Interracial – Crucial Evening

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She moved into the brand-new apartment in the early morning and waited on her
roommate to get here. They had actually never fulfilled, and spoken just twice on the
phone. Still, Tammy had wish for the very best. This was a huge action for her.
After three years in the city, she was taking a plunge and relocating with a.
total complete stranger.

There was something strange about it; it was a genuine experience, and.
one she had constantly fantasized about. Her good friends had actually cautioned about the.
prospective risks. Hell, she had actually seen a lots movies that highlighted the.
risks and downsides. But in some way she felt it was something she had to.
attempt, even if just for a while. How might she be a genuine city woman without.
something like this under her belt?

So she sat in the kitchen area with a bottle of water and waited, attempting not.
to consider how nervous she was. After all, it was a black woman. She.
took a deep breath and a swallow of water.

Tammy had never been around blacks much. Maturing in her town, there.
had been a few, but they seemed to keep to themselves, and she had never ever.
believed much about them up until she concerned the city. Here they were.
all over. In the beginning it had been kind of a shock, or a minimum of a surprise.
Tammy knew she wasn’t expected to be amazed about something like that:.
you weren’t expected to believe anything about the color of people’s skin.
But she repented to state, although just to herself, that she did think.
about it. She did not dislike them, or she had not, anyhow, but she always.
saw them. So it was now a part of her experiment. It was time to get.
past all this. She was a huge girl, and the occurrence, well, that was simply.
one time, simply a separated event.

Not all black individuals resembled that, she hoped.

The bell sounded at a quarter past one. Tammy responded to the door and let.
her new roomie in.

Her name was Rochelle, that was what she had stated on the phone and in.
the application, and she wore a grey suit. Her face was heart-shaped,.
pretty, and her hair was tied back in a long, tight braid. In one arm was.
a beige coat and a large bag hung from her shoulder. She did not smile.
when Tammy unlocked.

” You Tammy?”.

” Yes, it’s good to fulfill you, Rochelle.” Tammy hesitated she sounded too.
friendly, like she would stumble upon as condescending or something. Still,.
she used her hand and Rochelle took it. The female’s palm was dry and.

” And you. Can I come in?”.

” Oh, yes, obviously, let me leave your way. After all,” she stated.
with a laugh, “this is your location now.”.

Rochelle overlooked Tammy’s joviality and entered. Wordlessly, she went.
from room to space and took in the area and the light. It was a huge.
house, and really tidy. The owners had just renovated it in the spring,.
so the whole place had a new sensation.

” I wasn’t sure which room you ‘d desire, so I didn’t unload anything yet,”.
Tammy said. “Isn’t this location fantastic?”.

” Yes, it is,” said Rochelle. Tammy followed her through the apartment.

” When are your things coming?”.

” Tonight, after seven.”.

” Okay, um, Do you have a great deal of furnishings to move?”.

” No, not now. I keep things light.”.

They went on. Rochelle kept peaceful, and it made her uncomfortable.
Tammy asked, “Do you have an idea which space you desire?”.

” Which one do you desire?”.

” Oh, I don’t really care.”.

” Then I’ll take this one.” It was the master bed room with a huge window.
that looked down at the street. It got the best light.

Tammy smiled. “Great,” she said, and aimed to imply it.

They reviewed the final signing of the lease and Tammy provided her the.
secrets to the apartment or condo.

” Okay,” stated Rochelle when they had discussed whatever, “I have to get.
back to work. I’ll be back tonight.”.

Tammy nodded. “You work at a bank, right?”.

” That’s right, I’m vault manager.”.

” Wow, that’s excellent,” she stated. Then there was a pause. Tammy made.
herself smile and state, “I’ll see you tonight, then.”.

Rochelle didn’t bid farewell when she left.


Tammy had the day of rest from her own job at the Masterson and Hunt law.
workplace, and so she took her time in establishing what had become her new.
room. It helped her relax after satisfying Rochelle. She was rather a lovely.
woman, but she was so far-off. This was it; it was real. No more just.
envisioning things. For great or bad, this was going to take place. Of course.
she did not expect them to be pals. Not at first, anyhow. But over.
time, they would grow closer, and Tammy might start to get over her own.
outrageous fear.

She was distressed at how worried she had actually been, so she put herself to work to.
burn through it. Tammy had a reasonable quantity of furniture: a bed taken apart.
in a box, a couch, a dresser and a number of bookcases, not to point out a whole.
living space and kitchen area set. The movers had brought them in, however she set.
them up and put them together on her own. She had actually been fretted about how.
much stuff Rochelle was going to bring, however it did not sound like it would.
be much.

Tammy was strong from the health club and enjoyed being able to move
things around. Her last partner, Mark, had made sure that she kept
herself in shape. He had a refined sense of discipline which he had taken
fantastic pains to impart in her. Now, even 6 months after they had broken
up, she still kept to the workout and diet plan routine that he had created
for her. Mark had been hopeless as a sweetheart in several ways, but the
firm order that he brought with him had actually always turned her on.

Amongst her things was a cardboard box filled with mementos from their
time together, toys and things. When she had actually completed the very first round of
unloading in her room, she muffled her freshly made bed and discovered package
sitting there, taped shut. She knew it from the single letter T on the

Tammy cut through the tape with an exacto knife and opened it up.
Inside were ropes incorporated cool bundles, blindfolds, headscarfs and sashes, a.
collection of clamps, a couple of vibrators, a leather bit gag, a ring gag, a.
leather harness, and leather restraints for wrists and ankles. She took.
out the bit gag and examined it, feeling all the little imprints that.
her teeth had left in it over the year and a half she and Mark had actually been.
together. There was her old buttplug, too, a fat, diagonal thing. And to.
think she had actually hated it in the beginning.

