Hot Sauna

I lay down naked in the corner seat in the empty sauna at my athletic club.  I let my towel fall to the sides as I relaxed into the hot, steamy air.  It was so dim and steamy that I couldn’t see much around me.  As I breathed in the moist air, the stress of the day left my body with each exhale, so that I felt one with the air around me. I put a cool wet washcloth over my eyes – sweet bliss of the contrast of hot and cool. I felt the urge to touch my breasts, my stomach, caressing my body in a loving massage. I surrendered to total relaxation and felt myself drifting off to sleep.

Not sure if I was awake or asleep, I felt more caresses taking over where I had stopped.  Was I dreaming? My body was wet with moisture, steam and my sweat beading up on my hot skin. The hands that slowly stroked my stomach silently moved up by body to my breasts.  I loved the feeling of the warm touch, the gentle but firm pressure.  As the hands reached my breasts, they cupped the sides of my full tits, gently lifting and holding them, circling the outside edge.  I ached for the hands to touch my nipples.  The hands teased me, gradually rubbing from the curve of my breasts to the center, to the most sensitive spot. My nipples were straining for touch, hard and erect. I arched my back, hoping the hands would get the message.  Finally on an upward caress, the thumbs brushed my throbbing nipples and I gasped with pleasure. The hands repeated the motion, this time more roughly against my hard nub of flesh. I felt the electricity of the touch all the way down my body. The hands continued their tantalizing motion, alternating between rough and gentle.

As I lay rapt and captive to the sensations in my body, the hands pinched my nipples with a rolling twist, the wetness providing smooth lube for the movement. I whimpered in pleasure, while my pussy swelled and throbbed in response. While the hands continued their erotic motion, I felt new caresses start on my feet. Another person in the room?  I decided I didn’t care and accepted the amazing massage of my arches. One by one, my toes were sucked into a hot and wet mouth, a tongue licking, sucking, while the hands continued their rubbing of my feet and breasts. I could barely contain myself, the sensations were so intense. I was afraid to cry out for fear of drawing attention from someone else in the club. I did not want to interrupt my experience!

My eyes still covered by the washcloth, I was completely blind and able to just accept the touch, no need to see the people attached to the magical hands and mouth. I was still unsure if this could really be happening and wondered if I was still asleep. My doubts were put to rest when my legs were lifted and separated, a pair of hands on each foot now, moving up my legs in a sensual motion. Before I had time to realize that my pussy was completely exposed, a searing, wet tongue licked my clit. I bucked and cried out, trying but failing to hold back my gasp of pleasure. My pussy dripped with juice, throbbing and desperately wanting more. The tongue retreated. I waited. The massages continued, my breasts, my belly, my feet, my toes suckled.

The hot tongue returned, licking my clit, circling it, sucking it. It started low and slowly moved up the sides of my pussy, just teasing my clit, tracing the edges with its piercing touch. I was on fire, panting and writhing, but held in place by the arms on my legs. All of my senses were alert and focused on my body. My cunt was engorged, wet, throbbing. The tongue focused on my clit, and I exploded in orgasm. I bucked against the mouth at my wet slit, unable to contain the cry that escaped my lips. While my pussy convulsed in pleasure, dripping and swollen, the hands continued to massage by body.  The attentions paused in intensity, shifting into loving caresses to support me in my ecstasy. I went limp, secure in the arms holding my legs, rubbing my body.

As my cunt stopped its spasms, I wondered what to do….do I open my eyes? Sit up? Thank my anonymous lovers? Before I had much time to ponder, new mouths found my nipples, sucking them gently, then hard.  Hot and wet, the mouths tugged on my tits. Biting my nipples, a touch of pain, then a swirl of tongue, and again.  One mouth per breast, tandem pleasure.  I could barely believe that it was starting again. I surrendered again, not willing or able to question this experience.

My tits were full, my nipples hard as rocks and slippery from the licking. I licked my lips, tasting the salt from my sweat. My whole body was cupped and supported by the hot steam in the room and the many hands and mouths that never stopped their caresses. I realized my pussy must taste salty too, a mixture of my juices and sweat. I was turned on even more by the thought that whoever was going down on me was tasting my pleasure. With that thought, a finger entered my cunt while a tongue lightly flicked my clit. I realized how quickly I was going to come again. The finger went in and out while the tongue continued its assault on my clit. The finger entered me again and curved around and pressed down, onto my G-spot. I whimpered, thrusting my hips down against the penetration and the pressure.  I felt my orgasm building, breathed deep into my pelvis. At the same time the sucking on my nipples intensified and I lost all control, screaming as I came hard into the mouth on my cunt, my body thrashing against its restraints.

My body pulsed with sensation as I gradually calmed down. The massage didn’t stop completely, but turned to gentle caresses of my body, no longer focused on my pussy and breasts. I felt a towel wiping me off, softly cleaning me up.  My legs were placed back on the bench, and I was covered in towels, rubbed tenderly from head to toe. My breathing returned to normal and I curled on my side and fell asleep.

When I woke, I wondered again if I had dreamt the entire encounter, but my body told me differently, as I felt completely and utterly relaxed.  I knew I would be back in the sauna tomorrow!


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