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My heart thudded practically painfully in my chest as I unlocked to my
car to get out. The cool spring air chilled my calves as I stood between
the door and the cars and truck. I got whatever I was going to need for the
next few hours: keys, handbag, and of course the unique home entertainment bag.
That bag, one of those elaborately decorated present bags, contained a little
surprise for my activities here today. Thinking I had gotten whatever,
I locked the car up, slammed the door shut, and continue at a fast, giddy
speed through the parking lot to the corner glass door of a non-descrypt,
maybe 4 or 5 story structure. Beside the door existed the average
apartment style paging system. I Pressed number 11 on keypad and the
intercom system crackled to life.

” Digital Offer Photography and Entertainment, or D.O.P.E. for short.
How can we help you?” a womanly voice clicked through the speaker.

” Your 1 pm is here,” I state, practically shaking. Part of me just
desired run back to the vehicle, slam on the accelerator and get the fuck away
from here. The other part was currently too fired up, tingling with sexual
pleasure for what is about to occur.

” Of course, begun in,” the speaker split again, followed by the
faint buzzing noise of the electronic door lock being released.

Shuddering, I understood the cold metal deal with that was door to the
building. “Last change to turn back.” I said to myself. “But he has
done so much for me already. I owe him this.” I force myself to
confidently move through the door, continuing to take the stairway up 3
floors to where the studio lies.

Alleviated lastly to be up the stairs. I walk a corner pointed to
by a sign worded “Reception”. The waiting space itself was rather dull:
a well utilized but comfortable chair on one side, and a stubby collection of
devoted plastic chairs on another. A desk was located beside the
corridors that led into the various studios. Beside the desk was just an
typical coat rack from which the receptionist was pulling her coat from.

I could feel the eyes of the receptionist eyes on me the second I was in
the room. She considered that exact same appearance most males give me as I stroll by them: the
twice. She has a beautiful rounded confront with a button for a nose, small
ears and long, dark, brown hair. Her clothes struck me as amusing, however,
due to the fact that of the cooler weather condition in the area. A skimpy and revealing black
halter top joined at the hips with a too short skirt and high, black
leather high heel boots.

Is this girl genuine? What is she sizing me up for?

In any case, it didn’t matter. “Tony! I’m chosen lunch. And your
next appointment remains in!” she screams out. Efficiently she clothes herself in
her coat, pulls her handbag from a desk drawer, and bounds off to the
stairwell. Was that a tattoo on her back?

” OK. Be there in a minute,” Tony yells back through the corridor.

Happy to have a minute to reprieve, I take the next time to stop my
roaring heartbeat and relax. That is, up until suddenly rugged looking guy
with yet chizzled good appearances appeared in the entrance, total with pure,
brief blonde hair; thin, beaded ponytail on his right side; broad shoulders
and strong arms. Worn the standard plain white tee shirt and jeans,
his body is well rounded but not heavy by any methods. “You’re. uh. ”
his unexpected tight yet complete lips speak.

” Lisa,” I responded.

” And you desired the …?”.

” The bedroom studio, please,” I replied again, getting irritated.

” Oh, right-right,” he smiles happily, keeping in mind now. “Come this.
method, please. Do not be shy.”.

With that, his body turns away from me, heading back the method he was available in.
I hesitate only for a moment, biting my lower lip while gladly enjoying is.
ass blaze a trail. Yup, this guy is certainly a blonde.

We strolled a methods towards the back part of the structure passing a couple.
of doors, followed a best angle rely on the left, passing a few more doors.
along the way until stopping at one. “Ever remained in a location like this?” he.
asks as he unlocks and we go inside.

” Never,” I state, worried all over again. But still enjoying his ass, I.
follow him in.

” You’re in for a real treat,” he discusses to me. “I’ve never ever had a.
client yet that wasn’t happy with a set I took in here.” he relies on me.

” Is that so?” I questioned, my eyes reluctantly return to his grinning.

” Yup,” he responded to happily as if my question needed it. Then his face.
turned serious. “You are not to touch the photographic devices. That.
consists of everything over there,” pointing to the mounds of lights,.
trollies, and a table filled with different cameras and lenses.

” But, anywhere else is fine, “he said, His big grin widening. He, too,.
gave me the once-over. Like a soft caress of fingertips his eyes developed a.
ripple from my ankles to my hips to my breasts and back once again. “As you can.
see, we’ve got an oriental screen in the corner there. There’s a chair and.
a clothes rack behind it, too, so you can alter behind that if you need.
to. And in front,” he turns, and my eyes follow the direction he is dealing with.
” Against the far wall is a set of sorts, just like you would see in tv.
programs. On a raised flooring was a contemporary bedroom suite. The floor itself was.
covered in commercial style grey carpet, that looked it could stand numerous.
more years of use. There was a main, refined pine in colour, 6 drawer,.
long cabinet with connected mirror. 2 night stands surrounding the.
king-size bed; lights crowning each one. The bed itself was made very.
nicely, a white bed skirt at the base accented nicely with what appeared to.
be a big, white feather down comforter. The comforter was folded at simply.
the ideal spot, exposing a set of big fluffy white pillows ripe for.
taking a nap on.

