Erotic Stories: His Step-Mom

Erotic Stories: His Step-Mom:  I`ve never tried the jumbo sausage with the cheese in the middle before.  Mom innocently said .

Well, she wasn`t my actual mom-mom, as in mom, because she wasn`t blood, but I called her that since my boyfriend, Michael, introduced his step-mother as his mom, and no other name, just mom. So I just went with the flow and called her Mom too. It was not until a few days after I discovered her real name was Grace. And it wasn`t Michael who had introduced me to her name either. I caught a hold of it when her husband, Idan, had spanked her on her tight firm pouting little ass with his big burly hands and said,

Hun, you’re amazing in the kitchen. I like to eat whatever you prepare.

Erotic Stories: His Step-Mom

Then he lifted the white empty plate to his face, rolled his lengthy tongue out and licked a clean slow track through the middle of the brown gravy from the plate, leaving a perfectly white track through.

I didn`t think he was pretending to be greedy by licking the gravy off the plate clean. He licked another clean slow broad line with a flattened tongue pressing hard against the plate through the gravy. He always made filthy gestures like this at his woman. Maybe because she was always dressed so sexy. I knew he had some sexual undertone from the seductive grin in his eyes when he looked at her. Well not at her really. But at her teenage perky breasts. She wasn`t a teen though her plump breasts stood on her bosom like teenagers` boobs. She had wide spaced full breasts that were stiff to be without silicon.

I wished I had gorgeous tits like hers but mine were small. Not tiny but small, a mouthful I would always say. I told friends I loved my breasts and that I was satisfied with them but honestly, whenever I see how much sexier breasts two sizes up from mine like hers looked in blouses compared to my flats I always secretly wished mine were bigger. I would wear low cut blouses more often and deep v-necks instead of always hiding my bosom. Or maybe not, I have nice legs too and I always covered them up. But I still wanted to have at least one size up so that when I wear low necks and spaghetti straps my breast would have more fluff than flat, fleshy plump fluff like she`s flaunting now in her spaghetti strap blouse. You could tell she had large nipples because they always made an imprint through her bra and blouse or at the bosom of her dresses. That was when she was wearing a bra, she hardly did, and hardly needed the support of one. Her nipple prints always turned me on. Right now they were two obvious raised circles protruding against her tight fitting white blouse. Her skin smooth and tight and it glowed.

Naah, she wasn`t even close to being a teen. Grace was actually in her mid age with her body still this amazing. I knew her age because I thought she was maybe younger than me when I first met her. So I had said to Michael,

Damn your mom looks hot. She can`t be any older than twenty-three.

His curvy lips smiled softly. He didn`t have a surprise face as he nodded. He made a soft grunt then said,

I hear that all the time. It`s kinda embarrassing when we`re walking together and people think I`m her . . . her . . . well,  he swung his eyes awkwardly up at me with his head still down, as soon as his eyes meet mine he looked back down to the floor as he fumbled to admit,  well, her Dad.

I didn`t want to agree because Michael seemed embarrassed and offended by people thinking he was that old, maybe it was because he was bearded. Somehow it just jumped out my mouth and I said,

Yeah.  Agreeing with people he looked like her Dad. The little brightness that had remained in his face faded to a gray nothing.

Then like, how old is she?  I asked.

Guess.  He said.


No,  he was unexcited about talking about Grace`s age.  She`s forty-one.  He sounded pretty matter-of-factly.

Forty-one!  I was over the top excited and surprised and turned on. Not necessarily by her age, but by our age difference. Twenty years my senior. Damn, imagine me fucking a woman twenty years older than me with a body that fine. Something tugged at my navel, tightened in my pussy. I smiled as he answered.


Damn with a bod like hers at forty-one, bet she gets a whole lot of pick-up lines from these college dudes huh?

I wouldn`t know that now, would I?  He said as if I was annoying him. But to be honest her body was a turn on. I was still comparing her pair of breasts to mine. God, I would so suck on her large nipples. Her ass. Damn her ass is fine. Round and pout. And she dresses like an expensive slut. Simplistic Cartier watches rings and earrings. Her clothes were simplistic and just as minimal as they legally needed to be. Skirts too short, shorts too tight, dresses too see-through. She always showed some of what she`s got. And it was a lot. Idan loved that about her. I did too, I think I enjoyed looking at her as much as Idan did.

Sooo, she`s not your mom-mom, right?

He cocked his eye up and looked up at me weird as if he sensed my next upcoming question.

She`s not my blood Mom obviously and . . . NOOO.

And no what?  I asked.

No to whatever else you would ask.

But you must have even thought about it. Haven`t you?

No, never. She`s my father`s girl.


I don`t know if I would call a forty-one-year-old woman a girl, I thought.

Yeah girl. . . Well, his girlfriend.

He still called her a girl. He hadn`t realized I was referring to him calling her a girl at her age, despite her perfect body. I think her body was confusing his age classification of her.

So, you call your Dad`s girlfriend Mom?

He hesitated before he answered. He looked at me, knitted his eyebrow then said,

Well, I call her that because she`s,  He shrugged his shoulders,  she`s, you know. Kinda hot. If I call her Mom then maybe I won`t think of her like …

Damn, she`s hot all right. Wait . . . wait. So you want to fuck her? I thought you said that ”

Hey listen, she`s my Dad`s girlfriend, she never would, you know . . . and I would never, you know ”

Well good for you Mic, but I`m not related to her and technically, you ain`t either.

I slowed down my voice as I carefully queried,

You think she would like a body like mine? Like I mean, with hers being so perfect and all.

And from the way Michael searched into my eyes when I said that I could tell he was surprised to find out that I was bi-curious.

I`ve always held it within me I would fuck a girl. Not just eat out her pussy but fuck her with a strapon dildo. A big strapon dildo and dominate her like I wish Michael would dominate my pussy. Maybe even fuck her in her ass. Suck on her breast, yank on her hair, feed my pussy into her mouth, drop my pussy juices onto her tongue, sit on her face and smother her mouth and chin with my drenching milky crotch.

Somehow I liked breasts. I loved them. I always lust of having stiff erected nipples in my mouth. Stuffed down in my throat. That`s hot. I listed at the girls in magazines, models on T.V., some cheerleaders when I was in college but this was the first time I`ve touched hands with someone I would love to throat fuck down into my mouth with her tits. And to think, throughout my college life where I was amongst so many young hotties, it wounded up being a Milf. I had to fuck Michelle’s mom.


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