Sexy Stories: Big Toys

Sexy Stories: Big Toys

Grace`s angelically soft face was staring at the jumbo sausages and replied.

Yeah, I think I would like them big, but I`ve never tried it before.  Her voice was soft but still had that natural sexy rasp to it.

If I ever was to fuck Michelle’s mom now was a good opportunity for me to slip in some naughty at her. I`ve never been naughty with her before nor have she ever talked sexually around me. I guess with the age difference she didn`t found it comfortable to even use the word cock or fuck me.

Maybe she still viewed me as a teenager, or as her daughter, or too young, or maybe because I dressed too conservative and my actions were always so reserved and quiet, maybe it was my nerdy glasses, unfashionable taste. I don`t know where her mind was on all this. But I doubted she was into women, though, or even kinky any . She was always prim and proper and not naughty, the opposite of Idan who was rugged, rough, manly and kinky. The sexy skimpily way in which she always dressed was about her being proud of her body not sexual or naughty. Was it? Was she a naughty filthy thinking bitch under the quiet being misjudged by her prim appearance? I bet she was quietly a freak. No, she couldn`t be.

What I know for sure was that it was very daunting of a task to approach a grown woman sexually. This would be my first time approaching a girl moreover a woman twenty years older than me and so damn sexy. Maybe she was way out of my league. My heart quickened as I thought about what to say.

As I test ran lines in my head and my heart raced. It was scary to repeat them in my head but somehow it turned me on even more the more I thought about it. I was growing obsessed with the thought of fucking Michael’s mom. And I thought about some obscene lines I wanted to say, like,

˜Can I finger fuck you up your tight short skirt while you lean against the cool refrigerator in front everyone here in the supermarket? That jumbo sausage stuffed in your mouth after I stuffed it in my pussy.`

God I was getting so heated thinking about lines I could say I wanted to rub on my pussy . I leaned against the refrigerator to get my clit resting along the cool hard metal edge but it was too short it rested across my inner thighs the cool condensation on the refrigerator permeated through my long skirt and cooled my thighs. A soft tingly chill skated up my thighs, my inside flinched and my breath hitched. I made a soft gasp. She heard me gasp. She looked at me and asked,

Hey, you`re Ok?  I nodded my head,

Yes, yes. I`m ok, I`m okay.  I tried to catch back my breath and slowly eased off the refrigerator, separating the coolness from between my thighs.

Maybe I should have said no and told her she was hardening my nipples and I wanted her to show me hers, but I wussed out. I didn`t know what to expect if I said something like that to her. But I think we were close enough now for me to lightly make sexual suggestions at her.

Well I mean, how offended would she be by a sexual joke or pass. She dressed sexually. But then, she never seemed interested in sexual passes or even fazed when guys complimented her on the mall. I guess coming from me, who though was a freak inside, I dressed so conservative and covered, not as sexy as her. I don`t think she would even like me. I`m not even that fashionable. Well, I`m actually not into fashion . I have no brand name stuff and my brunette hair is always pulled back in this same ponytail like I`m wearing now. My glasses were fairly thick and from some side angles, it had the visual effect as if looking at my eyes through a magnifying glass.

People would mistake me for a nerd, but I wasn`t. My grades were average at school and I was cool to hang around if you`d look past my clothes and get to know me. Would Grace be willing to know me? I looked down at her short skirt. It was thin and you could see the gap between her legs. The firmness of her thigh. My nipples peaked with hardness. I replied,

Me either. I`ve never had sausages that big before. Michael’s not that big.

Her face gasped but no smile was on her face. I searched her expression to see if she was offended. I couldn`t tell if she was or not. There was a small element of surprise when she looked around at me. My heart thudded. Raced. I didn`t know what her open blank expression meant. Was she disgusted? Thought I was a perv? Thought I was corny? Though I`m just a kid?

She looked straight into my eyes, reading them and replied,

Excuse me, what`s that?

Nothing. I was . . . I was just joking around.  I forced a smile. It was obvious I felt awkward.

She looked back in the supermarket`s refrigerator and took up a pack of the large sausages and asked,

So you`ve never tried this size before, right?

I was thinking of getting a toy that big but no, I`ve new ”

She flashed her head around,  Would you really try a toy this big?

Yeah,  I shrugged my shoulders matter-of-factly,  Why not? I think I would like it.

I was lying, I knew I could not handle that size but good, I thought, at least I got her to open up. Sex talk. We were going down the valley of naughty and I was making sure I lead her to the very end. It kind of felt exhilarating, thrilling. My heart kicked hard and my mind raced. Then a bomber happened. Michael’s dad came around the corner smiling, breaking my first intimate connection with Steph. He had a vegetable in his hand. A long large cucumber. He tossed it up in the air and grabbed it out the air with the other hand.

With the same grin in his eyes he had naughtily given her in the kitchen, he asked her quietly ignoring that I was even there,

Hun do you like this? Think you can handle?

Before Grace answered she looked over at me uncomfortably.


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