” I’ll require a few minutes to get ready,” he stated nonchalantly.

I remained rooted to the spot, so nervous now I was unable to move.
Besides, I wasn’t precisely sure was I was expected to do.

He spoke once again after a few minutes, eyes and hands hectic with electronic camera.
modifications. “Not to rush you, but this is my time you’re spending for, so.
the faster I can get you on stage, the less costly this will be for.
you. Feel totally free to use the personal privacy screen if you wish to get changed.”.

Upon hearing his idea, I delicately make my method back to the.
personal privacy drape, coat, bag, bag and all to peel my excess clothes to.
the lingerie I was using underneath.

It was a 2 piece Japanese silk set. Which was excellent cause otherwise
any other material would have made me itch like crazy. More see-thru than
white, the very first piece used soft, thin shoulder straps to just the point
where my cleavage starts. The edges of the lace made from the exact same
material of the straps, and began a shallow cut over my chest then snug
into deep V-like grove. This grove was laced up and connected in a bow, making
sure my boobs do not fall out if I flex down. A flower, stem, and leaf
pattern hid my nipples just hardly. The 2nd piece was also a.
white laced thong, with the same flower-leaf-stem pattern covering my lower.
private location, and of course thongs don’t cover ass cheeks.

So in fact, the entire clothing was king of the uncomfortable.
Thankfully it wasn’t going to be on much longer. Leaving everything else.
behind the personal privacy screen, I grab my entertainment bag and make my method.
gradually over to the bed, studying my rugged photographer carefully.

I was looking for the expression in his face when he finally looked up.
I saw one of his eyebrows raise and a faint smile of appreciation.

” Welcome” he said, as if for the initial time. Seeing the bag, he.
stated, “I see you’ve come well prepared. This outfit is absolutely.
lovely on you.” he paused a moment. Did he simply lick his lips? “So.
if you do not mind, I would love to take some photos in numerous postures.
But before we begin, I frequently recommend to have music quietly running in the.
background. it helps to take the edge off, if you understand exactly what I indicate. Is.
there anything in specific you like to pay attention to? I have various.
compilations offered …”.

” Easy listening,” I stammered, still very nervous.

” Easy listening it is, then.” His voice tracked off as he fiddled on.
the table to select a music disc from and place it into the portable boom.
box. A light, unwinding lovesong began pouring out of the speakers. “I’m.
going to turn on the flood lights now, so simply relax, and be yourself. Why.
not offer yourself a stretch out? Lets get that blood streaming” he winks as.
he brings the camera approximately his face for the first shot.

Heh, I bet he just to see my breasts raise. Well, it is what I am.
here for, isn’t it? I stuck out my chest, pulled my arms back and.
gradually lifted them above my shoulders and over my head. Of course, the.
cam of his was a blur of clicks and wheers.

” Yeah, lets see that lovely smile!” he encouraged.

I nearly burst of laughing, had difficulty styfulling the giggle fit.
” Aw hey, begun now” he stated. “You were doing great. Here now, why not.
go for a serious appearance?” He says as he offers me an example of exactly what he’s.
searching for. Wow – quite hot.

” Okay,” I responded to, copying the pose.

” Perfect,” he practically purred, in a try of photo acting.
Side shot. Under shoot. From behind shot. When I rely on face him once again,.
I am astonished to find a bulge in his trousers. My smile expands at the.
sight and a very weak moan gotten away from my lips.

I did smell his aftershave as he came over to me, the interesting method a man.
need to smell. Gently he stated “Why don’t you ah. start to take of some of.
this.” he tenderly touches my shoulder where the strap of the lingerie.
is. I shiver all of a sudden upon the feeling of his fingertip. “Slowly.”.
he whispers in my ear. Tight lipped (attempting not to let out a groan), I nod.
in agreement as he returns to picture taking position.

Slyly, giving him another series of poses, I lower among my shoulders.
straps to the side. I likewise reverse the bow on the front of the attire that.
keeps my boobs in location, and let it loose enough so that my top can be.
quickly eliminated. He takes images of everything, seemingly growing harder.
every passing second. He nods and winks at me – did he simply bite his lower.
lip? He lifts a hand up, as if to inform me to remove the top. And he just.
presses down the shutter button now, video camera taking a picture every second,.
as my top pulls my breasts up, higher and after that to a resting position as the.
top comes entirely off. I am required to shake my head, to fix my hair.