She planned to get brand-new stuff when she discovered a brand-new fan, but that hadn’t.
occurred yet, so she was still hanging on to it. She chuckled quietly to.
herself, remembering of those times, then put the bit on the bed and went.
to take care of the bathroom.


Tammy was sipping a glass of wine while she organized the living-room,.
when the doorbell sounded. A glance at the clock stated it was 6:50.

She had asked that her buddies not come by up until she had settled in.
and could have a correct house-warming party, so she decided that it must be.
Rochelle’s things. There was no sign of her brand-new roommate, so she went to.
the door and looked through the window. On the doorstep was a black female.
in a purple hoodie and denims. She was chewing gum and paying attention to music.
through earbuds. She raised her hand in greeting when she saw Tammy in the.

Tammy opened the door.

The woman spoke at the same time and said, “Yo, you Tammy? How ya doing? I’m.
Steph, Rochelle’s sister.” Tammy began to reply, however Steph just went.
right on talking. “Yeah, well look, I brought over a trunk loaded with things.
for Rochelle. She ain’t house, is she?”.

” Uh, no, not yet.” Tammy heart pounded in her chest. This was the sort.
of person she would usually cross the street to prevent. It was something.
she hated about herself, but the sensation of risk that came off this woman.
made her knees weak. But this was precisely what she was attempting to change.

Tammy believed she should welcome her in, make little talk, show her around.
the apartment or condo, all the things she was so proficient at with other individuals.
Somehow, none of these thoughts would come out as words, so rather she.
made herself smile, and made herself imply it.

” Well, look I’m double parked out here, so lem me get this things out the.
trunk prior to a cop comes along, alright? You wan na come out and help me?”.
Steph snapped her gum and went out to the street where her cars and truck was. After.
a moment Tammy put on some slippers and followed her.

The cars and truck was an older design Chrysler, in good condition, however the left.
tail light was out.

” Your light’s out,” stated Tammy.

” Oh, yeah, I understand, I got ta get that fixed. Here, might ya take this.
bag, and this box, too? They’re kinda heavy, so …”.

” I have them,” said Tammy, and she took them in both arms and brought.
them inside the house.

The biggest thing was the futon, a giant one rolled up, heavy and old.
Both of them carried it together up the actions and into Rochelle’s bedroom.
” Man, oh man, this thing is heavy as fuck,” Steph stated as they got it.
within. Then she headed out one last time and parked her car in a spot that.
had actually opened a methods down the street.

When she came back, Steph plopped down on the sofa and put her feet up.
With her hood down, Tammy got her first excellent appearance at her face. She was.
younger than Rochelle, her cheeks a little rounder, but her skin was rough.
and ruined with two pock marks, one under her left eye, the other near her.
chin. She had huge lips and a full nose, and her hair was all in cornrows.
She was quite thin, however with broad hips. Steph let Tammy take her in and.
provided an understanding smile.

” Man, this is a great location you people have actually got here. Wish I might manage.
me a location like this. My location is a genuine dump. Walls like cardboard, and.
fuckin’ cockroaches! It’s awful. Got ta listen to the next-door neighbors.
fightin’ and fuckin’ all night, you understand. Can you hear any of your.
neighbors in here?”.

” Uh, I do not truly understand. It seems peaceful enough, however it’s still the.
first day, so,” Tammy shrugged and smiled apologetically. “Um, might you.
keep your shoes off the sofa?”.

” Oh, yeah, shit. Sorry ’bout that. Hey, you got anything to drink.
around here?”.

” I have a bottle of wine. Red.”.

” Wine, huh? Got any beer? No? Well, I’ll have some of that wine,.
then, if it’s alright with you.”.

” Sure,” stated Tammy, and she went and got a glass.

She felt Steph’s eyes follow her throughout the space. “You understand, you’re.
quite fine. Strong, too. I like that.” Tammy wasn’t sure the best ways to respond,.
so she decided simply to take it as a compliment. She opened the wine.
bottle. “No, girl, simply bring the bottle over here. I’ll put it myself.”.

Tammy brought her the glass and the bottle and put them on the coffee.
table. Steph sniffed at the bottle, then put a generous amount and.
drunk at it. She frowned for a moment, then sipped once again, seemingly.
choosing that it wasn’t so bad.

Steph went on. “I’m not much of wine person, myself, no. I like a beer
at the end of the day. Rochelle, however, she digs this shit. She’s got
herself all civilized, all sophisticated, you know exactly what I’m sayin’?” She
drunk again. “But this, this ain’t too bad, you know?”

Tammy took a look at the clock. It stated 7:30. “I question exactly what’s keeping
Rochelle. She stated she ‘d be back prior to 7:00.”

” Don’t you stress none about her,” said Steph. “She’s always stayin’
late at work. You know she’s vault supervisor down there at the bank. Ain’t.
that the wildest thing? After a few of the shit she did when she was young,.
they went and put her in charge of a fuckin’ bank vault! That shit still.
cracks me up. She’s excellent at it, however. A great deal of responsibility, that job.
has. I’m proud of her.”.

” I’m simply wondering what to do about supper.”.

Steph sat up and leaned forward. “Just buy some Chinese food. I’m.
quite hungry, myself, I could opt for some mu goo gai pan or whatever else.
they got.”.

With that, Tammy understood that Steph was staying for the evening, and.
possibly for the night. And from the look of things, she could really well end.
up remaining over a lot. Inside, a part of her worried at the concept. She.
covered it up by getting out the phonebook and searching for a Chinese.
dining establishment.

