right now without a.
idea; but that is not our method, we like you to make a present to us of your.
woman before we leave you.” The cold of the knife brushed at my chest.

“Now boy, save yourself a great deal of pain and tell her to open her legs.” I.
clenched my jaw versus the possible oncoming discomfort as I shook my head. The.
cold steel started to sting as he gradually dragged it across my chest, I could.
feel my blood begin to stream. I am not a physical guy and discomfort has always.
been a fear, yet this did not hurt as much as I believed it would. I heard.
Jill shout and appreciated see her knocking around on the bed shouting.
” I’ll do it” A big hand tapped me on the side of my face. “Your lady is.
smarter than you it appears. Now make a gift of your female to me.” He gradually.
twisted my scrotum as he pulled. I combated the discomfort for as long as I could.
Then slowly he cold steel of the knife moved down my chest and lower up until.
it settled under my twisted balls. I felt him bring up slightly and wide.
eyed I took a look at his wicked white smile as he gazed back at me. Lastly the.
discomfort got too intense and flooding with tears I provided in. “Take her.” I.
enjoyed as the white smile spread across his face into a large smile. “You.
are sensible, however I want her as a gift.” He let go of my balls and cupped my.
cock in his hand as he slowly wanked my shaft. I attempted to resist it, however.
with all the discomfort and the focus on my privates I got hard as this beast.
of a male grinned at me. As soon as I was hard he pulled my foreskin right back.
and eased the knife around and under the head. The pain was so intense I.
shrieked at him and with the worry he would slice me I gave up. “Take her,.
she is yours.” He moved better to me and I could smell his foul breath.
” Give her too me boy.” His other hand secured around my balls and he gradually.
pulled down. My scream was silent as the white pain flashed through me.
Then he let go and simply gently wanked my cock. “She is yours, you can have.
her, please just no more.” I found myself asking him to take my bride as.
he let go and stood up with his manhood bouncing prior to my face. “Bless.
the snake boy.” I was a little puzzled in the beginning till he advance.
and pressed the head of his cock to my lips. It was soft and warm as it.
touched me and looked even bigger as I looked down the long patterned shaft.
to his tightly curled pubes. “Open large boy and bless the snake that will.
impregnate your woman.” Every nerve in my body seemed to fire off at me to.
turn away, however the glint of the knife captured my eye as he gently stroked.
the top of my head. I gave in and opened my mouth to except his snake. It.
was soft and tasted salty as I opened wider to take it, it brushed against.
my teeth and the thoughts of biting it went through my mind, but I let it.
go as I considered Jill. I looked up at him and over his big chest he was.
smiling down at me as he pushed the entire head into my mouth filling me.
with his snake. Then he was thrusting at me softly taking it all the method.
out to my lips and after that back in again. I could taste his salted pre-cum as.
it pressed versus my tongue and then squashed up against the back of my.
mouth. I examined to Jill and she was crying as she took a look at me.
Really if I could have stood the pain then I would have willingly died at.
that point, there was sorrow in her eyes, a sorrow that burned deep into my.
soul. I do not think she will ever look at me the exact same once again. “White’s.
make the finest servants.” His voice was deep and definite as he stood there.
looking down at me sucking on the head of his cock. “Excite the snake boy;.
get him hard so he can enter your woman. Let her understand that you have.
blessed this snake that will take her.” Gradually I felt his cock grow even.
larger requiring my mouth larger to take the huge head. Then he pulled out.
and this massive tattooed cock emerged prior to my face, it was long and.
thick with a big head and a huge root standing out from his 2 large.
eggs for balls. It looked well over a foot long as it razed up over his.
gut. The ideas of something so big going inside my poor Jill’s little.
cunt was terrifying, he would surly eliminate her with this thing as I watched.
him turn away from me to crawl onto the bed. Jill’s eyes were large with.
fear as he got near to her, she retreated from him with the appearance of.
sheer horror in her eyes. “Open your legs woman for your new master.” Her.
head was shaking as she pulled her knees to her chest. The big guy turned.
to take a look at me or I thought he was taking a look at me as he nodded. Then a big.
hand slapped onto my chest and took off with white powder. An acid burn.
seemed to rip through my chest where I had actually been cut and I yelled. It.
took a while for the discomfort to go away and through my tears I saw Jill with.
her thin white legs in the air and her two hands holding this substantial snake to.
her cunt. My vision began to blur so I needed to shake my head to clear my.
eyes. Like a remote echo I heard Jill yell as I saw the head of this.
monster cock sink into her cunt. Her legs were kicking and her hands were.
gripping the snake tight as it sunk into her. The white powder must have.
had something in it as I looked at this man, the animal tattoos throughout his.
back seemed to come alive and wither and move before my eyes. My other half.
appeared to grow smaller and the snake seemed to get longer as it was pressed.
into her. Her head was trashing around like someone had as she.
shouted. Vainly I aimed to fight my bonds in an attempt to get to her but.
it was a futile attempt. “Relax man, Jobo is taking his present, simply watch.
as his snake claims its prise.” The huge man Jobo broadened his knees; this.
offered me a clear view of Jill’s cunt extended around his thick cock. His.
muscles rippled while the animal tattoos danced on his back as he rammed.
his cock into Jill. Her screams were a sharp screeching sound that echoed.
around the vacation home and a cold stab to my heart. His grunts became louder and.
more guttural as he slammed hard into her while kneading her large white.
breasts with his huge black hands. I viewed Jill as with wide eyes she.
looked up at him as he drove into her much deeper and she clawed at the bed.
sheets as she shrieked. His big weight pounded his thick cock into her.
driving her into the bed with animalistic intent to take his pray. It was.
violent and brutal in how he was fucking her, driving his cock deep into.
her till he was hard up versus her slapping his balls against her ass.
