adult – Fallen Angel

It starts with a report. More than that. It’s chatter. Juicy gossip. A.
true story of how an administrative expert may be fired, with a lot of.
information that breach the university’s privacy policy. Karen understands about it.
due to the fact that the whistleblower pertained to her– both prior to and after reporting.
the important things to Human Resources, which has called a disciplinary hearing. Now.
she’s informing Miriam. It’s the typical death of secret information.
in companies.

” You can’t tell anyone, Miriam. Promise me! I ‘d remain in no end of.
trouble.” Karen is enjoying this. Miriam is in fact the 3rd person.
she’s told, and she’s delighted. Sexed up a lot she wishes to touch.
herself. More so each time she informs it.

” You know I will not. However … Georgia Witherspoon? In Kiplinger Hall?
With a door open? (Georgia?) Throughout the day? Was she insane? I indicate, they.
go to our church! How could she really do that? Exactly what could have.
had her? Who was the man?”.

Karen lets Miriam ask all her questions. After all, Karen Is in charge.
and will drop the dirtiest dirt on her own schedule.

” Well, * he * had her!” Karen giggles. “A new person in Languages, in.
* Greek * of all things,” Karen gives Miriam a look and giggles again. “I.
do not know him personally but I know he’s high. And dark. And handsome.”.

Miriam neglects the editorial part. “Are you sure?”.

Now comes the great things.

” Donna Kraft saw it. The door was open. Simply a crack, Donna said. However.
she could see Georgia was totally naked. Offering him foreplay.” She.
emphasizes the words ‘entirely’ and ‘oral’, relishing them, practically.
pleasuring them. Then, * sotto voce *: “All. The. Way.” She seems to have.
this thing for making lists of 3.

Miriam exhales. “Oh Lord.”.

” Donna was pretty shocked about it.” (I want I ‘d been there. Oh God I.
wish to play! How soon can I get Al alone?).

” Oh Lord.” There is a pause. “Donna’s sure of everything?”.

” Miriam!”.

” I understand. I understand. I know. I’m sorry. It’s just that, well it seems.
so … implausible.” (Georgia?).

” Donna informed me HR had her compose it out. And sign it. And they swore.
her to secrecy.”.

Miriam breathes out again, a long, sluggish release of air. “Oh Lord!” If you.
state 3 ‘oh Lords,’ isn’t really one most likely to appear? “At our school?
Entirely naked? In a department workplace?”.

” Donna didn’t say he was. Nephilim. That’s his name. I do not know.
that he was naked. Just his you-know-what. But Georgia was, yes.
Absolutely buck naked in the psych admin workplace. She was kneeling in front.
of him and truly doing it. Donna said when Georgia saw her she shouted and.
attempted to conceal.”.

( I believed I knew her). Miriam now knows she does not know anything at.
all. She needs to know everything.

” It gets back at much better. Later Georgia came to Donna and attempted to get.
her to not inform anyone. If she hadn’t lied, Donna states she may not.

” How did she lie?”.

” She said he made her do it, however Donna saw enough, and it wasn’t like.
that at all.”.

” Poor Georgia. I mean … losing your job over … something like … And.
poor Frank. And their kids! Does he understand?”.

” I don’t see how he might avoid discovering, not if they fire her.”.

” Oh Lord! It’s awful.”.

It’s incredible, Karen believes. “He ‘d be the only one not in on it. How.
could people keep a secret like that?” (I wager bad Frank could utilize some.
consoling.) “What will happen to Nephilim?”.

” Well, he’s a prof and she didn’t work under him– no pun planned.”.
Miriam neglects the jollity once again. “I envision he’ll get a letter of.
reprimand or something. I do not know. Perhaps he will not get period.”.

* * * * *.

Round and round it goes. Miriam has actually closed the office door for lunch,.
so she can have a sandwich, but she isn’t really starving any longer. One bite of her.
sandwich is gone. The rest sits beside a cup of pens and pencils and a.
bottle of cold cream, right in front of her desktop screen, none which.
are in her world now. She thinks about Georgia, can’t eliminate the image.
Georgia drawing on a male, not even her other half, however some weird male.
Georgia losing her task. (She’s my pal. Not close however close enough.).

