Anniversary celebration: Erotic Stories

Anniversary celebration: Erotic Stories


A couple of years ago I had to attend a twoday conference in New Orleans. It was around the time of our twentieth anniversary, so my wife and I decided to make a minivacation out of it. We would leave on a Wednesday morning and return the following Monday. Emma is very attractive, but over the years and three children has lost some of her youthful curves. She’s about 382938 now, with the most beautiful, soft, shapely legs on earth. Myself along with many friends still find her very easy to look at. I’m being honest when I say that Emma has been with only two men in her fortytwo years, one being me. I’m a year younger fit, average in the penissize department and I enjoy a good but not great sex life with my wife.

We arrived at our wellknown Latin Quarter hotel just after noon and went upstairs to our room, which was topshelf (paid by my employer): three rooms with a kingsize bed and Jacuzzi. After settling in, we wanted to go out for a bite, but it was raining heavily, so we decided to try the hotel pub. When we went in, the lunch crowd was gone. There were only two other tables occupied, and within fifteen minutes they were empty, too. We chose a table right in front of the bar. The waitress took an order and told us that the bartender would be taking over, as she was at the end of her shift. Soon the bartender came over with our order and introduced himself as Ethan. He made some small talk and left us to our meal. While we ate, he carried on some small talk from behind the bar. I excused myself to hit the men’s room. When I returned, Emma had changed seats and was now sitting where Ethan had an unobstructed view of her. I must admit she was looking good that afternoon, and she seemed to be enjoying herself more than usual.

We talked with Ethan for about another hour and a half without interruption, as only one other patron came into the pub. Without question Emma enjoyed this time. I don’t think she took her eyes off Ethan the entire time. We finally said goodbye and headed to our room for a nap, which we both needed after the long flight. We got to the room and for the next hour enjoyed the most intense sex we’d had in years.

Emma admitted she was fantasizing about Ethan all the while we fucked. We’ve talked occasionally about having a threesome or sex with another couple or the like, but have never tried it. We talked a little about what Emma thought now, but she still wasn’t sure. My conference began with a dinner meeting on Thursday; then there were events all day Friday. Thursday afternoon I went down to the bar and discovered that Ethan wasn’t working there again till Saturday but that he also worked in the hotel’s fitness center, which was where he was now. My devilish mind was already in motion. I went back upstairs and told Emma I was going to ride over to the location of that night’s dinner, to make sure I knew how to get there, which was bullshit. I suggested that she might want to work out, which she normally does on a regular basis. I left and returned a couple of hours later. When I opened the door to the suite, I heard Emma moaning loudly from the bedroom. I walked in there was no door, just an opening perhaps twelve or fourteen feet wide and found Emma slamming her “never leave home without it” eightinch vibrating pink dildo in and out of her pussy. When she saw me, she didn’t miss a beat, continuing until she had a grinding orgasm.

The bedspread was soaked. After she caught her breath, she said she’d gone down to the fitness center, and guess who she found working there Ethan! They worked out together for fortyfive minutes, and she somehow caught a glimpse of his thirtyfouryearold body in the buff when he came out of the shower. (She didn’t explain exactly how this happened.) I questioned her playfully for a while, and she admitted she wanted Ethan bad! I got unbelievably aroused watching her squirm on the bed, and she stuttered the whole time—I’m sure from being nervous and excited. We made love for two hours, and it was the best sex we ever had together. She even ordered a XXX adult movie on the room’s superwide screen TV.

She had never done that before. I had to leave for my dinner, so I showered and got dressed. Just before heading out, I told Emma she had my blessing to follow her desires to whatever level she desired. She kissed me deeply and said that she loved me and no one would ever replace me. The entire dinner and meeting that followed that night was a blur. All I could think about was my wife and her hot stud. I arrived back at the room around half past ten and found Emma watching another XXX movie, dressed to kill. She modeled some new clothes she had purchased that evening. First there was a tightfitting workout suit that left all of her knockout legs exposed and didn’t hide very much of her 38Ds. Then there was a beautiful yellow sundress, and a naughty, nasty red negligee. We finished watching the movie and discussed Val’s plans for the following day. I couldn’t sleep that night thinking about her plan. I must’ve been nuts to imagine I could attend my meetings all that day. I quickly devised a new plan. In the morning we both showered, and I got ready for my “meetings” while Emma slipped into her new exercise suit. She looked awesome. She didn’t seem the least bit nervous when she kissed me and reassured me again before she headed for the fitness center. About ten minutes later, I left the room.

I stopped by the fitness center to say goodbye and good luck. When I got there, Ethan was holding her ankles while she gave him a leisurely view of her big breasts. I didn’t open the door. I just knocked on the glass and blew a kiss. The morning meeting would have to take place without me. I flew back up to the room and reviewed my plan. About twenty minutes went by, and I heard a key card slip into the lock. I was hidden behind a love seat in the living room, with a clear view of the Jacuzzi, the bedroom, and every place in the suite other than the bathroom and anything that might occur on the love seat. I was somewhat shocked to see that it was Ethan at the door, and he was by himself. He immediately undressed and slipped into the Jacuzzi. He swallowed a couple of breath mints and pulled a handful of condoms from a small gym bag he had next to him. He didn’t appear nervous at all. He made a couple of calls on his cell phone. The first was to a female, which I assumed from the conversation was his girlfriend or wife. He didn’t say anything about where he was. The second call got me a bit nervous, as this was to a friend of his named Francois, and this time he did say where he was, telling Francois if he got this message in time, he should come up ASAP; the key card would be under the mat outside the room—and he gave him our room numbed I almost stopped the whole thing then and there, but I decided to let it play out, figuring I could bust up the party if things got out of hand. I couldn’t believe how much I was shaking, though.