She whispered to herself, “This is going to be all right, it’s going to be.
fine. It’s going to be good for you, it’s exactly what you wanted. Remember.
that.” Still Tammy was not encouraged. She discovered the dining establishment listing and.
found a close-by restaurant.

” Get some egg rolls,” Steph added while she was on the phone. “And some.
crab-cheese wantons.”.

The male on the line showed in half-broken English that it would.
forty-five minutes to an hour.

” It’s $27.50 plus a pointer for the chauffeur,” Tammy said.

” That’s cool,” said Steph, scanning one of Tammy’s fashion.

” So let’s call it $14.00.”.

When she understood that Tammy was asking her to spend for half, Steph said,.
” Hey, you buy this time and I’ll purchase next time. All I got’s a 5 on me.”.

” That’ll cover the idea, then,” she said. “I’ll get the pointer next time.”.
Her heart was hammering, however she managed to keep it out of her voice.

Steph stared at her. Then she smiled and laughed out loud. She slapped.
her knee. “All best then. If you say so.” Steph dug around in her denims.
and took out a wrinkled five dollar expense. Tammy composed a look for the.
rest and put them on the rack by the front door. “You understand, you are a.
fine looking lady. You understand that? You got a partner?”.

Tammy shook her head. “Not right now.”.

” How about a girlfriend, then?”.

Tammy smiled and shook her head. She had actually been with a female as soon as, in a.
three-way with Mark. At the time, it had actually been good, feeling the softness.
of another lady’s lips and fingers, however she had actually felt embarrassed the next day.
The lady was Michelle, her good friend, however after that, things had not been the.
very same in between them, and they had practically drifted apart. “I’m not into.
women much,” she said. Of course, there had been the occurrence, however that.
was something else.

” Just askin’, simply askin’. You never ever understand in the city, right? There’s.
all type of individuals in the city, individuals into all sort of weird-ass shit. I.
seen some of it, and I found out about more, you know? Whips and chains and.
shit like that. Dog fucking. Individuals stickin’ rats up their asses and.
shit.” Steph laughed and consumed her wine. “You learn about shit like that?”.

” I’ve heard stories.” Tammy bent down and put the phone book away in the.
cabinet under the phone.

” I wager you have. Man, you look fine. How ‘d you get muscles like that?”.

Tammy stood up. “I exercise, like, 4 times a week.”.

” How much you press?”.

” 10 reps at 110,” she stated.

” Damn, lady. Come here: lem me feel your arm. I never met no lady who.
could raise that much, other than my mother. Now she was a strong-ass lady.
Fat as hell, however strong. But I never seen nobody looking the method you do.
who might lift like that.” Tammy didn’t move. Steph chuckled. “Come on,.
Tammy, I don’t bite.”.

Reluctantly, Tammy visited her and pulled up her sleeve. She.
curled her arm and let Steph feel her muscle. Steph’s hand was cool and a.
little rough, however her touch was mild. For exactly what appeared like the very first.
time since she got here, Steph was quiet. After a minute, Tammy unwinded her.
arm and retreated.

” Nice,” Steph stated and leaned back on the couch once again, all of a sudden with a.
arrogant smile, as if she ‘d scored a point. “What do you do, Tammy? Rochelle.
stated you was a lawyer or something.”.

” I’m a paralegal and a notary. I operate at Masterson and Hunt downtown.”.

” Damn,” said Steph, giving no impression that she knew what those were.
” How old are you?”.

Tammy generally addressed this concern with a coy, “How old do I look?”.
however she didn’t feel up to it. “26,” she sighed. “How old are you? What.
do you do?”.

” I’m 24,” she stated. “I don’t look it, however, do I?” Indeed, she looked.
much older. “It’s the scars,” she said, pointing at her face. “And the.
drugs. I got tidy, though. Rochelle helped me out, and I ain’t touched.
nothing in 3 years. The rest of my body looks young, though.” She.
smiled and put her hands on her thighs. “As for what I do, well, this and.
that. Great deals of different things.”.

Tammy was completely unpleasant and she knew she couldn’t hide it.
Where the hell was Rochelle? The clock said 7:50. She sighed again.
” Like what? What examples?” Now she was sure Steph was a drug.
dealer or something.

” I done some modeling. Don’t laugh, I did, down at the art school. Now.
though, I’m working in a club downtown. It’s a decent place, with some.
class to it. You need to boil down there some time and inspect it out. You ‘d.
fit right in, you know what I’m sayin’.” Prior to Tammy could answer, she.
stated, “Hey, where’s the restroom? I got ta pee, you understand?”.

“It’s through there,” Tammy pointed.

Steph stood up and gone for a moment. “Why do not you sit down,
Tammy? It’s your location, after all. I’ll be right back.” And she
vanished into the back of the home.

Without believing much about it, Tammy rested on the edge of the couch and
put her head in her hands. “Oh, god, what am I doing? Why did I ever
think this was a great idea?”


Three weeks after arriving in the city, when she was still a new and
oblivious to the way of things, Tammy had actually crossed an invisible limit
in between neighborhoods and end up in a bad part of town. There she had
been raped and beaten by a black girl, right in the street in the
afternoon. It was still the most stunning thing that had ever occurred to

She remembered the black girl with the faded jean skirt and the strings
of dangling beads around her neck. She ‘d had cornrows, too. Tammy
remembered the expression on her chubby-cheeked face when she approached,
filled with dullness and contempt. Two other women had been with her, however Tammy
didn’t remember anything about them, because right now the one lady had
gotten in her face.