She pictures the scene when Frank learns. Will someone else inform him.
first, or will Georgia need to break the news? She can’t just state she lost.
her task for no factor. (How can she inform him? “Honey, I have a little.
confession. I provided a blow task to a new teacher and got caught.”) Miriam.
aims to picture the search Frank’s face. (It will kill him! It will.
completely ruin them!) A loving young couple with two young children.

Perhaps not so loving. (He cannot let her stay after that!) Georgia sings.
in the chorus and Frank teaches a Sunday School class. Miriam remembers what.
a beautiful singing voice she has, and has a quick picture of her in a purple.
and gold gown, holding her hymnal, but the image ends up being Georgia slipping.
off the dress to give suck. Some odd man with a swollen cock. (They’ve.
always appeared so happy. Will would pass away if I did something like that. I.
would not have the ability to face him.).

Miriam’s mind keeps going back to the act, and her mind’s eye is sharp.
There’s the door, cracked open, and Donna is peering in. Georgia is on the.
floor, naked and brazenly feeding on a dark guy with dark eyes and a dark.
penis. Georgia’s vulva, covered with abundant, dark fur, peeks out from.
between her thighs. (Can I ask Donna? No!) Then there’s the penis itself,.
swinging up from the male’s lower stubborn belly, dark like the rest of him and.
purple- headed. Where did those information come from? She steers her mind.

( It’s so unreasonable! The man always gets away with things. The female pays.
the price!) She hears the echo of Karen’s words– “All. The. Method.”–.
hears the smirk in the voice, and the image of what Georgia will pay the.
cost for appears once again. All. The. Method. Karen is so snarky!

( Could it be a game– like ours?) Will and Miriam often play.
naughty games when they can get your home alone. Her favorite is where she.
is Will’s prisoner. He screams and cracks his belt on tables and chairs and.
makes her do things. He’s had her kneel, naked, and hold his erect cock in.
her mouth while he leaned over and spanked her bottom with his belt, hard.
enough to sting. When he stopped to inspect if she was all right, and she said,.
” Please do not strike me again– more difficult,” and they broke up laughing, which.
ended the game.

So, yes, Miriam knows exactly what kneeling before a guy with his helmet in your.
mouth resembles, and that it can be hot. But this isn’t a video game, and it’s not.
in between partners. And it’s going to end not with heated-up intercourse but.
with a money shot. How does Miriam know this?

Now her mind tricks her and Miriam sees the scene from close in, from.
Georgia’s view, not Donna’s, so she’s looking down the shaft at the male’s.
fuzz. Then in some way the scene moves yet once again. Now Miriam is within.
Georgia. It simply takes place. She slips inside. She could not explain the how.
or when of it, however she feels exactly what Georgia feels and does what Georgia does.
She feels the head of his penis, huge and meaty, and tastes him, and smells.
him. Oh, the odor of him! And his little slit, seeping silk. She knows.
Georgia is excited because it becomes her own excitement, as is the.
breathing, the swallowing, the achy vibration around her pudendum that is.
so strong if she just touches herself it’ll set her off.

( This is too much! Stop it!) However when she attempts to turn it off the.
camera in her head spins around and she can see it’s herself with the penis.
plugged into her mouth, one hand curled around the base of the cock, the.
other caressing his scrotum, her clothing on the floor, her back chilled by.
the breeze sorting through the entrance.

Miriam aims to the door, her own door. She rushes over, locks it, and.
ends up the light. Back to her desk she unsnaps and unzips her trousers and.
reaches inside to push two fingers down throughout her bud. She’s so high she.
does not even attempt to stop herself. She’s on the edge, so charged she cannot.
stand it, then she’s within Georgia again, and she feels the male’s hands on.
her head. She’s moving her fingers as fast as she can. He’s humping her.
mouth. The cock starts to pulsate. It shoots a jet onto her face before.
he presses it into her mouth, then there’s another, and another, and Miriam.
does come. Lord, does she.

