Erotic Stories: Happy cuckold

Erotic Stories: Happy cuckold
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Erotic Stories: Happy cuckold

Erotic Stories: Happy cuckold ….

Me and my beautiful Joan have been married for seven years, although in reality we have been engaged for five years as well and we are both two very quiet types, but especially libertines, who likes to have fun with sex, had sex with three also had sex with company of a third person who “works” in my place. In short, for those who have not understood I am a cuckold, one who likes to watch his wife how it is fucked by another.

Very often we organize meetings in our home with people, we met on the internet or in local dedicated precisely to the type of sex that I just mentioned there. A few days ago, so we arranged with John, a young 5 years younger than me (I’m 38 years old) who really knows how to move when he is holding my woman.

So we arranged to meet at our home, around 11:00, right on schedule, taking into account that many spy eyes of my building are now already in bed! Joan knows John because she spoke with him the first time in chat, so as to better understand what might be the favorite practices from him and what from her, but especially in this way he was able to figure out what I want to see  do with my wife naked on the bed.

Come forward, Joan had just a silk robe – with nothing underneath – I was with a comfortable pajamas and John had presented sports outfit as usual, with his tracksuit of Adidas.

Upon entering the house I gave him welcome and I told him that my cougar was already waiting in the bedroom. So without getting too solicit, he has begun to take off once the upper part of the suit and then entered the room. I, instead, I settled into the chair sitting in the corner of our room, I lowered my pants and panties and I left my dick hanging there.

John, however, passed straight to the action with my wife, putting his hand between her legs, barely dodging a silk skirt. She immediately started to kiss him all along the neck ..

As soon as she was naked, he had it set up on the bed, with her legs spread and got under his flounder, starting it to lick like there’s no tomorrow. He spread her hands to her lips, exposing the clitoris and my view and then began to lick and suck her so i could see the scene well. Meanwhile, I, with my hand I began to masturbate the bird that, even at the time, was quite soft.

Joan began to pant like a cat in heat and, at times, also had jolts of excitement that provoked my young companion while sucking on her clit. After a bit, he also began to spank her and made her put on all fours on him, to make a nice 69 and enjoy both. I had decided to place Joan with her face toward me, so that I could watch her while she ate the man’s nectar and I could see what was really deep her throat.

After a few minutes after that, she moved on his cock and started to ride him like a rider on his horse!

She jumped on him and he held her ass to make her shake even more on his black cock. My pea, however, was now hard as stone and did not know whether to continue to masturbate or not, until I had the idea to do a little to my Joan sex in the ass, then her ass coveted by John, who, until now, had never been able to try!

I did place Joan in frog on John, whispered into her ear to have fun, and then I pushed down with my hands on John’s cock. She let out a little scream of pain / pleasure and then slowly began to move. John, however, was ecstatic because he had never tried to fuck Joan in the ass and then we immediately took taste and did well increase the pace ride to his wife for a night.

Both were panting, John had his swollen cock with pleasure and could not wait to explode and , after half a damn ride, made her move and place her face to his dick, spurting abuntant loads throughout the breast and neck. Some sketches splashed her mouth. I, however, had continued to masturbate my cock and squirted load on the ground while her asshole quickly spread because of the mega pea that was sweeping down on my bed.

It was a great feeling and, as always, I say I’m horned, but happily married!


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