” Whutchoo doin’ here, this ain’t your part’ o’town, ya ain’t got no
company here. Exactly what are ya, lookin’ for drugs, huh, lookin’ to score? Or
possibly you wan na get attached wit some huge black dick? That whutchoo want,
huh, you lily-ass bitch? Well, there ain’t no one gon na filthy themselves
up with a skanky-ass ho like you, so gitcho ass outa here ‘fore I kick the
shit outa ya.”

If Tammy had just reversed and left, things may have been
different. Maybe not. But she had actually aimed to talk back to the girl. Not to
battle, however to be affordable. It was a mistake.

Before a full sentence had actually passed her lips, the black lady had all of a sudden
got her by the ideal breast in a brutal twisting pinch with one hand,
and after that got her hair with the other. Tammy’s gasps and screams fell
on deaf ears because neighborhood. The lady had required her to the ground
and sat on her chest, utilizing her legs to pin Tammy’s arms. Then she had
slapped her face and spit in her eyes, required her mouth open and hawked a.
blob of phlegm down her throat.

” You toss up, bitch and I’ll make you lick it up.”.

Then while her pals had actually held her down, the girl had removed Tammy.
down to her underclothing. She ‘d detached her panties, wadded them up and.
packed them in her mouth. She ‘d pulled out her pubic hair and pinched her.
clitoris with her fingernails till she bled.

” Yo, examine this shit out, this bitch is wet! Her cunt’s all damp! Ain’t.
that the shit. Well, cunt, mine’s too. Since you’s so randy, maybe you’ll.
do somethin’ about it for me.”.

The lady had actually crouched down over Tammy’s face and spat in her eye. All.
she had seen was raw anger and contempt. “Suck it, cunt!” She ‘d removed.
her underwear and pressed her black, hairy, urine-stinking crotch into.
Tammy’s face and rubbed it there. When Tammy had aimed to turn away, the.
woman slapped her and ground her face into the pavement.

” Suck it, cunt!”.

She ‘d been disabled, completely powerless. The woman had taken Tammy’s.
panties out of her mouth and pressed her vagina against her lips.
Helplessly, tragically, Tammy had actually licked her and drew her and done every.
worthless thing she could to please her up until the lady had actually gotten bored and.
let her go. She had strolled naked down the street, her clothing a torn.
bundle in her hands. Only when she ‘d reached the corner did she stop and.
get dressed once again.

She had actually never ever gone to the cops, had actually never informed anybody. For a month.
after she could not even look herself in the mirror. It had actually taken her a.
long period of time, but she had gotten over the majority of it. Mark had actually helped, and his.
discipline had actually helped. And in time, she had actually eroticized the memory of the.
experience. Parts of it usually came back to her when she.
masturbated, in the background of her other fantasies, pushing her over the.

It was never ever that far away from her, but the memory did not hurt.
anymore. That was why she had felt strong enough to attempt this experiment.
And now being here with this female made the events of that afternoon return.
more carefully than they had actually come for ages. And it hurt, yes, however it was.
also, somehow, exciting.


The toilet flushed and the water in the sink ran for a bit. She came.
back to herself when the doorbell called: the food.

Tammy went and got the door. The motorist was a pimply teenage Chinese.
boy with a death-metal t-shirt. He took Tammy’s check without remark, but.
he lightened up at the five-dollar idea.

” Hey, thanks, Lady.”.

” No issue,” she stated. “Take it easy.”.

With the bag of hot food she returned to the cooking area and got out the.
plates. Tammy was not a genuine fan of Chinese food. It was typically too.
oily, and this location, Dragon’s Gate, was no exception. Now, with all the.
containers of food in front of her, none of it looked appetizing. She took an.
egg roll and consumed half of it, but it would be generous to call it average.
She sighed and returned to the sofa.

Steph came back into the living-room, hands behind her back and.
whistling softly.

” Smells excellent,” she stated, coming and sitting down next to her. “I do like.
me some Chinese food. We used to live beside a Chinese location when I was a.
kid, and man oh man, the smell of it used to drive me insane at night. I.
used to dream about Chinese food.”.

Tammy stated, “Well, help yourself. I’m not extremely starving right now.”.

” I will in a bit, but I wan na ask you somethin’ first.”.

” What is it?”.

” How come you desire a roommate? How come you picked my sister? You got.
money, you got great things. I understand rent’s expensive, but you do not look.
like you need it.”.

” Not to be rude, Steph, however it’s really none of your organisation. I need a.
roomie, and your sister’s application and recommendations were the very best I.

” Why you so anxious, then?”.

” Because she’s not here. I suggest, I barely understand her, and I desire us to.
get off on the best foot.”.

“You indicate, she ain’t here, but I am, right? I make you unpleasant.”

” No, Steph, you do not. You seem like a really nice person, although
undoubtedly various from the sort of people I generally hang out with.
Simply, perhaps today isn’t really the very best day for long gos to. I have no idea. If
Rochelle was here, and she introduced you, I would most likely feel much
better about it.”

Steph simply enjoyed her for a long minute.

” I ain’t. A great person. You stated I appear like a nice individual. I ain’t.
To be sincere with you, I’m a real bitch.”

Tammy’s heart nearly stopped and her mind raced to translate exactly what this
female was informing her. “Don’t inform me you’re Rochelle,” she said. “That.
other woman was, what, like a decoy? Or, did you do something to her?”.