The spurts provide way to a flow, then to a seep, and all of it shatters.
Miriam, who is drinking it like milkshake. There’s a very close-up of her.
mouth, lips retreating from that stunning penis with its beautiful blue.
veins, her mouth overruning with the taste, her lips still signed up with to the.
slit by a slender, shining thread, milky fluid on her nose and chin.

Miriam snaps her go to one side, then the other. Both hands are.
inside her slacks, inside the waistband of her panties, her fingers.
diddling inside the folds of her labia, still in high orgasm. Her.
breathing runs out control and the space is filled with small, black stars.
that type and drift downward and disappear. She stoops at her desk, her.
hands in between her legs, just pushing now, the partly-eaten sandwich and.
cup of pens and pencils and lotion all sitting undetected to the side. It.
takes a minute, two, three, prior to she pulls her give out and lookings at.

( What just happened? Exactly what happened? What happened? My God! My God!).

Not her God. Possibly her Lord.

It is another couple of minutes prior to the knock comes at the door.

* * * * *.

Miriam understands who it will be. She does not but she does.

” Just a minute.” She’s shoving her blouse into her trousers, pulling them.
all the method up, closing and fastening them, trying to act composed. She’s.
anything however made up.

Okay, unlock.

Yes. Him. He’s as she ‘d pictured, but taller, larger, like a defensive.
end. Dark. Olive. Dark eyes. Black, wavy hair. An afternoon shadow. A.

“Hello. I’m Amon Nephilim.” His hand is out. Miriam needs to take it,
and when she does a trigger tingles up her hand to her arm, up her arm to her
body, through her breasts and hits right where her hands had been. He
holds her hand and says, “Call me Amon.” What an odd name. “I require …,”.
and he stops. He pulls her hand near his face and sniffs. And smiles.

” Well, I know exactly what * you’ve * been doing!”.

Miriam yelps. She manages to bite it off, though anybody strolling down.
the hall would have heard it and questioned exactly what had actually happened. What would.
she inform them? She jerks her hand away. Both of them go behind her back.
” I. I have no idea exactly what you suggest!” She cannot keep her voice consistent. Her.
face is hot, scratchy with heat, then her neck, all the method to the tops.
of her breasts.

She thinks she might sob. She will, however not just yet.

That’s the scene: Miriam lost, her seducer towering, looking down at.
her, relaxed, smooth, understanding, reliable. There’s no leer. Nothing.
flirty. He’s simply in control. He speaks again, efficiently in a baritone.

” It’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, Ms. …”.

” Price. Miriam Price.” She latches onto the answer. Possibly it will turn.
the conversation away. No it will not.

” Miriam. Yes. Sister of Moses, who discovered water on the desert. A.
prophetess too. Well!” He smiles a warm smile. His eyes check out hers.
from far. “You’ve found water in yourself, Miriam. Can you likewise.
divine the future?”.

Miriam does not know exactly what to answer. She stutters something. Yes, she.
can predict. Not every detail, however yes.

” You do not have to repent, Miriam. Only …,” and oddly-named Amon.
Nephilim takes a half action in, “you should not do that to yourself. It.
need to be done * to * you.”.

No, no, no, no! Miriam can’t breathe, not since of sexual excitement.
however since she’s frightened. There’s simply a little, shallow absolutely nothing of.
air. She sways, or begins to, and Amon Nephilim takes another step, close.
enough now that he can put his hands on her waist, one to each side,.
possibly to constant her. God they’re big, and strong, and she realizes how.
easily he could pull her all the way in. Their faces are only inches.
apart. She is affected with an image of him on top of her, the feel of a.
phallus she can understands she can recognize pushing into her. It would feel so.

No! She is a statue of herself.

” I ‘d get down there for you, Miriam.” (You read my mind? No!) “I ‘d help.
you find your sweet water. But not too quickly. Oh I wouldn’t roam in the.
wilderness for forty years.” Amon Nephilim chuckles. It’s a warm laugh that.
chooses his warm smile. It would melt her on a January morning. His.
eyes are beautiful. “But I ‘d begin with your breasts.”.

Miriam is a mouse waiting on the snake to strike.