Topless now, he approaches me once again. “Now if you might simply.” his.
voice trails off, as if he is aiming to create some excuse to touch.
my tits. “lift these up? By both using your hands and if you could, ah.
” he coos, steering his thumbs and forefinger onto my nipples, pulling.
me toward him ever so a little, and using the nipples to support and raise.
my breasts up. “Do this as well, it ‘d be really hot.”.

I blurt moan of absolute pleasure, and mouthed the words “Don’t stop!”.
to him. He missed it though, or did he? He adoringly flicked the nipples.
with his fingers before he delegated continue to take photos. His hands.
appeared unstable for a professional photographer after this point, but I.
required and offered him presents for the shots he preferred.

” You’re incredible,” he stammered, practically unable to form the words. He.
puts down his camera. “You make me simply desire wan na.”.

” Come here, you fool” I smiled as I got his white T-shirt, pulled.
him toward me, brought his mouth onto mine into a deep kiss. I shivered.
from the sensation, and felt myself getting damp listed below. The heat from the.
flood lamps inflaming our lusty desires, our tongues found themselves lost.
in a tingling accept. My hands wandered their way underneath his t-shirt,.
raised it approximately find a smooth tidy chest. I pushed my tits into that.
chest, and I watched as his eyebrow furrowed, his eyes closed, his lips part.
open just enough to let loose a moan of sheer lusty satisfaction. “No.
question, “I believe to myself. “Another tit-man.” We broke the kiss briefly.
so I could totally remove his shirt, but my lips were still tingling.
from the kiss.

The shirt – now totally in one hand, which I moved across the bed – let
slip onto the flooring. The other hand got his ass and the deep
passionate kiss resumed. His tongue lovingly touched the leading surface of
my mouth. I cum gently, shuddering, groaning from the feeling.

Gently now, I moved my liberty down his side to the tip of his jeans,
feeling his smooth skin and hot body. My hand continued onto the textured
product of his acid wash blues, finding that particular bulge in his trousers.
Oh! he was very aroused currently. We broke the kiss and supplied each
other with an understanding smile.

I leaned back, pulling away from the intimate embrace, just to keep both
hands on the top of his jeans, pulling them out and away from his stomach.
Giggling, I began to work out the only leading button. He put his hands
together behind his head, extended out, and teased me with his body.
Biting my lower lip at the program prior to me, I eagerly finish the
unbuttoning of his trousers, lick the top of my lips and the pulling down of
zipper. I come to grips with the tops of his jeans in each hand, and with
one “swoop!” pull them down to his knees, penis extending at full
attention. Totally put up, this significant dick needs to be over seven inches
long and well over an inch thick.

I watched his face in large delight when my hand grasps his company prick
and begins the slow, rhythmic jerk of his fat penis. His eyes rolled up as
he raises head in enjoyment. With his chest exposed to my face again, I.
returned forward, nibbling first on his chin, then down his neck, and after that.
over to his nipple. He takes in with a hissing sound of excitement when.
I make contact there. I quake, shiver and moan in reply. Then my kisses.
and licks move along his stomach, over to the center of his legs where my.
hand is hectic jerking him at a constant rate.

I presented him to my mouth there, still grasping and pulling the skin.
of cock forward and back, twisting my wrist as I do so. I teased him to.
begin with, my wet tongue against the pointer of his penis, up, over and.
around in a sweeping movement. Then my mouth lips pursed together, softly.
squeezing over its head, over and over and over once again. Then following the.
long shaft, my slippery lips traverse the bottom of his cock, kept in location.
by my gripping hand. I enjoy his expression as best as possible while.
doing this. His face constantly in pure euphoria, moaning. I might see the.
pleasure vibrating his really soul.

I couldn’t stand the thriller any longer. I covered my mouth around the.
head of his cock, creating a tight, saliva moist seal between his prick and.
my lips. I pulled him once again, mouth and hand moving in unison over his.
stiff member, back to me and forward towards him. Working his cock, I.
heard him moan loudly.

Quickly he was infiltrated a frenzy, breathing hard after barely a.
minute of working him. he begins to thrust his hips forward into my.
waiting, starving mouth. Viewing him now, I can see he’s unwinded, smiling.
even, as he pumps his cock in and out of my mouth.

” That’s it,” I believed to myself, “He’s getting this too fucking simple.
Time for him to show his worth.”.

I stopped sucking on his cock. He looked a little disappointed.
Particularly when put my hand on his chest and pushed him down onto his back.
However then when I turned around, swung my hips over his face and resumed.
sucking his throbbing cock, he knew what he was to do next.

