Erotic Stories: One Night Stand

Erotic Stories: One Night Stand
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One Night Stand

One Night Stand … I have to confess, despite the fact that I constantly found her quite attractive, she was my sister’s buddy and that I had a strict policy when it came to matters like this. It’s only any one particular thing led to another, involving sunlight, the pool, the alcohol as well as the long day we’d.

I believed crashing with her on the extra bed following the celebration wouldn’t be a huge deal. It was simply one among these freak things that occurred between Ellie and I. That’s about the most effective method to describe it.

Ellie is my sister’s youth best friend. She came up for the summer for my sister’s yearly bash. She was still tall and slim but those tits grew into a respectable sized c. Ellie and I constantly had gotten along but that was about it. Kind of like a nut spur of the moment double date. We spent all day in the hot sunshine, drinking tropical drinks, beer and slamming down shots. Going between the hot tub as well as the pool with all that booze in it is possible to tire you out. But even afterward, we pretty much kept to ourselves with no hanky panky was going on. We were all grownups only having fun and also the bubbles in the water hidden our nude bodies from each other. Certainly there were a few girls who didn’t care regarding the men seeing them nude. Even then, nothing occurred.

My sister said it was safe to crash on her bare bed , and so I made a decision to spend the night. She proposed Ellie and that I share the bed so nobody will have to sleep on the sofa. We did.

I crawled into bed wearing just my white boxers, Ellie wore these adorable little boy shorts with no bra. It was dim in the area so when she climbed into bed I couldn’t actually see anything. We placed next to every other before falling asleep laughing and discussing the old times we had when we were young. It was that stupid drunk joke, but it felt fantastic to catch up with her after not seeing her for a while.

Afterward in the centre of the dialog we merely kissed. Unsure where it came from really. We grinned at each other and then laughed. Subsequently kissed some more. “Wow, what are we doing?”

“I don’t understand, but I enjoy it do you?”


“What does this mean? After all, we’re all enjoy both married and everything”

“Nobody must understand. Nobody”

We kissed some more and I started to pull back her hair which was in her eyes. She reached down inside my boxers and then began laughing.

“Oh my God! You’re quite large down there” she said using a grin, then she leaned in for another kiss before climbing in addition to me.

“Shh. We don’t desire to wake up anybody” she whispered gently. “You should quit or I’m going to cum” I told her. I used to be preparing to burst, but I needed to experience more with her.

She then scaled out from beneath the covers using a enormous grin and that I sat up and put her on her back. Wasting no time, I removed her short pants and started licking that soft wet pussy.

“Oh my God Fredie! That feels so great” she said to me. She began breathing a bit heavier. I had my face buried in her wet cunt using a finger sliding in and outside. I worked that cunt extremely great. I got it wet. She got it wetter a few minutes after. I kissed her softly on the lips, then added some tongue, before grinning at her. Holding that grin, I directed my cock in her. I pumped her slow but steady, as she wound her arms around my back. We made eye contact the whole time. She was starting to breathe even heavier than before.

“Catch my hair. Draw it behind my back Fredie” she said as I started to do her from behind. I worked up steady enough throwing where it is possible to hear my thighs slapping contrary to the rear of her buttocks. She let out a semi soft moan before falling on her belly.

I started kissing down her back before putting the past smooch on her lovely round tight butt. Then I entered her again from behind and worked her in that place to get a brief while. “you’re really so hot Ellie, so warm, so soft” I said softly in her ear as I continued to pump her slowly and attentively.

I did just that. I possibly could feel those lovely round perky tits within my hands and those tough, perfect sized nipples as I took her from the side.

“I’m going to cum shortly” I said to her while attempting to catch my breath.

“Fredie?” she said.

“What?” I answered.

“Don’t fire your load inside of me, I would like to taste it” she said in a hot soft voice. I pulled from her and stood next to her on the bed. I continued to stroke my cock as I really could sense it coming on. “Here it comes! Ugh!” I said trying not to cry. She wrapped her lips across the point of my cock and that I shot my load. Most of it went indoors but some of it fell on her lips as she subsequently completely engulfed my cock to consume the remainder.

My legs felt like they were planning to fall and that I fell on the bed and we curled up next to every other.

“That was amazing” she whispered in my experience as I started to fall asleep. “you’re an attractive girl” I said to her with a grin, then I drifted off.

The following morning we woke up and grinned at each other. Then we began to laugh.

“I understand” she said. She chuckled also.

We never spoke of what occurred again. She went back to live across state where she’d moved to 20 years past. We still hang around each other when she sees my sister, and we act as if nothing actually did occur except we might give each other that occasional wink along with a grin.

Ellie was likely the softest, tenderest, most refined girl I’ve ever slept with. It was nearly just like a dream. Ellie and I didn’t only have sex. We insane love to every other. Was it real? Or did we only act on the minute? I don’t understand. But whenever I think of this time, all I can do is grin and replay that moment within my head.


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Erotic Stories: One Night Stand

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