” You ‘d like that, wouldn’t you?” She looks down at her breasts. That.
much she can do, and exactly what she sees scares her more. Her breasts are.
nearly touching him, shielded just by brassier and blouse. “We both desire.
me not simply to covet my neighbor’s other half, however to take her. Don’t we? To.
take your breasts.”.

Miriam swallows.

And now his hands are increasing, lazily, in no specific rush, as much as.
breast level, half cupped. He’s so high that’s only to his stomach.

” They’re all set.” He’s been in the office all 2 minutes.

His hands are at breast level, coming in now, and finally she raises.
hers to stop him and discovers a voice:.

” Don’t!”.

” Hush. This is what you want.”.

Her voice was desperate. His is as smooth and ensured as though he were.
relaxing a young child. When she heard it her hands stopped three-quarters up,.
nearly there, and his now go right between them. They press against her.
front, the hollows of his palms right on her nipples, push them in so.
firmly she nearly steps in reverse, then reduces the pressure.

She makes a small little cry down in her throat. Her eyes fill. He.
relocations his palms in circles over her ideas until they swell and start to ache.
and press back against the cups of her brassiere. The feeling goes.
directly into her chest and downward, all the method down, while her hands.
float in the air.

” Please. No.” Simply a wheedling little voice. She doesn’t want her eyes.
to spill however does not know exactly what to do.

” Yes. We’ll go further now.” He is still caressing her nips. Oh they.
pains! They had never throbbed like that. Yes, as soon as, when she ‘d first.
breast-fed her daughter. What a sweet pain. They need to be round by now.
because they push so difficult against bra and blouse, rolling under his hands.
She closes her eyes at the feeling. Do not! She opens her eyes wide,.
lookings at him, at his hands, at the door. The door. The door is still.

” Please. They’ll capture us!” (That’s not exactly what I indicated to state!).

He overlooks her words. “Your breasts have to be naked.”.

Miriam finally begins sobbing. She can’t control herself. Something has.
happened. She doesn’t understand however understands she cannot make herself stop it,.
so she sobs. Tears squeeze through her lids and diminish her cheeks and.
mouth and chin. She’s gulping air, sobbing, and her hands still hang.
helplessly off the ends of her wrists. Embarassment and desire creep over her.

( You’re so simple, you little slut, you willing little play toy.) Where.
did that believed originated from?

She whimpers: “Please.” A tiny noise.

He disregards her once again, or possibly he doesn’t. “Your blouse and bra.
Take them off.” That voice.

Miriam does as she is informed. She circles her hands around his, which are.
still touching her, his fingers now squeezing her nipples through the.
cloth, cleans each eye with 3 fingers, moves them to her leading button, and.
reverses it. Then the second one. She is awkward, attempting to work in between.
Amon Nephilim’s hands. Concentrating on the buttons, she has nearly.
stopped weeping, so that is all gasps and snarfs, more like a child’s tears.
than a lady’s. She moves her hands in circles to bring them up from.
under his and loosens up the staying buttons: 3, four, five, six. When.
all are undone she pleads again: “But they’ll capture us.” Still that.
wheedling voice.

” You’re not ended up, Miriam.”.

She pulls the tail of the blouse from her slacks. He is squeezing,.
pinching. She can’t stand the ache and thinks it might help if he pinched.
harder. (What’s taking place?) She undoes the wrist buttons, the left one,.
then the right. (What am I doing?) She sees her tears on his hands. She.
stops for a moment when a paroxysm shivers her shoulders, however he withdraws.
his hands to give her room and she comprehends the front of the blouse to pull.
it off. It takes her a minute. She pulls her arms out and it drops to the.
flooring, completely.

All that’s left is her black underwire brassier, black and silver.
embroidered patterns on a strong black background, that Will had bought at.
Victoria’s Secret for her birthday. She takes two huge breaths to control.
herself. It is time to make it end, for Will, however she cannot anymore look.
Amon Nephilim in the eyes, to tell him.

” Now the bra. It’s exactly what you want.”.

Yes. No. Yes. (You can’t comprehend, Will.).