Steph separated laughing. “Nah, lady, it’s absolutely nothing like that! You bin.
watchin’ too many movies if you be comin’ up with shit like that! You satisfied.
my sister, and my sister is Rochelle. Simply, I ain’t a good person. I be.
here hangin’ out with you, however simply now when I went to utilize the restroom and.
you went to get the door, I went and looked in your room.” Tammy whirled.
and stood up. Steph stood with her and got in her face. “You got some.
nice clothes, baby. You need to invest a fortune on ’em. And sexy lingerie!
Makes me damp simply lookin’ at ’em! Which ain’t even the finest part. You.
got some wild-ass shit in there, honey, some quite interesting toys. I.
knew there was somethin’ twisted about you. I can simply tell.”.

From behind her back Steph produced a package of black hemp rope. She.
reversed it expertly and pulled a length of it taut in between her hands.

Tammy’s mouth fell open in shock. “What are you doing? Exactly what the hell.
is going on?”.

” Come on, now, you ain’t a top. You’re bottom, and a great one, too,.
I’ll bet. Now, you have no idea me none, however let’s learn more about each other.
real well.”.

” Fuck you! Get out of my home!” Tammy pointed at the door.

Steph just smirked. Tammy got her arm to attempt and require her out.

” Mistake,” stated Steph and jabbed Tammy as soon as in the solar plexus. Tammy.
fell to her knees, unable to breathe, eyes filled with tears. She tipped.
forward and down. Steph let her fall, only putting out a hand to keep her.
from hitting her face on the flooring. She tsked. “Like I thought: you may.
be strong, however you cannot battle for shit.” She went to work with the rope,.
quickly covering her knees together. She had a 2nd package of rope that.
she reversed and used to bind Tammy’s ankles and wrists together.

When she could get a breath, Tammy croaked. “What are you going to do?”.

Steph dominated her. “Why, I’m going to see exactly what you got, baby. I’m.
going to see exactly what sort of individual you truly are.”.


It was 8:30. The lights were low in the living space where the two of.
them sat. Tammy remained in an armless four-legged chair with a black steel.
frame and three slats making up the backrest.

Steph discussed. “You understand that club where I work? It’s the sorta.
place that, will we state, caters to a specific sort of adult clientÔ le. I.
bin workin’ there as a dominatrix for a while now. It’s pretty enjoyable, I’ll.
tell you that.”.

Tammy sat, each knee tied to her chair so her legs were required open.
her forearms were bound crossed together behind her back with ropes that.
made a harness across her chest, framing her breasts through her t-shirt and.
pressing them forward. The bit gag in her kept her peaceful, and the collar.
around her neck, connected on a brief line to the back of the chair, kept her.
from surging about.

She was horrified, and her fear kept her still, other than for a tremor in.
her legs.

Steph had taken out Tammy’s whole box of toys and equipment and spread them.
out on the coffee table in front of her. She let Tammy sit there, looking.
at them, wondering exactly what was going to occur.

Her captor leaned in close and smelled her hair.

” Mmm, nice,” she said.

Then she moved her hands to Tammy’s breasts. She cupped the left side,.
then the right. She gave a little squeeze and brushed the nipples through.
her clothes.

” Pretty big, and soft as marshmallows. I bin here all starin’ at them.
all night, floatin’ over those huge muscles of yours, all soft and great.
I’m gon na enjoy these. Wait here a minute.” Steph entered into the kitchen area.
Tammy heard her rummage around in the drawers. When she returned, she.
held Tammy’s good kitchen area shears. They cut through bones without much.
work. Tammy gazed at them, gulping back saliva, and breathing sharply.
through her nose. Sweat beaded across her body.

Working thoroughly, Steph pulled the material of Tammy’s blouse away from.
her left breast and cut at it with the scissors. Then she cut into the.
cut and made a hole all the way around until her bra-encased breast.
hung out. Steph smiled and touched it. Then she provided it a harsh.

Tammy writhed and whimpered from behind the bit.

” Shut up, bitch, that ain’t absolutely nothing. I’m just stating hello.”.

She repeated the process on the right side.

” That bra’s gon na hafta go, huh,” she said. Steph snipped away and cut.
each cup out, but left the under-wire to keep them lifted. Her pink.
nipples stood complete and stiff and in the air.

Steph laid the scissors down and knelt in between Tammy’s legs. She took.
her breasts, one in each hand and rolled them and rubbed them. Tammy tried.
to close her eyes, but Steph smacked her.

“Pay attention, now,” she scolded. “I don’t want you wanderin’ off
anywhere.” She leaned forward and took Tammy’s right nipple in her mouth.
She licked around it, then up and down over it while she drew. Tammy
moaned as she felt it ring through her, each flick of Steph’s tongue
sending little electric reverberations to her clit.

Steph looked up at her and smiled at her expression. She stopped her
licking and said, “Oh, you like that, do you? Great. You’ll get some
satisfaction from this. But there’s gon na be bad things, too Now listen.
Listen close: when things get too rough for you, when things get to be too.
much, I desire you to go like this.” Steph shut her eyes tight, then opened
them broad 3 times in a row. “That’s your safe word. That shit will
keep you safe, you got me?”

Tammy nodded. A safe word. She was so relieved. As horribly twisted
as whatever had actually become, as out to sea as she felt, the intro of
the safe word kept land in sight.

” Yeah, so you do that whenever you believe it’s excessive. I won’t stop,
however. I won’t even decrease. That shit’s just to see how weak you are.
That’s all it’ll do. It’ll give me a good laugh. So go on, do it whenever
you desire.”

Tammy gazed at her in scary. She began to oppose through the gag,
however Steph raised her hand and Tammy fell quiet. Steph struck her anyhow,
slapped her difficult throughout both tits. When, twice, inside and outside, and
then a third time just across the nipples.

