She Won and i Came

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Oh my god…..i never knew how BAD it felt to be brought to full climax by hearing from the…..CRAZY bitch who slept with ur old man because u told him too…..(get so jealouse u lay in bed masturbating and thinking about him having that whore bent over a counter….

I have had a fantasy about watching my old man bend her over and make it hurt when he shoved his 12 inch cock in fast…..and lay back masturbating watching that trashy cunt be in a little bit of pain …..then he stops when shes about to cum and bends me over and i show him im his whore¬†and no one cant take it like me….**

I got so fuckig close to having my fantasy i could taste it.. ….says she cant come……after she already knew the plan was to get her dicked down……
She messaged me apologized….. (Made me so mad my pussy got wet….it got twenty times wetter….
Then hubby walks up….grinds his knee in my pussy…..and says ill see u in a bit….
And i STILL do NOT know if he is JOKING or not…as i sit here wanting to threaten his life squueezing his dick threatening his ass….

You BEST go fuck that bitch like i fucking told u too..bitch ….call me on the phone shove it in her mouth make her scream while i masturbate everywhere … i have been doing since i know that They been fucking since october ……the bitch is nutz… yet here i Sit with her pussy and my hubby dick on my mind….

Never have i ever had to beg and plead with a man to get some pussy…

Here i sit with my legs spread and im so horny…..and im mad as fuck…..his twelve inch dick would NOT get hard ….
So i cant get him to fuck ME in front of her….so ill set it up tell her to get him on one condition…..they video chat while he puts it in!!!!

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She Won and i Came

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