Thank God there was music playing in the room. About forty minutes later I heard a knock on the door, and Ethan said loudly, “Come in.” He must have left the door slightly ajar, as Emma came right in. She had the yellow sundress on, and she was stunning! Ethan had climbed out of the Jacuzzi, and they met in a deep embrace—not ten feet from me. They kissed for what felt like five minutes while exploring each other’s body. Emma was getting some kind of worked up. Not waiting for Ethan, she stepped back and hiked the sundress over her head in one quick motion. She kicked off her thongs and headed over to the Jacuzzi in just bikini panties. Ethan followed. Emma slipped into the Jacuzzi and turned to face him. She slid his gym shorts to the floor and said for him to sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi. The next thing she said shocked me: “Just like I remember leaving it yesterday, edible and erect.” And she took his cock in her mouth! In the next twenty minutes she brought him to two ejaculations. I didn’t have the greatest view, but I know she didn’t come up for air the second time around. (She never swallows me.) She grabbed the condoms he had left lying there and said, “We won’t be needing these,” and threw them across the room. Two of them landed maybe two feet from where I was. They stood in the Jacuzzi soaping each other from neck to toe while plunging their tongues down each other’s throat.

The bedroom was next, but not before Val ordered another XXX movie.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t see it, but I could hear it. I saw them both fall onto the bed. In no time, he was pounding away at her moist love tunnel doggiestyle. His cock was no bigger than mine, but his staying power was incredible. She was moaning, and I thought I heard her sobbing as she bucked to meet his thrusts. It was twenty minutes of slambang fucking before he emptied another load in her. She rolled onto her back, and he spent the next half hour tending to her huge, sweaty tits while kissing what I could see was every inch

of her glistening body. She sucked his cock again, and he explored her anus with something he had removed from his gym bag. She was enjoying herself like I’ve never seen. I heard Emma tell Ethan to fuck her hard. He must have been having a problem getting it up again, because then she was insisting that she needed a hard cock. She reached under the pillow for her favorite toy and slipped it in her wet hole. Ethan got up and went into the bathroom—call of nature, I assumed. On his way out, he had his cell phone on the dresser in the living room. He entered the bedroom still limp, from what I observed, and said to Emma, “You still want a big hard dick?” All I could hear was “um” between her moans as she shoved the full eight inches of her vibrator in and out of her cunt. I had a feeling I knew what was coming next, though, and decided to let the show go on. This guy Francois must have been somewhere in the hotel, because the next thing I knew, our room door opened. I caught a glimpse of him as he hurried into the bedroom. He was probably in his late twenties, dark tan, with a solid, fit body. Ethan was standing at the foot of the bed masturbating, trying to resurrect his semilimp, alreadywellused organ, while Emma matched his strokes with her beloved toy. As Francois walked in, Ethan said to Emma, “Still want that big hard dick?” She didn’t answer. Noticing Francois, she stopped what she was doing and jumped up on her knees in the center of the bed.

She must have met Francois before, as she said calmly, “Who’s minding the store?” (Ah! Francois must manage the fitness center!) Ethan then repeated the question, “Do you still want that huge hard Cajun cock?” Emma never answered. In about ten seconds Francois was completely nude, and the next thing I heard was her saying, “Wow!” I couldn’t see the object itself, but Val’s comments told the story. I can repeat them word for word—I don’t think I’ll ever forget them: “It will never fit.” “I can’t even get my hand around it.” “It’s so fucking huge.” I really flipped when Ethan turned Francois to face him, got down on his knees and wrapped his hand around Francois’s very large dick, which I could see now. He pulled some lube from his gym bag and stroked Francois’s cock with it. I could only chuckle at the look on Emma’s face, which looked like a combination of amazement and terror as she knelt there watching Francois grow.

After a few minutes, Ethan slid the enormous head of Francois’s cock into his mouth. He slurped on it for a few minutes, and then said to Emma, “See, it ain’t so big.” Bullshit! It was huge! And the head seemed twice the width of the shaft. Emma sat on the edge of the bed and put her hand on it, then stroked slowly up and down the shaft with that same look still on her face. Now Francois was fondling Ethan’s cock, which was coming back to life. Then it got real crazy. It looked like Emma was licking Francois’s cock while Ethan muffdived between her legs. She had a hand on the back of Ethan’s head, pulling him into her, while her other hand massaged Francois’s balls. Ethan was jerking himself off. This fucking crazy Francois had Emma’s pussyjuicecovered dildo down his throat while he pulled Emma’s head down onto him. This went on all morning. Thank God the TV was on as loud as it was, or they would have definitely heard me slapping my dick. Emma did end up with Francois inside her, although no way completely. Ethan fucked her anally (only her second time). Francois had tried to fuck Ethan up the ass, but Ethan’s screams were so loud, they had to stop. Emma wound up having each of her three holes filled twice before noon, using her favorite toy to fill the third. When Francois let go for the first time after Ethan and Emma licked and sucked him to a frenzy, it was like a hose. There was come everywhere. I actually heard it hit off what I found out later was the vertical blinds.


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