Tammy bit into the gag and tried to breathe.

Steph made fun of her efforts. “You go, lady. That’s right. Let’s keep
this interesting.”


Tammy was tied to the chair once again. Steph had made her kneel in front of
the chair, facing the seat and leaning forward so that her face remained in the
back-rest. A rope tied her collar to the upper slat and kept her from
pulling back more than an inch or more. Her lower arms were tied to the sides
of the backrest, hands up so that her fingers might just reach around the
top of the chair and offer her a little support. Each thigh was connected to the
front chair legs. She needed to arch her back to keep herself from choking,
and this exposed her whole posterior. The cutting of the bit into the
sides of her mouth was exacerbated. Her breasts suspended and brushed the
back slats when she wiggled. It was an incredibly unpleasant position.

If she leaned back, Tammy could choose up the chair, but she could not
stand. She thought she might be able to move on her knees, but as soon
as she attempted, Steph was there. With a hair of rope she whipped Tammy up
in between the legs, right across her crotch. Her jeans took the majority of the
sting out of it, but it was clear she would not get away that method.

Steph said, “Imagine that, tryin’ to get away. I think this position
isn’t enough for you. Well, we’ll fix that right up.” Then she connected
Tammy’s feet so that they were flat against the back of her thighs. This
put the majority of her weight on her knees.

Tammy wiggled and shook, searching for some bit of leeway to provide them
some rest. She discovered none. She might just draw air through her nose and
wait in slowly growing misery.

” It’s all right, honey. You’re doin’ just fine. Mmm-mm, you got a great
ass. Just as great as your titties.” Steph reached around from behind her
and cradled her breasts. She rubbed and teased them, specifically the
nipples, until Tammy began to feel it sounding through her again. This
time, Steph kept at it till Tammy truly began to respond. She didn’t.
wish to feel anything, but she did. She felt heat growing in her pussy.

Steph felt it, too. She left her breasts and started caressing her ass.
and thighs.

She raised one hand and spanked her, right on the pussy. Shock went.
through her. Tammy wept out as soon as, then bit it back. Steph struck her again,.
and again, each time harder. Just when Tammy expected another hit, she.
stopped. Steph reached around and flicked Tammy’s ideal nipple, instead.

Tammy shrieked and agonized, pulling at all the ropes, trying to break.
totally free.

Steph watched her and laughed.

” Oh, male, this is so fuckin’ terrific! I ought to tape this action and put.
it up on the web. I might get so numerous hits. Whaddaya say, honey?
You up for a few of that?”.

Tammy shook her head and wept calmly.

” Maybe later on, then. You still got a great deal of energy. Lem me help cool you.
down a bit.”.

Tammy could not see exactly what Steph was doing, however she felt her kneel behind.
her. Her captor reached forward and showed her an exacto-knife, the one.
she had actually been utilizing to open all her boxes. Steph ran a finger along the.
seam of Tammy’s jeans: down her ass and between her legs.

” Let’s open this up,” she stated. “You surge around and you going to get.
cut. Do it if you like, I don’t care.” Tammy held rock still. Her knees.
hurt, and she longed to obtain her feet free, but she attempted not move.

Steph began to cut. She made an incision from just listed below Tammy’s tail.
bone and sliced open the joint. The blade went slowly, inch by inch down.
her ass, over her anus and throughout the length of her cunt. The only sound.
was the ripping of the fabric and the pounding of blood in her ears. Steph.
cut up to the base of Tammy’s fly in the front. Then she cut along the.
seams down the within Tammy’s thighs. On these cuts, the blade nicked.
her a number of times, little hot pricks that made her yelp each time.

” It ain’t nothin’,” Steph stated, “they’ll recover right up.”.

Steph spread open the back of Tammy’s denims like a flower. Just her.
silk panties stood between her pussy and her captor’s gaze. She felt the.
cool air on her skin, then the warmth of Steph’s breath. Steph licked.
up her best thigh. Tammy shuddered.

She heard Steph rummaging around for something once again. Something plucked.
at the fabric of her panties, then she heard the snip of the shears as.
Steph cut a hole in them right over her rectum.

” Oh-ho, take a look at this little thing here,” she stated, then giggled. It.
was an unusual noise to speak with such an individual. For an immediate, Steph.
sounded like a little lady.

Then Tammy felt the cold steel of the scissor blades against her the majority of.
delicate parts as her captor cut a line down the middle of her underclothing.
The cold metal slid between her lips. The silk panties fell away and left.
her bare to the world.

” Oh, my, how damp we are, little Tammy. My my my, you’re just spread out.
open and waitin’. Waitin’ to get fucked. Do you wan na get fucked by.
these?” Steph moved the scissor blades throughout her pussy once again. Tammy shook.
her head.

There was a long, still minute, then she heard the scissors draw on.
the coffee table.

” Nah, not yet. I got an idea.”.

Tammy heard her spit when, and then something hard pressed versus her.
anus. She gasped as Steph forced her buttplug slowly up her. She relaxed.
herself as much as she might to accept it, however her inner sphincter burned.
at the invasion. It utilized to be her favorite toy, and had actually frequently used it in.
solo play and with Mark, or the few other partners she ‘d had since then,.
but it had been a while since she selected it up, and her ass was not.
accustomed to its presence.

” Stings a bit, don’t it? You ain’t bin gettin’ any, however we’ll fix that.
You ever have a brother in you? You ever ride a big black dick? Perhaps.
I’ll call some of my good friends and let ’em get it on with you. Possibly get.
you pregnant. You’ll be mom to a big black baby, will not that be good? A.
nice lily white thing like you with a chocolate black baby, it’ll be the.
damnedest thing.”.