The bra fastens in front. The fastener is easy, move the hook and let.
go. Will enjoys to do it himself. However Miriam holds the eye and the hook.
for a moment, ready herself to stop, then drops both ends and her breasts.
come tumbling.

They fall and bounce and jiggle. Her nipples are inflamed. Miriam is.
both afraid of what Nephilim is going to require, and taken in by worry he.
will not like them. Nephilim, though, touches both bosoms with the backs of.
his fingers, kneads, them, rolls the nipples in between thumbs and.
forefingers, and finally cups them from underneath.

As Miriam watches and feels his hands having fun with her she get goose.
bumps all the method up. A few tears drop from her face onto her breasts,.
more onto his hands. A rivulet runs down her front.

* * * * *.

For the first time, Nephilim takes note of Miriam’s weeping. He lets.
go of her breasts, lets them drop like a child’s forgotten toy, and takes.
her face in his hands.

” There, there. You’re simply scared of exactly what you want. You’ve constantly.
desired this. You understand that, do not you? So don’t sob, however sing.” There’s a.
line from Genesis: Sing ye to the Lord, for he hath triumphed gloriously.

He holds her face still and puts his mouth to her chin. She thinks he.
may kiss her but that’s not his purpose. He moves his mouth upwards, to.
the right, gathering and sucking away tears, up her cheek, taking more.
water, to her eye, and cleans her eye with his lips: cheekbone, eyebrow,.
lid. An animal cleaning its young. He lingers on her eye. Hot breaths.
pour over her face. She moans a moan she does not hear. Then– over the.
bridge of her nose to her left eye. Cleaning her eye, breathing charming.
breaths on her face, and after that down her cheek to her chin, to her lips,.
where he finally feasts on her mouth and she banquets back.

When Nephilim finally launches her face. Miriam is not afraid of.
what she wants. Something flickered and something passed away. She’s in a location.
far, a place from which no one returns, holy of holies. Her Lord.
makes her think about scripture once again: Entreat me not to leave thee, or to.
return from following after thee.

* * * * *.

” Miriam has water, and she has fruit.” Nephilim’s words are stunning.
Everything about him is gorgeous. Miriam once again experience him in her.
mouth and wishes to in fact do it, however he remains in no hurry. He takes both.
breasts again, and squeezes them. “Overripe. Cleaned with rain. Loaded with.
juice, ready for me to pluck and to suck the juice.”.

He twists them to make them injure. Miriam closes her eyes and brings her.
hands to her face. “Amon, don’t injure me. Please do not.” He leans to bring.
the breasts to his mouth, licks the tears from her ideal breast, then.
fastens his mouth to the nipple. Miriam puts her hands on his visit hold.
him tight, kisses his head, smells his hair.

However then.

Something is piercing her. What is he doing? Exists a needle or a.
nail or something? Something is penetrating her.

” Oh!” It’s a cry of discomfort, but Miriam doesn’t draw back. She can’t stand.
the discomfort but it travels the exact same road as everything else. “Please, Amon!”.
He shifts his head and the piercing is at another spot. “Oh God! Please!”.

He goes to the other breast and repeats whatever he is doing, and after.
she stiffens she pulls him to her. (Not my will but thine be done.) He’s.
going deeper, trading sides, left, right, left, and Miriam is pouring into.
him. Each bite makes her go rigid and pulls tremors from her swollen puss,.
to her face, and out her mouth. She forces herself to hold his face to her.
teat because it is so marvelous. She pushes harder against him, pulls away,.
presses. He sucks from her and she loses her strength, her moisture. Her.
eyes are dry therefore is her mouth. She cannot even swallow. Miriam becomes.
weaker and dryer and joyous.

Nephilim is dominating her. When did he complete? How long did he
nurse? For Miriam: no time. Permanently. Miriam would be covered in a fine
sweat however her skin is practically dirty. Her mouth is bone. Her eyes are
filled with grit. She is frail, tottering. If she searched in a mirror she
would see she is awful white and her breasts hang almost flat on her
chest. She has to hold him to keep from sinking to the flooring.

