Swingers stories: Swingers Reborn

Swingers stories: Swingers Reborn

It all began one day when I was immersed in my thoughts,I felt that I was missing something even though I was happily married from 9years and I have a son. In my life there was a void. So that night I was not able to close the eye, and browsing the internet I stumbled across a social swinger,well, the curiosity came upon me,and I decided to register myself,then I continued to visit this social secretly to my husband.I was fascinated by that world ,it fascinated me to have sex with two men,but I was afraid of what my husband would think ,so I took courage and I told about everything.He was pleasantly surprised,so I showed him the social for swingers and began to chat with several couples,until we made an appointment with a couple who like us were novice, agreed place,time and date,we were excited at the idea,but in the following days i was not more sure of what I was doing,I was scared, confused,I thought another woman touch my man,but then I thought that until I felt I could not know. Comes the long awaited February 6, I was nerve-racking,and we went to the house of this couple that welcomed us in the best of ways by putting us completely at ease, sipping several glasses of good red wine,and unexpectedly I and the she of the couple start to kiss each-other and touch, imagine the show, tthen our men`s came to the show, and the rest I can assure you was a mix of excitement and pleasure,I felt alive, or better, we felt alive,reborn,and who forget that our first experience with those, who now have become our dear friends. From that day on we started going to club prive and expanded our friendships, but above all, we came to a complicity’ that before this experience – to the via of the fact that we have our sexuality – we didn’t have. Well friends if I can give you an advice,do not be ashamed to talk about it with your partner,be open to new experiences,rekindle the flame in your relationship. The world of swingers is wonderful!!!


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