It was too dreadful to think of. Tammy made sure it might happen;.
Steph can anything. She attempted not to listen and simply let her.
captor’s voice fade into a drone. Steph understood it nearly at the same time.

A vicious smack on her pussy brought her back.

” What the fuck did I tell you, bitch? No wanderin’ off! Not when I’m.
goin’ through the problem of playin’ with you! Fine, then! If you feelin’.
bored, we’ll just need to intensify things some more.” Steph stalked to the.
fridge and opened the freezer. She split the ice cube tray that.
Tammy had filled in the afternoon and plunked a few cubes in a bowl. She.
likewise grabbed a container of the Chinese food from the counter and brought them.

” I don’t believe you’re going to sleep through this,” she stated.

Tammy mumbled inarticulate apologies and slurped back the spit that.
built up around the bit and drooled down her chin.

Steph took among the ice and held it in front of her. “Guess.
where this goes,” she stated. Tammy shook her head and pled around the.
bit. She wished to use the safe word that Steph had actually given her, however that.
would only make things worse.

” What funny sounds you make,” said Steph. She went behind her, and for.
a long minute, nothing occurred. Tammy attempted to twist around to see exactly what.
Steph was doing, however she just harmed herself by attempting.

Unexpectedly, a long, warm tongue touched her clit and added between the.
folds of her pussy. It was fragile and soft and achingly good. The.
sensation took her by such surprise that she yelped and squirmed. She.
may have even had a small orgasm, but her body was such a mix of feelings.
that she couldn’t inform. The tongue returned and once again, going faster,.
working her clit harder. Steph’s long hands reached around and fondled her.
breasts, pinching her nipples. Tammy started to climax and Steph’s touch.
disappeared, leaving her to hang at the edge of frenzied enjoyment then.
fade into dissatisfaction.

Tammy was left with a curious burning sensation across her vulva. It.
gotten strength and quickly grew unpleasant. It felt like she was on fire.
Her nipples burned, too. She groaned and agonized. Tears streamed from her.
eyes; she couldn’t comprehend what was taking place.

Steph stood in front of her again. She was smiling. In her hand was
the chewed remains of a red hot pepper drawn from the food.

” I enjoy me some hot food! How do you like it, huh? I could consume these
things all the time, but then I like eatin’ some pussy, too. Some people believe
they don’t go so well together, but I believe they taste just fine. You got
one yummy pussy, girl. I bet your ass tastes excellent, too. Perhaps I’ll stick
this thing up there and seal it up with the plug. How’s that sound?”

Tammy could just squirm helplessly against the burning.

” Oh, it’s too hot for you? That’s too bad. Well, I got some ice cubes.
Possibly they’ll cool you off a bit.” A searing cold shape brushed over her
pulsating pussy.

Tammy sobbed.


It was 9:50.

Tammy was naked on the table. With her legs doubled under her, her
calves and forearms tied together, she lay arched throughout a fat cushion from
the sofa, legs spread out. A fat vibrator whimpered in her pussy, and her ass was
packed with the plug. Each of her big breasts were tied around their
bases with thin ropes, so that they were required to stand put up versus
gravity. They were turning a shade of purple from the stopped blood flow.
Each nipple stood crowned with a clothespin biting into it. Tammy’s bit
had actually been replaced by the heap of Steph’s soiled underwear held in location by a.
silk equipping wrapped around her head. A rope ran tight from her neck.
collar down her abdomen and through her crotch to connect to a line between.
her ankles. The rope wrapped around the vibrator, keeping it from slipping.
out, and permitting her to move it a bit inside her by drawing back and.
forth, which Tammy did practically unconsciously. Under her legs was puddle of.
milk and urine.

Steph was having fun with clothespins, attaching them to various places.
around Tammy’s body, then pulling them off sharply. Each time she did.
it, Tammy groaned and squirmed and yanked on the vibrator with the rope at.
her neck. This pulled her closer to orgasm, until she would climax,.
shuddering and shaking on the table. Steph fingered herself, seeing, and.
sometimes she would slap Tammy on the face or on her aching tits. Then.
they would begin once again.

Someplace in the course of the night, something had clicked inside her.
mind. She recognized: this wasn’t a curse. This wasn’t a punishment. This.
wasn’t a bad thing. This was what she had actually wanted. Not to be raped, not to.
suffer, however to be formed and disciplined. To face her dreadful worry and go.
through it, and dominate it through enjoyment. And pain. Steph was really.
good at providing her both.

She questioned how Steph might have understood that this was what she had been.
looking for, requiring, even. It occurred to her, in the narrow spaces in.
her mind that could analyze all the stimulation, that perhaps Steph.
had not understood, and that this was all a rape, and that she was rationalizing.
it to secure her peace of mind. It might be that was so, however for the minute,.
it didn’t matter.

Then they heard the sound of keys at the door and Rochelle came house.

She strolled in the space and put down her bag. She took a look at the scene.
before her and stated absolutely nothing for a long minute.

Then she said, “Hey, Steph. Thanks for bringing my things. Whatcha.

Steph stated, “Hey, Rosh. We’s just playin’ around.”.

” I see that,” Rochelle stated. “That’s rather a scene you’ve started.”.

” You understand, we was waitin’ for you and got a little bored. It’s simply a.
plot to pass the time.”.

” Well, I’m here now. Why don’t you let her go?”.

Steph chuckled a little in a faltering voice. “Rosh, this girl you got.
here is so fine, and she’s been trained some, too. I was simply tryin’ her.
out, testin’ her limits. You need to play with her some. She provides some.
serious head.”.