There is blood on Nephilim’s lips. Miriam frowns, touches his mouth,
and gazes at her fingertips. She looks down. There are punctures on her
nipples and areolae, all over. Swollen punctures are spread out further out,
over the white flesh, and, seeing them, Miriam starts to slide. Nephilim
is bigger and more powerful, or is it that she is so weak? Thirsty. Dry. She
is gone, except for her nipples and her vulva and a faint vibration,
something humming from below.

He smiles down at her, moves fingers around and around her tattered
nips, then licks the blood. Next her fingertips. He moves them to his
mouth, sucks her fingers deeply. She yearns for his saliva. He flexes to
kiss her, when they kiss she tastes her blood on his mouth and he lets
her swallow. Her knees lastly provide way.

” Don’t fall right now, love.” She aims to stay upright. “You require to
finish with your clothing.” He brushes the straps of her brassier, which had
hung from her shoulders, and it falls. “Now the rest.”

If Miriam might be up to the flooring in addition to her bra it would be so much
much easier, but he will not let her.

” I’m so worn out, Amon.”

” There, there.”

” Let me rest.”

” There, there.”

She leans back, half versus her desk, and works her slacks and panties.
When they drop she smells herself.

” Now my pants. Open them.”

It is the stunning penis that Georgia enjoyed. Miriam puts her hands to
Nephilim’s abdominal area and now she does sink to the floor, up until she is
kneeling. She can’t hold herself up any longer. She raids his thigh,
her left arm around his leg, and with her ideal hand she pets it. She
pulls it to her mouth to consume from it and to keep from sinking all the
method. She requires it, however he won’t let her have it.

” That’s not exactly what we’re doing, love.”

” Please.” All. The. Method. She requires filling. She’s desperate for him.

” I’ve had enough of that for now.”

” I wish to, Amon. I’ll be so sweet to you.”

” I know you will, but it’s not what we’re doing.”

He slaps her face. It is out of the blue. Sharp on her left cheek.
Her head jerks with it and she squeaks. He slaps her other cheek. Another
squeak. The world flickers once again. (Oh my love, my love, my love.) There
are white stars that float every direction. “You’ll do exactly what I say, won’t.
you?” Miriam blinks and nods. Of course she will. “What we’re going to do.
is less a drawing of water from the well and more of an injection into the.
fundament. More like a fracking.”.

” Amon.”.

” Now inform me you want me to fuck your ass.”.

” Please Amon. My ass.”.

” Say the word.”.

” Amon.”.

” Say it. Ask me sweetly.”.

” Amon. Please. Fuck my ass. Do me.”.

” Of course I will. Anything for Miriam.”.

He raises her by her underarms, all the method up. He nuzzles her face,.
then turns her around and tosses her to the desk, where “Oh!” she falls.
like a doll: arms, legs, head going different directions. She’s attempting to.
get something, anything to avoid sliding, however she needn’t trouble. He.
turns up behind her and puts his front to her back, which holds her still.
She’s on top of the sandwich, and a pencil point from the cup is sticking.
her breast. Nephilim pumps some lotion from the bottle to his fingers and.
puts the cold stuff to her ass.

” This will make it easier.”.

One finger, then another, then a 3rd, all slide into her, and she.

” Such a beautiful sound. A mewling Miriam groan. A lamentation or a sigh?
I want more of those, however you’re not permitted to shriek.”.

With that he circles her rectum three times with the head of his penis and.
presses in. Just a bit, opening Miriam perfectly, simply a tease so she will.
think she can take it easily, holding for a moment up until he states “Now,”.
when he presses smoothly all the method into her until his hips smack against.
her bum.

Miriam does not yell, however she does mew. It comes from holding her.
mouth closed and screaming against her lips. Nephilim holds himself in.
He’s excessive, too large! Is he tearing her? Is she bleeding? He pulls.
out slowly, gradually, up until only the lovely head is still inside her and.
she’s only panting.

He presses in again. All. The. Way. Another mew, a little louder.
She can’t help herself. It’s even worse than her nipples. Another fuck.
Miriam reaches back to press at Nephilim’s cock. “No we don’t! This is.
your body, which is provided to me.” He slaps her hand away and presses in.
again, not in any hurry, and at the same time he twists her clitoris like.
he had her nipples and recites a various kind of poetry:.

