I’m becoming a trans

I’m becoming a trans


It all started 2 years ago. I was 24 years old, And I was studying at the University. I was in newsstand buying a magazine in transsexuals (I was already excited even at the time i have never met one ). While I am paying I realize that is entering another customer, then I had to hide the magazine and go. But while I am going in the car i feel a voice behind me: “you too like the transsexuals?” While i turn, i was already blushing and looking for an excuse, but I didn’t have time to say anything. Then he said “we have more or less the same tastes, what do you think? You want to talk about it together?”

I take a look at him and first appearance was nice, and then it was better to take it from there before attracting too much attention to myself. At the end i follow to his place and then inside we begin to talk about what we like about the trans and things like that.

He then proceeds to gives me something strong to drink, and then I was very frightened… After a little i was drunk…at that point he goes in to his room and come back with a suitcase from which includes a female dress and asks me if I want them to try on myself.

I never did that before and I was not very girly but he was able to convince me in the end.

So later on that evening I found myself with socks, shoes with high heel (a bit large for my feet) and a perizoma where I did a lot of effort to hold my penis to myself. I felt quite embarrassed and even my mirror image made me look embarrassing but while I was watching i felt him turn me around and I found myself with his tongue in my mouth.

Immediately I tried to resist but after a little I let myself go. And i found myself sucking and take it in my ass (it was not too big!) until we both came (i did not even touched my cock, which was hard, but i cummed like never before) and in this way I had my first passive experience  (extremely good)! When everything was finished I felt very uncomfortable and I wanted to run away but he held me there, he reassured me and told me that he did not want this to be a onetime thing and go, he wanted to have a life with me! Was probably destiny but finally managed to convince me and this has changed my life forever…

Since then we have been together and now i can see myself as his woman: from the beginning he pushed me to heal more of my body because he wanted me to look more and more like a women and i did only what he wanted me to. Before I began to buy clothes (always sexy),then I learned to makeup, i started to shave completely, i have had to grow my hair and I was even convinced to go in the gym to do step, total body…

The true point of no return was 7 months ago (until then I was sure to keep everything secret) when he convinced me to go and get female hormones. That is the moment in which I realized that in a few months I had to say bye bye as my life as a boy and welcome myself as a girl! And so it was: now three months wich i live with him and abandoned myself a male. The breast and the sidewalls have begun to grow and he is trying to persuade me to do some tweaking of plastic surgery to become more beautiful and feminine and I know in the end he succeeds in its intention (always got what he wanted with me).

Of course I stopped to study and not able to find a job .  in the end I resigned do the most old profession of the world (which I have to say it allows me to maintain a style of life very high!) but you never know what will happen in the future (I would never thought 2 years ago that my life would be changed so much!) for which I hope always that sooner or later I can put it in the “Right Way”.


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