I blurt a loud moan of surprise and delight when his lips touched my.
inner thigh, I gave up sucking his difficult, throbbing manhood. Cool lips and.
damp flicks from his starving tongue, he teased his method up my inner thigh to.
my wet and waiting pussy. Already parted from the gravity of my position,.
he lapped his way around my vagina initially, getting his tongue good and silky.
with my moisture. Then he worked his way to my clit. Upon the very first.
caress of his tongue on my clit, I let loose deep lusty groan and, gripped.
my mouth over his cock and sucked it with restored vigor. The velocity and.
our strength increasing, his tongue snapped and encircled my clit in simply.
the ideal motion. Both people breathing deeply, our moans fill the room,.
increasing in pitch as our speed and my orgasm builds.

” OooO. Oh yes,” I screeched in ecstacy, breaking from his cock to tell.
him how good it feels.”. right there … oh please. little harder.
oh my. oh my gawd. OH!”.

I cum hard, grinding my hips into his face, shouting in orgasmic.
strength. I feel my juice put out of me, onto his mouth, attempting.
desperately to slurp up as much as he can.

Shaking, whole body unstable from the last orgasm, I broke our 69.
position. I turned around ever so slowly around to face him. He smiled.
when our eyes reunite. I reached down and raise his cock into position.
as I straddled him, gliding it smoothly into my cum soaked pussy. God, he.
was soo huge, it felt so beautiful. Slowly, intentionally, I lowered.
myself onto him, falling forward my palms landing on his strong shoulders,.
my breasts came to rest on his chest. Shivering, virtually cumming again.
when I’ve totally moved down the length of his shaft. An “oh yeah,.
oooo …” left my lips.

” WoOOoW,” he groaned deeply, as his hands rubbed my hips and adoringly.
squeezed my ass, “everything is just s-s-s-sso ideal. Please, do not ever.

” I won’t if you won’t,” I said as I raised my hips off of his hips and.
back down again, the movement pleasurably intoxicating. His fingertips, free.
to roam, caressed me while I carry on top of him. Up the sides of my.
hips, over my curves to my shoulders, then down my arms to the top of my.
palms. He held the top of my hands for a while, then returned them back up.
my arms, to my shoulders. This time, his fingertips went up my neck, over.
my cheeks to a position just behind my ears, where he steadies my face. We.
looked deep into each other’s eyes at that minute with expressions of pure.
sexual bliss, each quivering in ecstacy.

” ah yeah” I heard him say, enjoying his eyes close. “I just can’t stop.

I quickly understood what he suggests. Matching my hip motions with each.
stroke, he met me on the method back, thrusting in and out. His hips synced.
in rhythm with mine now, and I feel yet another orgasm structure. A pure,.
lustful cravings seemingly surpassed him, his thrusts into my pussy got more.
aggressive, harder. His hands moved in such a way to grasp my shoulders,.
trapping me between his strong hands and pounding cock.

He remained in control now. I was just a shuddering mess on top of him,
barely able to hold together. I moaned deeply an “Oh” with every deep
thrust of his thick cock into me. A short time later on “Oh yes” I scream at
him, even though he is just beneath me “Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME OH
YES”. I cum strongly, trembling and shaking on top of him. I cum so hard
so quick that, I have no energy left when I’m done, collapsing on top of

” hey baby,” he whispered to me. “I ain’t done yet.” With that, he
tenderly, gingerly wiggled out from below my invested body, still fully
set up and truly hard. He left me face and shoulders down into the silky
sheets, however required me to flex my knees, lifting my ass into the air, where
he quickly slid his cock deep into my pussy as soon as again, while keeping
my hips.

He squandered no time at all in rebuilding the speed that he had in the past. I am
obliged, with the new feeling of my cunt being pounded raw, to let
loose the series “oh” moans with every deep, penetrating thrust. Tough,
quickly. Almost like the enjoyment would endless. Countless orgasms circulation
from me now, soaking my legs, his balls, his legs, the sheets …
caught by his hands and penetrated to ecstacy by is huge cock.

When there was practically absolutely nothing left for me to give, his moans informed me he
was about to cum. I could feel it in my pussy, too. The head had actually gotten
a little larger, the entire shaft, ever so a little harder, thicker than
previously. However that’s when he surprised me by taking out.

I was able to look over my shoulder simply enough watch the expression on
his face when he came. His eyes, locked tight in the battle of extreme
ecstasy, his neck muscles tensed, sweat poured down his neck, his hand
intensely jacking his cum soaked cock to bring him over the enjoyable,
resistant edge of his orgasm. The very first of his semen landed somewhere in
the middle of my back. The next burst covered the top fracture of my ass, and
that was when he rubbed the suggestion of his prick, still bursting out his
orgasm, down the crack of my ass onto my anus, spreading his guy seed
everywhere. I quiver and coo again, from the unexpected pressure, warmth
and stickiness, on my very exposed hole.

His eyes took a trip the length of his orgasm up my back to my eyes. With
no strength left I rolled onto my side. I rose and carefully touched
his forearm, which is when I noticed the secretary, holding a video
camera. She should have recorded the whole thing.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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