” Steph. Let her loose. Come on, now.”.

” Don’t you wan na try? You were constantly so into that shit. You understand.”.

Rochelle started to obtain a little cross. “I understand extremely well exactly what I’m into.
and exactly what I’m not. Now let her loose, Steph, prior to I lose my temper. It’s.
my opening night in my new location, and I simply had a long day. I’m not in the.
state of mind to lose my mood.” When Steph didn’t move at when, Rochelle said, “Do.
it, now,” in a voice so commanding that it filled the room without.

Steph snapped to follow her command. One by one the ropes came loose.
and the clothespins came off. The vibrator and buttplug came out, leaving.
her with an empty feeling. It injured as mush to be set totally free as it did to be.
connected up in the first location. Steph assisted Tammy up and assisted her get her.
blood streaming and joints moving once again with a little vigorous massage. She.
provided her a towel, and assisted her down from the table.

Tammy was unsteady on her feet for a while. All her clothing remained in.
shreds on the floor. She began to sob.

Steph kept looking at her sister. She stated to Tammy, “It’s alright, woman.
You simply go and take a shower, obtain cleaned up and I’ll have some.
brand-new clothes prepared when you go out.” She led her to the bathroom and helped.
her turn on the water. She left Tammy there to dully clean herself and.
stand in the warm spray for ten minutes.

When she got out, she took a look at herself in the half-fogged mirror. She.
examined herself minutely. Her skin was marked from the ropes and the.
collar. Her lips were chaffed from the bit gag. Her breasts were puffy.
and aching from being bound, and her vulva was still inflamed from the hot.
pepper, after the milk had actually neutralized the acid.

She felt exhausted, broken. She had lost count of her orgasms, however.
they were more and much better than any she might remembers since she and Mark.
had very first began doing discipline. Tammy was tired, yes, but she felt.
tidy inside. She was not afraid.

By the door were her pajamas and some fresh underwear. She put them on.
and headed out.

In the living space, Steph knelt on the flooring. Her face was damp with.
tears, however she was peaceful. Rochelle sat at the table, which was now tidy,.
consuming Chinese food from a plate with inexpensive wooden chopsticks. When Tammy.
was available in, she completed her mouthful, cleaned her lips on a napkin and stood.
up. She came over to her and took her hand.

” Tammy, I am so sorry for exactly what my sister did to you. I am so sorry, I.
don’t even have words for it. I am ashamed and horrified and disgusted by.
it. There is absolutely no excuse that might ever validate this. I would.
kill her if she weren’t my sister. However she is, so I can’t do that. However I.
think you must call the cops now, and I will provide my statement on the.
things I saw when I got home and what she told me she did.” Tears came to.
Rochelle’s eyes now. “I come from a hard world, and I’ve seen things and.
done things that I know were incorrect. I’ve done everything I can to alter.
that and apologize. I did whatever I might to help my sister, too. I.
don’t expect her to be like me, however I never ever thought she could do the things.
that she did to you. I’m so sorry.” She bowed her head low and sobbed.
when, then stood tall and looked Tammy in the eye. “I’m sorry.”.

Tammy took her by the shoulders and welcomed her.

” Please,” she said, “do not be sorry. Don’t dislike your sister, and do not.
worry about me. I understand it sounds so odd to state – crazy even – however today.
was something that I was waiting for. I was hoping for it, in an odd.

Both Rochelle and Steph looked at her like she was crazy. “What in the.
world are you talking about?”.

Tammy took a deep breath. She attempted to take into words whatever she.
had been considering and feeling. She informed them about the rape, and.
about Mark, and how she had actually been trying to find a method to get past her worry,.
the worry that kept her from being who she wanted to be. She informed them.
about her experiences over the past couple of hours, and how she felt now like.
she had seen the other side of that worry. There was a method through it, and.
Steph and Rochelle had actually revealed her that way.

The two of them paid attention to her.

When she was finished, Rochelle said, “You’re very tired, Tammy. You.
have to sleep. This has been a difficult night for all of us. You need to call in.
ill tomorrow, and possibly search for a therapist. And Steph and I have a lot.
of things to talk about.”.

” I hear you, Rochelle,” said Tammy, “and I believe you’re right. But I.
do not want to be alone. I do not desire you to vacate here. I want you.
to remain. I desire Steph to remain, too, a minimum of part-time. I understand I must.
sound insane, but I’m not. I wish to be your slave. Your pet. Your.
play-thing. I want you both to rule me. Please.”.

Rochelle was inscrutable. Steph was incredulous.

There was a peaceful minute. Then Steph said, “Tammy, honey, you have to.
go to bed. Now we’ve both told you, so you better do it.”.

Rochelle lookinged at her sister, but Steph indicated Tammy’s room, and.
Tammy smiled.

” Yes, you’re right, I will. Thank you so much!” She went down on one.
knee and kissed Steph’s hand. She turned to face Rochelle. “May I go to.
bed now?”.

Rochelle looked light-headed. “Yes. Go now.” Tammy attempted to take her.
hand to kiss. Rochelle pulled away, however after a moment, she put it back.
out for Tammy. She kissed it. Then she stood and went to her space and.
went directly to bed, leaving the two sisters to puzzle out exactly what they.
need to do.

Tammy slept the sleep of infants, deep, outright and untroubled.

Maybe this was a dreadful error. Perhaps she was insane. However to Tammy,.
it seemed like she had actually made a sure and right decision. It depended on her.
Mistresses to choose whether to keep her or not, but whatever option they.
made, she had made her own.



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