Faster and much faster he appeared to move driving his huge black glistening snake.
into Jill, crushing her into the bed. Her screams were raw and feverish as.
she pulled him down onto her covering her arms around his thick neck and.
her small feet secured on his ass as she began to fuck him back. My vision.
was swimming and the plain contrast between her little white type and his.
ebony skin appeared to link as their 2 bodies started to gyrate.
together. His huge lips appeared to practically cover her face as they kissed.
and her little hands pulled his head in tighter. They appeared to be rolling.
around on the bed, she was initially under him with legs broad and his long.
thick snake driving deep into her. Then she was over him driving her cunt.
hard onto him while rolling his balls in her small hands. Her eyes were.
wild as her hair slowly ended up being plastered to her face and her voice was a.
constant gasping scream as she hammered herself onto his thick root. Then.
he had her face down flat on the bed and he was over her driving his long.
thick cock into her with brutal thrust that strongly slammed her into the.
bed. Each time he pulled back she would lift her ass in the air pushing.
back onto him to take his next thrust. He had his hand wrapped in her hair.
as he required her head into the bed and almost bending her back the wrong.
method as he ground his snake into her. Then he cried out and shot his black.
snake venom deep inside her thrusting hard into her as he sobbed out to the.
ceiling. Then his head dropped down and he was gasping as he unwinded, Jill.
was literally shaking as she lay under him, she wept concealing her face in.
the sheets. Then he took out and slapped a huge black hand across her.
ass making her jump as he got up. Jobo overlooked me as he strolled passed, so.
I took a look at Jill with her legs broad open and her open cunt spewing his.
black snake venom and blood. Her eyes were closed, but her breathing was.
set as she lay there.

This was my spouse who just a matter of
hours ago I had taken her cherry and now she was laying there a black man’s.
slut. I just desired the world to swallow me up. The huge person Jobo strolled.
back to her and dragged her from the bed. He forced her to her knees and.
passed her a collar. She seemed to ignore the collar and simply wished to.
stroke his cock so he slapped her throughout the face. Slowly she took the.
used collar and clamped it around her own neck, then with the soul of.
his foot he pushed her to the flooring and covered a rope between her legs and.
then connected her hands. When he was done he dragged a poor dishevelled Jill.
to her feet and looked her over. Jill did not move or perhaps react; all she.
did was looking at his swinging cock with large eyes. Completing his.
inspection he pressed her face first versus the wall. “Stay there slave.”.
There was no softness or convenience to his voice, even less than what a guy.
would offer to a dog. That’s when the dark cloud seemed to settle over my.
soul as I knew that this was all over, he was about to take her away, I.
would never ever see my Jill again. I think I was all set now to pass away, if they.
wished to eliminate me then now I was more than prepared. She was their residential or commercial property.
now, it had a numbing ring to it as I said it to myself. I was dragged.
from my revere of looking at Jill’s little ass as she leaned head down.
against the wall when Jobo squatted in between my legs. He held several long.
thin cords of leather and began to wrap them around my cock. He covered.
them tight and I felt the high blood pressure begin to build in the head of my.
cock. The discomfort got more intense and I swore my cock was about to burst.
when he connected the last one off simply below the head. “Now I provide you a present.
in return for your spouse.” The man behind me provided him a ruff sack and he.
put his hand in it to pull out a snake. He held the snake by the head and.
stroked the thing gently. “This here is the green diamond his bite is.
deadly.” I attempted to move as he squeezed the snakes head and forced its mouth.
open. 2 long big fangs came out dripping with venom. He hung it right.
prior to my eyes. This is how I am to die I believed as he brought the snake.
down between my legs. Distressing pain shot through me as he sunk the.
fangs into the swollen head of my cock. I yelled loud and long as the.
burning discomfort ripped through me. Then with one swift motion he cut the head.
from the snake leaving the fangs imbedded. “Now listen excellent if you want to.
live. Take just one strand off every 4 days. If you take them all off.
simultaneously you will die, it is that easy. Lay still and do nothing and in.
7 days you will be free.” He stood up and drew the blood from the.
snake and spat it at me. “Heed my words white guy and you will live.” He.
left me then shaking in pain my cock burning as him and his two goons then.
left pulling Jill along on her lead. She never ever looked back, not even as soon as.
as still naked, she trailed behind them head down.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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