” Hey bit fiddle, your cunt I will diddle, you cow, I desire you to.

She does, and he continues, and Miriam’s moans modification from lamentations,.
from “Ohh” to “Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” In all the world there’s only Amon.
extending her, his hand at her front, fingers twisting her nub around and.
making her jerk. He takes her back up to where she was in the past, so high she.
might fall, which she does. She bleats it to the world but is too weak to.
more than twitch. Nephilim finishes by grabbing her hips in both hands and.
pushing faster, to climax, grunting, not poetic at all.

And, yes, she feels his cream. It’s not just a squirt. It’s a gush.
hurrying up through her ass, like rain on the desert, flooding the arroyos,.
spreading from Miriam’s ass to her bowels then to all her parts. Her.
eyes become damp again. Her mouth isn’t dry any longer. Her breasts swell,.
and something starts dripping from her nipples. Something is blooming,.
and there’s a smell of damp dung. But, when he finally ends up and.
pulls out she’s parched. It wasn’t enough. It will never suffice.

Miriam collapses.

Nephilim leans down and gets her panties, draws back his foreskin.
and rubs the panties around his prick for a minute, then drops them by her.
head. They are phlegmy and stained with brown and red. He brings up his.
underclothing, tucks in his shirt, buttons and zips his slacks, and fastens his.
belt while she looks up at her love.

” Amon.” Above, she gapes at him, all honeyed and drifting. Down below.
she’s leaking.

He neglects her.

” Amon.”.

He leans down again, and smiles.

” Tata in the meantime. You ‘d best get dressed. This shit, pun meant, would.
be hard to discuss.” He points to her panties.


” Amon.” She shakes her head. “No. Don’t leave. You like me!”.

” No, I don’t believe so.”.

” But you said …”.

” What I stated? What did I state? Exactly what do I state? Oh right! This is what.
I say.” He holds a give out, palm upward, like a bad actor in a melodrama.
” My little whore, you’re such a queer, to come from fucking in the rear.”.
He winks at her.

See it happen. Miriam’s hand rising to her mouth, her eyes this wide.
against her dead pale face. If you see it you know she comprehends.
absolutely nothing, and you understand why. She cannot let herself understand anything. But.
lastly, she needs to fill the void:.

” When can I see you again?”.

” If I desire you I’ll call.” He turns and leaves.

” Please, Amon. Take me with you. I’ll do anything you desire!”.

” I understand, dearie.” His steps reverberate down the hall. * * * * *.

It isn’t really over for Miriam.

She hears actions from the other end of the hall. Quick! She presses.
against the flooring, pulls on the desk, gets to her feet, and staggers to the.
door. She nearly falls. She closes the door and locks it. (Please.
don’t come here.) She raids the door, totally out of gas, attempting to.
breathe silently, and listens as the actions get close, more detailed, time out, and.
pass by.

She discovers herself at her desk, not remembering how she got there. She.
uses tissue after tissue to clean her ass and drops them in the garbage, then.
reconsiders and takes them out. She stuffs them into a manila envelope,.
seals it, twists it up, and drops the whole thing in the can.

Now get dressed, Miriam. First her trousers. Not her panties. Her.
nipples are covered in blood again. She wads tissues into the cups of her.
bra, but when she aims to attach it her nipples harmed and she has to stop.
Hold your breath. Pull. Move the fastener. Breathe. It takes three.

Next, her blouse. Her shoes. Miriam gathers more tissues. She leans.
to get her panties, and grunts when her breasts shift inside her bra.
Breathe. Wrap the panties in layers of tissue. Push them deep into your.
purse. Stop to catch your breath. Let your heart decrease. Breathe.

Another thing. Miriam raises the online Faculty Directory. She.
finds Amon Nephilim’s workplace number and writes it down.

When she can, she totters to the door once again, hitting the desk, a chair,.
a flooring light, a filing cabinet. The light falls and she leaves it. Unlock.
the door. Open it. She leans versus the frame and feels the world spin.
She attempts to concentrate. Lastly she steps into the hall and locks the.
door behind her.


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