Erotica Stories: He loved older women

Erotica Stories: He loved older women
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Erotica Stories: He loved older women…  I`m a very lucky guy. I`m eighteen, good-looking, and I live in a neighborhood where are a lot of horny married women who seems to go for my ever-ready cock. A little ago, for instance, I spent half of an after-noon in bed with a woman who`s the mother of a good friend of mine. Her name is Kate, and she`s a great fuck for a thirty-nine-year old, always ready and willing to give me what she and I both need.

When I got home afterward, I found Erin, my dad`s live-in girlfriend, doing the laundry. My parents were divorced about two years ago, and soon after that Dad met Erin, who moved in with us six months later. She was in her early forties, and she was always after Dad to marry her, but he always said one marriage had been enough for him.

Erin was wearing what she usually wore while doing housework a cotton housedress. It was plain and simple, but it was short and tight enough to show me that she was still a pretty sexy piece. I had never really looked at her that way before, since i`d only thought of her as my dad`s woman, but this wasn`t an entirely normal situation. I`d just fucked my friend`s mother, and now I couldn`t help wondering if any my friends would want to fuck Erin. She was certainly good-looking enough, but she didn`t seem very wild or anything. I was standing about five feet away from her when she bent over to get some dirty clothes from a basket on the floor. Her legs were slightly parted, and I was able to get a good look between them, seeing the mily whiteness of her inner thighs, as well as her pussy, wich was not covered by panties.

I couldn`t believe she wasn`t wearing underwear or that my cock was already hard, despite the fact that I had been fucking most of the afternoon. I instantly decided that if I were on of my friends, I would definitely want to fuck this woman.

That night Erin and my dad were planning to go out to dinner. Dad was already waiting in the car when Erin rushed out of the bedroom, wearing only black underwear, a garter belt, and stockings and carrying her dress. Swiftly she pulled the ironing board out of the closet and proceeded to iron out some wrinkles. I got hard again, staring at her swaying ass as she worked.

The next day I paid another visit to Kate, my friend`s mom. I took out all my lustful feelings for Erin on her, and she totally loved it. When I got home Erin was doing the laundry again, only this time she was wearing underwear. What she wasn`t wearing was her housedress. She was standing by the dryer in nothing more than a sexy bra and sexy white bikini panties. When she turned around I could just make out her public hair through the fabric of the panties. ’’Oh’’  she said when she saw me. ’’I didn`t know you were home.’’  She didn`t seem too upset, however, and she didn`t bother to cover up. I couldn`t be sure at that point if she realized the effect she was having on me or not. When she turned around again, I was very tempted to bend her curvy little body over the dryer and stick my cock right into that great ass. But I managed to control myself. The following Saturday my dad went off on a hunting weekend, and Erin was planning to go shopping with some other women in the neighborhood. As usual she was running late, and at one point she came running out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her and rammed right into me as I walked down the hall. I nearly fell over, and Erin actually did. As she went down, the towel came off, and she landed on her pretty ass with her legs spread wide open, giving me a clear view of her exposed cunt. ’’ Jesus Christ!’’ she yelled. I couldn`t look away from her. Well, don`t just stare at me, she snapped. Help me up. She reached up, and I took her hand and pulled her to her feet. She didn`t bother with the towel now, and I watched her gorgeous ass as she hurried off to her room.

After she left, all I could think about was fucking her. I was so horny my head was pounding. But I was lucky again, Kate`s husband had gone hunting with my dad, and she decided to pay me a visit.

Once again she benefited from the horniness that Erin had aroused in me . she was as eager as I was, and we didn`t bother with foreplay. I laid her down on the living room floor, pulled her skirt, slid her panties off, spread her legs, and drove right in. She moaned and urged me on, her long legs wrapping around me as I thrust away.

After we both came, we rested for a while, but soon Kate`s long dark hair was draped over my belly as her mouth engulfed my resurgent cock. That sweet mouth had almost made me forget about my lust for Erin, when suddenly I heard a voice crying, ’’Jimmy! What the hell?’’

It was Erin. She stood in the doorway staring at us. Kate, she said then. What the hell do you think you`re doing?

An embarrassed Kate tried to explain somehow, but Erin told her to just get the hell out, and they would talk about it later. Kate was gone in a minute, leaving me with a still hard and aching cock.

Ering glared at me then. ’’You horny little fucker!’’ she said. I saw the way you`ve been looking at me!

I knew you were some kind of pervert. Now I find you`re having sex with my friend, and a married woman at that! What do you have to say for yourself?

I was embarrassed, too, but I was also frustrated and angry. ’’All right, so what? ’’ I said finally. Yes, I have been looking at you. You`re a hot lady. And yes, I do fuck married women. I love mature, sexy women, and they like me. And you`ve been teasing me all this time, showing me your body, so no wonder i`m hot for you. What are you going to do about it?

Erin just stood there looking at me for what seemed like a long time. Then, to my utter surprise and delight, she slowly reached up and began to unbutton her dress.

I watched intently, my cock throbbing, as she opened and removed the dress, and then her bra, and finally pushed her panties down.

She stood nude, looking down at me for another moment. Then she smiled and came to stand over me, lowering herself slowly as she straddled my body, until I could feel her now-wet pussy rubbing over my cock. Her fingers guided it to her opening, and she gradually sank down on me, her mouth hanging open as she began to pant heavily. She sank down until I was completely in side her, and I reached up to squeeze and fondle her tits as she began to ride me. She moved faster and faster, and soon we were both moaning.

Erin reached a climax pretty quickly, her body shaking and spasming.

She rolled off me then, and I quickly mounted her and fucked furiously into her until I spewed my come deep inside her twitching cunt.

’’Oh God, yes!’’  She sighed then, and a moment later she went down on me as Kate had done, taking me in her mouth and cleaning all the juices off my cock, including Kate`s.

For the rest of the weekend Erin and I fucked in many positions, and she even let me get into her round little ass. It was awesome, fucking that perfect ass for the first time, and I came and came.

I still fuck arount with ladies in the neighborhood, but Erin is by far the best. She and Kate are the only ones who know about each other, and my next goal is to get those two ladies in bed with me for a threesome. That would be the ultimate turn-on.


Erotica Stories: He loved older women


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